EdTechWeekly #126

EdTechWeekly #126
May 3, 2009



 Chat Log Below


19:00:00 John Rundag -> We went over our Pandemic plan on Thursday afternoon.
19:00:16 PeggyG -> both ETBrainstorm and 21st Century Learning focused on Pandemic planning this week–great shows!!
19:00:42 John Rundag -> breathing is a good thing
19:01:26 gary -> Out of interest what would happen if the drying stayed on?
19:01:39 JohnS -> it would buzz in the middle of the show
19:02:01 PeggyG -> if the dryer stays on we might not hear the chair squeak! πŸ™‚
19:02:26 gary -> But he is drying every week.
19:02:50 dave -> http://www.parentcentral.ca/parent/article/626067
19:03:07 gary -> Thanks
19:03:37 PeggyG -> what a great kickoff to the links!! parent focus πŸ™‚
19:03:52 sroseman -> could you post that link again please
19:03:59 JenM -> H1N1 (Swine Flu) update: http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/category/health/ … http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8021547.stm … http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/04/google-could-have-caught-swine-flu-early/
19:04:02 dave -> http://www.parentcentral.ca/parent/article/626067
19:04:30 PeggyG -> that compilation from Larry Ferlazzo was excellent!!
19:05:07 sroseman -> hi everybody ..that’s alot of schools
19:05:13 sroseman -> closing down
19:05:15 PeggyG -> decision now is to NOT close schools-treating it more like a regular influenza strand
19:05:20 JL -> http://edu.allmyfaves.com/
19:05:45 Lisa_W -> but online schools don’t have a problem
19:05:57 JL -> http://www.tubechop.com/
19:06:00 JenM -> @Lisa … great point!
19:06:06 PeggyG -> how often do those links get updated on All My Faves?
19:06:24 JohnS -> Free Windows 7 for a year: http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/05/01/free-windows-7-for-a-year/  and Windows 7 to debut on or around October 23rd, according to Acer: http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/04/30/windows-7-to-debut-on-or-around-october-23rd-according-to-acer/
19:06:36 gary -> No!
19:06:59 PeggyG -> do you still get the ads from YouTube to other videos when you use TubeChop?
19:07:26 JL -> not sure – good question Peggy
19:07:47 JohnS -> http://www.ubuntu.com/
19:08:29 dave -> http://www.adrive.com/
19:08:40 PeggyG -> can you use that free Windows version on  a Mac Parallels?
19:09:11 John Rundag -> Sharon is in da house!
19:09:19 gary -> @Peggy – no reason why you should not be able to.
19:09:21 sharonp -> ta-dah!
19:10:44 tom -> I find the best to be dropbox… only 2 gbs though.. but very cool.
19:11:17 John Rundag -> Amazon is good if you have a lot of data to move.
19:11:36 JenM -> PeeWee PC: http://www.peeweepc.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=70&idcategory=2 … http://jkontherun.com/2009/04/29/peewee-pc-launches-today-convertible-netbook-for-kids/
19:12:10 sharonp -> It is really hard to keep a straight face when you hear the name of that computer
19:13:06 JL -> http://www.keytoschool.com/
19:13:10 Cathy E -> It is very cute.
19:13:35 JL -> http://www.fixya.com/
19:13:47 Lesley E -> I need one of those PeeWee.  Husband dripped coffee on my laptop this a.m. – ouch!
19:13:52 JenM -> @sharon … yes it is …
19:13:52 John Rundag -> I am excited about the eTech Ohio Moodle project
19:13:58 JohnS -> Moodle Commons: http://moodlecommons.org/
19:14:25 PeggyG -> I just downloaded an entire Web 2.0 course on moodlecommons. It is great!
19:14:49 sharonp -> Moodle commons is awesome…. I thought John S showed it to me….
19:14:56 sharonp -> but maybe it was Zac Chase?
19:15:22 John Rundag -> Thanks for the info, Peggy! I will have to dl it
19:15:27 dave -> http://palmaddict.typepad.com/palmaddicts/2009/05/ipad-is-this-apples-answer-to-netbook.html
19:15:36 dave -> http://www.mobilewhack.com/verizon-apple-media-ipad-possibilty/
19:15:52 dave -> http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-293658.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdnn
19:16:51 JohnS -> @sharon I did show it to you. Not sure where I heard about it, though.
19:16:57 sharonp -> ahh
19:17:14 gary -> Apple has a way of making things make sense often.
