EdTechWeekly125 – April 26, 2009

EdTechWeekly #125
April 26, 2009


  Chat Log Below


18:44:47 Hi ->what’s the topic?
18:45:05 JenM ->We start at 7:00 ET with EdTechWeekly …
18:45:26 JenM ->ETW is a bunch of links about education and technology with no real "format"
18:45:27 JohnS ->fast paced roundup. We’ll probably have a couple dozen topics.
18:46:55 Hi ->you are all loud and clear
18:48:16 hi ->what are you using to broadcast?
18:48:54 ericjp ->i thought i heard something about mogulus
18:49:36 Gutemberg Fox ->Hello guys!
18:49:44 hi ->I can’t be here for the 7:00 time what’s the topic?
18:50:00 hi ->I am
18:50:23 hi ->I know I found you on twitter 7 minutes ago
18:50:47 hi ->and I am a teacher very interested in and using tech in my classroom
18:51:11 hi ->so I am always interested in improving the ed tech environment in my class
18:51:21 hi ->I figured that
18:51:25 hi ->: )
18:51:40 Gutemberg Fox ->I’m having problems with the audio…
18:51:54 JL ->what kinds of problems?
18:52:11 Gutemberg Fox ->it’s breaking
18:52:16 hi ->So everyweek at 7:00 est? right?
18:52:21 Gutemberg Fox ->cutting off
18:52:23 JohnS ->yes, hi
18:52:29 hi ->no break audio hear
18:52:30 JohnS ->And there are other shows on most nights of the week.
18:52:36 hi ->oops here
18:52:38 JohnS ->see https://edtechtalk.net for a calendar.
18:52:45 ericjp ->yes, the calendar
18:52:49 ericjp ->it’s very nice πŸ˜€
18:53:01 Gutemberg Fox ->Didn’t get your question…
18:53:14 JoGold ->I had trouble with the audio until I put Mogulus on full screen
18:53:19 JL ->gutemberg- are you listeing to Mogulus or ETT A?
18:53:20 hi ->No, I have audio there is no breaking up of audio  Him
18:53:38 Gutemberg Fox ->How can I differ?
18:53:41 JenM ->for the canadians out there …. http://www.gottahavahat.com/stockingjester/index.html
18:54:08 hi ->Thanks for the link.  I’ll put it as a link on teacher resource link page so others can find it
18:55:04 JoGold ->Yes
18:56:01 matt montagne ->like the mogulus
18:56:13 hi ->look for it later on in the week at: yourownteacher.com
18:56:38 hi ->Disappointed I can’t stay.  I’ll look for you guys again.
18:56:44 sharonp ->Hi folks
18:56:47 gary ->Echo??
18:57:03 jeffmason ->procaster not yet available for mac
18:57:04 sharonp ->wowsa…. 125?
18:57:23 hi ->Congrads  you said you are saying you will save tonite’s cast on a podcast?
18:58:22 Gutemberg Fox ->This mogulus thing doesn’t work properly!!
18:58:33 hi ->Good, thanks, I will look for it thanks!  Gotta go check out my site when y’all get a chance
18:58:49 JenM ->here are all the links for tonight … http://delicious.com/edtechtalk/20090426
18:59:02 hi ->yourownteacher.com
18:59:33 sharonp ->"people stopped remembering things…." LOL
19:00:22 sharonp ->gutenburg not getting along with mogulus – there is a subtext here somewhere
19:00:46 sharonp ->define "problems"?
19:00:46 Alvin Trusty ->We can hear you all
19:00:47 mollymcginn ->no problems
19:00:48 Gutemberg Fox ->I’m listening via WMP
19:00:56 JoGold ->Listening on Mogulus.  Worng great.
19:01:00 JoGold ->working
19:01:00 mollymcginn ->Loud and clear
19:01:01 Alvin Trusty ->define normal
19:01:02 jeffmason ->5by5 here @ edtechtalk.com/studio
19:01:03 matt montagne ->all good here
19:01:07 mollymcginn ->good to go
19:01:34 Robert Squires ->Seem to be ok. Will Mogulus stream video as well?
19:01:57 JL ->Gut, go to https://edtechtalk.net/studio
19:02:56 sharonp ->recording is a good idea
19:02:59 mollymcginn ->yes please record it
19:03:08 janicestearns ->sound is good
19:03:30 sharonp ->Jeff has his back ulp
19:04:07 plnaugle ->I’m here I did not log out.
