EdTechTalk#71 – Growing up in a Web 2.0 World

EdTechTalk #71

November 19, 2006

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Chat Log Below

 JasonR  There’s a Skyepcast?
 arvind grover  no need to manage, that’s what the tags are for!
 arvind grover  i’m up to 1302 links, you guys are catching up fast
 arvind grover  someone did a podcast on digication recently
 arvind grover  LMS
 arvind grover  sory of
 arvind grover  so was not me!
 dave  what do you mean it wasn’t you?
 dave  i remember it as you
 dave  or was it John
 dave  i keep getting you two guys confused πŸ™‚
 arvind grover  i did listen to a podcast on it: http://thetechteacher.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=145033
 arvind grover  by sounded crummy to me
 arvind grover  digication, not the podcast
 dave  ah.
 Lee Ann Baber  Hello All
 sroseman  I am back
 cathy e  Jen- I think the network is when you go and add people to your network. A fan is when someone add you to their network.
 JasonR  Or everything will be wiki-fied and a hundred other monkeys will correct your explaination for you
 JenM  http://camplesegroup.com/blog/
 JasonR  It’s important to make your own quill pens
 JenM  http://thinklab.typepad.com/think_lab/2006/11/a_school_by_any.html
 SusanEttenheim  not at all!
 JL  HI Susan
 SusanEttenheim  I think it creates more possibility
 SusanEttenheim  Hi
 sroseman  Hi JL
 SusanEttenheim  In fact the connections come from really shared interests
 JL  Skypecast at: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=67003
 SusanEttenheim  yes that drinking thing is very superficial!!
 Lee Ann  Well, it depends on who it is…live or online..
 JasonR  Mark Simmons made that point about gaming today. He is advocating in-person, table top gaming during National Games Week.
 JasonR  Did not expect Dave to have earings
 Lee Ann  it just takes longer to build that trust on line to know its ok to share that type of personal information..
 SusanEttenheim  yes it says that they care more about content than what you are wearing and what you are drinking
 JasonR  earrings
 dave  lol
 dave  he does
 dave  two of them
 dave  susan… bonnie says hi!
 JasonR  There’s a pic at the end of his NYSAIS preso
 Lee Ann  true..i agree..but educ. tech. is different. or technology in general
 Lee Ann  there just are not that many people into it at this level in our 100mile radius life
 arvind grover  lee, dead on. we can reach out farther now to find people who share interests with us
 arvind grover  new york city for instance isn’t an easy place to make friends at the pub. people will run away from you and what are the odds of finding someone with the same interests? but at edtechtalk.com, you can definitely find some who ashare experiences/interests
 Brad hicks  is it Mike Seyafang? – not sure
 arvind grover  lie did phones destory face to face? prob not, maybe
 Lee Ann  MIke, understand that we like to argue so we are especially ready to oppose this opinion but there is certainly plenty of truth to needing to place a value on real life contact..
 SusanEttenheim  isn’t it a similar discussion about cellphones? – do they create more freedom or less?
 dave  it is not mike seyfang… i don’t think
 SusanEttenheim  anyway… I definitely spent more time being physical at the gym today because I was so behind on my podcasts!
 Lee Ann  one is not learning to read people
 Lee Ann  facially
 dave  yup.
 Lee Ann  body language
 JenniferW  also — misconstrued words — you do not hear voice tone nor see facial reaction
 dave  poopy
 JenniferW  sometimes due to distortion in sound or edited chat πŸ™‚
 Lee Ann  Grooming…hee hee!
 dave  you can’t see me!!!
 JenM  grooming πŸ™‚ I didn’t wear makeup today – can you tell?
 Lee Ann  yes I can
 JenniferW  almost wore my pj’s tonight
 JenM  πŸ™‚
 Lee Ann  fer shame fer shame
 SusanEttenheim  now that skype video is for mac too – we’ll see everyone again – this was just a little blip in development
 Lee Ann  your right there
 SusanEttenheim  omg- does anyone remember in the mid 90s the site that delivered sushi to your desktop?
 arvind grover  i get to speak to family more often due to the web. my aunt skyped me from delhi today, was great!
