EdTechTalk#64 and other webcasts of interest

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Dear EdTechTalk’ers,

Michael Feldstein and Alfred Essa
Sept. 17/18 5pmPDT/8pmEDT/midnightGMT global times

It’s been the summer of patent nonsense. With Blackboard announcing their patent that covers much of VLW/LMS based online learning and then filing suit against Desire2Learn we saw another example of an ever increasing trend toward a monopoly of control over the Internet. We are lucky to have two of the internets finest edu patent watchdogs coming on the show tonight: Alfred Essa and Michael Feldstein.

We’ll start out by walking through the issues, from D2L’s recent response to the suit filed by blackboard, to a pre-refutation of the arguments that Blackboard will be presenting for their users starting tomorrow afternoon. Anyone who is interested, please feel free to come out with your questions and your comments. All points of view are welcome.

Sunday is going to be a full day of webcasting on Worldbridges. Other shows that may be of interest to the EdTechTalk Community…

Webcast Academy Meeting – our weekly discussion for Webcast Academy Interns. Topics this week include the upcoming webcastathon, class of 1.3 plans, and tech Q and A.
4pmGMT global times

CMS Academy Drupal Planning Session – We finally get going with this support community for the content management system that runs much of Worldbridges.
5:30pmGMT global times

EdTechWeekly#0 – our newest ETT spinoff – a quick roundup of EdTech news using the EdTechTalk Del.icio.us page. This is a trial run, but will no doubt be full of the edtech news everyone will be talking about Monday morning.
11pmGMT global times

Virtualbridges Webcast#5 – Our weekly foray into our favorite 3D virtual environment, Second Life. We’ll be covering recent SL news, SLED (Second Life Educators) events, and touring around to some of the newest virtual hotspots.
2amGMT global times

Hope the New School Season is treating you well…

The Ed Tech Team

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