EdTechWeekly #172

EdTechWeekly #172 

October 17, 2010

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John

Guest hosts: Lesley Edwards, Teacher/Librarian from North Vancouver, BC.

This Week’s Menu:

  • Dave’s Link: http://www.masternewmedia.org/learning_educational_technologies/media-literacy/new-media-literacy-critical-thinking-Howard-Rheingold-20071019.html

  • Jen’s Link: http://c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/top100-2010.html As we head into our two-week hiatus, Jen needs a link-dump fix!! No better place than Jane Hart’s latest round-up of top learning resource links. In her fourth attempt to poll the greater edtech community, Jane’s 2010 Top 100 Tools for Learning list includes contributions from over 530 educators and “closed” for new contributions today .. Sunday, October 17th. Let’s take a minute and consider some of our past and current favorites to give Jen her edtech resource fix for the next couple of weeks! [oooh … another resource roundup via a tweet from our guest host … http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2010/10/best-of-edtech-web-2010.html ]

Next week: No show on October 24 or October 31. We return November 7 with Connie Sitterley, Teacher / Technology Integration Specialist from Pennsylvania, and Kyli Yerse, school technology consultant.

Wiki Agenda

Chat log below

18:53:05 JohnS -> yay! Someone in the chat room who’s not on the show!
18:53:21 JohnS -> Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Laufenberg. Back from the trip?
18:53:23 JenM -> Yay! Hey!
18:53:34 JenM -> What did you do in NYC?
18:57:41 Lesley Edwards -> Hi Bryan!
18:57:47 JenM -> yay, Bryan!
18:57:52 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Not so funny if you were hoping to cross the line and buy an iPad on launch day!
18:58:19 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Hi everyone!
18:58:32 JenM -> Hi, Connie
19:03:28 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Lesley is still going strong!
19:03:44 Connie Sitterley -> retirement is just a change of options
19:04:23 dave -> http://www.masternewmedia.org/learning_educational_technologies/media-literacy/new-media-literacy-critical-thinking-Howard-Rheingold-20071019.htm
19:04:40 dave -> http://www.masternewmedia.org/learning_educational_technologies/media-literacy/new-media-literacy-critical-thinking-Howard-Rheingold-20071019.htm
19:06:07 dave -> http://www.21cskills.org/
19:08:01 dave -> gary. gary. gary. gary.
19:08:08 Connie Sitterley -> NCTE http://www.ncte.org/ has some updated information lit info
19:09:10 gary -> Hello dave!
19:09:33 gary -> Have been away (travelling).
19:09:53 dave -> @gary. nice.
19:10:41 Steve McQuaid -> Thanks for the sites, folks… I’m interviewing for a job this week that deals with 21st-Century skills and PLE / project-based learning.
19:10:48 Steve McQuaid -> Timely!
19:11:39 Connie Sitterley -> Those skills are being used in different venues
19:11:55 Steve McQuaid -> True enough. They’re rather broad / global.
19:13:09 JenM -> http://c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/top100-2010.html
19:13:34 dave -> http://halfanhour.blogspot.com/2010/10/where-i-draw-line.html
19:13:41 dave -> downes on working online
19:13:47 dave -> and being open
19:14:41 Connie Sitterley -> It is always fun to see how many of those 100 I have forgotten accounts in
19:15:56 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Yet just this week I was troubleshooting a problem for someoone, and it was an IE problem
19:16:07 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> They had never heard of Firefox – it solved the problem
19:17:25 Steve McQuaid -> I wish Moodle had support in schools here… not perfect, but a great tool.
19:18:01 JenM -> If you want one that breaks .. http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/maylong-m-150-universe-tablet-pc-powered-by-android/ID=prod6047418-product
19:18:45 Connie Sitterley -> @Steve The support on moodle site is good-have you tried edmodo?
19:18:50 Steve McQuaid -> I like how the product page says “Easy-to-understand user’s manual”
19:18:55 dave -> @Steve what kind of support are you thinking of?
19:19:09 dave -> there’s a fair amount of it out there
19:19:22 Steve McQuaid -> Tech support / funding… server space and maintenance issues… time issues
19:19:34 Steve McQuaid -> edmondo, no… don’t know it… will check it out
19:19:54 Lesley Edwards -> @Steve There may be support through KnowBC as well.
19:20:04 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Edmodo is great – I have used it in the past
19:20:06 Connie Sitterley -> @Steve-not as “complete” as moodle-but really good support
19:20:40 Steve McQuaid -> I’ll have to watch the home page vid and sign up… see if it’s useful, and see if it works at school!
19:21:19 Connie Sitterley -> I see the fact that the applications are more general is a good thing
19:21:58 JohnS -> http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/10/04/101004fa_fact_gladwell
19:22:27 Connie Sitterley -> …and they can add gadgets that might not be desireable as well in igoogle
19:22:45 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Many of these services (Animoto, Glogster, etc.) have launched Education focused versions
