EdTechWeekly #151
January 24, 2010
Without Dave or Jen, John & Jeff recruit participants from the chat room to join in for an easy going, no pressure EdTechSomething.  Thanks to Gary, Cathy, Sue, Leonard, & Sheila

Chat Log Below


18:51:24  DaveC ->  Hello John, Jeff…
18:51:30  JohnS ->  Hi, DaveC
18:51:31  JL ->  Hey Dave
18:51:57  JL ->  How are things in NH?
18:52:24  DaveC ->  It’s been pretty bitter actually.  Not a lot of snow, maybe 18" or so.  But very dry and cold
18:52:34  DaveC ->  How are things down south πŸ™‚
18:52:59  JL ->  More like out East, very East
18:53:21  Sheila ->  Evening all!
18:53:32  DaveC ->  Evening Sheila
18:53:33  PeggyG ->  Hi everyone! So glad to join your party πŸ™‚
18:53:35  Gary ->  Hello all.
18:54:21  JL ->  anyone not want to be a co-host today?
18:54:30  Sheila ->  no
18:54:39  Sheila ->  no thanks!
18:54:43  DaveC ->  I can’t, have a student to call at 7:15. 
18:54:48  Sheila ->  triple negative
18:54:52  DaveC ->  hahaha
18:55:03  DaveC ->  This is for teaching online.
18:55:06  Gary ->  Those double negative things are tricky
18:55:24  DaveC ->  Both sounds good from here
18:55:32  PeggyG ->  audio sounds good to me
18:56:24  PeggyG ->  I’m saving my voice for WOW3 πŸ™‚
18:57:16  PeggyG ->  how resourceful to look in the archives πŸ™‚
18:57:20  Cathy E ->  Football on in the background and hubby snoring in the chair – would not make good audio
18:57:50  DaveC ->  I used to snore so loud I would wake myself up.  Now I sleep in the other room and I don’t hear myself anymore.
18:58:03  PeggyG ->  Yes! Lucy Gray is our guest tonight! 8:30pm EST
18:58:40  Gary ->  Do you need a purpose?
18:59:04  Cathy E ->  I do have a new toy….a Droid
18:59:08  Gary ->  Not on Skype right now
18:59:16  PeggyG ->  what fun CathyE
18:59:40  Cathy E ->  I’m in love  πŸ™‚
18:59:59  PeggyG ->  we need to hear about your new love, CathyE
19:00:17  Cathy E ->  I have to relocate
19:01:06  Gary ->  It is on but not sure what I would contribute without prep – could be very strange.
19:02:00  PeggyG ->  who says prep is necessary?? πŸ™‚
19:03:42  PeggyG ->  Hawaii for an educational conference–what fun!
19:04:18  JL ->  ready Cathy E?
19:04:41  Cathy E ->  one min
19:04:47  JL ->  roger that
19:05:28  Sheila ->  WD 40!
19:05:49  Sheila ->  πŸ™‚
19:05:54  PeggyG ->  Jeff needs a new chair!
19:06:17  PeggyG ->  I thought we might need to take up a donation πŸ™‚
19:07:24  PeggyG ->  comments are even more interesting when you haven’t read the article πŸ™‚
19:07:30  sroseman ->  hello all
19:07:38  PeggyG ->  Hi sroseman
19:07:43  Sheila ->  Hi!
19:07:49  sroseman ->  we need snow here
19:08:40  leonard waks ->  I am here trying to find out how the platform works. Am I in the middle of something? I want to hear the 8:30 show.
19:08:40  sroseman ->  no visuals!!
19:09:01  PeggyG ->  you’re early leonard πŸ™‚ This is EdTech Weekly
19:09:20  PeggyG ->  Women of Web 3 will be on with Lucy Gray at 8:30pm EST
19:09:44  leonard waks ->  Great, at least I’m in the right place. Should I just go away and come back at 8:30? I am not getting an audio stream right now.
19:09:58  PeggyG ->  no Leonard–you should stay for the fun πŸ™‚
19:10:10  PeggyG ->  click on the ustream play button for audio
19:10:20  leonard waks ->  Great, how do I get an audio stream, or maybe some fun??
19:11:02  PeggyG ->  @leonard–do you see the ustream player? click on play
19:11:21  leonard waks ->  I think I have it. "talk about a few things?" Is that it?
19:11:32  PeggyG ->  yes! hooray! Welcome!
19:11:57  JohnS ->  Internet 2009 in Numbers: http://royal.pingdom.com/2010/01/22/internet-2009-in-numbers/
19:13:01  leonard waks ->  Great. Thanks so much.
19:13:02  PeggyG ->  there are some really intersting stats on that page!
19:13:48  PeggyG ->  why no stats on Google sites?
