EdTechTalk#21 – Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#21 – Chat Transcript

October 23, 2005

[it_s_me_dave] crazyness

[daf] this is a typical webheads experiment

cbsiskin has joined the chat.

[daf] welcome, Claire

[elderbob] Hi CBSiskin.

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[bob] what is the experiment? what is “alloto?” <is that right?>

[it_s_me_dave] a place to win money?

[elderbob] Alado.com

[bob] ah

[elderbob] Is this Bob, from Texas?

[bob] no… bob sprankle from maine

[it_s_me_dave] ah, that bob.

[elderbob] Ok, there is another Bob from Texas I know, besides myself.

[it_s_me_dave] hi bob

[bob] hi dave

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[aiden] for newbies

daf has joined the chat.

[daf] I had to leave alado

[it_s_me_dave] bob, we’re trying to run two different platforms at the same time…

[it_s_me_dave] but you’ve probably caught on to that by now…

[it_s_me_dave] are you listening to the stream?

[bob] ah. what’s the link for alado?

[daf] I could not have alado, the chat room, and the webcast

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[Rita] ive muted Alado

[Rita] but can see the chat window

[elderbob] I think sound is good.

[Rita] very good, yes, but voice comes and goes

[bob] yes. listening to the stream… unfortunately I have only a few moments… of to visit relatives in a matter of minutes

[bob] off

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[aiden] what are you using to chat in edtech, jeff, skype?

[bee] are you typing from a different window outside Alado or are you typing fromthe central window in Alado?

[daf] now I have this chat, the webcast and alado in different browsers and it is ok

[su_on_mac] >I lost Alado when I tried to open the real Player

[aiden] i’m typing from Alado

[su_on_mac] sol now I went over to my mac

[su_on_mac] and the delays are difefrently timed

[aiden] i just hope no one projects any other webpage in alado or i’ll lose edtech

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[daf] I had to leave alado, could not type into this chat from alado and listen to the webcast at the same time

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aiden has left the chat.

bee has left the chat.

bee has joined the chat.

aiden has joined the chat.

it_s_me_dave has left the chat.

Rita has joined the chat.

[Rita] (been kicked off)

dave_on_air has joined the chat.

[daf] I left alado

sroseman has joined the chat.

[aiden] lol

[bee] I am tyyping directly from the Alado central window

[su_on_mac] su-on_mac is alias Sus Nyrop

[aiden] me, too, bee

[sroseman] I am on a Mac as well

[daf] I left alado and now the sound of the webcast is better

[aiden] only moderators in alado can do that

[cbsiskin] i left alado too

[su_on_mac] my PC froze competely when Itried to stream the cast from RealPlayer, – but it was fun to try

[bee] I can hear Jeff well…and was not kicked out

[aiden] me too bee

[bob] well… I have to go… I love the work you guys are doing and will try and come back next week…

[bob] I’ll catch this on the podcast!

[sroseman] what is the url for ALDO

[Rita] i can also hear well, but ned to leave now, good experiment πŸ˜‰

[bee] http://alado.net/webheads

bob has left the chat.

[su_on_mac] bye to you Rita!

Rita has left the chat.

[daf] this is a screenshot of what happened when I was trying to get a screenshot of alado-worldbridges chat and my screen froze:

[daf] http://daf4.free.fr/pics/alado-wb-exper.jpg

[dave_on_air] ?q=node/115

[su_on_mac] and what was the name of that reader?

[dave_on_air] rssowl

[su_on_mac] type it here pls

[su_on_mac] hm hm

[JeffLebow] http://rssowl.org

ElizabethHS has joined the chat.

[bee] edu ubuntu?

[dave_on_air] edubuntu

[ElizabethHS] What does Access do?

[dave_on_air] database stuff

[ElizabethHS] thanx

[aiden] what’s the site again?

[cbsiskin] and the educational prices for the video ipods are even lower

[aiden] can you type it here?

[ElizabethHS] ehow.com

[ElizabethHS] Mobility is the issue, though

[bee] see you…must go and vote in the referendum now

[ElizabethHS] Good luck to Brazil, Bee!