19:22:56 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> To address that not safe for school issue
19:23:14 Connie Sitterley -> Yes, the ed versions are helpful to “selling” then to leadership
19:23:43 JohnS -> http://gigaom.com/2010/10/11/twitter-founders-gladwell-got-it-wrong/
19:24:15 Steve McQuaid -> Bryan, you’re right… I used Glogster with a class only to find out that it had a networking / social “flaw”
19:24:25 Steve McQuaid -> I’ll have to go to edu glogster now
19:29:35 jackiegerstein -> I have been listening – I SO disagree with lack of connections via Twitter, met folks via Twitter and then f2f at ISTE, we knew each other prior to meeting f2f – was amazing
19:29:47 JohnS -> Strong things that have happened in Twitter: http://mobilelink.womansday.com/Articles/Health/Social-Networking-to-the-Rescue.html
19:30:17 Connie Sitterley -> I agree, Dave.  I don’t have actual connections with most of the people I follow on twitter, but I “get to know” them as they want to be known thru twitter-sometimes the conversations lead deeper
19:32:36 Connie Sitterley -> connections I have thru twitter have lead to invitations being sent for keynoters and presenters for staff development sessions-which then led to meeting and learning
19:33:00 gary -> Another exmaple – dave & I were in Vancouver at the same time. We have never met but attempted to use Twitter to meet up – didn’t happen but without the connection through Twitter, would have been impossible to attempt.
19:33:10 Steve McQuaid -> Don’t forget your poison-related Twitter story, too, Dave!
19:34:24 jackiegerstein -> Funny – how can he critique a tool that he doesn’t use πŸ™‚
19:34:56 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Well, Aaron Sorkin wrote The Social Network without being a Facebook user, so….
19:35:22 JenM -> http://biepbl.blogspot.com/
19:35:31 JenM -> http://whatedsaid.wordpress.com/
19:36:03 JenM -> http://twitter.com/whatedsaid
19:36:05 Steve McQuaid -> pre-job interview… this is SO timely for me! πŸ™‚
19:37:49 Steve McQuaid -> That taking the time to reflect with a blog… I’d like to know where they find it!
19:38:34 Connie Sitterley -> Thanks Jen-I was about to ask that question
19:38:39 Steve McQuaid -> I can do short blogs that aren’t work-related… small time needs. But to do one for work / school and keep it up, keep it quality… that’s tough!
19:39:32 JohnS -> Lesley blogs at http://bookminder.blogspot.com/
19:40:02 Connie Sitterley -> We had the problem that the librarians seemed to feel that they were not respected as a “real teacher” so they felt uneasy about suggestions for teaching
19:41:28 Steve McQuaid -> I have used blogs a few times in school… just as an alternative writing space for students. On my own, I kept a journal-style one from about 2005-2010 (now pretty much dead), and have started a new one that’s beer-related.
19:42:43 Steve McQuaid -> Librarians have been called the “keystone species” of the ecosystem of the school.
19:43:12 Connie Sitterley -> Classroom teachers miss out on a lot of strong guidance by not seeing the librarian as the strong resource they are
19:43:31 Steve McQuaid -> When you have a good one, they’re priceless!
19:44:53 Connie Sitterley -> Absolutely Lesley-retirement has so many new doors-sometimes it is hard to pick them
19:45:15 JenM -> Yay, Connie!
19:45:24 gary -> “Retirement” does not exist for a teacher – 4 years and unless I leave the country there is always somethng to do in education.
19:45:29 Connie Sitterley -> People seem to think all retired folks do is travel
19:45:53 Bryan (@bryanhughes) -> Great conversation!
19:46:05 Connie Sitterley -> Wow- I am after a hiatus…cool
19:46:25 jackiegerstein -> thanks – great discussion!
19:46:26 gary -> Thanks again – glad to hear the voices again.
19:46:27 Connie Sitterley -> See you all on the 7th
19:46:33 sroseman -> great chat ..thanks
19:46:37 JohnS -> Thanks, everyone.
19:46:48 jackiegerstein -> Just got back to Edtech talk weekly and now there is a hiatus??! πŸ™‚
19:46:59 Steve McQuaid -> My audio program crapped out… discussion’s done?
19:47:09 JohnS -> Dave turned it off.
19:47:34 gary -> @Jjack – Second your comment
19:47:53 Steve McQuaid -> This is the first one I actually came to… what a tease!
19:48:44 Steve McQuaid -> Next one is Nov 7?
19:48:55 JohnS -> Yep.
19:49:06 JohnS -> Hey — we need a guest host for Nov 14. Anyone interested?
19:49:46 Steve McQuaid -> I’ll try to keep it (and the site in general) in mind! My Firefox crapped out at the same time as my audio program… hopefully I won’t lose all the links when I re-boot it.
19:49:59 Steve McQuaid -> Heh… I’d guest host, but I’m a little new!
19:50:02 JohnS -> Audio and all the links should be posted tomorrow.
19:50:13 Steve McQuaid -> Nice… just in case
19:50:21 JohnS -> @Steve listen to some of the shows and let us know if you’re interested.
19:51:02 Steve McQuaid -> I’ll keep it in mind… as long as I don’t need much prep, talking is not a problem.
19:51:33 JohnS -> Cool. Thanks for coming out tonight.
19:51:45 Steve McQuaid -> Thanks. It’s been useful!
19:51:49 Steve McQuaid -> Cheers

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