EdTechTalk#72 – Discussion with Stephen Downes and Mike King of IBM


November 27, 2006

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A conversation between Stephen Downes and Michael King.

Topics discussed included:
  •  IBM as a consulting company – what that means
  •  IBM’s attitude toward open source – how does it view other players – Sun, Novell
  •  The IBM patent portfolio – does IBM risk being a patent troll – the SCO lawsuit – progress
  •  IBM in e-learning specifically – Lotus, Domino – still in the game?
  •  IBM and the Blackboard patent – company position – message?
  •  Toward the development of open educational resources? Tools – services – product?

 JenniferW  sooo cool — this is neat
 JenniferW  no — lets just listen
 JenniferW  sounds nice
 JenniferW  I have only read Stephen so far, so it is nice to hear him as well.
 Jeff  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=75613
 JenniferW  gonna just listen through stream until you open for ????
 Stephen Downes  Test
 JenniferW  Hello to Stephen — Welcome
 DS  hi all — very noisy here — will listen to stream
 dave  that’s good
 JenniferW  we have rain in California though
 dave  we like peter gzowski…?
 dave  gzoski
 Jeff  http://www.cbc.ca/news/obit/gzowski_peter/
 DS  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Gzowski
 Jeff  Some info about Michael – http://www.imsglobal.org/boardofdirectors.html#mike
 JenniferW  big blue??? ibm?
 Jeff  none other
 JenniferW  so cool
 dave  and stephen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Downes
 Jeff  now considered a ‘noteworthy’ person
 dave  lol
 dave  feel free to pop in some questions folks
 JenniferW  just enjoying the trip down memory lane — nice to see IBM seem more personable rather than untouchable
 cheryloakes  I made it.
 JenniferW  hi cheryl
 Stephen Downes  OK, I’ve lost all sound on this end
 cheryloakes  Hi Jen
 cheryloakes  sounds good from here on channel 1
 Stephen Downes  Thank you
 dave  just a little tech problem
 dave  now solved
 cheryloakes  U R Quick
 JenniferW  Cheryl — you are in NH???
 cheryloakes  no still in Maine until 8 am Tues. morn
 dave  http://www.clipper.com/research/TCG2005058.pdf
 dave  http://portal.acm.org/ft_gateway.cfm?id=1125495&type=pdf
 JenniferW  can we get the link to the wiki he talked about — patents
 JenniferW  or is that internal use only??
 Jeff  FYI, skypecast at: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=75613
 cheryloakes  lifelong learning has met its match
 Stephen Downes  heh
 dave  k-80… poor Cliff
 dave  http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/301025147/
 dave  he’s 87
 dave  and still works everyday
 JenniferW  good question, Dave. I wondered if they were putting themselves out of business as well.
 JenniferW  or perhaps at least not be seen as the norm. I remember when everyone used to call ANY computer an IBM
 JenniferW  sort of like kleenex (for tissue)
 JenniferW  and suddenly the change switched to PC – and I wondered if that had any effect on them as well.
 dave  it seems to imply that open source isn’t enterprise
 dave  ready
 JenniferW  its nice to see that IBM isn’t staying in a box — but is willing to evolve as need is seen
 JenniferW  however, I am hearing this as more BIG school, college, etc. What about the poor private school?? πŸ™‚
 dave  no candy for you
 dave  only big companies get candy
 JenniferW  wowowow — great question — Stephen
 JenniferW  R smart??? that is who they are working with???
 dave  that’s what he said
 dave  got a link Jdub?
 JenniferW  searching
 dave  we’ve worked with moodle…
 dave  let’s find out what IBM is doing with moodle shall we?
 dave  again
 JenniferW  http://www.rsmart.com/news/ibm-offers-first-open-source-global-hosted-e-learning-service-for-education
 cheryloakes  good plan
 dave  no enterprise
 JenniferW  that seems to be the link
 dave  Moodle hosts over 100,000 in New Zealand
 Stephen Downes  right
 JenniferW  new word to me — Zachi??? help please
 mdking  sakai
 JenniferW  thank you
 dave  http://docs.moodle.org/en/Installations_10000_plus
 dave  gotit.
 dave  that is got it not go tit
 JenniferW  http://sakaiproject.org/
 JenniferW  ?? is this the link??
 mdking  yes
 JenniferW  thank you
 JenniferW  any grants?? funding??? awards??? etc for education??
 dave  they have bunches
 JenniferW  cool — I shall search
 JenniferW  http://www.ibm.com/ibm/ibmgives/grant/education/
 dave  very fast
 dave  very nice
 JenniferW  tis fun
 dave  ask him again! :p
 dave  I’d like to know a little bit more about the connection between IBM’s software and its consulting… are they ‘necessarily’ connected? Are the services only about servicing their software?
 JenniferW  grins — and ask if we are talking to IBM or do they outsource their customer service πŸ™‚
 JenniferW  excellent chat by the way
 cheryloakes  i agree, very interesting questions and answers, good conversation
 cheryloakes  dave you are so black and white, why?
 JenniferW  or just a devil’s advocate???? to get the conversation going???
 dave  Is this better?
 cheryloakes  i mean more literally like the color, you got it dave!
 JenniferW  LOLOL —
 JenniferW  I am so dense
 cheryloakes  no way
 JenniferW  so glad I am muted
 dave  ha
 cheryloakes  thanks good stuff
 mdking  thanks!
 JenniferW  great chat
 mdking  signing off
 JenniferW  post show??? πŸ™‚
 cheryloakes  bye mdking
 JenniferW  raising hand — me me — drupalite
 JenniferW  lee barber and I were in drupal 5 he** last night —
 JenniferW  luckily for me — I am in 4.7 still
 JenniferW  but the flickr module wouldn’t work for her
 Jeff  flickr module isn’t ported yet
 JenniferW  I can use it — she cannot
 Jeff  …to 5.0
 JenniferW  but I am unsure of posting images or files — or allowing people to do so
 JenniferW  I am very protective about my webspace and not going over my limit
 JenniferW  my host is not generous if you go over
 JenniferW  That would be cool — I would download the downes Module
 JenniferW  by the way — Stephen your email bounced back when you registered for Women of Web 2.0 — could you resend it to me please???
 JenniferW  good show everyone!!!
 DS  great show
 DS  good to see all

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  1. Great Interview…
    Thanks, guys, for the great interview. If you’re interested in the big players in the open source market, there is a great interview with Ragavan Srinivasan from HP from Steve Hargadon Here

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