EdTechWeekly # 136

EdTechWeekly # 136

September 27, 2009

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 18:51:13 Gary ->  Left if right and right is left today.
 18:54:07 PeggyG ->  coming in and out πŸ™‚ must be login issues??
 18:54:11 PeggyG ->  Hi everyone!
 18:54:48 PeggyG ->  stream is coming through great on ustream πŸ™‚
 18:55:09 Gary ->  Dave wants a rhizome
 18:55:39 PeggyG ->  I’m laughing hysterically!! Jeff is never short on links!
 18:56:13 PeggyG ->  not short on smarts either!!! He’s my hero!!!
 18:56:13 Tcarolle ->  I am interested in participating in the weekly edtech talk to e held ain aporx 5 minutes, but have not figured out how to  log in…help!!  πŸ™‚
 18:56:32 JohnS ->  You’re in.
 18:56:33 PeggyG ->  I just told Maggie Tsai from Diigo that Jeff is a sound guru!!
 18:56:40 JenM ->  (only Steve can look at this) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125374569191035579.html?mod=dist_smartbrief
 18:56:42 JohnS ->  If you can’t hear us, try playing the ustream.
 18:57:00 PeggyG ->  use mebeam Jeff
 18:57:23 JL ->  http://www.mebeam.com/edtechtalk  (video room)
 18:57:36 Steve_K ->  Thanks.  This is a good article.  
 18:57:39 Gary ->  It is a purpose of life now Dave.
 18:57:43 Tcarolle ->  Can’t hear you…how do I get to the ustream?  I was listening just a minute ago to three people, discussing someones clothing, is that where I want to be?
 18:58:24 PeggyG ->  very interesting!!! I have my shirt on πŸ™‚
 18:58:25 njleenyg ->  all i keep hearing is welcome
 18:58:50 matt montagne ->  meebeem trolls
 18:58:55 jill_beck ->  i am able to hear everything
 18:59:01 matt montagne ->  I’m hearing everything in ustream
 18:59:01 PeggyG ->  I’m in the ustream
 18:59:12 Gary ->  You may need to reload – had to do that.
 18:59:43 PeggyG ->  pre-show conversation is always entertaining!
 18:59:58 mjmontagne ->  Hey dlaufenberg!
 19:00:04 PeggyG ->  I closed mebeam!
 19:00:25 Cathy E ->  @njleenyg there is a speaker at the bottom of the chat window – turn that off
 19:00:35 Tcarolle ->  I tihnk I am finally here
 19:00:46 dave ->  @tcarolle nice one
 19:01:25 njleenyg ->  still only hearing welcome
 19:01:35 mjmontagne ->  hello kle and jbeck!
 19:01:48 dave ->  @njleenyg did you press play on the youstream to the right of the chatroom?
 19:01:55 dave ->  or, say, do you see that?
 19:02:32 Tcarolle ->  njleenyg, I had to turn off pop ups to finally get in
 19:02:37 mjmontagne ->  still can’t get i nj??
 19:02:41 PeggyG ->  seem to be a lot of issues with logging in tonight!
 19:03:23 dave ->  http://www.google.com/sidewiki/intl/en/install.html
 19:04:01 dlaufenberg ->  i already uploaded sidewiki… and was a little perplexed as to whether or not I would use it
 19:04:08 dlaufenberg ->  yet.
 19:04:33 demacisaac ->  no sound tonight?
 19:04:43 mjmontagne ->  @dem, no there is sound
 19:04:58 mjmontagne ->  just press play in ustream player to the rt
 19:05:07 Gary ->  @demasciaac – Yes see UStream
 19:05:13 mjmontagne ->  press the small play button in the lower left corrner of the ustream player
 19:05:34 mjmontagne ->  hmm…I wonder if school filters will block sidewiki
 19:05:39 demacisaac ->  ?
 19:05:55 Gary ->  @ mj – good point
 19:06:01 dlaufenberg ->  @mjmontagne worked in Sch. Dist. of Phila
 19:06:15 demacisaac ->  i’ll try real player?
 19:06:35 ehelfant ->  their site says its coming in chrome
 19:06:57 mjmontagne ->  @dlauf…how strict is Phila SD filtering??
 19:07:22 JenM ->  ALT Presentations: http://fm.schmoller.net/2009/09/videos-of-keynote-and-invited-speaker-sessions-at-the-2009-alt-conference.html
 19:07:43 dlaufenberg ->  @mj hit and miss filtering
 19:08:26 JL ->  http://www.sharendipity.com/
 19:08:27 PeggyG ->  I always love to hear Michael Wesch!!
 19:08:58 PeggyG ->  a runaway screen!