19:18:36 JenM -> Open Access in Canada: http://eprints.rclis.org/16087/
19:18:46 PeggyG -> My friend, Shawn Wheeler, has also created a fantastic MultiMedia Moodle course that you can download  http://shawnwheeler.name/moodle/
19:18:50 sharonp -> O Canada
19:19:10 JL -> http://www.learner.org/interactives/index.html
19:20:28 Techyturner -> That is a great resource.  Still have to share it with my class.
19:20:36 JohnS -> Ten tried and tested internet tools for teachers: http://www.boxoftricks.net/?p=1004
19:21:31 JohnS -> Google Apps Project: http://www.adamscott.ca-a.googlepages.com/googleappsproject
19:21:33 PeggyG -> very cool wordle on that site! πŸ™‚ love the word students being so large
19:22:30 sharonp -> Cool John…. very interested in this
19:22:47 John Rundag -> very cool, JohnS
19:22:47 dave -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mp9ECJzElI
19:22:52 PeggyG -> that Google Apps presentation looks great! wish it had audio too πŸ™‚
19:23:10 JohnS -> There are videos embedded in the presentation
19:23:48 sharonp -> what is the price on that, Dave??
19:23:51 John Rundag -> I have a MinoHD. Now, they have a MinoHD Ultra
19:24:04 Lesley E -> Just got one last week.  Love it!  Have done some interviews with kids and guests at the school.
19:24:10 sharonp -> We are hoping to bring Flips to Africa – big request!
19:24:36 LParisi -> Sharon, can we donate some?
19:24:40 John Rundag -> You could get the non-HD for about $80
19:24:46 sharonp -> Please, please, please!!
19:25:09 JenM -> Fun Links … http://homepage.mac.com/fahrenba/programs/magicPen/magicPen.html … and … http://www.stykz.net/Home.html
19:25:13 PeggyG -> that’s a fantastic price!!
19:25:15 John Rundag -> There you go! $60
19:25:21 sharonp -> IF you donate one (some), would you consider embedding some student content on it and passing it to a school to kick off a partnership?
19:25:35 kcaise -> the woot.com were refurbs but still a great price
19:25:39 Sheila A -> @sharonp – check digitalwish.org  Flip was having a deal with them for schools.
19:25:45 JohnS -> (And if not, I can find a school/class willing to do that)
19:25:51 sharonp -> @Sheila – THANKS
19:25:57 JL -> http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/see_wolfram_alpha_in_action_-_video_and_screenshots.php
19:26:24 kcaise -> classwish.org you can list items and corporations can fulfill those wish lists
19:26:31 JenM -> Flip Ultra review: http://www.engadget.com/2009/04/30/flip-video-ultra-hd-video-review/
19:26:54 sharonp -> how very cool – John, I need you to get on this classwish/digitalwish stuff (probably not available to Canadians)
19:26:55 JL -> http://www.forumotion.com/
19:27:37 sharonp -> @dave I think that is one of those predictably irrational issues
19:27:58 LParisi -> @sharon What kind of content would you want on a flip?  You mean videos? Or an editing software? 
19:28:40 sharonp -> @Lisa I mean, have your students do a little video about who they are – "Day in the Life" kind of stuff … to be viewed by a school in Africa
19:29:08 sharonp -> @Lisa I have my students creating "My Montreal" videos I am taking with me to South Africa
19:29:11 LParisi -> @sharon We would love to do this!  Will talk to class about it this week.  I will buy it myself.
19:29:27 JohnS -> MathVids: http://www.mathvids.com/
19:29:36 PeggyG -> http://moodlecommons.org/course/view.php?id=14  This is the link to the MoodleCommons Web 2.0 course
19:29:37 sharonp -> @Lisa I am working closely with a South African educator who will oversee it on his end….
19:29:57 LParisi -> Are you going to NECC before Africa?  I could bring it with me there.
19:30:21 sharonp -> @Lisa I think I have convinced myself that I need to go to NECC…. winning the award was the tippping point
19:30:38 LParisi -> Sharon, they are paying for you to go.  How can you not?
19:30:40 dave -> http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-lopez29-2009apr29,0,88441.column?page=1
19:30:59 sharonp -> @Lisa The cost of the hotels seems ridiculously high
19:31:10 sharonp -> I need to find someone who will share a room with me
19:31:39 LParisi -> I am full up but we can always add a cot.  Alice M is sharing with two others.
19:31:40 JohnS -> @Lisa @Sharon I missed most of that, but can be an intermediary if necessary.
19:32:06 sharonp -> @JohnS Oh, you mean you have a cot for me? (just teasing)
19:32:12 JenM -> Flickr Shakeup: http://kara.allthingsd.com/20090430/flickr-co-founder-butterfield-and-chief-architect-henderson-working-on-stealth-start-up/
19:32:14 JohnS -> you can sleep in the car.
