EdTechWeekly117 – March 1, 2009

EdTechWeekly #117
March 1, 2009

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18:36:56 JohnS -> Hi, JenM.
18:37:29 JenM -> hey, johny
18:38:07 JohnS -> Welcome. We do a little EdTech show thingy here. We’ll start in about 20 minutes. Is this your first time?
18:55:38 Alvin Trusty -> Hi
18:55:44 JenM -> hi, all!
18:55:46 Steve_K -> Good evening.  Thanks.
18:55:58 Alvin Trusty -> I have a grad student that teaches full time online
18:56:11 Steve_K -> 71% public schools 17% home schooled
18:56:28 Steve_K -> 5% drop out 7% private
18:56:36 JenM -> wow! ask … get answers!
18:57:50 matt montagne -> hey y’all
18:57:52 Steve_K -> Fit the curriculum to the student vs fit the student to the curriculum
18:58:14 Ed -> hello
18:58:58 sarah h -> oh sure–being afraid to go to the bathroom all day was really valuable for me. . .
18:59:22 PeggyG -> did the show start early or is this pre-show conversation?
18:59:39 JL -> pre-show
18:59:46 PeggyG -> thanks πŸ™‚
19:01:41 matt montagne -> that was an interesting discussion…there is an implied feeling that the socialization that happens in schools is inherently better than online soicalization…
19:02:04 jackiegerstein -> What happened to that fun video stream you used last week?
19:02:09 dave -> we are responding to that feelnig at least
19:02:29 jackiegerstein -> Hi Peggy
19:02:43 PeggyG -> Hi Jackie!
19:03:04 dave -> http://brainz.org/completely-unscientific-yet-accurate-look-social-sites/
19:04:43 JenM -> Facebook stuff … http://amandafrench.net/2009/02/16/facebook-terms-of-service-compared/ … and … http://www.allfacebook.com/2009/02/facebook-now-growing-by-over-700000-users-a-day/
19:06:13 JL -> http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/evan_williams_on_listening_to_twitter_users.html
19:06:32 matt montagne -> I guess I don’t really care about the TOS…I just assume that I lose control with any stuff I post out there on the web…
19:06:58 JL -> http://www.twitalyzer.com/twitalyzer/
19:07:24 matt montagne -> I believe twtitter just turned down 500 million from facebook…wow
19:07:35 JL -> http://pistachioconsulting.com/twitter-presentations/
19:07:42 matt montagne -> hey susan m
19:07:50 JL -> http://tweetcongress.org/
19:07:53 Susan Morgan -> Hi Matt…
19:08:21 JohnS -> Awesome Stories: http://www.awesomestories.com/
19:08:25 matt montagne -> twitter is slowly starting to move its way into the ranks of the students at my schoool as well…I think they’re intrigued by all the celebs using it
19:08:55 Susan Morgan -> We have a couple of alums using twitter. It’s fun to have them respond to our thoughts
19:09:23 PeggyG -> Awesome Stories is an excellent primary source resource for elementary students–very readable and interesting
19:09:32 annelisewojo -> @matt montagne Interesting thought about popularity after hearing celebs using it.  I suspect that will be the case with our teachers over time too.
19:09:59 dave -> http://rabble.ca/columnists/canadian-internet-usage-quiz-surprise-answers-inside
19:10:28 matt montagne -> @anne…I didn’t think twitter would ever gain a groundswell amongst teens due to facebook and facebook status updates…but yeah, I think the celebs getting into it will change that
19:11:25 ds -> JL, you just jinxed us
19:11:28 Lesley Edwards -> Working without twitter is like working without a net.
