EdTechTalk#62 – Welcome (back) to EdTechTalk


Welcome (back) to EdTechTalk 

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As a new school term begins for many, Dave and Jeff welcome everyone to

This season of EdTechTalk

We will atempt to provide the always evolving answer to the ever challenging question,

“What is EdTechTalk”

and discuss what’s ahead this season, including


Major Issue Coverage of DOPA & The Blackboard Patent

Projects EdTechTalkers are involved with

 Chat Transcript Below

18:46:57 JoseR: Hi Jeff

18:55:46 JoseR: Its 100 in West Covina CA, No jacket here!

18:57:47 JenW: LOL

19:01:13 JoseR: There are two speedways out here. Never actually ventured in.

19:01:57 JenW: my friend got to ride at 110 miles today

19:02:06 JenW: she is thrilled πŸ™‚

19:03:00 dave: hey doug

19:03:03 dave: πŸ™‚

19:03:08 DougSymington: hi Dave, and all

19:03:14 DougSymington: cam

19:04:25 JasonR: Not getting anyting in the stream…

19:04:50 dave: ?

19:04:54 JoseR: Are you in the skypcast? It works for me.

19:04:54 dave: anyone else?

19:05:01 DougSymington: can’t get it here either

19:05:30 JasonR: Tried the stream on two different computers. Nothing coming in. Channel 1. Channel 2. Nothing

19:05:37 JenW: take 2

19:05:49 JoseR: Hey we got a stream!

19:05:50 JasonR: In the Skypecast. Just checking the stream.

19:06:09 DougSymington: now getting channel one

19:06:12 dave: LOL

19:06:13 JasonR: Yup

19:07:52 JasonR: Hey Paul. Hey Lee.

19:07:54 DougSymington: hi Paul and Lee

19:08:02 lee: Hello

19:08:14 Paul_Ellerman: Hi everyone!

19:08:22 lee: hello paul..

19:08:24 dave: hey paul

19:08:28 JoseR: Hi

19:08:43 lee: hello Jose

19:08:47 JasonR: You guys are collaborators.

19:09:06 JoseR: Hi Lee

19:09:16 dave: πŸ™‚

19:09:46 JoseR: What’s that feed again?

19:10:06 JasonR: It’s so trippy hearing this live. Used to listen to it as a podcast.

19:10:31 JoseR: live is cool

19:10:44 JasonR: Hey Sharon

19:10:56 sharon_(eebee1): Hi there folks

19:11:00 lee: Jeff, did you get the podsafe music i sent?

19:11:05 lee: hey Sharon!

19:11:16 Paul_Ellerman: Skypecast tonight?

19:11:25 dave: above the chat

19:11:34 JL: https://edtechtalk.net/subscription_options

19:11:51 Paul_Ellerman: ahhh i found it… very tricky

19:12:00 dave: πŸ™‚

19:12:00 JoseR: Thanks Jeff

19:14:58 JasonR: EdTechTalk…Educational Technology that talks.

19:15:07 JoseR: Yep

19:16:46 JasonR: And it’s tautological

19:17:03 JoseR: What?

19:17:04 dave: yes. i thought it was funny

19:17:29 JoseR: taught?

19:19:46 lee: Tautology has at least three distinct meanings: * Tautology (logic), a statement true by virtue of its logical form. * Tautology (rhetoric), use of redundant language that adds no information. * Tautology, needless repetition of an idea, statement, or word. * Truism, an assertion that is so obvious as to add nothing to a discussion.

19:20:18 sharon_(eebee1): what is the elgg website that you are talking about??

19:20:23 JasonR: I like Jose’s version better. It’s a taughtology.

19:20:32 JenW: yes. link please?

19:20:54 lee: http://educationbridges.net/elgg

19:21:12 JenW: thank you

19:21:23 JoseR: I joined the elgg this week. The same day I greeted my 100 8th graders.

19:22:41 lee: great Jose!

19:22:43 JoseR: Definitely part of my life for a while to come.

19:24:35 lee: Just plain wrong!!