[ElizabethHS] Got it–like Excel

[bee] let’s see what happens..whether they prohibit the sale of ammunition and arms here or not

[cbsiskin] no not like excel — excell is a spreadsheet

[bee] see you

[ElizabethHS] Won’t stop violence–see Pinker, The Blank slate

[bee] I know

[bee] education is the solution

[cbsiskin] well pinker is highly controversial

[bee] and satisfying people’s basic needs…giving them a chance…empowering them

[ElizabethHS] yes, Bee–and econ development

[bee] anyhow…see you

[ElizabethHS] C;ya

[cbsiskin] see you bee

bee has left the chat.

[daf] that would be a great gift: a video ipod πŸ™‚

[cbsiskin] daf, you are moving to spain?

[daf] yes, i hope I can do it early next year

[sroseman] http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/consumer/consDetail.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=yes&oid=49164278

[cbsiskin] why, if I may ask?

[sroseman] good for previewing photos and watching videos

[daf] well, I don’t like in a dictatorship πŸ™

[sroseman] nice sized screen

[daf] living in a…

[cbsiskin] understandable, daf

[cbsiskin] i understood what you meant

[daf] πŸ™‚

[ElizabethHS] Address for the Yahoo search?

[ElizabethHS] video search?

[dave_on_air] ?q=node/115

[dave_on_air] show notes

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[cbsiskin] so many jeffs πŸ™‚

[daf] yes, a jeffy world πŸ˜‰

[aiden] lol

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] Yes so many Jeff and so little time

jo has joined the chat.

[ElizabethHS] Good notes–thanks for pointing to this excellent resource. You guys have this well organized!

[elderbob] Great advice.

ElizabethHS has left the chat.

[su_on_mac] I get such emails phishing for passwords, titled : You recently changed your password (which I did not)

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] Dave do you think it is because of all the links on other blogs linking to your feedbook

[daf] just delete them, Sus

[elderbob] I wonder if blog spam raises your google ranking?

[su_on_mac] you bewt I do Daf πŸ™‚

[dave_on_air] probably

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] Yes Flock I am using it right now

[dave_on_air] skype in to tell us about it jeff!

[aiden] yes, i got those comments. I always tell my students they can delete these kind of comments

[daf] my students are annoyed by the spam on their newly-created blogger blogs

ElizabethHS has joined the chat.

[elderbob] I think I will stay with Firefox and extensions for now.

[cbsiskin] wb elizabeth

[daf] yes, they delete them, and they have activated the word verification feature

[su_on_mac] Daf – do your students ask for resctricted comments in Blogger, where you need to verify the comment user?

[ElizabethHS] Yeah–I checked the blog and used Back–so got lost.

[daf] but having 5 nasty comments in a row is not nice

cbsiskin has left the chat.

[elderbob] Of course maybe firefox will join with flock and then it will be fireflock

[sroseman] we have OPERA and SAFARI and FIREFOX installed

[dave_on_air] the problem was that they were VERY nice comments

[dave_on_air] “i love your blog, it’s great, buy my stuff”

[daf] yes, Dave that’s what those messages are about

[sroseman] how many browsers can you have?

[dave_on_air] zillions

[dave_on_air] i run 3 regularly

[dave_on_air] konqueror, opera and firefox

[aiden] how can jeff in ann arbor join the voice chat?

[dave_on_air] skype

[su_on_mac] when you have eventual problems with using both Elluminate and Horizon Wimba, it can be a good idea…

[su_on_mac] to have one browser for each system’

[dave_on_air] all you need to do if you want to talk is skype ‘worldbridges’

[dave_on_air] hi jo…

[aiden] thanks, dave

[dave_on_air] sleepy this time of night?

[jo] Hi, Dave

[dave_on_air] thanks for staying up!

[elderbob] Jeff will you describe how that is done.

[jo] I tried to go to bed but then got up again

[dave_on_air] lol

[ElizabethHS] NiceCast? ShoutCast?

[sroseman] 50 in a conference call ..a plus for the Mac

[ElizabethHS] OK–Shoutcast?

ElizabethHS has left the chat.

[dave_on_air] shoutcast is…

[dave_on_air] oh. she left

sus_back_on_mac has joined the chat.