 19:09:02 JohnS ->  Instant messaging ‘chatspeak’ no danger to spelling: study: http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2009/09/23/tech-internet-chat-speak-teens.html?ref=rss
 19:09:56 dlaufenberg ->  "kids these days" is the signal phrase that I need a new job… haven’t uttered it yet πŸ˜‰
 19:09:59 Gary ->  Before that Pitman shorthand?
 19:11:04 mjmontagne ->  well said John!!
 19:11:07 Gary ->  Students may be actually writting more?
 19:11:21 PeggyG ->  did you see that Tweetdeck provides a one click option for shortening your tweet using those abbreviations (like U for you)?
 19:11:27 dave ->  http://chatcatcher.com/
 19:11:35 StacieWight ->  I have 6th graders that use "chatspeak" in formal papers.  They do not see anyhting wrong with it when I talk to them about it.  Interesting…
 19:11:44 mjmontagne ->  @Peggy…the latest tweetdeck upgrade really rocks for sure!
 19:12:42 Tcarolle ->  Stacie, we have had several conversations about appropriate types of lang use on our class wiki/blog.  Have to really discuss the difference in audiences when writing.  I teach 6th grade as well
 19:12:46 jackiegerstein ->  Really like the Tweetdeck upgrade functions – you can also choose if you can’t a URL shortener or not.
 19:12:50 PeggyG ->  that was a real surprise to me! also that it will automatically shorten your url without pasting it and clicking to shorten it
 19:12:50 SharonP ->  my narcissism isn’t quite that developed to use chatcatcher
 19:12:52 JohnS ->  They do need to be taught when to use their various dialects. But once they realize that it’s not appropriate to use chatspeak, it shouldn’t be a problem.
 19:13:15 JohnS ->  I use chatcatcher to stalk Sharon.
 19:13:18 Tcarolle ->  JOhn: I agree
 19:13:26 SharonP ->  @JohnS I knew it!
 19:13:36 StacieWight ->  The goal is to teach them the difference…
 19:13:43 Tcarolle ->  Yep
 19:13:44 JenM ->  Refollow (Twitter): http://refollow.com/
 19:13:53 SharonP ->  I just don’t want to know what people are saying about me
 19:14:54 jill_beck ->  how can I follow EdTechTalk on Twitter?
 19:15:49 PeggyG ->  http://twitter.com/edtechtalk   click on follow
 19:15:55 JL ->  http://www.google.com/alerts
 19:16:25 JL ->  http://artwiculate.com/
 19:16:33 dlaufenberg ->  you guys catch this? http://linkyy.com/a3
 19:16:46 dlaufenberg ->  not tech related… but relevant to school πŸ˜‰
 19:16:50 SharonP ->  Sounds like something Elmer Fudd would use to twitter
 19:17:09 JohnS ->  2008/9 Wikipedia Selection for schools: http://schools-wikipedia.org/
 19:18:51 mjmontagne ->  bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth…
 19:19:03 dave ->  http://www.youtube.com/user/BBCEarth#play/all
 19:19:05 sheila ->  Hi all!
 19:19:35 Cathy E ->  Hi Shelia
 19:19:45 StacieWight ->  YouTube is blocked ay my school…
 19:20:04 JohnS ->  @Stacie download ’em at home and take them in.
 19:20:07 mjmontagne ->  hey lorna
 19:20:10 dlaufenberg ->  there are a ton od easy ways to pull youtube vids off and use in the classroom
 19:20:13 Tcarolle ->  Only way to access is through Youtube?
 19:20:15 lawoodward ->  isn’t youtube blocked at most every school.  Why don’t they put it on TeacherTube
 19:20:19 Lorna ->  @matt hi and all
 19:20:23 Tcarolle ->  blocked at my school!  πŸ™
 19:20:33 JenM ->  List of EdTech Social Networks: http://www.educationalnetworking.com/List+of+Networks
 19:20:38 njleenyg ->  how do you pull youtube videos off youtube?
 19:20:43 StacieWight ->  I will try throwing it on a junk drive.
 19:20:45 Gary ->  I have trouble watching House – because of the character history
 19:20:53 dave ->  http://pwnyoutube.com
 19:21:02 SharonP ->  Youtube was the first thing I *unblocked* at my school
 19:21:16 demacisaac ->  can’t hear so i’m just reading:( .. I would get fired ( or yelled at) if i unblocked you tube!
 19:21:24 dlaufenberg ->  http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2008/04/download-youtube-videos-as-mp4-files.html
 19:21:26 dave ->  just add pwn to the front of the url. and you can save it to your desktop
 19:21:36 mjmontagne ->  is there a way to "Safe Search" YouTube?? We’d like to do a YouTube community peace project where we have students find peace-related vids, but it is easy to stumble upon some crappy stuff
 19:21:47 njleenyg ->  thx
 19:21:49 JL ->  http://100people.org
 19:21:53 jackiegerstein ->  How do you collaborate alone? LOL
 19:22:05 SharonP ->  @mjmontagne could you create your own Google search engine, perhaps?