 SusanEttenheim  we speak – actually video with our two daughters at college all the time
 Lee Ann  I wish my family trusted skype etc to be in touch with me more
 SusanEttenheim  we have a running gag about videoing in the library
 JenniferW  it has opened my online world — yet, to be truthful, it has shrunk my real world
 SusanEttenheim  it was hysterical
 sharonp  I missed that service – sushi – yum
 JenniferW  except at conferences
 SusanEttenheim  it delivered a picture of the sushi you ordered to you
 JasonR  I am getting most of my family members those dorky little pre-packaged skype gifts
 Lee Ann  how did it compare …your meeting live with alex and susan…to our usual online communication?
 JasonR  Even though it’s free to download, they still have not made the move. Hoping having something physical will help them get virutal
 Lee Ann  Dave?
 SusanEttenheim  anyway… I’ll video call my daughter who will look like the cat who ate the canary and then I’ll see the library in the background and we’ll be whispering on skype video because she’s in the library and her friends will come over and wave hi to me… it’s sooo wonderful keeping in touch with college kids now
 SusanEttenheim  lee ann – for me it was almost the same
 JenniferW  it was very weird at the GAETC this weekend to meet people whom I had only spoken to via skype — it was a bit surreal
 SusanEttenheim  different but equal quality
 JL  kinda glad mom couldn’t see my dorm room in my day
 JenniferW  cabbage kids
 sharonp  I love meeting people f2f with whom I have an online rel’p
 JenniferW  cabbage patch kids — but no one got shot
 JenM  check this out – my mom skyping my neice at college
 JenM  http://flickr.com/photos/jmaddrell/sets/72157594340620546/show/
 Lee Ann  me too Jeff
 SusanEttenheim  in 2000 ( I was just looking for a link online but didn’t find it ) about 200 women who had met online came together in Nashville to meet in person – it was amazing
 Brad hicks  values depends on the community
 cathy e  I spent the weekend with 2 friends I went to kindergarten-12th grade. We watch home movies of kindergarten May Day – High School Senior Day. We had great fun- I spent lots of time telling them about my online friends. (Drinking was part of the weekend)
 JasonR  But anyway, I think all of this is an enhancement to communication. None of the old means will disappear.
 JL  skypecast at: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=67003
 SusanEttenheim  what a great linnk!!
 Brad hicks  individuals and communities access technologies
 Lee Ann  Yes Brad, I agree
 Brad hicks  online communities do not exist in isolation from real world communities
 matt cronin  in our school my students use online communication to extend their face-to-face interactions
 Brad hicks  unless, those people just live online and get desktop sushi delivered!
 Lee Ann  welll… I do not communicate nearly as well with my technology team at our county as I do with this community..I do see them live and online
 sharonp  I agree with matt and brad – I think of my online rel’ps as an extension of real world communities
 Lee Ann  so it may be having a choice and gravitating to those of like interest
 arvind grover  the kids certainly are polite! (usually): http://metatek.blogspot.com/2006/11/wanted-positive-web-20-experiences.html
 sharonp  in what ways are they using online communicatioin?
 Lee Ann  HUNTING!What does that mean?
 Lee Ann  hehe
 sharonp  instant messaging?
 sharonp  forums?
 JenniferW  I need both environments — the online community — the tech community which I am a part of — allows me to have a voice
 SusanEttenheim  we talked a lot about that this past wednesday night
 JenniferW  my f2f community keeps me grounded and also well-rounded
 SusanEttenheim  ttt_29
 matt cronin  they know each other face to face and their online interactions tend to mirror their inschool behavior both good and bad
 sharonp  my online community is my community of practice wiht whom I share the most values and interestes
 JenniferW  and allow me not to DWELL on tech
 JenniferW  πŸ™‚
 dave  hey stop pushing your show susan!
 dave  πŸ™‚
 Lee Ann  our kids in Spacecast are planning an exchange visitso they seek real too
 matt cronin  i see worse behavior with adults regarding online communication
 JenniferW  don’t you think it was more underbreath in the past
 sharonp  cool Lee! Virginia and NY?