[sus_back_on_mac] why am I hearsing such echo?

[dave_on_air] we fixed

[dave_on_air] it

[sus_back_on_mac] yes, I hear that now :-))

[elderbob] The echo is because Jeff is listening over speakers.

Elizabeth_H-S has joined the chat.

[Elizabeth_H-S] Trying out any links from the Notes seems to bump me from the Chatroom.

[jo] Elizabeth, try having another window open to try out the links

[sroseman] nicecast http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/21347#screenshots

[sroseman] http://www.rogueamoeba.com/nicecast/

[Elizabeth_H-S] I just figured that out, Jo, thankx

[jo] πŸ˜€

[Elizabeth_H-S] From here a new window opens–it’s just from the notes that I have the problem.

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[sus_back_on_mac] I’d like to learn more about how you can Skype in an analog phone call, suah as we plan to do with Etienne for the Nordic voice

[Elizabeth_H-S] Do people here in the chatroom have speaking ability?

[dave_on_air] yes

[sus_back_on_mac] NV online conference

[elderbob] So that would mean that with Gizmo, you could increase the number of voice participants.

[dave_on_air] you can skype in at ‘worldbridges’

[elderbob] and it adds video

[sus_back_on_mac] Elizabeth, you would need to call on Skype

[Elizabeth_H-S] ic

[daf] skype: worldbridges

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] which usb mike do you use?

[elderbob] Jeff and Dave, why do you prefer Skype over Gizmo.

[elderbob] Another words, a training class or time for Gizmo users might be nice

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] same one I have

[daf] Skype sound is great

[sus_back_on_mac] I got a beautiful new headset, Sennheiser 160

[elderbob] If I were doing a limited class, have folks take a class in how to use the Gizmo set up or the Skype set up.

[elderbob] Gizmo is open source, Skype is ont.

[elderbob] not

[Elizabeth_H-S] Skype works well over my cell phone. I assume Gizmo does too?

[Elizabeth_H-S] Makes the call in free.

[elderbob] I had trouble in earlier versions but now it seems to have improved.

[sus_back_on_mac] sounds like great corporate fun

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] any mac folks us iChat much?

[sus_back_on_mac] nope, not me Jeff

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] I did a little but the audio is much less than skype

[elderbob] My thoughts exactly.

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] we use the text IM in iChat at my schools and work much than

[elderbob] Thanks very much for looking into my Gizmo question.

[daf] I use YM with my students

[sus_back_on_mac] popTech?

[jo] YM?

[daf] Yahoo Messenger

[jo] Oh, thanx

[daf] for group work

[daf] and consulting hours

[sus_back_on_mac] hehe

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] web cast and pod cast “Moving at the speed of Creativity”

[daf] πŸ™‚

[aiden] thanks, that’s a compliment πŸ™‚

[JeffLebow] http://www.speedofcreativity.org/

[daf] interesting!

[sus_back_on_mac] Webheads are activists, homegrown virtual nomads

[Elizabeth_H-S] Reading is beyond words, too. You need to subconsciously understand contextual properties.

[daf] pragmatics

[sus_back_on_mac] that’s why score testting does not really reveal if kids are ready to put their knowledge into action

[sroseman] need alot of real world experiences before you read

[Elizabeth_H-S] Depends on the test, Sus.

[sus_back_on_mac] perhaps I understand teh term “test” in a narrow sense

[sus_back_on_mac] in Danish education testing is still pretty controversial

[Elizabeth_H-S] skimming and scanning were always taught–but in higher level classes.

[daf] tests should be learning experiences

[Elizabeth_H-S] I disagree Daf–it would be mixing two modes–learning and assessing

[aiden] got to go folks, thanks and good night, from taiwan

aiden has left the chat.

[Elizabeth_H-S] g’nite, Aiden–see you at EVO

[daf] of course they are part of the assessement process, but they should let the students learn

[daf] what they know and what they have to go back to. Tests should not be given just for grades

[elderbob] Robert Horn’s Visual Language.

