EdTechTalk#25 Chat Transcript

 EdTechTalk#25 Chat Transcript
November 13, 2005
A Discussion with David Warlick & Terry Freedman

[Elizabeth] I’d like the Chat link to be more prominent on the
[dave-on-air] which page are you coming from?
[Elizabeth] clap clap clap
[dave-on-air] worldbridges or edtechtalk
pgeorge has joined the chat.
[dave-on-air] greetings
[dave-on-air] hi sue
[sroseman] Hi Dave
Lee has left the chat.
[Elizabeth] Sorry–I was in Elluminate Live also–my bad…
[dave-on-air] no prob
[dave-on-air] greetings
[barbara] hi…thanks for the headsup.
[barbara] one reason institutions of higher ed are paranoid about Skype
is because of security issues (at least on the PC side)
[dave-on-air] ys
[dave-on-air] security
[dave-on-air] again
[barbara] and worried about blogs because of potential copyright issues

[barbara] fear of lawsuits hinders a lot of what we try to do
[zakary30] hi evey body
[barbara] ..even if the world is flat…
[zakary30] hi barbara
[barbara] hi zak
[JeffLebow] Hello Zakary
[zakary30] hi
[barbara] zakary (sorry)
[zakary30] sorry for what
[JeffLebow] Is this my nephew zakary or another zakary?
[zakary30] hope am not in the wrong room
[JeffLebow] nope
[zakary30] no it´s an other
[barbara] that I called you zak… I hate it when people call me barb
[JeffLebow] are you listening to the webcast?
[barbara] I am
[zakary30] you can call me what ever you want
[dave-on-air] i’m not
[barbara] dave……..
[barbara] (where is my finger wagging icon)
[zakary30] where are u from barbara
[barbara] oberlin ohio
[barbara] and you
[zakary30] well then am so far.am from danmark
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[barbara] hi dr bob
[elderbob] No Drs here.
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[elderbob] just ldr
[barbara] Milennials may have the tools but that does not mean they
want to use them. I am trying to introduce blogs for my 8th graders..
[barbara] the teacher is thrilled, the kids are bothered
elderbob has left the chat.
[barbara] has anyone talked about how while this might be an incredible
experience for students, it can be terribly scary for teachers?
[barbara] Chaos is not for everyone
[barbara] And if it done poorly, it could be awful
elderbob has joined the chat.
[barbara] welcome back, ldr bob
[elderbob] Sorry, I was having trouble getting sound and text
[elderbob] Now I have both.
Elizabeth has left the chat.
[barbara] Curiously I deleted Audacity and my mike works again!
[elderbob] I think we need to look at ADD again….
[elderbob] we may be misdiagnosing a half dozen things.
[elderbob] It may be an asset for many.
[dave-on-air] sure it is
[barbara] when teachers are goven the power to diagnose such things,
and not doctors, we have a problem… that is what tends to happen he
[elderbob] The truth is, our ability to assess the intellectual and
psycho social state of youth is severely lacking.
[dave-on-air] of anyone
[barbara] here… too much misinformation
[barbara] it is too complex for a quick diagnosis
[elderbob] He sounds like and entrepreneur in the business world.
[elderbob] and we rward that.
[dave-on-air] ?
[dave-on-air] what do you mean elderbob?
[barbara] http://www.CAST.org
[elderbob] The person who sees patterns….in the business world is
often the entrepreneur.’
[dave-on-air] ah.
[dave-on-air] yes.
[dave-on-air] i agree
[elderbob] and as such, he is often rewarded for his insightfulness.
[barbara] science and education and technology woven together to
address learning disabilities
[barbara] (CAST that is)
[elderbob] Didnt STeven Downes deliver pizzas for a while
[dave-on-air] 7/11 i think
[barbara] where are the neuroscientists when we need them…
[elderbob] Dennys, having breakfast and reading a newpaper.
[dave-on-air] sleeping
[elderbob] Experiencing RIM
[elderbob] REM
[barbara] Has anyione followed Bill Gates’ foray into schools? the
small schools program… it has been a disaster here
[elderbob] or maybe RAM or ROM
[elderbob] SO the workplace restructures the supervisors.
[elderbob] so the supervisors can restructure the workplace
[barbara] ha! video game strategy guides are now availble on blogs!
[elderbob] Supervisor as PACMAN or as Ask Jeeves.
[elderbob] Sounds like they would lead to soft assessments as well.
[elderbob] Perhaps we ought to look more at the long tail of curriculum