 SusanEttenheim  yes lee ann- that’s exactly what happened to the women who met online
 Lee Ann  yep
 arvind grover  there is some serious language abuse taht we see with students in spaces where they think there are no teachers/parents
 SusanEttenheim  they wanted to meet in real person too
 Brad hicks  well again what parenting is happening? behaviours are learnt
 JL  and montreal πŸ™‚
 Brad hicks  in the real world
 JenniferW  wow — can you detach this window to read all the chat??
 sharonp  you are always welcome in Montréal!
 JL  third icon from right
 SusanEttenheim  what is the metatek site?
 JenniferW  awesome — thank you
 arvind grover  metatek is a colleague’s site
 JL  last 100 lines or so
 Lee Ann  yes sharon, they speak of visiting montreal as well.. so yes they seek the real interaction as well…or are curious about it
 SusanEttenheim  interesting site!
 JenniferW  I believe that Columbine — and all other school violence — did exist in the past — but not to the level nor frequency
 sharonp  I think of the Dawson College shootings here in Montreal just two months ago
 Lee Ann  well, gangs seem to be growing ..so i think it is going to increase regardless
 JL  anyone else want to chime in on skype?
 JenniferW  I agree that the media is having a HUGE impact
 sharonp  lots of digital usage by Kimveer Gill
 JenniferW  and media — imho — distorts so much
 JenniferW  well, the #1 selling game promotes violence, stealing cars, etc………and everyone is purchasing it
 JasonR  There’s research out there that also indicates that violent video games reduces violence in real life
 sharonp  we are having a Dr. Thompson come and speak at our school in just two days – just reading one of his articles – he wrote “Raising Cain” and examines how we are raising our boys
 JenniferW  and the new software “Bully” coming out — though it says it helps the underdog wins
 dave  I’d love a link on that
 JenniferW  is still promoting violence and retaliation
 arvind grover  is that michael thompson sharonp?
 sharonp  are we raising boys in a manner that does not permit them to express their negative emotions
 sharonp  Yes, Dr. Michael Thompson
 arvind grover  he came to our school. i wont post my public comments here πŸ™‚
 Lee Ann  hmmmm
 matt cronin  Thompson came to our school as well. Guess he is making the rounds
 JL  http://www.michaelthompson-phd.com/
 JenniferW  who???? was on the news
 Brad hicks  the children that i have seen with these types of behaviours are those who are neglected by parents, either physically or emotionally
 Lee Ann  yuk
 Lee Ann  oj I mean
 Brad hicks  emotionally neglected are given all the money and gadgets to access these networks, but with no supervision
 Lee Ann  we stress netiquette
 Lee Ann  ethics
 Lee Ann  choices
 JasonR  I’d post links, but chat doesn’t allow that on a Mac+Firefox πŸ™
 sroseman  character and values education is needed in the schools..formal classes
 sharonp  yes, netiquette is important
 Lee Ann  not gonna happen
 arvind grover  using camino now pasting works on mac
 Lee Ann  some parents are not helping…
 JasonR  Everything Bad is Good for You, by Steve Johnson
 JenniferW  in the past — you had issues (not you — speaking in generalities here) thought you were alone in your thoughts — and now — with blogs, myspace, etc — you are able to share more, connect more, and also “stir the pot”
 Brad hicks  Physivcally neglected, ie not fed , not looked after re food and clothing, sometimes act out to try and get what their emotionally neglected peers have by way of “stuff” that they ahve been thrown by parents trying to compensate for their lake of emotional care for their children
 JenniferW  PERSONALLY — I am afraid for this generation now and how they will be deciding what to do with me in my senior years
 JasonR  What comes after digital natives
 sharonp  most parents are just plain ignorant about electronic communication
 JenniferW  since everything has become so disposable — will I, in my 80’s be disposable with this generation??
 matt cronin  I think the media tends to highlight the worse cases. I like to believe many kids are equipped to handle the online world.