19:04:20 sharonp ->Jeff is SUCH a perfectionist….
19:04:36 sharonp ->rofl
19:04:48 mollymcginn ->pause pause go!
19:05:05 gary ->That was a wonderful start!
19:05:45 sroseman ->sounds great here
19:05:46 dave ->http://seedmagazine.com/content/article/this_is_your_brain_on_facebook/
19:06:18 mollymcginn ->using facebook does not give you swine flu
19:07:04 Gutemberg Fox ->ahhh forget it! I’ll use just WMP it’s ok with me
19:07:15 JenM ->Microsoft News: http://www.microsoft.com/msft/earnings/FY09/earn_rel_q3_09.mspx … http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10227175-56.html …. http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/archive/2009/04/24/windows-7-release-candidate-update.aspx
19:07:21 gary ->We have a brain that is evolved for noticing the new.
19:07:22 mollymcginn ->all safe!
19:07:40 sharonp ->gee, that is shocking
19:07:52 sharonp ->and somehow comforting
19:08:06 Grant ->No snacks? Dang ..
19:08:16 sharonp ->Pro-crastinator
19:08:23 jeffmason ->how ’bout cutting their bad commercials
19:08:26 sharonp ->I think I already have that installed on my computer
19:08:51 sharonp ->…. need the update…. just haven’t gotten around to it
19:09:02 sroseman ->why is it "coming to the Mac real soon"!!!
19:09:31 Lesley E. ->Just bookmarked it earlier today, looks interesting.
19:09:34 tom ->screen capture coming to Snow Leopard.. πŸ™‚
19:09:40 gary ->real = we are telling the truth?
19:09:42 JL ->http://earthbridges.net/earthcast09
19:10:07 matt montagne ->thanks JL…’twas a fun ‘cast
19:10:11 sharonp ->what a terrific initiative – my kudos to Matt and his cohorts!!
19:10:29 Grant ->Mogulus – great audio quality
19:10:43 plnaugle ->Applause for earthcast09
19:10:59 JohnS ->Woogi World: http://www.woogiworld.com/
19:12:06 jeffmason ->@sroseman the million monkeys coding in the backroom haven’t ported over yet
19:12:20 matt montagne ->thanks sharonp and pinaugle…EC09 was a real team effort, with participation on many different levels from our friends all over the place.
19:12:35 matt montagne ->audio cutting in/out on mogulus…anyone else??
19:12:47 matt montagne ->could b me
19:12:50 sroseman ->yes cutting in and out
19:12:50 tom ->yes.. audio cutting in and out here
19:12:51 sharonp ->@matt yes, I know….. next year may have a hope of lending a hand!
19:12:55 gary ->Audio is skipping
19:13:01 JoGold ->@mattm same audio problems here
19:13:06 plnaugle ->For what age group is woogiworld?
19:13:10 sharonp ->audio is interesting for me – misssing almost every other word
19:13:11 dave ->http://www.wac.ohio-state.edu/examples/jwplayercontrols/
19:13:49 gary ->You may not be getting a good recording if you are hearning what we are hearing.
19:13:55 matt montagne ->@sharonp…well, perhaps as you keep building relationships with folks in Africa we’ll get some participation from some African countries…that would be neat for EC10!
19:13:56 sharonp ->yikes…..
19:13:59 mollymcginn ->audio cutting in and out a bit anyone else?
19:14:08 sharonp -> @matt DEAL!
19:14:08 Robert Squires ->me, too
19:14:13 JL ->wil address after this turn
19:14:14 tom ->wow.. almost unlistenable…
19:14:18 Lesley E. ->audio very choppy here too
19:14:21 plnaugle ->My audio is fine.
19:14:27 Robert Squires ->can’t follow now
19:14:27 Grant ->yes … me too
19:14:28 sharonp ->I agree… audio is choppy
19:14:43 sharonp ->now nothing
19:14:46 mollymcginn ->now no audio
19:14:48 dave ->he’s stopped and is tarting again soon
19:14:50 sharonp ->Jeff must be fine-tuning
19:14:52 JohnS ->Jeff is changing some settings. Will be right back.