[dave-on-air] long tail?
[elderbob] What do we do with and for those folks.
[elderbob] The people who fall outside of the bell curve or what ever
[elderbob] what do we do with the exceptions as well as the norm
[elderbob] On both sides of the norm.
mknee has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] Greetings Granite Stater
[mknee] Howdy
[barbara] the plural of anecdote is not equal to data….
[elderbob] Glocalization
[elderbob] It was a very good chat.
[elderbob] Terrific idea.
[elderbob] THey are all busy.
[mknee] that episode for beginners sounds great – perfect for this
kindergarten teacher in NH
maryanne has joined the chat.
[elderbob] Hi Maryanne
[maryanne] Hi Bob
[elderbob] Vance slammed the door behindh im.
[maryanne] I listened to and enjoyed the wecast, but didn’t know how to
find the chat.
[elderbob] Maryanne, the chat record is the 5th icon from the left
[elderbob] Looks like two pieces of paper.
[maryanne] Ok. I’m signing off because the moderators group of EVO is
meeting at 1L00 at LT.
[maryanne] Bye for now.
maryanne has left the chat.
[elderbob] Ill join you there in a second.
[elderbob] subtle.
[elderbob] I am starting this afternoon.
[elderbob] No, its later.
kmls has joined the chat.
[kmls] Hi maria
[elderbob] I start at 20:00 GMT
[elderbob] On COnference line.
[kmls] okay.
[mknee] Kathy?
[kmls] was wondering if Terry and Dave are still one
[kmls] on
[mknee] Hello
[dw] I’m still in the chat!
[kmls] Yes Maria
[kmls] Great
[kmls] Hi david are you enjoying it?
[kmls] Just heard you trying to get into the chat room. glad youmade
[mknee] I joined too late – heard abou 30minutes
[kmls] is it all over?
[dave-on-air] pretty much
[JeffLebow] http://wiaoc.org/
[kmls] how’d it go?
[dw] I’m still in the chat!
[JeffLebow] we miss you David
[dw] Which david?
[JeffLebow] all of ’em
[kmls] Terry said he was a nervous wreck before he spoke
[dw] Same here! I don’t like doing live!
[kmls] I feel the same way
[dw] Unless there’s an audience. then it’s fine!
[kmls] but can you imagine being able to do this across classrooms
across the county
[kmls] country
[JeffLebow] It helps to do it in your pajamas
[kmls] is that the key? my fingers are shaking just typing
[dw] I hadn’t thought of that!
[mknee] there is an audience – a global one
[kmls] that’s the first thing I thought of
[kmls] maria
[kmls] ‘s room and one of mine
[dw] Yeah, but I can’t see them. I have a hearing problem, and I rely a
lot on visual input when communicating.
[dave-on-air] too much info jeff!
[dw] If I’m asked a question from the audience, I have to look at them
to understand them.
[dave-on-air] i was really nervous for the first 20 shows
[dave-on-air] then i got careless
[dave-on-air] then nervous again
[kmls] Oh…so now we get the video in somehow
[kmls] oh…i’d never have known that…
[mknee] I understand the face to face connection piece-important
[dave-on-air] i don’t think we want video of Jeff’s pajamas…
[kmls] I keep looking for ease of use…how do we make that all happen
so we don’t scare the skeptics off
[mknee] I wonder if we just have to figure out how to create that
environment where we can “see” without the actual visual
[kmls] just like reading a book
[mknee] absolutely Kathy
[kmls] jeff’s pj’s would leave the imagination going wild
[kmls] but how do we plan for the hearing impaired?
[mknee] always pushing the line , kathy
[kmls] like TV with closed captions?
[kmls] except the audio automatically gets converted to text like with
dragon speak
[kmls] good show and I missed it! Had a great breakfast though
[kmls] I’m glad it’s streamed.
[kmls] lots of people
[kmls] in the chat
[mknee] i’m going off to school to plan for the week – it was a first
lego league competion this weekend for me
[barbara] muzak?
[sroseman] my lips are sealed
[sroseman] what about eastern
[dave-on-air] very funny barbara
[dave-on-air] how many of those do you have on your computer?
[barbara] Ciao everybody

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