 19:22:21 SharonP ->  @jackiegerstein Me, myself and I
 19:22:21 jackiegerstein ->  thousands of Nings!
 19:22:22 mjmontagne ->  @sharon…good thought to build upon
 19:23:16 dlaufenberg ->  re: 100 people … have been using this idea in the classroom for ages… the stats and getting students to predict the answers… make graphs/charts and then compare to the correct ones
 19:23:24 jackiegerstein ->  What is the twitter hashtag for this – always forget
 19:23:39 dlaufenberg ->  the data may be very old
 19:23:46 PeggyG ->  #edtechtalk
 19:23:57 JohnS ->  How To Build A Self-hosted WordPress Blog For Free: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-build-a-self-hosted-wordpress-blog-for-free/
 19:24:12 dlaufenberg ->  getting students to think about their own world vision… and then look at reality is a great lesson
 19:24:37 Lorna ->  Peggy know how to do this
 19:24:58 jackiegerstein ->  Makes sense πŸ˜• Thanks Peggy
 19:25:00 PeggyG ->  I don’t-do you Lorna?
 19:25:10 Lorna ->  you have one Peggy
 19:25:14 Lorna ->  all that hard work
 19:25:16 JohnS ->  Free Easy Web Hosting: http://www.freewebhostx.com/
 19:25:19 JL ->  http://www.000webhost.com/
 19:25:22 SharonP ->  I love how we now refer to twitter almost as if it were a person or place – Oh, I found this on twitter… just like we do with google. Teacher to student "Where did you find the info?" Student: "Google"
 19:25:51 mjmontagne ->  @sharon…it looks like the advanced options, "Filter videos that may not be suitable for minors", option might work well
 19:26:11 dave ->  http://ariwriter.com/poll-indicates-tweeters-prefer-attribution/
 19:26:20 SharonP ->  @mjmontagne I may just borrow my own idea for my school!
 19:27:04 PeggyG ->  it’s such a challenge to retweet something and keep it under 140 characters!
 19:27:22 SamC ->  That is the hardest thing about Tweet!  Word restriction!  
 19:27:43 jackiegerstein ->  With Twitter, I often go to look for the original auther and give them attribution – even if I found out about the "resouce" by someone else
 19:27:44 PeggyG ->  your whole retweet could be attribution with no message!
 19:27:57 PeggyG ->  That’s what I’m talking about πŸ™‚
 19:28:00 SharonP ->  Well, at least we are citing our sources!
 19:28:10 Gary ->  It almost means if hope want something retweeted, you need to keep it short
 19:28:27 dlaufenberg ->  i will often clip it down to the first tweet… and attribute
 19:28:35 jill_beck ->  I usually just cite the last person… but maybe I should be citing the 1st person
 19:28:40 SharonP ->  I am sure I do a trackback like that several times a week….
 19:28:44 jackiegerstein ->  I sarcastically say, "I love when I go to someone’s blog and it actually ONLY a video or someone else’s blog".
 19:28:56 JenM ->  Free Sessions by Smithsonian: http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/educators/professional_development/conference/2009/climate_change/index.html
 19:28:57 PeggyG ->  but if you want to add your own thought to the original it won’t fit
 19:29:30 JohnS ->  You can’t own it unless you add something to it. I think I heard that somewhere, but won’t include attribution her e:-)
 19:29:41 JL ->  http://indispensabletools.pbworks.com/
 19:30:05 JL ->  http://www.casttv.com/video/mzvzyd/chemical-learning-video
 19:30:08 PeggyG ->  good thought John
 19:30:45 jackiegerstein ->  They look fun!
 19:30:46 PeggyG ->  how funny!!
 19:31:01 JohnS ->  Become a Gmail Ninja: http://www.google.com/mail/help/tips.html#utm_source=en-US-et-newfea&utm_medium=et&utm_campaign=en-US
 19:31:02 PeggyG ->  Jeff must be following some very interesting people πŸ™‚
 19:31:34 mjmontagne ->  the ninja doc is awesome…it has come in handy with our google mail transition for certain
 19:31:39 PeggyG ->  that’s really clever–kids would relate to the gmail ninja site!
 19:32:01 mjmontagne ->  some of the keyboard shortcuts in gmail are pretty cool
 19:33:01 dave ->  http://www.coe.ufl.edu/online/edtech/EdD/onlineEdD.htm
 19:33:28 jackiegerstein ->  Oh – you mean now we need to decide which room to hang out in – edtech room or ustream?
 19:33:34 PeggyG ->  how does cost of that program compare with others?