19:11:45 ds -> @dave we’re not really as regulated as we think we are re banks
19:11:53 jasm -> twitter is being used by increasing numbers of teachers in the division where I am a superintendent- great connector for us to chat informally
19:12:02 ds -> that’s why Conrad is in jail stateside
19:12:02 JenM -> Kindle Text to Speech … http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/opinion/25blount.html?_r=1 … and … http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09/02/28/0127236 … and … http://www.lessig.org/blog/2009/02/caving_into_bullies_aka_here_w.html
19:13:40 JL -> http://www.mikogo-blog.com/mikogo-mac-version-beta/
19:14:00 JL -> http://www.slideshare.net/rashmi/youtube-videos-inside-slideshare-presentation
19:14:21 PeggyG -> you can download audible books from audible.com to a Kindle
19:14:31 JohnS -> Study: Class Podcasts Can Lead to Better Grades: http://arstechnica.com/web/news/2009/02/study-listening-to-podcasts-better-than-going-to-lectures.ars
19:14:32 Cal -> Does that mean filtered schools can view YouTube through a Slideshare?
19:14:34 Alvin Trusty -> Slideshare has no transitions or animations
19:15:13 PeggyG -> that’s neat to know about youtube on slideshare πŸ™‚ great addition!
19:15:21 JohnS -> 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better: http://oedb.org/library/beginning-online-learning/100-ways-to-use-your-ipod-to-learn-and-study-better
19:15:52 matt montagne -> I’m surprised more teachers don’t podcast their classes…such a very simple modification that allows learners with different needs the opportunity to interact with the content over and over…
19:16:03 dave -> http://jeetv.kapilbhatia.com/
19:16:55 JenM -> Online backup: http://www.idrive.com/
19:17:07 sarah h -> @cal probably not–the video is still on youtube, just the code is embedded in SS.
19:17:19 Susan Morgan -> Hi Deb
19:17:42 Eric -> My students love viewing our podcasts.
19:18:02 JL -> http://goanimate.com/
19:18:33 JL -> http://pediapress.com/collection/
19:18:37 Eric -> carbonite, another on-line backup, has been good to me.
19:19:00 JL -> http://www.elllo.org/
19:19:06 ds -> lol
19:19:21 JohnS -> Schmedley: http://schmedley.com/
19:19:24 annelisewojo -> Gosh all, I have a har d enough time keeping up with links/sites on twitter.  Lots of great links here too! 
19:20:38 dave -> http://www.forbes.com/2009/02/22/kindle-oreilly-ebooks-technology-breakthroughs_oreilly.html
19:21:02 Cal -> Last time I used a Mac … it was called The Macintosh
19:24:06 Alvin Trusty -> It’s low
19:24:08 ds -> @dave sounded more like a rustling headset
19:24:10 JenM -> For Mac users with netbook envy … http://i.gizmodo.com/5156903/how-to-hackintosh-a-dell-mini-9-into-the-ultimate-os-x-netbook … and … http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/12/17/osx-netbook-compatib.html
19:24:29 JohnS -> @ds the squeaky chair is a metaphor.
19:24:32 PeggyG -> If you’re a "continuing" webcast academy student do you need to sign up again under the new format?
19:24:41 Susan Morgan -> Ohhh, this looks like fun!
19:24:57 JL -> http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/25/us/25desks.html?_r=3&ref=education
19:25:24 JL -> http://en.soundzit.com/
19:25:58 JohnS -> Convert PDF to Word: http://www.convertpdftoword.net/Default.aspx
19:26:00 Cathy E -> up and down desk – what a great idea
19:26:08 ds -> that is a great thing re desks
19:26:29 JohnS -> To RSS: http://torss.net/
19:27:32 annelisewojo -> My daughter is listening to me and got very excited about the desk thing!  She screamed, "I want that!"  :You get tired of sitting all day!"
19:27:42 dave -> http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/features-15inch.html
19:28:14 PeggyG -> funny annelisewojo! nice to have a choice πŸ™‚
19:28:32 matt montagne -> It is a great design dave
19:28:52 PeggyG -> that’s what I have-MacBookPro 15 "–love it! Go for it!
19:29:11 ds -> who are you, and what have you done with dave
19:29:20 matt montagne -> I heard that cell phone manufacturers were going to standardize on charger types (not sure how this will happen)…it would be nice if all laptops had the same charger (I know it is a real technical challenge, but it would n nice)
19:29:23 Lesley Edwards -> Mine arrives this week, can’t wait!