19:14:54 matt montagne ->they’ll be coming back
19:14:56 dave ->just a sec
19:15:00 JenM ->thank you for the feedback … we will be starting up shortly …
19:15:03 matt montagne ->hang tite
19:15:05 sharonp ->wonder why..??
19:15:09 sarah H ->ohh  pretty colors!
19:15:18 sharonp ->oh it is JOhn..
19:15:21 Grant ->Choice .. great
19:15:24 Lesley E. ->tht sounds better!
19:15:27 sharonp ->yes, no choppiness …. yes
19:15:27 matt montagne ->much better thus far
19:15:28 Robert Squires ->better, much better
19:15:29 tom ->much much better
19:15:31 mollymcginn ->better..
19:15:33 Grant ->much better
19:15:34 mollymcginn ->steady
19:15:37 Bronst ->sound is good for me
19:15:39 JoGold ->Sounds much better
19:15:41 dave ->much much much bette4
19:15:44 dave ->better
19:15:47 gary ->This show always is on the edge – willing to experiment.
19:15:53 mollymcginn ->good solution
19:15:57 sharonp ->now we can hear every word…. ooops, occasional drop out of a word
19:16:02 mollymcginn ->Kimchi!
19:16:13 sharonp ->mmmmm Kimchi
19:16:21 tom ->very occasional…
19:16:24 sharonp ->we are perfect now
19:16:40 dave ->5 seconds?
19:16:41 JenM ->Events coming up: http://omegageek.net/rickscafe/?p=1265 … http://www.aect.org/Events/Symposia/call/default.asp?clientid=26174
19:16:47 dave ->that was 1/5 seconds
19:18:21 sharonp ->we are weeping for geocities??
19:18:25 sroseman ->any audio yet
19:18:30 Alvin Trusty ->There goes my main site.
19:18:35 sharonp ->yes Sue….
19:18:56 sharonp ->gosh, it has been EONS since I have even checked my geocities site
19:18:59 Alvin Trusty ->Did anyone notice TeacherTube broke all their links this week?
19:19:05 Grant ->want your content?  Go to archive.org?
19:19:27 sharonp ->(shudder) would I want anyone to see that old site that I created in teh 90s??
19:19:35 sroseman ->ok got the audio ..
19:19:43 gary ->Maybe the name "Yahoo" says something?
19:19:45 sharonp ->@Sue phew
19:20:15 JohnS ->World Mapper: http://www.worldmapper.org/
19:20:15 sharonp ->my site is very insecure
19:20:23 sharonp ->it may need counselling
19:20:35 sarah H ->@sharon–oh gosh, I hadn’t even thought about what might "live on" without my thnking about it.
19:20:43 Lesley E. ->Love worldmapper!
19:21:06 mollymcginn ->very cool
19:21:10 Lesley E. ->toy producers/toy  consumers
19:21:28 dave ->http://www.edutopia.org/skype-internet-tool-students
19:21:30 sharonp ->@sarah I don’t want to go back and see my idea of "good" web design!
19:22:00 Robert Squires ->does Skype have a whitebaord plug-in these days?
19:22:11 sharonp ->that is the skype lady!
19:22:24 gnoack ->@robert,  I think the PC version does for sure.
19:22:26 JenM ->The Oprah Effect for Twitter: http://weblogs.hitwise.com/us-heather-hopkins/2009/04/oprah_effect_on_twitter.html
19:22:33 sharonp ->I love skype
19:22:51 Robert Squires ->thnks
19:22:53 matt montagne ->I hear about the "be careful to make sure you can get your data if you are using web based services." We’re migrating away from a LAN email system called "First Class" to Google Mail.  We’re finding that, even though First Class is "ours" and it is installed on our LAN, the data is not portable because First Class is not standards compliant
19:23:19 matt montagne ->so, my point it, just because something is installed locally doesn’t mean the data is any more portable than something you’re using on the web
19:23:23 JohnS ->yep, run into that all the time, Matt. They use that to try to keep their customers.
19:23:31 JL ->http://gabcast.com/index.php
19:23:32 gary ->Time to move on to FriendFeed (for the geeks)
19:23:38 sroseman ->time to switch to PLURK .. twitter is too mainstream now
19:23:45 JL ->http://gcast.com/
19:24:12 sharonp ->@sroseman – LOL, I did switch to plurk recently and know what you mean!
19:24:17 JL ->http://yodio.com/
19:24:31 sharonp ->she has such a nice voice, Jeff!