 19:33:47 JohnS ->  You can do both, Jackie
 19:34:01 jackiegerstein ->  Boise State is about to start an EdD. online in EdTch!
 19:34:12 PeggyG ->  there are quite a few programs but not all good quality!! Most require a residency
 19:34:17 Gary ->  @ hack – no you can be in both
 19:34:23 dave ->  http://twittercounter.com/compare/edtechtalk/
 19:34:39 SharonP ->  Boise State is, is it?? Hmmmm….
 19:35:29 PeggyG ->  I received a voicemail from a friend via twitter yesterday
 19:35:38 JenM ->  IRRODL Article on Africa: http://terrya.edublogs.org/2009/09/25/special-regional-issue-of-irrodl-on-africa/
 19:35:39 dave ->  http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/09/17/cnet.twitter.voice.calls/index.html
 19:35:41 mrsdurff ->  cool!
 19:35:42 jackiegerstein ->  http://edtech.boisestate.edu/web/edd-program.htm
 19:36:02 mjmontagne ->  That chemical education video is HILARIOUS JL
 19:36:13 jackiegerstein ->  That is why it is ground breaking – tuition free
 19:36:15 dlaufenberg ->  i think the Broad Foundation is underwriting it… to make it free
 19:36:19 JenM ->  http://www.gse.harvard.edu/blog/news_features_releases/2009/09/harvard-university-to-offer-groundbreaking-doctoral-program-for-education-leaders.html
 19:36:46 SharonP ->  yup yup
 19:36:53 SharonP ->  and have passed on to my African friends
 19:36:57 JenM ->  http://www.downes.ca/cgi-bin/page.cgi?post=50129
 19:36:59 mrsdurff ->  Hi Sharon!
 19:37:00 SharonP ->  some of them…. not all of it
 19:37:03 SharonP ->  them
 19:37:08 SharonP ->  hi Lisa!
 19:37:27 mjmontagne ->  that is why I roll with blogger
 19:37:45 mrsdurff ->  Have any 1st grade teacher friends in Africa?
 19:37:47 JL ->  http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/sep2009/tc20090922_814301.htm?chan=technology_technology+index+page_top+stories
 19:38:24 SharonP ->  @mrsdurff yes, I probably do… or I could probably find you one
 19:38:26 JL ->  http://www.ustream.tv/edtechtalk/videos
 19:38:35 mrsdurff ->  please do!
 19:38:44 jackiegerstein ->  The LAN party was fun
 19:38:46 mjmontagne ->  LAN party rocked! It was really, really well done
 19:38:46 JenM ->  http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/09/obama-taps-new-copyright-czar/
 19:38:58 mrsdurff ->  the streaming person Saturday was top-notch
 19:38:59 PeggyG ->  the twitter app I received a voicemail from was called Pocket. Have you tried it?
 19:38:59 JL ->  http://gatorradio.blogspot.com/
 19:39:02 SharonP ->  what were the highlights to the LAN party?
 19:39:23 SharonP ->  I wish I could clone myself to follow all this stuff
 19:39:25 mjmontagne ->  Thanks for plug JL
 19:39:25 PeggyG ->  The LAN party was great fun!!! I love the concept!
 19:39:28 JohnS ->  7 Things You Should Know: http://www.educause.edu/7Things
 19:39:29 mrsdurff ->  highlights? when wikispaces went offline
 19:39:40 mrsdurff ->  hi lorna
 19:39:41 PeggyG ->  all of the videos for the LAN party are on the ETT ustream page
 19:39:44 JL ->  copyright czar  http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/09/obama-taps-new-copyright-czar/
 19:39:50 mjmontagne ->  don’t forget, Ken Burns National Park Series starts tonight in the US on PBS
 19:40:01 JohnS ->  Play the News Game: http://www.playthenewsgame.com
 19:40:09 dlaufenberg ->  @mj love Ken Burns and love national parks… delightful
 19:40:11 Lorna ->  @durff lowsy browser thing hello again
 19:40:31 mjmontagne ->  @dlauf…I wish I had HD…the video is supposed to be stunning
 19:40:31 JenM ->  did you see Ken Burns seriers on the periodic table!?!
 19:40:34 JohnS ->  1066: The Game: http://www.channel4.com/history/microsites/0-9/1066/game/index.html
 19:41:06 JenM ->  … 74 series DVD narrated by Jeff πŸ™‚
 19:41:11 JohnS ->  Kodak set to retire Kodachrome film at the end of 2009 after 74 years: http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2009/06/23/2009-06-23_kodak_set_to_retire_kodachrome_film_at_the_end_of_2009.html
 19:41:16 dlaufenberg ->  @mj have visited so many of the parks in person… wondering how my expereince stacks up against what he focuses on…
 19:41:19 mrsdurff ->  dinner is imminent…..