19:29:29 gillian -> The power cord is awesome
19:29:51 Kimberley -> Make sure you get an extended warranty!!
19:29:53 Alvin Trusty -> I priced it on Friday.  Dell was $500 less
19:30:04 jackiegerstein -> Peggy – I was jealous – you MacBook Pro rocks!
19:30:07 JohnS -> @matt I heard that too 5v mini usb.
19:30:08 Alvin Trusty -> With MacMath, $500 is even.
19:30:13 PeggyG -> Get the maximum memory you can in the MacBookPro πŸ™‚ You’ll want it!
19:30:24 JenM -> (US Only) Technotrash Recycling … http://www.greendisk.com/
19:30:25 Kimberley -> We are always getting our MACS repaired!!
19:30:46 Susan Morgan -> I have the only Mac in our PC school and I love it
19:30:53 micwalker -> Have you looked at the Nobi Classmate tablet? Less than $500.
19:30:58 dave -> yes… the macs seems a bit wobbly
19:31:01 PeggyG -> I have never had to have my MacBookPro repaired! No viruses! No Problems
19:31:03 matt montagne -> Macs are just like any other computers…they break too…
19:31:14 dave -> @peggyg the macs do tend to fall apart
19:31:21 JL -> http://supportblogging.com/Links+to+School+Bloggers
19:31:28 dave -> oh no! ben grey (sic) in the hose
19:31:50 Ben Grey -> Indeede
19:32:07 PeggyG -> all computers can have problems but I have used Macs/Apple for about 25 years and have never had one fall apart–just upgrade for newer features myself
19:32:27 JL -> http://piclits.com/compose_dragdrop.aspx
19:32:38 Kimberley -> I had one replaced by Apple after 3 repair jobs
19:32:44 dave -> @peggyg i’ve never had a pc fall apart… my mac crashes all the time
19:32:49 JL -> http://lifehacker.com/5161867/top-10-tools-for-your-blog-or-web-site
19:33:06 PeggyG -> @dave–you must have a lemon πŸ™‚
19:33:11 dave -> lol
19:33:14 JohnS -> Shmoop: http://www.shmoop.com
19:33:15 dave -> silly mac lovers
19:33:32 PeggyG -> or you’re just baiting me!!!
19:33:41 Susan Morgan -> I’m using Shmoop with my kids!
19:33:55 dave -> @peggyg can’t imagine it
19:34:10 dave -> http://beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/2009/02/whats-your-social-media-elevator-pitch-for-your-nonprofits-executive-director-or-board.html
19:34:12 PeggyG -> I got followed by Schmoop on Twitter as soon as I signed up!
19:34:46 PeggyG -> you think this is my first show??? πŸ™‚
19:34:51 Kimberley -> However, we love our Macs !!
19:36:02 Lesley Edwards -> I think this show has worn out the TAG button for my delicious acct.  It just stopped working.  Mind you, I am on a Mac.  πŸ™‚
19:36:15 JenM -> Top Online Photo Editors … http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10170333-2.html
19:36:36 JL -> http://www.concord.org/publications/newsletter/2009-winter/
19:36:56 JL -> http://www.academiccommons.org/commons/announcement/new-issue-jan-2009-toc
19:37:06 dave -> @Ben Grey (sic) did you really send something to the delicious… i never clicked the link with your tweet and then looked for it here
19:37:17 JL -> http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/zotero_moves_into_the_cloud.php
19:37:42 JohnS -> Typeracer: http://play.typeracer.com/ 
19:38:19 JohnS -> Computer Lab Favorites: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/clf/index.htm
19:38:47 PeggyG -> Typeracer sounds like a lot of fun!
19:38:47 JohnS -> Smartkiddies Mathematics: http://www.smartkiddies.com.au/
19:39:01 jackiegerstein -> Scholastic really has embraced tech in their interfaces
19:39:30 Cathy E -> Great links John
19:40:04 ds -> lol thought he was 17 after ETBS…
19:40:15 jackiegerstein -> Who were the first 17?