19:32:15 gary -> What we need is hands with 5 thumbs
19:32:22 sharonp -> @Lisa I am game for a cot!
19:32:29 dave -> @gary lol
19:32:35 LParisi -> Sharon, that wasn’t clear.  There are four of us sharing two bedrooms.  We can add a cot for you in the livingroom if you can’t find anything else.  I don’t really care.
19:32:57 sharonp -> @Lisa I can sleep in the bathtub…!
19:33:17 sharonp -> @Lisa your bathtub sounds more enticiing than JOhn’s car
19:33:20 LParisi -> Talk to me after the show.
19:33:23 JL -> http://www.slanguages.net/program.php
19:33:25 sharonp -> sure
19:33:35 John Rundag -> But, Geocoties was totally free. Flickr has pay accounts.
19:33:49 JL -> http://virtualability.org/default.aspx
19:34:20 JohnS -> 30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media: http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2009/04/30/30-creative-commons-sources/
19:34:48 JohnS -> 100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images: http://www.virtualhosting.com/blog/2007/100-legal-sources-for-free-stock-images/
19:35:07 JL -> but flickr is still losing lots o’ money
19:35:16 sharonp -> really??
19:35:24 John Rundag -> I think someone wrote a blog post about 20 free Windows programs!
19:35:24 sharonp -> because of servers?
19:35:56 dave -> http://www.zzounds.com/item–IONVCR2PC
19:36:27 JohnS -> @rundag meh. been there. done that.
19:36:33 John Rundag -> πŸ˜‰
19:36:45 JohnS -> @sharon you haven’t seen my car.
19:37:00 PeggyG -> I’m really interested in that VCR–will it work on a Mac too?
19:37:32 sharonp -> @John You have two kids…. your car is probably a compost on wheels (like mine)
19:38:00 JohnS -> Four rules: no eating, no drinking, no kicking the seats, no throwing up.
19:38:10 JohnS -> The last rule was added after they rode in it the first time.
19:38:17 sharonp -> LOL
19:38:42 sroseman -> I am going to NECC too. I have not been to a big computer conference in 10 years
19:38:57 sharonp -> @sroseman I can finally meet you!!
19:39:05 PeggyG -> what an ambitious project Jeff!! You’re my hero!!
19:39:08 kcaise -> when are you moving Jeff?
19:39:23 sroseman -> yep .. I am staying with the editor of tappedin
19:39:24 PeggyG -> yes! yes!! a screencast!!! I would love to see it!
19:39:25 JL -> aiming for July/August
19:39:37 kcaise -> to Korea?
19:39:43 JL -> yep
19:39:52 kcaise -> you don’t like being in the US?
19:40:19 kcaise -> i didn’t say that
19:40:22 kcaise -> lol
19:40:22 sharonp -> STOP the show!
19:40:28 dave -> πŸ™‚
19:40:38 John Rundag -> you could use a digital camera and take a pic of your pictures
19:40:51 JenM -> Kindle Pricing Changes: http://www.geardiary.com/2009/04/29/amazon-starts-charging-by-the-megabyte-for-delivering-personal-documents-to-your-kindle-adds-support-for-docx-and-rtf-file-formats/
19:40:52 sharonp -> health food stores and Mexican food – that is pretty funny
19:41:41 sharonp -> wow…. didn’t know they charged
19:41:44 PeggyG -> I thought so too Sharon! πŸ™‚
19:42:01 Techyturner -> That doesn’t make business sense to me.
19:42:07 John Rundag -> Kindles need to come way down in price before you see them in schools.
19:42:14 JohnS -> http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/topstocks/archive/2009/05/01/kindle-users-are-old.aspx
19:42:17 stella -> it is too pricy
19:42:31 gary -> Not that we could even buy one here Dave
19:42:39 Techyturner -> Nice sequeway.
19:42:41 PeggyG -> I can definitely relate to that–I’m old and I’m a Kindle user πŸ™‚
19:42:53 John Rundag -> Yes. All over 40. I am over 40 and don’t have one.
19:42:55 sarah H -> they are the only people with money left.
19:43:13 Techyturner -> 700 users is not an adequate number of participants
19:43:13 JL -> http://www.elcomsoft.com
19:43:37 JL -> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/uceacastle
19:43:52 stella -> what is so special about kindle anyway? (i don’t use it, so rather ignorant about it)
19:44:05 JL -> http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/services/28-online-photo-editing-websites-to-have-fun-with/
19:44:07 PeggyG -> so glad to see more people starting to use blogtalkradio πŸ™‚
19:44:13 Techyturner -> I thought it was a good idea until I heard the $!