19:24:40 JohnS ->Laptops for Teachers: http://www.e4africa.co.za/?page_id=241
19:24:48 sharonp ->Yay!
19:24:55 sharonp ->Kobus! Khanya
19:25:09 matt montagne ->@JS…it has been incredibly irritating preparing for migrating out of Firstclass…IMAP is horribly broken on the Firstclass side of things…they sure do make migration to another system quite complicated
19:25:52 sharonp ->Kobus needs our help…
19:26:21 sroseman ->our teachers are married to FIRSTCLASS
19:26:24 sharonp ->he has written a series of articles about laptop use … can you imagine … he has written more than 60 articles for African teachers
19:26:34 plnaugle ->Yeah, all teachers in my school just got their free laptop at the beginning of April.
19:26:41 Lesley E. ->@sharonp can you import contacts from twitter or do you have to start from scratch again?
19:26:54 dave ->http://beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/2009/04/what-lies-beneath-social-media-stress-fear-and-barriers-to-adoption-in-nonprofits.html
19:27:14 sharonp ->@Lesley you can make sure your plurks go out on your twitter and FB
19:27:30 sharonp ->but as far as I know, you cannot import your contacts in
19:27:49 Bronst ->YAY for Beth Kanter!
19:27:56 sharonp ->@sroseman FC in our school is chaotic and frustrating
19:28:01 Lesley E. ->@sharonp that’s good.  I’ve seen a number of plurk references on twitter recently and wondered what that was all about.
19:28:06 JenM ->TLT Symposium this past week: http://symposium.tlt.psu.edu/
19:28:13 jackiegerstein ->Beth Kanter’s work is fantastic and I also see lots of connection to Ed  she is @kanter on twitter
19:28:34 Bronst ->Beth rocks!
19:28:41 sharonp ->Beth is amazing and deserves tons of credit for what she does!
19:29:18 JL ->http://www.pbs.org/video/
19:29:41 John Rundag ->I made it!
19:30:00 dave ->in da hous
19:30:03 JohnS ->Twenty-Two Interesting Ways* to use Twitter in the Classroom: http://docs.google.com/Present?docid=dhn2vcv5_118cfb8msf8&pli=1&skipauth=true
19:30:04 Alvin Trusty ->Electric Company?
19:30:56 shannon ->@Alvin Letter Man always scared me to death.
19:31:02 mollymcginn ->Thats exactly what I needed! use of social media for learning
19:31:08 sharonp ->One of my parents told me she was following me on twitter…. gasp!
19:31:12 dave ->http://alternativeto.net/
19:33:02 sharonp ->but iMovie 08 is just not great
19:33:04 JenM ->More on age digital divide: http://www.mercurynews.com/chris_obrien/ci_12159990?source=email … http://www.mercurynews.com/chris_obrien/ci_12159990?source=email
19:33:21 JenM ->http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_technology_generation_gap_at_work_is_oh_so_wide.php
19:33:56 sharonp ->and this is from the same guy??
19:34:10 sharonp ->was this a university assignment or something??
19:34:13 JL ->http://untiny.me/
19:34:18 Lesley E. ->I’m 60 something so I vote for #2!  LOL
19:34:42 JL ->http://readable-app.appspot.com/setup.html?old_version=true
19:35:14 Alvin Trusty ->So all my pages can be in Comic Sans?
19:35:24 JohnS ->eXtension: http://www.extension.org/
19:35:49 JL ->so was john suggesting that my turn be cut out!
19:36:09 plnaugle ->Good for us over 40.
19:36:11 John Rundag ->Ugh! Comic Sans!
19:37:19 jeffmason ->farming is everyone’s bread and butter : )
19:37:47 John Rundag ->If it weren’t for farmers, I would not have a job!
19:37:48 dave ->http://openproj.org/demonstrations
19:37:59 JohnS ->I love comic sans.
19:38:07 dave ->http://www.umanitoba.ca/learning_technologies/cetl/HETL.pdf
19:38:26 dave ->http://davecormier.com/edblog/2009/04/15/bjet-article-muve-eventedness-an-experience-like-any-other/
19:39:08 sharonp ->OH!!! Handbook for Emerging Technologies is awesome!! Has been posted on the UNESCO ICT site
19:39:21 mollymcginn ->are you going to post the link to serena?
