EdTechWeekly #181

January 23, 2011

(podcast uploaded from an airplane … a first for EdTechTalk?)

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

Guest hosts:

  •  Richard Schwier (yay!) -> follow at http://twitter.com/schwier … Rick Schwier is a professor of educational technology and design at the University of Saskatchewan -> see http://schwier.ca
  •  Zac Chase –> follow at http://twitter.com/mrchase … Zac Chase is an English teacher at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. He blogs at http://autodizactic.com

This week’s topics of conversation:

  • Dave’s Links: Money and education. Are we seeing more ‘commercial interest’ now or is it just more apparent?ihttp://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/no_good_reason/2011/01/learning-analytics-2011-is-the-place-to-be.html http://tonysearl.posterous.com/giddy-up-whorsey
  • Jen’s Links: Jen wants to talk “learning outcomes” … What are they? The means (the learning process … interaction, activity, engagement)? Or the ends (tada! See … Timmy learned it)? Depending on the answer … how should we measure learning outcomes? Her inspiration for the topic:
    Our guest who thinks about this for a living (yay!!)
  2.   Those with a foot in the means camp: http://learninganalytics.net/syllabus.html
    Those with a foot in the ends camp: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110118/ap_on_re_us/us_college_learning
    Her dissertation (yawn)
    John’s Links: The death of RSS
  1. Google Replaces Reader Link with Photos: http://techcrunch.com/2011/01/21/google-replaces-reader-link-with-photos-in-gmail-users-in-a-tizzy/
  2. Paperli: http://paper.li/
  3. Bloglines rises from the dead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloglines
  • Rick’s Links: Rick wants to talk about informal online learning and how it compares to the formal approaches we all know and love (oops… guess I tipped my hand on being in the learning process camp). I’ll dig out a couple of relevant links and add them here soon. In the meantime, off to catch this train @ http://www.taieri.co.nz/. Okay, back from the train ride — and it was great! We could just talk about that.
    Palloff and Pratt kicked off a lot of what became the agenda for virtual learning communities – almost exclusively about formal education. Here’s a taste of what they were once talking about: http://macqunilearners.pbworks.com/f/Building+Learning+Communities+In+Cyberspace.doc
  2. Life has changed–or evolved. Here’s a little ditty I put together that argues for a new research agenda: http://www.cedtech.net/articles/118.pdf
  3. And a bit more about changing how we think about online learning from a paper presented at a gathering this summer with Jen: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2375895/new_metaphors.pdf
    Zac’s Links: EduConText: http://autodizactic.com/blog/?p=674