[Elizabeth_H-S] I agree there, Daf

[daf] as they do in my university. Teachers then, teach to the test

[daf] I mean they test for a grade

[sus_back_on_mac] yay

[daf] and teach for the test

[Elizabeth_H-S] Chris will be demonstrating to newcomers.

[elderbob] In Dallas, yahooo.

[daf] I will present with her at alado

[Elizabeth_H-S] I hope to join in LT.

[daf] Buth will present at LT with Chris

[elderbob] Communities of Practice?

[Elizabeth_H-S] We have presence.

[daf] it will be MVP session

[daf] lol

[daf] that was sus’ description

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] What will be the screen sharing or will it all be audio?

[daf] there will be page pushing at alado

[daf] and PPT slides at LT

[Elizabeth_H-S] Too loud, Sus

[daf] yes

[Elizabeth_H-S] Sounds great to me!

[Elizabeth_H-S] Sus–you faded out.

Sus_back has joined the chat.

[Sus_back] sorry but I was cut off skype

[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I don’t know alado nor sure what LT stands for

[Elizabeth_H-S] Elluminate is easier to make work than Alado.

[daf] I find alado very easy

[Sus_back] the Nordic Voice conference page is at http://www.nordiskestemme.dk

[daf] I had problems trying to get all my grad students to LT

[daf] even though I created a tutorial for dummies using Camtasia

[Sus_back] it is free of charge and anyone with an interest in language and ICT is welcome

[daf] I spent almost 45 minutes in YM herding them to the Elluminate room

[daf] maybe because they don’t speak english and they got scared when faced with a all-english site

[Elizabeth_H-S] don’t forget Video Online — Mike Marzio and I will be talking about some video resources for teachers and Mike’s new video

[Elizabeth_H-S] Video Online will be in the Webheads convergence conference.

[JeffLebow] Elizabeth, are available to skype?

[Elizabeth_H-S] I guess I’d say, no–I’d have to go dig out my skype account, eh?

[Elizabeth_H-S] Not worth–keep up Sus

[Elizabeth_H-S] Conference site is up with times!

[Elizabeth_H-S] Sorry–I was referring to the Webheads’ conference.

sus_back_on_mac has left the chat.

[daf] VAnce is going to Skype to talk about our WiAOC

[Elizabeth_H-S] Great!

[daf] but can talk about EVO, Eliz,

[daf] you

[Elizabeth_H-S] OK–hang on 2 secs–the household is just waking up.

[daf] lol

[Elizabeth_H-S] 916-524-6988

[daf] that was fast, eliz

[Elizabeth_H-S] Cross-talk…

[Elizabeth_H-S] Did want to mention the EVO in Jan-Feb

[daf] We want to hear about our WiAOC, Vance πŸ˜‰

Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor has left the chat.

[elderbob] Now I am hearing myself on the delay.

[daf] nice to hear Elizabeth

[Sus_back] yes, Elizabeth has a very clear and fine voice call!!

[daf] when Sus starts talking she won’t stop, Jeff, she might take your place πŸ˜‰

[Sus_back] Vnace is not in here and he cannot hear US in the Skype room

[Sus_back] oh Daf!!!

[daf] lol

elderbob has left the chat.

[Sus_back] I have stopped talking!

[dave_on_air] oh no!

[daf] lol

[Sus_back] a roundtable discussion sounds very interesting

[Sus_back] sounds like a cool session Elizabeth, can you invite Webheads for that particular session, we promise to be good

[Sus_back] i will jump out so someone else can get into Skype

[daf] yes, just like this year

[daf] Tere and I will be delivering Becoming a Webhead in its third round

[Sus_back] <i just jumped out from the Skype room without saying goodbye, perhaps very impolite’

[Elizabeth_H-S] [email protected]

[Sus_back] actually I would need to start some cooking dinner!

[Elizabeth_H-S] Sus–it’s breakfast time for us!

[daf] almost lunch time for me

[Sus_back] and I am in a team of three co-moderators preparing an EVO blog course with Jane and Anna

[Sus_back] we do hear you so well Vance

[daf] the sound is great here

[Elizabeth_H-S] I agree, Vance

[Sus_back] i just found out I will be in Spain for the TESOL week

[Sus_back] so I will probably have to do with recorded podcasts

[Sus_back] the TESOL 2005 Webheads Fiesta was audioblogged live from Austin

[daf] I hope to be in Tampa

[Sus_back] so you will not be in Spain that week πŸ™

[daf] I have not been to TESOL for 3 years in a row

[daf] he he, the TESOL Alado session

Sus_back has left the chat.