19:39:28 JenM ->Drupal Summer of Code Project Update: http://buytaert.net/google-to-invest-90000-usd-in-drupal
19:39:31 sharonp ->AND…. has been in great demand for our Teachers Without Borders workshops!
19:39:34 dave ->@molly. it was the first link
19:39:36 dave ->openproj
19:39:39 matt montagne ->you guys are hilarious πŸ™‚
19:39:43 dave ->http://openproj.org/demonstrations
19:39:59 mollymcginn ->@dave thx!
19:40:03 Bronst ->Hiya swolff
19:40:17 JL ->http://tweetmeme.com/
19:40:19 Bronst ->hiya nick_noakes
19:40:40 nick_noakes ->hiya bron!
19:40:49 JL ->http://newsmap.jp/
19:41:07 swolff ->hi back!
19:41:20 JohnS ->Identify Firefox Add-on: http://lab.madgex.com/identify/
19:41:33 Bronst ->Howard Rhinegold’s Social Media Classroom is built on Drupal
19:42:04 JohnS ->My Award Maker: http://www.myawardmaker.com/
19:42:33 JenM ->All of our links for tonight … http://delicious.com/edtechtalk/20090426 … to send us a link for next week, just add a delicous tag of "for:edtechtalk" when you are saving your link to delious
19:42:43 John Rundag ->Good timing for that link, JohnS
19:44:22 mollymcginn ->great job!
19:44:34 Bronst ->thx again guys and gals
19:44:45 plnaugle ->Thanks everybody. Have a good week.
19:44:52 JL ->jscinker
19:44:52 Lesley E. ->Thanks, lots of great stuff to sift through this week.
19:45:00 JohnS ->jschinker
19:45:03 jeffmason ->Dinner’s ready!
19:45:16 mollymcginn ->I was really impressed with mogulus but the audio is still a bit uneven
19:45:17 jackiegerstein ->Love the Mogulis – very clear and "crisp"
19:45:32 jackiegerstein ->Not for me and I have bad bandwidth
19:45:47 sharonp ->so funny that it was inconsistent
19:45:49 nick_noakes ->same here
19:45:52 sharonp ->makes it hard to know
19:45:56 nick_noakes ->gone to itues
19:45:57 mollymcginn ->I loved seeing the screen shots
19:46:01 nick_noakes ->itunes even
19:46:04 sharonp ->no change in visuals
19:46:13 sharonp ->didn’t pay attention
19:47:08 Gutemberg Fox ->I chose…
19:47:21 sharonp ->wow
19:47:26 sharonp ->I missed it
19:47:33 sharonp ->that’s what I get for not stalking DAve
19:48:00 dave ->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk29phY18H4&feature=channel_page
19:48:01 John Rundag ->I I do like the larger video. I’m on a netbook.
19:48:05 sharonp ->(note that Ben Gray watched it)
19:48:15 dave ->and this is bonnie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iW1QK119mc&feature=channel_page
19:50:01 nick_noakes ->bye all
19:50:10 sharonp ->And???
19:50:41 sharonp ->You invited over 900 people and 75 showed??
19:51:09 dave ->http://davecormier.com/edblog/2009/04/15/bjet-article-muve-eventedness-an-experience-like-any-other/
19:53:00 gary ->It is much too long!
19:53:17 gary ->I have listened to it for year but ……
19:53:28 sharonp ->What is the name of the show??
19:53:53 sharonp ->you are cutting out again
19:54:00 JohnS ->This Week in Tech
19:54:03 JohnS ->twit.tv
19:54:04 John Rundag ->I stopped downloading TWIT, but downloaded to listen to Alvin being mentioned.
19:54:08 gary ->TWIT
19:54:11 sharonp ->right
19:54:28 matt montagne ->nite y’all
19:54:31 sharonp -> M.Lefebvre who pronounces it Le Lefever
19:54:35 matt montagne ->we just sold our place
19:54:44 matt montagne ->so hopefully things are coming around
19:55:04 sharonp ->wow, good to hear it for your sake, Matt!
19:55:06 gary ->Thanks again.
19:56:17 matt montagne ->yeah, we’re lucky sharon…that is for certain
19:57:36 Gutemberg Fox ->G’nite everyone! Thanks for the tips
19:57:48 JohnS ->Thanks for coming out, everyone.

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