18:40:12 JenM -> Hello, all!
18:40:40 Rick Schwier -> Hi all.
18:40:56 Rick Schwier -> Or I should say, Kia Ora.
18:41:09 Tracy -> Hello
19:04:15 dave -> http://twitter.com/TonySearl/statuses/28041894550306816
19:04:48 JenM -> what dave is talking about … http://learninganalytics.net/syllabus.html
19:06:02 dave -> http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/no_good_reason/2011/01/learning-analytics-2011-is-the-place-to-be.html
19:07:24 JohnS -> All of the links for tonight: http://edtechweekly.wikispaces.com/EdTechWeekly+180+
19:10:29 JohnS -> http://davecormier.com/ Dave’s blog
19:12:44 JenM -> The $2B Announcement we are talking about … http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/eta/eta20101436.htm …  http://www.doleta.gov/grants/pdf/SGA-DFA-PY-10-03.pdf
19:12:53 JenM -> http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/26100
19:14:43 JenM -> http://learninganalytics.net/syllabus.html
19:15:29 JenM -> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110118/ap_on_re_us/us_college_learning
19:17:44 JenM -> SNAPP: http://research.uow.edu.au/learningnetworks/seeing/snapp/index.html
19:22:11 urbteach -> anyone there?
19:22:25 JenM -> yes … can you hear audio?
19:22:49 urbteach -> no
19:27:48 JenM -> http://autodizactic.com
19:29:23 dave -> OMG joyce in the house!
19:29:28 dave -> long time no see!
19:29:39 joycevalenza -> hi all!!!
19:29:49 joycevalenza -> Missed you, Dave!
19:29:54 sroseman -> well hello
19:29:58 sroseman -> there
19:30:06 JohnS -> Hi Joyce. GReat to see you (and you, too, Chris).
19:30:17 JohnS -> …unless he left.
19:31:18 joycevalenza -> Are you all coming to Philly?
19:31:23 meredith (@msstewart) -> so are those like the super special sessions?
19:31:23 joycevalenza -> Yippeeeee
19:31:30 dave -> not me i’m afraid… someday
19:31:34 JohnS -> : raises his hand. Very excited (and a little nervous)
19:31:47 Rick Schwier ->   I wish… but alas, no I won’t be there.
19:31:52 JenM -> JohnS is our “official ETW representative”
19:32:12 joycevalenza -> yeah, John! Wish you others could be
19:33:03 JenM -> (I hope John will tell us what he will be talking about … wish, wish, wish)
19:33:40 JohnS -> John’s talking about star wars
19:34:08 Rick Schwier -> Hi Elizabeth.
19:34:16 ehelfant -> hi
19:37:06 JohnS -> http://educon23.org/
19:37:45 joycevalenza -> LOL
19:41:37 JenM -> SNAPP: http://research.uow.edu.au/learningnetworks/seeing/snapp/index.html
19:41:38 Morgan (Room5Friends) -> John, can you send that website out to our school district?
19:41:49 JohnS -> meh.
19:41:54 Morgan (Room5Friends) -> to me?
19:42:16 JohnS -> It should be on the educon site — http://educon23.org
19:42:20 Morgan (Room5Friends) -> Thanks.
19:50:26 MrChase -> What is online community?
19:50:38 MrChase -> Trust is the uber-characteristic of community.
19:51:59 MrChase -> I often wonder if the facilitator of my online class runs her in-person classes in similar ways. I’d like to think not.
19:53:48 joycevalenza -> There is no choice either
19:53:53 MrChase -> Community can spring from formal groups because they’ve already dealt with the formal details.
19:54:04 MrChase -> How do you mean, Joyce?
19:54:14 joycevalenza -> You can choose your friends, you cannot choose your classmates
19:54:21 Rick Schwier -> vlcresearch.ca
19:54:55 MrChase -> True. I can choose whether or not to befriend my classmates.
19:55:32 MrChase -> LIES!
19:55:40 JohnS -> http://techcrunch.com/2011/01/21/google-replaces-reader-link-with-photos-in-gmail-users-in-a-tizzy/
19:55:42 Rick Schwier -> Say it ain”t so!!!!
19:55:56 MrChase -> My students just discovered RSS and fell in love with it.
19:56:13 joycevalenza -> 🙂
19:56:22 JohnS -> http://paper.li/schinker/~list?topic=Technology
19:56:29 joycevalenza -> I think it still lives for research
19:56:43 Rick Schwier -> It’s lovely!
19:56:48 JohnS -> http://paper.li/edtechtalk
19:57:00 joycevalenza -> i love paper.li
19:57:14 joycevalenza -> wish it were a widget
19:57:16 MrChase -> Isn’t paper.li built on RSS?
19:57:22 joycevalenza -> i think so
19:57:40 Rick Schwier -> Must be some kind of aggregation, obviously.  Not sure what the engine is.
19:57:45 MrChase -> So, RSS is evolving more than it’s dying?
19:57:49 joycevalenza -> paper.li is prettier and easier
19:57:56 MrChase -> sexier
19:58:28 joycevalenza -> there’s a different type of rss use
19:58:35 MrChase -> I wonder if we could point to facebook as the killer of reader.
19:59:26 joycevalenza -> we are kinda setting the stuff up for others
19:59:58 joycevalenza -> we’re aggregating it
20:00:23 joycevalenza -> the reports of its death are premature
20:00:36 MrChase -> I wonder if we should introduce RSS as a gateway to hobbies.
20:00:46 MrChase -> or information about our hobbies.
20:01:49 joycevalenza -> i have my kids establish feeds for their semester long database searches.  by mid semester they don’t remember it was an rss feed
20:02:02 joycevalenza -> feels like old times!
20:02:37 joycevalenza -> so nice to hear you again!
20:02:52 joycevalenza -> bye!!
20:03:18 Rick Schwier -> Thanks, all!

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