Sus_back has joined the chat.

[daf] well,I think we need to be critical when a tools is not used in the best way

sroseman has left the chat.

[daf] are

[daf] they could have recorded a video-conference

[Sus_back] I found out I was not able to text chat because I wanted to know the name of the presenter and I would have asked someone in p¾r

[daf] and then people would have asked the questions in a forum

[daf] Vance cannot read these comments

[Elizabeth_H-S] Did anyone give them feedback??

[daf] well, we have discussed this issue in the WiA list

[JeffLebow] Would anyone else like to skype in to offer feedback?

[JeffLebow] We like interactivity!

[daf] Andy said that they had not want to rehearse

[jo] Well, guys, I guess I’m off to bed now. See you next time.

[daf] they had no time to rehearse

[JeffLebow] Thanks for staying up JO

jo has left the chat.

[JeffLebow] Sleep well

[daf] and to get to know how to use Alado

[Sus_back] This is indeed a problem I am also experiencing with the Nordic voice conference; presenters/discussion leaders are not aware…

[Sus_back] how much they would need to train with a new online environment

[Sus_back] the idea of having personal coaches sounds very heloful’

[daf] yes

[Elizabeth_H-S] TESOL isn’t really on our WiA list, so maybe Vance should summarize for John?

[Elizabeth_H-S] Alado just gives Mac users so many problems, for some reason.

[Sus_back] I agree, John and Margo should know we have had this dsicusssion

[Elizabeth_H-S] Can you have more than one chatroom at a time, Dave?

[JeffLebow] yes

[daf] Christine B-R is in the list and she mentioned that the TAC should let them know

[dave_on_air] hey.. that was my question!!!

[dave_on_air] yes.

[Elizabeth_H-S] But will Christine do that?

[daf] no idea

[Elizabeth_H-S] (the should part…)

[daf] Susan G. is the TAC chair now

elderbob has joined the chat.

[Elizabeth_H-S] Dave was so neat on the phone–I felt it was a conversation, not a broadcast.

[dave_on_air] that’s the goal

[daf] yes, Eliz. I had the experience in spain

[elderbob] and I have lost the sound somehow.

[elderbob] Now the sound comes on.

[daf] Jeff phoned me while I was by the swimming pool, and having lunch with family

[elderbob] Im listening to Vance, so I think this is quite delayed.

[Elizabeth_H-S] It has to make the connection.

[daf] they could even hear the spanish accent of my family and friends there

[daf] VAnce is speaking

[elderbob] So maybe it is not delayed.

[Elizabeth_H-S] I had that problem for a minute, Vance.

[Elizabeth_H-S] But I just started over with the address.

[daf] he he

[elderbob] I am listening to Vance, but I h ave a picture of Bush on my TV.

[daf] πŸ™

[elderbob] \Im pretending Bush is actually Vance.

[daf] lol

[elderbob] I iike Bush much bettter that way.

[Sus_back] Webheads can be very very tough!!

[Elizabeth_H-S] Oh Bob πŸ˜€

[Elizabeth_H-S] You see, we are talking out of turn again….

[elderbob] Im always out of turn….

[Elizabeth_H-S] To Skype in–do we go to Skype or what?

[Sus_back] thank you everyone – this was another great Sunday afternoon

[daf] lol

[elderbob] But I m listening to the conversation.

[elderbob] Maybe its a left brain, right brain thing.

[elderbob] My left brain is text messaging.

[Elizabeth_H-S] Maybe a Skype link could be put in the list?

[elderbob] Right brain is listening.

[Sus_back] yes, open Skype and make a call for worldbridges or dave_cormier

[Elizabeth_H-S] Definitely!

[Sus_back] interesting split brain case, eBob

[Sus_back] virtual T-shirts?

[Sus_back] we can print our own shirts

[elderbob] Actually in my case, I think it has been subdivided, by my del.icio.us categorries.