19:24:53 JoseR: 10-4

19:25:20 JasonR: History of virtual learning environments http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_virtual_learning_environments

19:27:33 lee: yea!!

19:27:34 sharon_(eebee1): I have a vision for that too – where can I get more details about it?

19:27:39 JasonR: That’s in the US or Canada, Dave?

19:28:03 JasonR: Both?

19:28:04 lee: http://personallearningspace.com

19:28:22 JoseR: Hey I teach US History for 8th graders! I will email in!

19:28:51 sharon_(eebee1): how would you like some students from CAnada?

19:28:56 lee: [email protected]

19:29:05 lee: Wonderful Sharon

19:29:39 JasonR: http://newmediateaching.net/ ?

19:30:00 JL: yep

19:30:36 lee: Some teachers and students from every country would be great

19:30:45 dave: yup

19:30:45 JasonR: Yeah, CMSAcademy. Wondered about that status.

19:30:53 sharon_(eebee1): wow that sounds great too! We need to be supporting each other with best practices

19:31:12 JasonR interested in CMS

19:31:58 lee: for those of us learning drupal.. i am really anxious to continue to learn as well…

19:32:12 JenW: I have no idea what drupal is

19:32:45 lee: http://drupal.org/

19:32:53 JasonR: Drupal: Full-featured content management/discussion engine suitable to setup a news-driven community or portal site.

19:33:03 JenW: πŸ™‚ I know how to find it — just not how to use it

19:33:07 JL: http://cmsacademy.net/drupal

19:33:15 lee: http://www.cmsacademy.net/drupal/

19:33:20 JenW: they have a lot of nice templates

19:33:20 lee: oops

19:33:25 Paul_Ellerman: I would be interested in that

19:33:31 JasonR: Yeah. Joined the CMSAcademy. I’m in the same place and looking forward to that.

19:33:33 Paul_Ellerman: the webcast academy

19:33:38 JasonR blushes

19:33:53 lee: http://www.cmsacademy.net/elgg/

19:33:57 JenW: Yo Jason!!! <applause>

19:34:18 lee: http://virtualbridges.net/

19:34:34 JasonR: Good luck Dave

19:34:44 JenW: I signed up for the WBAcademy last week — can’t wait to hear that I was accepted. πŸ™‚

19:34:51 DougSymington: woohooo Calamari and Meno

19:34:56 JenW: or whatever the webcast academy is called πŸ™‚

19:35:01 JasonR: Musicbridges?

19:35:10 lee: Great project idea, Dave

19:35:16 JasonR: Wohoo Lee

19:35:35 lee: Thanks Jason

19:36:05 lee: September will be the coming out webcast…kicks off the show

19:36:13 lee: yes thats right

19:36:32 Paul_Ellerman: Here is where my current thinking is at…

19:36:37 Paul_Ellerman: http://pellermanlearning.wikispaces.com/

19:37:41 Paul_Ellerman: Teaching Web 2.0 – Learning the Read / Write web

19:38:13 JenW: good luck Paul — I can’t wait to read it. I do a lot with Web 2.0 — so I shall bookmark your site

19:38:54 Paul_Ellerman: Thnaks Jen W

19:38:59 lee: Yes Paul.. i have some ideas for presentation per our conversation..great project

19:39:11 Paul_Ellerman: I think i am goign to go the Moodle route

19:39:30 JenW: Paul, I do a great deal with K – 6 grade teachers and online collaboration — so if you ever want to chat, let me know

19:39:47 Paul_Ellerman: Lee, i would not mind hearing your ideas though

19:40:06 lee: yes… i will get up with you on them…

19:41:11 sharon_(eebee1): I would like to intro my friend Ayles-Anne who is also part of the skypecast – she is in Trinidad and Tobago – and was a peer of mine in the EdTech programme at Concordia U in Montreal

19:41:27 JoseR: These USB mics must be cool?

19:41:38 Badzho: hello to every body

19:41:57 lee: Hello Badzho

19:42:10 Badzho: so what are talking abouth here?