19:14:44  PeggyG ->  spammers have really been wreaking havoc on Ning communities lately!
19:15:16  Gary ->  Spam is also on the rise in Twitter – spam followers
19:15:31  PeggyG ->  yes Gary! very frustrating!
19:15:41  sroseman ->  other food for thought http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100121/tc_afp/francemediainternetittwitterfacebook
19:15:55  PeggyG ->  the google voicemail text messages can be very interesting–not too accurate!!
19:17:09  Cathy E ->  @Page – tell Jeff how much you love your Droid
19:17:28  page ->  I LOVE my Droid!
19:17:33  JohnS ->  Report: Media use by teens, tweens grows to 53 hours a week: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chicago/ct-met-0120-youth-media-20100119,0,4394294.story
19:19:13  PeggyG ->  teens don’t just access the internet in their own homes πŸ™‚
19:19:29  Gary ->  Understood – smart phones, etc
19:19:56  PeggyG ->  unanswered calls in google voice go into voicemail and then send a text message to your email–fun!
19:21:04  sroseman ->  iphone does it all
19:21:05  PeggyG ->  that would be me–iphone user πŸ™‚
19:21:09  page ->  she lives way out in the sticks
19:21:12  DaveC ->  @Peggy if you have a friends-n-family plan on your cell phone.  Add the GV number and you can call almost anyplace for free.
19:21:46  sdpankhurst ->  iphone can multitask music but that is about it
19:22:27  Cathy E ->  http://www.motorola.com/support/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=20333d8b83184210VgnVCM1000008806b00aRCRD&vgnextchannel=25aae66506e9d110VgnVCM1000008406b00aRCRD
19:22:33  sroseman ->  this Wednesday Apple announces new system for the iphone
19:22:34  PeggyG ->  really DaveC? I need to learn about that!!!
19:22:39  page ->  tons of free apps
19:22:42  page ->  google sky map
19:23:15  page ->  yes
19:23:16  DaveC ->  @Peggy, just call the GV number then have it call out.
19:23:54  PeggyG ->  Thanks DaveC!!
19:24:02  Lorna ->  anyone figured out how to have GV in canada
19:24:15  leonard waks ->  Can anyone help me understand how the speakers get to use the mike? I see some boxy thing to the right of the ‘avatar’ is fhtt’s what the blue thing is. And occasionally I see it come up next to even my own blue thing.
19:24:38  PeggyG ->  @leonard–you have to call in to the skype number to talk πŸ™‚
19:24:41  JohnS ->  WE’re on a skype call. We’re not asking for the mike in here.
19:24:55  JohnS ->  The icon next to your name shows that you’re typing.
19:25:01  leonard waks ->  OK, cool I don’t want to talk right now. What is the skype #
19:25:53  Gary ->  http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-5-websites-research-weird-science-claims/
19:25:59  leonard waks ->  Hello. Do we just skpye "wordbridges"?
19:26:11  PeggyG ->  yes leonard
19:26:53  PeggyG ->  very interesting site Gary!
19:26:59  sheila ->  Thanks, I’ll check it out!
19:27:07  PeggyG ->  it definitely made me think of Mythbusters πŸ™‚
19:29:24  Gary ->  Mythbuster – yes – many science teachers must become that
19:30:08  PeggyG ->  Mythbusters has turned so many students on to science and math! very motivating!
19:31:04  page ->  I love it, Cathy!
19:31:44  leonard waks ->  Good, now I’ve shifted to my head set with the mike, and nothing is working! I think I’ll have to reboot the whole system. Bye for now.
19:32:00  JL ->  http://henriettami.wordpress.com/2010/01/14/open-to-the-possibilities/
19:33:50  PeggyG ->  love the reference to ETT-"open to the possibilities" πŸ™‚
19:34:28  sdpankhurst ->  agreed
19:34:40  sdpankhurst ->  people over ideas – excellent!
19:35:31  PeggyG ->  what a great connection–someone who wants to spend money on tech and schools!
19:36:26  PeggyG ->  I heard an excellent podcast by Kevin Honeycutt this week about his need to connect both personal and professional in his plurking and tweeting
19:37:07  PeggyG ->  he likened it to a teachers lounge where you talk about both personal and professional things
19:37:55  Gary ->  http://www.skepticnorth.com/2010/01/how-do-we-know.html
19:39:28  leonard waks ->  I am back
19:39:36  sdpankhurst ->  yes, information abounds, so does misinformation
19:39:45  PeggyG ->  what’s the best way to teach students to evaluate online resources?
19:40:27  sdpankhurst ->  modelling and explicit teaching of hoax sites
19:40:47  page ->  they should but some still don’t
19:41:00  PeggyG ->  I like the triangulation approach where they check multipe sites to compare information
19:41:13  sdpankhurst ->  excellent approach!
