EdTechWeekly #191

EdTechWeekly #191

April 10, 2011

Hosts: Dave Cormier and John Schinker

John and Dave discuss the biggest obstacles to technology use in schools, from the perspectives of students, parents, teachers, and school officials. Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up 2010 Report forms the basis of the conversation, which focuses mainly on the use of cell phones and other mobile devices in school.

Chat Log:
18:58:10 dave: http://www.itslearning.eu/10-things-that-will-be-obsolete-in-education-by-2020
18:58:29 dave: this is a fairly sorry list
19:02:50 dave: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/what_do_kids_say_is_the_biggest_obstacle_to_techno.php
19:12:05 Camilla Elliott: Hello all, pleased to be able to join you from Australia this morning
19:12:11 dave: HI Camilla
19:12:23 dave: are you guys all getting the audio?
19:12:27 sr: yes
19:12:37 Camilla Elliott: Yes, got organised thanks Dave
19:12:47 akbeck907: No audio yet. Still trying to figure it out.
19:13:02 dave: https://edtechtalk.net:8000/listen.pls
19:13:27 Camilla Elliott: Interested to hear the topic considering the
UK govt is planning to ban phones in schools country wide.
19:15:45 Camilla Elliott: It’s ridiculous trying to ban them. they need to be taught etiquette… as you say
19:15:49 sr: class sets with controlled apps could work ..
19:16:17 dave: @sr how many would you imagine for a school?
19:17:09 Camilla Elliott: I prefer students using their own phones. They
are the most owned device even by minority groups. Use needs to be
seamless but with manners and control.
19:17:50 sr: a roving class set ..to be used daily or weekly
19:17:52 stlouisohio: nothing happens for no buddy
19:18:10 stlouisohio: loading loading loading.. with now success
19:18:15 stlouisohio: no*
19:21:05 Camilla Elliott: I would imagine phones for casual use. Not on
constantly but being available. Yes… schools are having to be wireless
capable. Australia seems to be much more organised than US with this.
19:21:15 dave: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/what_do_kids_say_is_the_biggest_obstacle_to_techno.php
19:23:12 Camilla Elliott: I don’t think it’s high. Minority groups here
are heavy mobile phone users. It’s easily accessible for them. Other
kids hove them anyway.
19:26:23 jinTN: Students think just because it is on the internet it is
true. Teachers need to be able to give them good sources that are
19:26:52 Camilla Elliott: It’s a difficult move for many teachers. Many
teachers still rely on print digital sources while their students are
using digital. Students find from each other.
19:27:17 Camilla Elliott: As teacher librarians this is our major job now.
19:28:14 Camilla Elliott: Our public institutions are going into this in a big way. Museums, state libraries etc
19:28:44 Camilla Elliott: Yes. I did 19?? show with you. School hols again so I’m tapping in today.
19:30:33 Camilla Elliott: Tools like Evernote etc are good. Yes.. need to work betwen devices
19:31:35 dave: http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/abs/10.1089/cyber.2010.0130
19:31:46 Camilla Elliott: Students are getting better at digital story
telling and transferring these skills to research assignments.
19:32:44 Camilla Elliott: Mobile — take a photo here and now
19:33:20 Camilla Elliott: Photo — send direct to blog etc
19:34:19 Camilla Elliott: Yes.. comparing various news items is a really
interesting learning task that goes down well with students. ID bias–
yes definitely
19:35:15 Camilla Elliott: Access to the internet brings their outside world life into the classroom
19:36:19 Camilla Elliott: Knowing what info is true or untrue is the greatest skill we all need going forward
19:36:53 dave: @camilla and learning that most of it isn’t actually ‘true’ or ‘untrue’
19:37:56 Camilla Elliott: Yes I agree Dave. It’s all open to interpretation
19:41:01 Camilla Elliott: If we’re talking about a preferred mobile
device. I’d say the personal device needs to be larger than a phone. It
needs to be a personally owned iPad-like device
19:42:02 Camilla Elliott: I’m not good on dates but I agree context is important.
19:42:38 Camilla Elliott: So do we! He’s just been here and got a great welcome!
19:42:48 sr: interesting perspectives on mobile tech here
19:44:34 Camilla Elliott: Filtering is usually used to control download
size — in my experience. Internet download in Aust is still relatively
19:45:49 Camilla Elliott: People are very conscious of “duty of care”
19:47:19 Camilla Elliott: Wireless access to non-school devices is
really essential. I take my iPad to school but have to run it on 3G.
19:50:30 Camilla Elliott: I understand and agree with that access. It works.
19:50:50 Camilla Elliott: Yes, but we need to scale to this eventally
19:51:30 Camilla Elliott: Great to catch up and join your chat. Cheers — fabulous.

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