19:40:21 PeggyG -> you could always talk about rhyzomatic!!
19:40:32 JenM -> Libraries scoring big with the recession .. http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/02/28/recession.libraries/
19:40:45 Ben Grey -> @Dave  Sorry, just had to step out to take care of a crying baby.
19:41:04 dave -> @Ben Gery (sick?)
19:41:20 Ben Grey -> @Dave Hungry. I lack the capacity to provide for that need.
19:41:38 dave -> @Ben Grey (sic) yes… i know that feeling… i can’t wait until she can talk
19:42:01 JL -> http://edufire.com/
19:42:08 matt montagne -> I agree, Jeff…I think there is a silver lining…
19:42:18 PeggyG -> our library just announced they were cutting back hours quite significantly due to budget cuts! 9:00-5:00???
19:42:18 JL -> http://www.instantfundas.com/2009/02/5-obscure-html-tags-that-you-should.html
19:42:24 Ben Grey -> @Dave  Link never made it to delicious seeing as I haven’t accessed my account since about 2006.  It isn’t the centre [sic] of my workflow.
19:42:25 PeggyG -> some days even closed completely
19:42:25 jackiegerstein -> You but you are from Canada that has no bank problems
19:42:48 JL -> http://thoughtfest09.crowdvine.com/
19:42:58 matt montagne -> before people would look at me like I was crazy when I would suggest longer life cycles out of hardware…now ideas like that are being implemented
19:43:09 Ben Grey -> @Dave  What kind of system do you have here? It took out my (sic) when I properly used brackets.
19:43:13 angela maiers -> Hi All!
19:43:18 JohnS -> Blubrry Powerpress Podcast Plugin from RawVoice: http://www.blubrry.com/powerpress/
19:43:23 Ben Grey -> Hey Angela.
19:43:30 angela maiers -> Ben and Matt and Alice- the gang is all here tonight!
19:43:35 alicemercer -> Yep!
19:43:51 Cathy E -> @Angela – you have the best tweets – thank you
19:43:54 angela maiers -> Alice- loving your blog posts lately!
19:43:56 jackiegerstein -> CUE conference this week, too – http://www.cue2009.org/
19:43:59 matt montagne -> hey there angela and alice
19:44:01 dave -> @ben grey (sic) i just set the system to ‘irritate ben’ it’s one of my favourite settings
19:44:18 Ben Grey -> Myne Tou.
19:44:18 JohnS -> Measurement Lab Network Tools: http://www.measurementlab.net/measurement-lab-tools
19:44:20 alicemercer -> @angela, really? I’m glad. I had a dry spot there.
19:44:25 angela maiers -> Cathy- I am soo smiling!
19:44:31 alicemercer -> @matt see you at CUE?
19:44:45 angela maiers -> @alice- i go in spurts- I was on a roll this week!
19:44:50 matt montagne -> @alice…probably not…economy
19:44:51 Ben Grey -> @Dave 1 BenGrey nickel to you, btw, for the witty (sick) usage above.
19:45:05 JohnS -> Any earthcast announcements before we wrap?
19:45:08 Eric -> Wow, I have been actually installing blubrry powerpress during this show.
19:45:09 dave -> http://davecormier.com/q=alice
19:45:14 ds -> @dave that powerpress plugin sounds like it might be good for your project
19:45:22 ds -> lol
19:45:25 alicemercer -> @matt, layoff season starting for public schools in Cali
19:45:25 dave -> http://davecormier.com/
19:45:26 JohnS -> Read your mind, Eric. πŸ™‚
19:45:43 angela maiers -> That is so cool!
19:45:45 sarah h -> okay, have barely listened ever since the typeracer link came up.  It works in facebook and you can race your friends.  I’m addicted.