19:44:20 stella -> I use my iPhone to read πŸ™‚
19:44:49 JohnS -> File2.ws: http://file2.ws/
19:44:55 PeggyG -> it’s much easier to read on a Kindle than an iPhone
19:45:08 JohnS -> Example, converted from PDF: http://file2.ws/guide
19:45:11 stella -> ah i see, hence the older users
19:45:14 JL -> https://edtechtalk.net/sites/edtechtalk.com/files/davepoopyhead.jpg
19:45:51 kcaise -> great link jeff!
19:46:06 JL -> Thanks Kim – I think my cohosts didn’t really appreciate
19:46:19 kcaise -> didnt sound like it went over well
19:46:36 Sheila A -> Oh, the link is already going viral!
19:46:47 sroseman -> Raise your hands if you are new to edtech talk
19:46:48 John Rundag -> is that 4colonedtechtalk? )
19:46:58 stella -> i am new
19:47:04 LParisi -> I just added a link to ett. 
19:47:04 sharonp -> Jeff you opened that door with the pic you just showed
19:47:14 LParisi -> Bye
19:47:24 sroseman -> welcome Stella
19:47:29 stella -> thanks, no problem, i am a geek πŸ™‚
19:47:36 stella -> it is ok, i have been to Korea
19:47:38 stella -> πŸ™‚
19:47:56 PeggyG -> and people who are listening to the recording can’t raise their hand πŸ™‚  at least we can’t see their hand raised
19:47:58 kcaise -> you can do chat via the web
19:48:10 sroseman -> what is the criteria for being a geek??
19:48:24 kcaise -> no text chat
19:48:36 LParisi -> Being here on a Sunday night is a good start, SRoseman
19:48:49 John Rundag -> everyone is moving to stickam, ustream, etc.
19:48:53 kcaise -> no, text chat via the web at blogtalkradio
19:48:53 stella -> lol, yes, in front of the computer all the time
19:49:25 sroseman -> I qualify .. I guess I am a geek
19:49:25 PeggyG -> maybe it wasn’t Mogulus that was the cause?? I’ve had great success with it!
19:49:33 jamie -> jeff is funny tonight
19:50:10 John Rundag -> and he lives in San Francisco where bandwidth is not an issue.
19:50:21 jamie -> particularly tonight, jeff!
19:50:28 gary -> Never had lobster????!!! Need to go to PEI
19:50:59 John Rundag -> Or go to Fisherman’s Wharf.
19:51:13 sarah H -> how would they even recognize each other?
19:51:16 JohnS -> I will never have it until Dave serves it to me.
19:51:22 sarah H -> I can’t believe I just put that in there.
19:51:30 LParisi -> I can’t believe you are quoting Phoebe.
19:52:13 John Rundag ->  Answer  They definitely do NOT. This is a myth originating from an episode of "Friends" in which Phoebe says Ross is Rachel’s "lobster."
19:52:36 John Rundag -> from WikiaAnswers.com
19:53:17 sroseman -> Lobster was considered a poor man’s food way back when
19:53:23 sroseman -> in PEI
19:53:29 sroseman -> like spam
19:53:35 LParisi -> We have politicians sourcing the bible…why not students?
19:54:02 kcaise -> you’re on a roll jeff
19:54:31 John Rundag -> chlorine bleach from doing laundry
19:55:13 gary -> Dave it is continuing in Alberta:  http://www.cbc.ca/canada/calgary/story/2009/04/30/cgy-bill-evolution-law-alberta-classes-teachers.html
19:56:50 stella -> this is terrible news! Only in Alberta!
19:57:11 sroseman -> our district needs to change the name of swine flu
19:57:15 sroseman -> Example, converted from PDF:
19:57:35 sroseman -> http://www.ocdsb.ca/Documents/News_Releases/News_Releases_2009/NR_apr30_2009.asp
19:57:43 gary -> @stella – Not very popular among science teachers right now.
19:57:56 LParisi -> Oh yes
19:57:57 PeggyG -> I heard that on the news tonight @sroseman–the pig farmers rebelled at the use of swine flu name saying it was affecting their business
19:58:04 stella -> i can well imagined
19:58:20 stella -> didn’t Kansas had a similar deal with evolution teaching in schools?
19:58:29 John Rundag -> @sroseman N1H1
19:59:05 John Rundag -> @sroseman i meant H1N1
19:59:14 dave -> http://worldbridges.info/temp/bon-dave-performance.wmv
19:59:34 LParisi -> I like Jeff’s version better.
19:59:38 JohnS -> http://www.numark.com/ttusb
19:59:43 gary -> @stella – This is different – need to warn parents and then students can be excused from the class.  In biology classes the topic may come up every day.