19:41:58  PeggyG ->  hooray leonard!! keep trying!
19:42:18  PeggyG ->  mute your ustream and listen on Skype
19:43:03  JohnS ->  A Taxonomy of Reflection: http://peterpappas.blogs.com/copy_paste/2010/01/taxonomy-reflection-critical-thinking-students-teachers-principals-.html
19:43:05  PeggyG ->  reflection time is a god thing πŸ™‚
19:43:12  PeggyG ->  good thing!
19:46:04  Cathy E ->  Leonard – tell us where you are from?
19:46:36  Peggyagain ->  I was just feeling cocky that my browser hadn’t crashed yet and guess what–it crashed!
19:46:39  JL ->  Leonard everytime I answer your call gets dropped
19:46:43  sroseman ->  http://www.discoverychannel.ca/Showpage.aspx?sid=13287
19:46:54  leonard waks ->  I turned off the ustream. Now let’s see. I see to be in on the call. NOt sure my mike is working. OK. So I get on for about one second thru skype, and then am disconnected.
19:47:03  JL ->  you can also try calling 603-574-4923
19:47:11  leonard waks ->  Thanks.
19:48:00  sdpankhurst ->  lol
19:48:01  Peggyagain ->  hooray leonard! thanks for persevering!
19:48:39  Peggyagain ->  love to hear how people connect with ETT!
19:49:19  sheila ->  Continuing science theme – Roadkill project – counting starts in March through April. http://roadkill.wikispaces.com
19:49:45  Peggyagain ->  I follow all of David Dillard’s listserv posts from Temple. Some really good stuff!
19:50:06  Gary ->  Thanks for the roadkill link!
19:50:37  sheila ->  "Teachable Moments" with earthquake in Haiti – http://www.iris.edu/hq/retm
19:50:40  Lorna ->  where is this again pls?
19:51:14  Peggyagain ->  very interesting to hear the parent perspective on virtual school
19:51:51  sheila ->  Nationally recognized.
19:51:52  Lorna ->  wondering still how they managed parent teacher conferences
19:51:59  Lorna ->  don’t have mo listening ears one
19:52:05  Lorna ->  *my
19:52:10  Lorna ->  *on
19:52:17  sheila ->  We’ve been doing it for 18 + years. Lots of data, but no food!
19:52:46  Peggyagain ->  please tell more about the project Sheila!
19:53:00  leonard waks ->  Thanks to all. I’ll be back again at 8:30 for women of the web. Meanwhile, my wife is signaling for dinner. Thanks for evrything.
19:53:17  JL ->  bon apetit
19:53:34  leonard waks ->  Steve’s sessions are on many nights, but then not on
19:53:41  Peggyagain ->  that sounds like the Classroom 2.0 LIVE sessions on Saturdays πŸ™‚
19:53:48  JL ->  http://corp.kaltura.com/press/Open-Source-Video-Extension-for-Moodle
19:54:35  Lorna ->  very nice
19:54:57  Gary ->  http://blog.prezi.com/2010/01/24/new-release-features-educational-license-reuse-learn-center/
19:55:09  Peggyagain ->  kaltura sounds great! I want to add that to my Moodle site!
19:55:34  sdpankhurst ->  the edjoy account is free to educators now
19:55:45  sdpankhurst ->  in prezi
19:56:03  JL ->  http://prezi.com/profile/signup/
19:56:13  Peggyagain ->  that happens with so many of the sites–start adding premium options for a fee
19:56:22  sdpankhurst ->  teachers needs a school website to sign up
19:57:08  Peggyagain ->  how fun Sheila!! google and get roadkill πŸ™‚ you’re famous!
19:57:33  Cathy E ->  @Sheila – everytime I see roadkill I think of you!
19:58:44  Peggyagain ->  roadkill is rich with data to analyze and predict!! I’ll bet the kids love it!
20:00:26  Gary ->  http://roadkill.edutel.com/
20:01:22  Peggyagain ->  everyone come and join us at WOW3 with Lucy Gray at 8:30pm EST!
20:02:01  Peggyagain ->  that would be a great show on the Olympics! Ask Doug!
20:02:33  Peggyagain ->  Don’t forget the first Echo show for K12Online Conference on Jan. 26 with Jen Wagner πŸ™‚
20:02:35  sroseman ->  thanks
20:02:41  page ->  thanks!
20:02:55  Peggyagain ->  thanks everyone! fun conversation!
20:02:55  Gary ->  Thanks all!
20:03:12  Peggyagain ->  bye everyone
20:03:17  sroseman ->  thanks
20:03:39  sdpankhurst ->  thanks for the great conversation
20:05:00  JohnS ->  Thanks for sticking with us, everyone. Don’t forget about Wow3 in about 25 minutes.

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