19:45:56 matt montagne -> @johns…only earthcast announcement is that we have a planning session next Sunday at 18 GMT and we still have LOTS of slots open…if they don’t get filled, Doug and Jose are going to have a long day πŸ˜‰
19:46:08 JohnS -> When’s the event again, matt?
19:46:16 Eric -> @JohnS I like it.  Just trying to update my itunes feed correctly.
19:46:19 matt montagne -> @alice…I know…it is getting ugly
19:46:28 PeggyG -> really interesting idea!
19:46:37 matt montagne -> @johns … earthcast09 is slated for Wed April 22 2009
19:46:45 alicemercer -> @matt private is at will, ro do they notice at end of school year?
19:46:57 Ben Grey -> @Dave I’ve been practicing my Canadian spelling accent read aloud in implied form all week.
19:47:27 ds -> @Ben I’m a big fan of the implied narrator
19:47:43 matt montagne -> @alice…private is having challenges as well I believe…
19:48:06 matt montagne -> Earthcast09 – http://earthbridges.wikispaces.com
19:48:10 matt montagne -> Thanks for the mention John
19:48:13 matt montagne -> appreciated
19:48:19 matt montagne -> [email protected]
19:48:22 alicemercer -> @matt I’ve heard, but when do layoffs hit there?
19:48:31 alicemercer -> Man I came in late
19:48:36 Alvin Trusty -> Don’t forget the time change next week.
19:48:37 angela maiers -> Me, too!
19:48:49 Ben Grey -> @Dave Thank you, I’ve been practicing with great rigour.
19:48:52 alicemercer -> Ugh, the ugly one
19:48:57 matt montagne -> @alice…numbers for bay area private schools are actually quite strong right now…
19:48:58 ds -> time change?
19:49:09 matt montagne -> I have a feeling that the bottom won’t fall out for another year…
19:49:10 PeggyG -> Thanks everyone! Lots to explore once again!
19:49:14 annelisewojo -> thanks everyone
19:49:28 matt montagne -> @JohnS…thanks again for earthcast shout out
19:49:31 Susan Morgan -> thanks for the links!
19:49:43 Sarah S -> I like the ustream audio since there’s less delay.
19:49:48 Ben Grey -> How long do I get to sit and listen to the back stage chatter?
19:49:50 marthamath -> thanks for the good thoughts.
19:49:56 ds -> @JL still no word at all?
19:49:58 matt montagne -> if anyone wants in on earthcast09, drop us an email at [email protected]
19:49:59 ds -> whoa
19:50:07 angela maiers -> Anyone for demo of tinychat?
19:50:26 JL -> none Doug
19:50:45 Ben Grey -> @angela maiers  Someone told me today that they prefer Backnoise  Ever heard of it?
19:50:57 angela maiers -> No- wanna try that?
19:51:14 PeggyG -> sometimes the post show is the best part πŸ™‚
19:51:21 Ben Grey -> Uh oh, I don’t have my all-access pass around my neck right now.  Will I get run out?
19:51:23 angela maiers -> The show never ends with this crew! Keep babbling!
19:51:28 Cathy E -> @ angela I will play with you
19:51:36 matt montagne -> well, great show as typical y’all
19:51:39 Kim -> me too
19:51:42 ds -> some of the wildest "action" has happened pre-show–over the years….
19:52:02 angela maiers -> Yeah- anyone else got five minutes to play? Testing out tinychat? BAcknoise?
19:52:15 alicemercer -> anyone else going to CUE?
19:52:17 ds -> to give people something  constructive to do — during WCA and other open courses
19:52:22 JL -> toss in the URL angela
19:52:22 angela maiers -> Ben? Alice? Matt? you in?
19:52:22 Kim -> I will give it a try, Angela
19:52:23 Ben Grey -> @angela  As long as I don’t get called to baby duty, I have a couple minutes.
19:52:24 ds -> re project
19:52:33 ds -> might as well be doing something that connects with others
19:52:34 angela maiers -> Great Kim
19:52:39 matt montagne -> @angela…I can give u a hand
19:53:03 Kim -> link please, Angela
19:53:10 Ben Grey -> I did something similar with a kindergarten class and their story.