20:00:09 stella -> @gary, so the students can be absent the whole semester
20:00:10 John Rundag -> @JohnS One of our teachers bought one
20:00:26 JohnS -> She could have gotten it from me. Should have let me know πŸ™‚
20:00:27 gary -> Because evolution is a religous topic
20:00:39 gary -> New bill proposal in Alberta
20:00:47 PeggyG -> they probably also want teachers to provide an alternate curriculum to the excused students!
20:00:48 stella -> unfornately i live in Alberta πŸ™
20:00:55 jdeyenberg -> I live in Alberta too
20:00:57 gary -> Accoring to some Alberta politicians
20:01:00 jdeyenberg -> SOOO scary
20:02:05 stella -> will be interesting – how can they provide alternative curriculm
20:02:09 John Rundag -> I am on Friendfeed.
20:02:13 stella -> that would be double the workload for teachers
20:02:41 Cathy E ->  I like friend feed
20:02:42 LParisi -> I am in Plurk and twitter
20:02:46 stella -> i found this talk from Twitter
20:02:46 LParisi -> And I am cool
20:02:48 PeggyG -> we were required to provide alternate curriculum for students whose parents opted them out of sex education classes
20:03:12 gary -> Maybe alternative textbooks?  We could guess what they might promote.
20:03:13 stella -> what can you provide as alternatives? Birds and bees?
20:03:30 jamie -> in TX we’ve had to present evolution as a theory and provide some information about other theories
20:03:50 PeggyG -> no the content has to be unrelated–we did some community service, health things
20:03:56 jamie -> some changes are afoot now though, i hope…
20:04:01 kcaise -> same down here
20:04:03 LParisi -> Our alternative curric is going to the library to study
20:04:19 stella -> so instead of learning about real life, we read fairy tales?
20:04:20 kcaise -> yep
20:04:38 John Rundag -> @stella exactly!
20:04:43 stella -> in the UK, is similar
20:04:59 stella -> they are uptight there too, in the UK
20:05:33 stella -> this is really worrying
20:05:34 kcaise -> sams club has brand new video flip cams with the 60 minutes for 80 bucks
20:05:38 stella -> thanks for the link
20:05:48 stella -> wow, that is a bargain!
20:05:55 PeggyG -> I’m very intersted in the new look πŸ™‚
20:06:31 PeggyG -> Nings let you create different themes/designs for your page
20:06:53 John Rundag -> Illustrator saves in eps?
20:06:56 Techyturner -> Thanks for all the wonderful talk. Will be downloading the archived shows and listening to those! Adios!
20:07:31 Techyturner -> I just might!
20:08:08 LParisi -> No don’t edit it out.
20:08:10 jamie -> Don’t edit out your singing!
20:08:11 PeggyG -> oh no!! you have to keep the singing!!
20:08:52 PeggyG -> I thought it wasn’t available until October-Windows 7?
20:09:02 John Rundag -> I downloaded it last night.
20:09:12 John Rundag -> Need a computer with 1GB RAM.
20:09:23 JenM -> http://www.colecamplese.com/2009/05/social-media-lesson/
20:09:58 John Rundag -> @PeggyG It will be available for download on May 5. You can get it now on MSDN if you have an account
20:10:28 PeggyG -> Thanks John-I misunderstood that. Want to see if I can download on my Mac
20:10:34 sarah H -> one of my classmates from college was the lead attorney in the Dover case w/ creationism.  You can read about it here: http://www.upenn.edu/gazette/0306/feature1.html
20:10:42 jamie -> Thanks all–good show tonight!
20:10:59 sarah H -> He’s gone back to corporate law and thinks it is funny that he is a bit of a rock star in the education world
20:11:01 John Rundag -> @PeggyG you can install it in a VM.
20:11:42 PeggyG -> What about Parallels? can I install it there?
20:11:51 LParisi -> Yes
20:11:56 stella -> thanks all for the great discussion! Have to run now, have a great evening!
20:12:03 LParisi -> After the Keynote on Sunday
20:12:03 John Rundag -> @PeggyG Yes. I have it installed in VMware Fusion.
20:12:07 stella -> will definitely be back
20:12:14 stella -> bye!
20:12:29 LParisi -> bye all
20:12:38 gary -> Thanks again.
20:12:40 PeggyG -> yes-Skype call from NECC πŸ™‚
20:12:44 sroseman -> Thanks all
20:12:51 Cathy E -> night all
20:13:11 PeggyG -> thanks everyone! night
20:13:23 JenM -> nite all
20:13:37 JohnS -> Thank you, everybody. Have a great week.

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