[elderbob] Thats a great idea.

[elderbob] and what about theme music.

[daf] this is our map for the BaW-06 session

[Elizabeth_H-S] Thanks, Dave–great ‘cast

[daf] http://www.risingconcepts.com/frapper/baw2006

[Sus_back] :puts on her good old invisibility cloak

[elderbob] It was fun….

[dave_on_air] cool

[Sus_back] :vanishes in cyberspace

[elderbob] bye all.

[Sus_back] Bye bye dear edtdechers

[elderbob] More coffe…

[daf] we should have webheads-worldbridges t-shirts

[Sus_back] wow

[Elizabeth_H-S] I’m curious how you accept multiple Skypes?

[daf] thanks, Jeff and Dave

[Elizabeth_H-S] At TESOL Tampa, that will be true, but they WILL tell you.

[Sus_back] did you try to make a call yet Eliz?

[elderbob] They are on a conference call in skype

[Elizabeth_H-S] That

[dave_on_air] thanks for coming

[dave_on_air] nice to have you as always

[Elizabeth_H-S] ‘s why we need to arrange this beforehand with TESOL and CALL-IS.

[elderbob] But they did say earlier, that there was a way to include even more participants on a MAC

[Elizabeth_H-S] Vance–whoa!–there may be guards at the door of the conference this year.

[Elizabeth_H-S] We do need to make some arrangements.

[daf] well, hope not to get busted as I got in the airport of my own country πŸ™

[Elizabeth_H-S] The EV is Tom Robb and Susan Gaer as Chair and Chair-elect

[Elizabeth_H-S] But Steve will be there too.

[Elizabeth_H-S] OK–at least register.

[daf] πŸ˜‰

[Elizabeth_H-S] I think it would be better both for CALL IS and for EdTech to be “official” however.

[elderbob] In Florida, they will be considered to be broadcasting to Cuba

[Elizabeth_H-S] Yes–think of Daf’s experience!

[Elizabeth_H-S] Of course Dave isn’t as cute.

[Elizabeth_H-S] We’

[Elizabeth_H-S] d like to get official sponsorship and help in setup, etc.

[dave_on_air] we like being aofficial

[elderbob] And you fellows could help set up the Live Webhead party.

[Elizabeth_H-S] CALL IS will be all for it–and it’s only courteous to let them know in advance what will happen.

Sus_back has left the chat.

[dave_on_air] yes… and who’s saying i’m not cute

[Elizabeth_H-S] We’d like to gather interviewees, not interfere with the pre-advertised schedule, etc.

[JeffLebow] Absolutely. We want to make sure everyone knows what we have in mind and is OK with it

[elderbob] We did that in San Antonio.

[Elizabeth_H-S] Yes

[Elizabeth_H-S] Many times at the EV, they have limited access and you have to take a number.

[daf] I prefer a pub

[daf] with some beer samplers

[Elizabeth_H-S] We’d want to be a star show–like Garrison Keiler.

[elderbob] Are you going to be there, Daf?

[daf] hope to, Bob

[elderbob] THen you can host the 2nd annual Cyber Celebration for webheads.

[daf] I have not been able to make it to TESOl since Salt Lake

[Elizabeth_H-S] Gotta to attend to family–but stay in touch guys. I really would hate to see this totally “on the wing”–should be official.

[elderbob] Dave and Jeff will help you.

[Elizabeth_H-S] Bye all! Thanx for a great session–sorry I missed Downes last week.

[elderbob] Bye Elizabeth.

[daf] I would love to do it if I can make it there, bob

[elderbob] I would be happy to help in the virtual sense.

[elderbob] You need to get with Vance and Elizabeth and see what the best date and time might be.

[elderbob] I can tell you how I did San Antonio, and I am sure those who were there, may have some of their own suggestions

[elderbob] Take the web presence class in January.

[daf] you are a born webhead, Jeff

[elderbob] Well, I lost audio again so I am going too.

[elderbob] I will talke to you all on another time.

[elderbob] \bye.

elderbob has left the chat.

[daf] back to work, guys, nice being here again πŸ™‚

[daf] thanks!

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