 JasonR  That’s what I expect, everyone will be so indexed and spidered that it won’t matter, or at least be as shocking
 Lee Ann  dont worry..we will all be in second life!!
 sharonp  one of my students says that if there is such a thing as digital natives, I have landed immigrant status, he is a refugee, and his parents are raft people (lol)
 JasonR  Jennifer, you will live to be 120 yo or longer with advances in med tech
 JenniferW  I think this generation is much more aware of world events than I ever was
 Lee Ann  yes and we can look anyway we want with our avatars
 JenniferW  I think this generation will be much more politically involved
 JenniferW  More global —
 JasonR  Right, colonial/empire boundaries will come down with global capitalism
 JenniferW  but also much more disposable and much more “instant gratification” which leads to an impatient-ness
 JasonR  The corporations will own them
 JasonR  πŸ™‚
 sroseman  this generation likes to work collaboratively
 Lee Ann  my kids are pondering our communication personally in our community with countries we are not getting along with politically
 JenniferW  yes === they don’t seem to have the distance issues that we did/do — and they won’t think anything about job sharing/collaborating with anyone anywhere
 JasonR  But honestly, I never would have imagined a couple years ago that I’d be conversing with any frequencies with folks in Australia. Just wasn’t on the radar. Now I take it for granted.
 Lee Ann  are they allowed to talk to Iranian kids?
 Brad hicks  be a responsible parent, love them , ffed them , cloth them and teach them how to be a decent person – and let them have a childhood
 Lee Ann  will they get lunch detention?
 dave  mmm… lunch
 sharonp  I have 3 teenagers (!!) and they all use the Internet and computers very differently
 JasonR  Why do kids need to know how to find Korea on a map, they can jsut google it… πŸ˜‰
 sharonp  I am often amazed at how well they cope – they would say it is a great benefit to them
 dave  who needs to remember the date of the boston massacre
 Lee Ann  thats our first real disciplinary action for issues..in the classroom..they eat in a room and cant talk to each other
 Lee Ann  silent lunch
 sharonp  I think all three of them show a great deal of common sense when they use the Internet
 JenniferW  seque —- πŸ™‚
 Lee Ann  wow
 sroseman  silence
 JasonR  03/05/1770
 matt cronin  boston massacre?
 Lee Ann  no.. i dont think I can add anything to this great conversation
 Lee Ann  i chatted it all out
 cathy e  My teenage daughter will be going to college in Jan- she has emailed her new roommate and checked out her MySpace. They are using IM-they will know each other before they meet f2f.
 sharonp  which conference??
 Lee Ann  Yea!!
 arvind grover  New York state independent school tech conference: http://www.nycist.net/d/mohonk2006
 sroseman  I am afraid to incriminate myself! I am back teaching kindergarten rather than grade 6 to 8
 sharonp  you will be eating turkey presumably
 JenniferW  afk
 sharonp  oh yes, I heard good things about that conference and even listened to Dave’s presentaton (twice!)
 Lee Ann  Thanks again Dave for all your work for PLS.
 JenniferW  good conversation
 matt cronin  occasionally?
 JenM  Night guys and gals! Muted my mic due to coughing attack. Catch you later!
 JenniferW  back
 JenniferW  help me — what is PLS?? am I tired and am just having a duh moment??
 Lee Ann  Personal Learening Space.
 Lee Ann  .com
 JenniferW  ahhh — sorry
 Lee Ann  the middle school elgg
 JenniferW  duh moment
 sharonp  it is an elgg environment (blogging) for students
 JenniferW  who asked that question please???? about world bridges
 sroseman  what is the mission statement of education bridges?
 JenniferW  who is speaking please???
 dave  mike in australia
 JenniferW  ty
 JenniferW  WE need more baby pictures!!!! πŸ™‚
 sharonp  I just loathe the phone now
 matt cronin  Good show guys, goodnight.
 JL  Thanks Matt
 JenniferW  what will happen to skype in January — will skypecasts stay free?