 19:41:44 jackiegerstein ->  Can follow PBS National Parks on Twitter http://twitter.com/pbsNationalPark
 19:41:55 dlaufenberg ->  ilfachome is still available… right?
 19:42:07 PeggyG ->  the National Parks documentary by Ken Burns is airing tonight on PBS-it’s fabulous!! saw the previews at an event telecast from NYC last week
 19:42:07 dave ->  http://twitpic.com/jcn96
 19:42:11 dave ->  it’s fall here
 19:42:12 Gary ->  Just found a Kodachrome film today.  
 19:42:26 jackiegerstein ->  In 15 minutes
 19:42:31 mjmontagne ->  @dlauf…I have as well (I got to crater lake, yosemite, Lassen Volcanic NP this summer)
 19:42:32 PeggyG ->  yes tonight-6:00pm PDT so it’s different times in different locations
 19:42:46 dlaufenberg ->  @mj so good.
 19:42:48 mjmontagne ->  8 pm eastern/8 pm pacific in US on
 19:42:52 jill_beck ->  Thank you for the nice resources!
 19:43:04 PeggyG ->  great show!! thanks everyone!
 19:43:06 Gary ->  Thanks again.
 19:43:07 mjmontagne ->  at Peggy, it should be 8 pm on west coast
 19:43:11 SamC ->  Thanks everyone!  Good Night!
 19:43:13 SharonP ->  fun show!
 19:43:16 mjmontagne ->  nice show everyone!!!
 19:43:20 PeggyG ->  it depends on your local PBS channel
 19:43:21 SharonP ->  You guys made me LOL quite a bit
 19:43:30 SamC ->  Dave Chamberlain
 19:43:36 lawoodward ->  wasn’t forced, just an assignment!
 19:43:39 jill_beck ->  I was forced to be here – Wilkes University course
 19:43:40 SamC ->  Is my professor at SNHU.
 19:43:42 PeggyG ->  I’m recording it on TIVO and it gave me lots of different times/channels to choose from
 19:43:43 SamC ->  πŸ™‚
 19:43:44 Gary ->  Some of us are not forced – some just come because of the hosts.
 19:43:50 jill_beck ->  But I enjoyed it!  And yes I do have to blog about it!
 19:44:01 lawoodward ->  steve dembo for me too.
 19:44:01 PeggyG ->  good for Dave Chamberlain!!!!
 19:44:03 sheila ->  @SamC is that DAve
 19:44:13 lawoodward ->  at wilkes university
 19:44:15 jbeck623 ->  i’m on for wilkes too
 19:44:17 sheila ->  We like DaveC
 19:44:22 PeggyG ->  he’s the one that people always say are you Dave Cormier? DaveC πŸ™‚
 19:44:24 SamC ->  The interview was great last week.
 19:44:24 sheila ->  The other Dave!
 19:44:25 tamores ->  me too
 19:44:26 lawoodward ->  yes.
 19:44:27 Cathy E ->  There is some magical draw that keeps pulling me back πŸ™‚
 19:44:28 SamC ->  Yes, he assigned it.
 19:44:32 SharonP ->  I wish my profs had given me such cool assignments
 19:44:36 lawoodward ->  I enjoyed it very much.
 19:44:39 jill_beck ->  Wendy … I am looking for her last name
 19:44:43 jbeck623 ->  thanks it was fun:?
 19:44:44 jackiegerstein ->  Wilkes has a connection with Discovery Education
 19:44:45 Lorna ->  what kind of homework do you have to do?
 19:44:50 SamC ->  Yes, listen then post a blog
 19:44:57 SamC ->  About what he learned here.
 19:44:58 SharonP ->  psychological profiling
 19:45:00 lawoodward ->  we have to evaluate the show and how we might use it.
 19:45:02 dlaufenberg ->  Disc. Ed has a big time connection with Wilkes
 19:45:08 jackiegerstein ->  LOL Sharon
 19:45:11 JL ->  skype ‘worldbridges’ to join the conversation
 19:45:12 Gary ->  Hmm – I am supervise some student teachers soon – maybe I can force them to attend.
 19:45:19 tamores ->  listen and answer questions about how we like this show, is it something we woul do in our class, etc
 19:45:27 lawoodward ->  This is for the DEN Master’s in Instructional Media
 19:45:30 tamores ->   use
 19:45:33 StacieWight ->  Wendy Lambert at Wilkes University – We have to blog about a bunch of discussion questions.
 19:45:33 njleenyg ->  wilkes here too
 19:45:34 PeggyG ->  this would be an awesome experience for student teachrs! go for it Gary!