19:42:13 DougSymington: have to run, thanks all, have a great week

19:43:04 lisabmarshall: I don’t see previous history on this chat,,,only since i joined…

19:43:12 dave: sorry

19:43:12 lisabmarshall: what am i doing wrong

19:43:19 dave: that’s in the beta

19:43:25 Paul_Ellerman: What are you looking for lisa?

19:43:37 lisabmarshall: whatever was previously chatted

19:43:41 lisabmarshall: here today

19:43:57 lisabmarshall: only can see the current stuff

19:44:04 dave: sorry lisa

19:44:11 Badzho: thats prety normal i think

19:44:16 dave: we don’t have a history on this one

19:44:22 JoseR: The cowbell just rang. Goodnight folks.

19:44:27 Badzho: gn

19:49:29 dave: hi Karen

19:49:38 KarenJanowski: Hi, all

19:49:44 jenw: hello karen

19:50:20 KarenJanowski: what have I missed?

19:50:21 Paul_Ellerman: Nope

19:50:26 Paul_Ellerman: Not for me

19:50:28 lee: I don t see it there

19:50:36 KarenJanowski: I’m so sorry to be late – i just remembered

19:50:39 Paul_Ellerman: I dont see it

19:50:39 lee: it is not showing

19:51:56 Cathy_Evanoff: Lee- my music teacher is going to be interested in music bridges- keep me posted

19:52:08 jenw: the x’d out mikeis till by my name

19:52:17 jenw: is still

19:52:37 jenw: very good promo chat today

19:52:48 sharon_(eebee1): sorry about my mic

19:53:08 sharon_(eebee1): am using a headset but the mic isn’t working so am using an independent mic too

19:53:19 dave: JEFF!

19:53:25 sharon_(eebee1): gotta get my act together and find something that works

19:53:27 dave: hey buddy!

19:53:29 jenw: hey Jeff

19:53:37 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hey guys

19:53:44 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: good to check in

19:57:16 dave: http://www.clearone.com/products/product.php?cat=9?=94

19:57:21 dave: fyi

19:58:50 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: My skypecast sounds very sporatic compared to the stream.

19:58:58 dave: mmm…

19:58:59 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: I am forgetting somehting

19:59:14 JL: how’s your connection speed?

19:59:29 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: cable is as strong as ever I believe

19:59:51 JL: hmmm

20:00:03 jenw: if I can get moodle to work — I have great plans πŸ™‚ however, I can’t get it working yet

20:00:07 JL: try leaving the skypecast and calling ‘worldbridges’

20:00:10 jenw: on my website

20:00:23 JasonR: You are excited or excitable?

20:00:24 sharon_(eebee1): my second year of using moodle – middle school is going laptop

20:00:28 Cathy_Evanoff: I’m excited too- I have a wiki, my principal has an Elgg blog and I have done a few screencast

20:00:50 Paul_Ellerman: Dave, i want to use Moodle for my course

20:00:52 sharon_(eebee1): want to start using wikis and podcasts

20:00:56 jenw: my Online Project wiki’s are going pretty well — teachers are taking to it slowly but they are accepting it

20:01:24 sharon_(eebee1): Jen is IPOP up and running yet?

20:01:36 jenw: we lost someone

20:01:55 jenw: augh — my mike is off in skype — πŸ™‚

20:02:15 Cathy_Evanoff: I hear you in the stream

20:02:20 jenw: IPOP?? No, I think they will have it launched in 2007

20:02:26 jenw: iPOPP

20:02:31 sharon_(eebee1): too bad

20:03:00 jenw: it’s okay — we are still doing the prelim work

20:03:27 lee: hi cathy

20:03:30 lee: hi jen

20:03:32 Cathy_Evanoff: hello

20:03:39 jenw: hi lee

20:03:58 jenw: good chat again — thank you

20:04:02 Paul_Ellerman: See you later everyone!

20:04:22 jenw: is the virtual bridges — do you HAVE to be in 2nd life

20:04:30 jenw: I can’t run 2nd life

20:04:35 sharon_(eebee1): thanks guys!

20:05:07 Cathy_Evanoff: have a good week

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