 JenniferW  talk shew????
 JasonR  Did I hear you right…trying out talkshoe?
 JL  yep
 JenniferW  Leo has had calls in from Skype — and has mentioned skype — but I don’t recall him promoting skype
 SusanEttenheim  I tried one but it worked only with windows media player
 arvind grover  is that like getsmart’s shoephone?
 JasonR  They simultaneous record and post separately, don’t they
 JasonR  Plus, leo has more than 100+ interested in his shows. More than Skype can handle.
 JenniferW  yes — plus the ability to mute is not constant and could mess up the continuity of his shows
 JasonR  arvind, had the same thought
 SusanEttenheim  I”m in the skypecast but there’s no ask for mic??
 JenniferW  talkshoe is not loading for me — anyone else???
 SusanEttenheim  I tried to listen to net at nite on the mac – it didn’t work
 SusanEttenheim  has anyone tried it?
 JL  it was very slow
 JL  but just loaded
 JenniferW  okay — i shall be patient
 SusanEttenheim  on a mac?
 Lee Ann  never is susan
 SusanEttenheim  lee -?
 JenniferW  I enjoyed your questions, Mike —
 Lee Ann  an ask for mic that is
 Lee Ann  yes… its me
 SusanEttenheim  ahhh
 SusanEttenheim  now i see! – not usually on this end lol
 Lee Ann  Ann is my middle name.. LEe Ann is what alot of folks call me!
 SusanEttenheim  jl – may I ask my off topic question?
 SusanEttenheim  I like Lee Ann!
 SusanEttenheim  My sister is Anne Ellen
 arvind grover  quiet time in classrooms is essential!
 JenniferW  that last pause — after the chat — was very very revealing — we all were thinking
 arvind grover  totally jennifer
 JenniferW  and sometimes it is better to think before speaking
 JenniferW  just to fill space
 Lee Ann  i could do more of that!
 sroseman  they say we don’t give students enough time to think and respond after we ask a question in clsss..as teachers
 JasonR  Talk Shoe is not working for me either
 Lee Ann  I do allow alot of silence after asking a quesiton…
 JenniferW  yes, loading really really slowly
 JasonR  [email protected] broadcasts the same time as ETT, wonder if that’s killing it?
 arvind grover  when i go to manage my newsletters at educationbridges.org i don’t see anything
 JL  hmm
 arvind grover  one of the hardest things to teach new teachers. be quiet sometimes.
 SusanEttenheim  could someone please send the url fo rthe skypecast?
 SusanEttenheim  but is oscar in his pjs?
 arvind grover  right about the chatroom (skypecast link)
 JenniferW  Susan — its at the top of the chatroom
 JasonR  glares at dave
 SusanEttenheim  tnx
 arvind grover  JL, does my account need persmission first before i can subscribe? i just signed up at edbridges
 JasonR  Ah, web huddle
 JenniferW  LOL — webhuddle DID NOT work for me while I was presenting to 6 very “persnickity” attendees
 arvind grover  ouch
 JenniferW  yup — it was the session to forget — augh
 arvind grover  ichat video is pretty good for vid conference, but you need a mac
 cathy e  Fron TalkShoe- due to the overwelming demand for Talkshoe, full access to the talkshoe website is not available at this time
 JenniferW  I am not ready for video πŸ™‚
 arvind grover  me either
 sroseman  love that word “persnickity”
 JenniferW  LOL — it explains that group preciselly
 JenniferW  or precisely
 JenniferW  Cathy — that is what TalkShoe is telling me too
 JasonR  Interesting, and leo thinks Skype isn’t mature… :\
 JasonR  :/
 JenniferW  oooo a drupal question!!!!!
 sroseman  Macs and Windows Media player often do not jive!!
 JasonR  Weird, and Amber is such a Mac fan
 arvind grover  is it “net at night”?