 19:45:36 jill_beck ->  Wendy Lambert is my prof at Wilkes University
 19:45:47 StacieWight ->  I subscribe to TechChicks podcast
 19:45:52 JL ->  would love to hear the discussion questions
 19:45:52 lawoodward ->  Must be different people for different sections?
 19:45:57 StacieWight ->  It is pretty interesting.
 19:45:57 njleenyg ->  yes
 19:45:58 jill_beck ->  This is my assignment:  
 19:46:08 jill_beck ->  Discussion points:   What were the strengths and weaknesses of the show format? Would you participate in future shows of this nature? How could this type of webcast be incorporated into the classroom?   What would you use it for with students?
 19:46:12 Gary ->  @Peggy – have mentioned it before but not much response so far.
 19:46:13 JenM ->  http://www.wilkes.edu/pages/1.asp
 19:46:15 PeggyG ->  there’s something interesting on EdTechTalk almost every night of the week!
 19:46:17 lawoodward ->  That is mine too.
 19:46:23 StacieWight ->  I have the same questions as Jill
 19:46:25 lawoodward ->  same as Jill.
 19:46:29 njleenyg ->  me too
 19:46:36 jackiegerstein ->  I grew up in Wilkes-Barre PA – where Wilkes U is located.  I avoid that part of the country now even though I hear it is a good U
 19:46:42 Gary ->  @Peggy – it was difficult enough to get them to consider Twitter
 19:46:47 njleenyg ->  we are all online
 19:46:51 njleenyg ->  im in nj
 19:46:52 PeggyG ->  I understand Gary!!
 19:47:02 Gary ->  But will try again!
 19:47:20 SharonP ->  They forgot a question: "Imagine you have to host such a show… "
 19:47:24 Lorna ->  I would love to hear the answers
 19:47:27 PeggyG ->  but isn’t this more fun and interesting and educational that writing an essay to post in a blackboard forum???? πŸ™‚
 19:47:29 jill_beck ->  Wendy Lambert is my prof
 19:47:33 jackiegerstein ->  Sharon – you are making me laugh
 19:47:36 JohnS ->  http://staff.bbhcsd.org/schinkerj/archives/2006/11/14/edtech-weekly/
 19:47:36 njleenyg ->  I have to host a show for my class
 19:47:37 StacieWight ->  Format – I like my podcasts because I can listen while I drive to work
 19:47:41 SamC ->  @ Peggy…much more fun!
 19:47:49 tamores ->  also, would we participate in future shows
 19:47:54 lawoodward ->  Steve Dembo is my prof.
 19:47:57 StacieWight ->  Weakness is I missed dinner and was limited to my computer.
 19:48:09 SamC ->  Dave helped me do my first tweet and blog last week.  It is fun to actually do it!
 19:48:11 jill_beck ->  our next assignment is to create our own live broadcast
 19:48:16 PeggyG ->  another really good show for students to listen to is Matt’s students Gator Radio show!! great model of what students can do!
 19:48:19 StacieWight ->  How are you doing that Jill?
 19:48:20 tamores ->  can this be used to host a show?
 19:48:33 jill_beck ->  I am going to use Moodle for a webinar.
 19:48:35 PeggyG ->  that’s great SamC!!!
 19:48:43 SharonP ->  I think a better assignment would be "Ask them if you can guest host… "
 19:48:43 StacieWight ->  We have four days to do that!
 19:48:45 lawoodward ->  Same question as stacie!
 19:48:48 jill_beck ->  I LOVE delicious!
 19:48:51 mjmontagne ->  @sharonp…is women of the web coming back on soon?? (I hope so πŸ™‚
 19:49:28 tamores ->  Thank you!
 19:49:29 PeggyG ->  great tip about ustream!
 19:49:31 Gary ->  And it is so easy to share with Delicious – takes no extra time
 19:49:32 StacieWight ->  PS:  You guys are totally awesome for helping us with our assignment.  I owe all of you!
 19:49:33 dave ->  ur welcome
 19:49:33 lawoodward ->  thanks for the ustream suggestion!
 19:49:33 jill_beck ->  ustream.com or youstream.com????
 19:49:36 SharonP ->  @mjmontagne – Yup, it is in th works – we want to move to another night…. am trying to ask permission…. soon!
 19:49:38 mjmontagne ->  @peggy…thanks for GRE plug!
 19:49:41 dave ->  http://ustream.tv
 19:49:43 Lorna ->  My question to those who are here because .. would they tell their friends to listen
 19:49:50 mjmontagne ->  @sharonP…got it
 19:50:02 mjmontagne ->  and glad to hear WOW is coming back!
 19:50:08 StacieWight ->  I am making my collegues and my fiance watch my broadcast!
 19:50:20 lawoodward ->  I have no idea who to invite.