19:53:19 Ben Grey -> Hand on, I’ll try to find the link to the file.
19:53:35 ds -> what’s the link to the backchannel’s backchannel?
19:53:45 angela maiers -> When you are ready- heres our tiny chat room http://www.tinychat.com/vlr9
19:53:53 alicemercer -> @angela sure?
19:53:54 ds -> ty
19:53:59 JohnS -> Happy Ohio Day, everyone: http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2009/03/01/ohio-adventures/ and http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2008/03/01/happy-ohio-day/
19:54:04 matt montagne -> btw…in the event that anyone is interested, our student live radio project is on twitter:  http://twitter.com/gator_radio
19:54:06 LangLabCindy -> can someone please post the link for the video editing again?
19:54:19 matt montagne -> @JS>..cool stuff out there with moodle 2 and mahara btw
19:54:21 Ben Grey -> http://bengrey.com/blog/kpodcast.mp3  I don’t think the different voices will be a problem for listeners, it will be more the levels issues, I think.
19:54:29 angela maiers -> Will be here when you are ready- http://www.tinychat.com/vlr9
19:54:35 ds -> @JS does that mean you have tomorrow off?
19:54:59 PeggyG -> I’m interested, Matt–didn’t know that. I’ve been following with RSS & calendar updates
19:55:00 JohnS -> @Matt yes — cool integration, getting better w/Moodle 2.
19:55:06 JohnS -> No, I don’t get the day off tomorrow.
19:55:33 ds -> aww too bad
19:55:45 matt montagne -> @peggy…I’m hoping it makes it a little easier for us to push out our latest doings
19:55:47 ds -> RTB–readtheblog
19:55:48 Alvin Trusty -> Ohio is the center of the world.
19:56:04 ds -> is it a commonwealth
19:56:14 PeggyG -> I think it will Matt–what a cute icon on the page -)
19:56:27 matt montagne -> @js…yeah, we’ve been playing around with it a bit this week…we have moodle2 alpha playing well with mahara 1…
19:56:55 JohnS -> cool, unfortunately, my teachers don’t like Mahara. Looking at maybe Elgg or Buddypress.
19:57:06 matt montagne -> @peggy…one of the kids created that for our logo contest…I think it is pretty cute too…there is something I like about it…
19:57:18 ds -> been a wild season summer/winter the world over
19:57:22 jackiegerstein -> Hey Peggy  – do you think we willl have a snow day here in AZ tomorrow?
19:57:29 JenM -> http://www.weather.com/weather/alerts/localalerts/07030?phenomena=WS&significance=W&areaid=NJZ006&office=KOKX&etn=0004
19:57:32 Cathy E -> even eastern NC may get snow
19:57:34 PeggyG -> no chance jackie!!
19:57:35 ds -> no way
19:57:38 ds -> woo hoo
19:57:48 matt montagne -> @JS…yeah, like all of them, Mahara has its positives and negatives
19:57:55 Ben Grey -> Don’t forget Kasmir Pulaski day.
19:58:03 ds -> nice
19:58:07 matt montagne -> good work JS
19:58:36 JohnS -> We wanted it for portfolios, but everyone says it’s too complicated.
19:58:57 JenM -> http://www.weather.com/weather/alerts/localalerts/USNH0022?phenomena=WS&significance=W&areaid=NHZ008&office=KGYX&etn=0008
19:59:10 ds -> have you tried dimdim lately
19:59:21 ds -> I was impressed when I took a peek this wk
19:59:34 jackiegerstein -> Thanks – bye!
19:59:43 PeggyG -> I still like DimDim πŸ™‚
19:59:58 Ben Grey -> Louvely.
20:00:06 JenM -> thank you!
20:00:07 ds -> thanks all great show
20:00:09 PeggyG -> some teachers in Phoenix are using it for a course management tool
20:00:20 Eric -> Thank YOU!
20:00:41 PeggyG -> Thanks all!

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