 JL  yep
 JasonR  [email protected]
 Lee Ann  iabsolutely resize before uploading
 JenniferW  resize it first
 JasonR  http://natn.tv
 Lee Ann  definately
 Lee Ann  also make sure its jpg of course..not tiff..often folks send tiff..
 arvind grover  gotta lose quality
 cathy e  I am listening to Amber and Leo- audio is definately not as good as Skype
 JenniferW  make a thumbnail — and then they can link to it
 Lee Ann  change it
 Lee Ann  that could work
 arvind grover  how about flickr? they show the low res and you can download the high res
 Lee Ann  I use adobe photoshop
 Lee Ann  but its $$
 JenniferW  photoshop elements
 JL  or The Gimp- http://gimp.org/
 Lee Ann  will they need to print it eventually?
 JL  Open source & free
 arvind grover  gimp is great, but slightly high learning curve i’ve found
 JasonR  Imageshackle for image resize on a MAc
 JasonR  simple
 Lee Ann  susan..go to iPhoto and click on share…then select email..it does it all for you
 Lee Ann  then just save the attacment on the email …yo dont have to send the mail… and use that photo to upload
 JenniferW  drupal totally went out of alignment when I uploaded a photo that was too big
 JL  http://drupal.org/project/image
 arvind grover  [email protected] working on my mac, didn’t ask me for windows media, playing right in my browser
 arvind grover  sounds like a digital SLR. yummm. 14 megs
 JasonR  http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/developer/imageshackle.html
 arvind grover  def use iPhoto, so easy, built in
 JenniferW  creating a thumbnail — just as a link — wont distort the quality —
 Lee Ann  ahhh ..well that is a whole different situation
 Lee Ann  yep
 dave  http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=289751945&size=o
 dave  hee hee
 dave  gratuitous oscar photo
 JenM  OOOOh! how cute!
 JenniferW  we love Oscar pix
 JasonR  Someone help, dave’s kid’s been eaten by a lion
 JenniferW  link to the buddha one — I love that one
 arvind grover  have a good night
 JenniferW  so this is over
 JenniferW  or are we moving to another site??
 JasonR  Hey dave, your pic makes me ponder…how much should new parents do to secure the domain names of their kids
 arvind grover  yes, audio quality sounded pretty bad when i tuned in
 JasonR  And flickr accounts etc
 Lee Ann  yes..you are right
 Lee Ann  am definately
 JasonR  Yes, I can hear
 arvind grover  can we get into the TED conference?
 JasonR  Weird, strange to hear leo’s voice unmodulated
 Lee Ann  except for Dave
 arvind grover  an edtectalk contingent
 JasonR  or or polishehed
 JenniferW  doesn’t sound like leo on radio
 Lee Ann  funniest that is
 JasonR  Maybe he has a cold
 arvind grover  fleck.com just released. pretty decent
 Lee Ann  so is this eavesdropping
 arvind grover  ha ha
 Lee Ann  little do they know..who is listening!
 Lee Ann  reminds me of a drive-in movie
 JasonR  THis is so meta
 arvind grover  weird not to interact w speakers
 sroseman  It’s amazing what you can find on YOUTUBE
 JenniferW  yes — it is so just oneway conversation πŸ™‚
 JenniferW  I am wondering what will happen with youtube — and how people are TOTALLY violating copyright laws
 sroseman  true
 JL  The TalkShoe Chat interface if very different
 JL  having trouble following it
 Lee Ann  we listen to them listen to them listen…
 JasonR  I can’t get in, just gives me an option to listen to a stream
 JasonR  What are you seeing Jeff?
 JasonR  Do you have the TS client up?
 JenniferW  like she just mentioned about SNL clips — and isn’t that so illegal — copying and publishing NBC material without permission???
 Lee Ann  yep
 JL  Dave, you scooped Amber
 JasonR  Lee, reminds me of a time I was watching BookTV. They were talking on TV about an audio book adaptation of a printed book. My mind asploded a little.
 arvind grover  who are these people? anyone know?
 JL  Leo Laporte and Amber Macarthur?