 19:50:21 jill_beck ->  I am going to share this with the CFF coaches
 19:50:31 PeggyG ->  I think all shows are not for all people–you need to pick those that best match your goals and needs
 19:50:34 SharonP ->  We have some great ideas for guests…. looking forward to getting back on
 19:50:50 lawoodward ->  thanks!
 19:51:00 njleenyg ->  i am hoping noone watches mine
 19:51:05 StacieWight ->  LOL
 19:51:12 lawoodward ->  haha nj.
 19:51:13 PeggyG ->  there was a great conversation on Conversations webcast this morning about parents who opt their kids out of internet use at school!
 19:51:21 mjmontagne ->  actually, one of our students from GRE (SamC) is participating in an upcoming Michael Arrington moderated (Tech Crunch fame) youth and technology panel at a Venture capitalist conference out here in the bay area…should be cool.
 19:51:22 SharonP ->  Cheri and I are blazing through our backchanneling research data to get the journal article finished this week…. I have had to forsake my backchanneling habit this weekend to get it done (ironic, isn’t it?)
 19:51:22 Gary ->  If you make comments in delcious, direct them towards Dave – that often works. πŸ˜‰
 19:51:26 tamores ->  that sounds like a great idea
 19:51:27 Lorna ->  MAtt used if for calling home to parents using ustream
 19:51:30 SamC ->  We used web casting a spanish class.  It was very helpful to learn dialect, pronuncation, etc.
 19:51:40 SamC ->  oops, FOR a spanish class….
 19:52:12 SharonP ->  grassroots
 19:52:24 Lorna ->  home grown webcasting
 19:52:34 lawoodward ->  I like the spontaneous nature of this…
 19:52:39 PeggyG ->  @SamC–are you the Sam from Gator Radio?
 19:52:42 Lorna ->  phones ringing dogs barking
 19:52:49 JenM ->  @sharon … please let me know if you have found anything "good" on backchannel research … lot of conf. stories of backchannel, but haven’t seen much in the classroom ..
 19:52:57 SamC ->  @Peggy, no I haven’t listened to that yet…
 19:53:07 PeggyG ->  you’ll love it!!
 19:53:10 JenM ->  … or what could really be called "research" vs. "what I did last summer" stories
 19:53:11 StacieWight ->  Thanks for everything!  I am going to go try eat dinner!  Have a great night!
 19:53:28 PeggyG ->  8:30pm EDT
 19:53:31 SharonP ->  8:30 PM EST
 19:53:41 SharonP ->  I did grab a chance at subtle hint
 19:53:48 SharonP ->  uh, no not so terrible
 19:53:56 PeggyG ->  we were just trying to back up to ETWeekly and it usually goes over
 19:53:59 SharonP ->  I don’t want to cramp your show
 19:54:04 PeggyG ->  WOW will be every other week
 19:54:05 SharonP ->  yes, twice a month
 19:54:34 SharonP ->  @JenM Let’s talk – would love to share with you what we have – Cheri has an aweseom lit review
 19:54:35 sheila ->  Earlier the better for this time zone!  πŸ™‚
 19:54:49 PeggyG ->  a great way to start you week! Ed Tech Sunday πŸ™‚
 19:54:54 mjmontagne ->  looking forward to WOW rockin’ ETT again soon…any teasers for us Sharon??
 19:55:02 lawoodward ->  I had to watch football and listen at the same time…
 19:55:19 JL ->  me too lawoodward
 19:55:24 PeggyG ->  sure we have teasers Matt!
 19:55:33 SamC ->  I am a novice, what is delicious?
 19:55:47 JL ->  http://delicious.com
 19:55:51 PeggyG ->  new focus for WOW–social issues and global perspectives πŸ™‚
 19:55:52 lawoodward ->  is delicious better than diigo?
 19:56:05 SharonP ->  teasers? hmmm…. want to explore initiatives taht support deeper learning, critical thinking skills, reality-based learning …..
 19:56:07 mjmontagne ->  that is the hardest thing for me to do…really focus during a webcast interview-it can be hard. It is a skill our youth ‘casters are picking up ridiculously quickly
 19:56:07 JenM ->  @sharon … for real?  Research? or "Stories" and you mean parallel chatter tto a main channel?
 19:56:19 dlaufenberg ->  i like delicious quite a bit… use it in the classroom… its delightful
 19:56:41 tamores ->  what a great idea!
 19:56:49 Gary ->  Often it is easier to save your bookmarks on delicious than on your browser because they are tagged.
 19:56:52 mjmontagne ->  @dlauf…do your students use it as well and if so, do they pick up on its utility pretty quickly??
 19:56:56 SharonP ->  @JenM – can pass along our first draft
 19:57:07 jackiegerstein ->  Thanks – post show has some great discussion – off to visit the national parks!