 Lee Ann  lol
 JL  TWIT.tv folks
 JenniferW  new name to me — Amber Macarthur
 Lee Ann  noo its so rad
 SusanEttenheim  are you listening to leo laporte live?
 sroseman  Her is some info on Amber Mac
 JL  yes
 JenniferW  she lives on PEI
 sroseman  http://ambermac.typepad.com/about.html
 JenniferW  oops moved to Toronto
 JenniferW  so is TechTv anymore???
 JenniferW  anyone else lose sound????
 arvind grover  hm, i lost sound
 JasonR  Lost my wireless. Miss anything?
 SusanEttenheim  Due to the overwhelming demand for TalkShoe, full access to the Talkshoe website is not available at this time.
 sroseman  no sound here
 SusanEttenheim  this is the message I jsut got
 JenniferW  LOLOL — so we got kicked off our hack πŸ™‚
 JasonR  I can here David Pogue
 JasonR  I think
 SusanEttenheim  but I can hear from the channel one stream
 JasonR  Oh, I am listening to the stream directly from TalkShoe
 JasonR  http://www.talkshoe.com/maintenance/maintenanceAlt.php?talkshowId=3887
 JasonR  goes into SL
 JasonR  Looks for GizWiz Gadget Warehouse
 SusanEttenheim  now I have it too
 SusanEttenheim  tnx
 SusanEttenheim  but I guess we can just listen and not call in?
 SusanEttenheim  I was trying to listen to blog talk radio the other day – has anyone tried that?
 arvind grover  yeah, we can listen, but the site is closed for getting in the chat
 JL  is that a different kind of conferencing thing?
 arvind grover  unfortunately
 SusanEttenheim  do they have a live text chat too?
 JenM  They are stealing your schtick, JL
 JL  They do, but it’s a veyr different looking thing
 SusanEttenheim  lol slightly different jen!
 Lee Ann  i lost the stream..
 SusanEttenheim  how do you get to their text chat?
 JenM  Different, true. ETT actually WORKS! πŸ™‚
 JasonR  We should start a new show… [email protected], where we call in and listen to [email protected] and talk about it
 SusanEttenheim  lol
 JasonR  and they never know
 SusanEttenheim  I love it Jason!
 Lee Ann  great idea
 JasonR  [email protected]
 JasonR  This could be a regular post ETT show
 JasonR  feeding the inner geek in us all
 sroseman  This gives us an idea where skypecasts are going
 SusanEttenheim  I want to see their text chat
 Lee Ann  do tell
 SusanEttenheim  wow this is a great use of time…
 SusanEttenheim  πŸ˜‰
 JL  I can webhuddle it if you like
 SusanEttenheim  the text chat?
 SusanEttenheim  yes
 JL  standby
 JasonR  I am in SL listening to the Worldbridges re-stream of the [email protected] stream
 JasonR  [email protected] could be in SL, that would make it even trippier
 JasonR  Oh, huddle huddle huddle
 JL  webhuddle.com [email protected] ett
 SusanEttenheim  you have all completely lost it
 JL  I”m stepping away for a while… all will remain active
 JenM  night!
 SusanEttenheim  I think I”m in the webhuddle but I don’t see anything
 SusanEttenheim  anyone else there?
 SusanEttenheim  night jen
 JL  my bad
 JL  forgot to push green button
 SusanEttenheim  got iy
 JL  got it now?
 SusanEttenheim  it
 SusanEttenheim  got it
 JasonR  Funny, Eis did not reset the media setting at Info Island. We are streaming intot the middle of a big library meeting
 SusanEttenheim  yikes!
 Lee Ann  I may cut out in a bit
 SusanEttenheim  I’m going to try to go to the chat myself now
 Lee Ann  Jeff, let me know if that time will work out
 Lee Ann  or shouild i check it?
 Lee Ann  NIght Susan..cathy, arvind, jenn and jeff.
 Lee Ann  susan did you get the question answered you had last thursday?
 Lee Ann  if not try to skype me tomorrow. I will be on the computer all day at work!
 SusanEttenheim  nite!
 JasonR  nite
 JasonR  Fixed the parcel stream at Info Island
 JasonR  Didn’t realize I had perms to change it myself

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