 19:57:07 JenM ->  @lawoodward … probably not, but it is where our peeps "are" so that is where we stay
 19:57:21 tamores ->  what is the link? delicious.edtech.com?
 19:57:30 lawoodward ->  dlauf – do you run into controversial things?
 19:57:32 SamC ->  Thank you for explaining that!
 19:57:36 JohnS ->  http://www.delicious.com/edtechtalk
 19:57:39 mjmontagne ->  do a google search like moodle site:http://delicious.com/edtechtalk
 19:57:59 tamores ->  ty
 19:58:01 tamores ->  ty
 19:58:02 mjmontagne ->  power of google search and power of delicious human organization combined
 19:58:05 tamores ->  ty
 19:58:30 dlaufenberg ->  @lawoodward I have students sharing links between them when they are doing collaborative projects… msotly primary source docs for history…
 19:58:31 PeggyG ->  you can bookmark whole google searches as one link to share with others πŸ™‚
 19:58:50 tamores ->  do you have any good ideas for creating a show of our own?
 19:59:03 tamores ->  it’s an assignment for Wilkes
 19:59:03 Lorna ->  webcastathon was excellent
 19:59:05 lawoodward ->  good question!
 19:59:12 tamores ->  ty
 19:59:36 PeggyG ->  @SamC-you can use blogtalkradio.com and just sign up for a time and host a radio show πŸ™‚
 19:59:38 jill_beck ->  Will this chat be available to view later?
 19:59:44 dave ->  http://webcastacademy.net
 19:59:54 SamC ->  @ Peggy, Me?….
 19:59:57 PeggyG ->  yes!
 20:00:11 tamores ->  ty
 20:00:23 PeggyG ->  actually it was tamores who asked the question re creating a show of own
 20:00:34 lawoodward ->  4:15… ouch
 20:00:34 PeggyG ->  but you could too SamC
 20:00:34 SamC ->  Anyone interesting in hearing about the adventures of Grad student just starting out with technology?:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
 20:00:47 PeggyG ->  that would be an awesome show SamC!! Yes!
 20:00:59 mjmontagne ->  any progress on Korea JL???
 20:01:05 Lorna ->  what time will it be for you JL
 20:01:08 mjmontagne ->  home sale JL???
 20:01:24 SamC ->  @Peggy, I would need help, I am sure!  Perhaps a collaboration?
 20:01:27 mjmontagne ->  ahh
 20:01:34 Lorna ->  wrong realtor
 20:01:49 mjmontagne ->  btw, doesn’t seem like that custom search with google for edtech talk delicious works
 20:01:54 Lorna ->  jlhomeforsale.com
 20:01:59 PeggyG ->  there are lots of people in the ETT community who are willing to help people wanting to get started–most of us use the webcastacademy to help us get started
 20:02:00 SamC ->  This is what my blog is about, my misadventures with new technologies.
 20:02:37 PeggyG ->  what’s your blog link SamC?
 20:02:40 jill_beck ->  Thank you!!
 20:02:43 mjmontagne ->  nite all
 20:02:47 tamores ->  good nite and thanks, this was a great experience
 20:02:50 SharonP ->  Woot….
 20:02:53 lawoodward ->  thanks all…
 20:03:00 SharonP ->  you can hand off….
 20:03:06 Lorna ->  double trouble
 20:03:07 SharonP ->  oh, that would be cool
 20:03:09 tamores ->  lol
 20:03:11 PeggyG ->  great idea!!! collaborative webcasting!! ETW and WOW
 20:03:15 Cathy E ->  night all
 20:03:15 SharonP ->  rofl
 20:03:23 SamC ->  http://sbaylissc.blogspot.com/  
 20:03:28 SharonP ->  you will warm all of us up….
 20:03:32 Tcarolle ->  This was great…was an assignemnt for Wilkes to sign in, really enjoyed and learned lots!
 20:03:35 Tcarolle ->  hanks
 20:03:37 SharonP ->  good point, like I didn’t do that before !!
 20:03:48 sheila ->  Thanks all!
 20:03:52 SamC ->  Bye Everyone!  See you next week!
 20:03:53 Lorna ->  nite all
 20:03:53 tamores ->  bye
 20:03:55 PeggyG ->  Thanks SamC-how do I get an invitation?
 20:04:00 jill_beck ->  night
 20:04:02 sheila ->  And thanks for the webcastathon
 20:04:09 PeggyG ->  says I have to be invited
 20:04:19 SamC ->  How can I send you one?
 20:04:25 PeggyG ->  [email protected]
 20:04:31 SamC ->  Ok, I’ll go try it!
 20:04:39 PeggyG ->  thanks! would love to see it!
 20:05:18 PeggyG ->  Good luck with your blog and your grad studies SamC

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