EdTechTalk#17 Chat Transcript

 EdTechTalk#17 – Chat Transcript
September 25, 2005

[JeffLebow] Hey Scott, we’re using a different chat room today.
[JeffLebow] Go to and click chat room
[Scott] okey dokey,
Scott has left the chat.
sus_denmark has joined the chat.
[JeffLebow] Hello Sus
[JeffLebow] We’re using a different chat room today – go to and click ‘chat room’
[sus_denmark] Hi Jeff, sorry but this is how I got in
aiden has joined the chat.
[sus_denmark] Hi Aiden
daf has joined the chat.
[aiden] hi Sus
[sus_denmark] lools like there is a mess with the chat room today
[daf] :hugs and kisses all on both cheeks
[JeffLebow] Not a mess – just a change
[sus_denmark] we are still getting in to the old java room from the homepage
[JeffLebow] From worldbridges, yes. Try going to and click chat room.
[sus_denmark] But Jeff – this IS how I got in
sus_denmark has left the chat.
[JeffLebow] ?q=chatbox&autolaunch=1
sus_denmark has joined the chat.
leebaber has joined the chat.
[sus_denmark] I used the link from the homepage and got back here
[sus_denmark] soI was sorry bit when you called me, I was not aware I would already be online , in the air
[leebaber] So jeff, my skype is on and off.. any clues?
[sus_denmark] so I forgot how to turn off the stream and could not hear you well
[leebaber] hello all and thanks for having this again jeff.
[sus_denmark] I think that you ought to tell people somehow you would make a call first
[daf] lol,
[sus_denmark] are we wtill working to get us to the new chat room?
[sus_denmark] I had my stream turned off so now I got left behind
aiden has left the chat.
[daf] everybody was guest 478 in the other chat
[JeffLebow] OK, we’re starting now and keeping both chat rooms open
[daf] what a mess
[sus_denmark] I am hearing someone’s terribly noisy desktop signals in my ears
[sus_denmark] which type of chat is this new tool?
[leebaber] I guess I missed it. What is the other chat room.
[daf] I am listening
Richard_Cheyney has joined the chat.
[sus_denmark] tap tap tap – who’s typing?
[Richard_Cheyney] Hello everyone
[daf] hi Richard
[sus_denmark] I had lost my connection -yes I am here now
[sus_denmark] who was coughing?
[Richard_Cheyney] you look like guest 478 Daf. πŸ˜‰
[daf] lol
[sus_denmark] true grassroot authenticity!
[daf] I decided to be back to my old self
[Richard_Cheyney] actually, this is Scott from Tokyo
[sus_denmark] cool, hello sir
dave has joined the chat.
dave has left the chat.
[daf] Hey Scott, you have an alter ego πŸ˜‰
[sus_denmark] had you been given a different explanation for how to get in?
[sus_denmark] I did as I always do, and that was how you explained
[daf] they are talking about the problem, Sus, are you listening?
[sus_denmark] and I have no idea how to get to the different chat?
[daf] with the url Jeff gave at the beginning
[sus_denmark] yes I listen and I wonder what waqs diffrent in the way they tried to make us get in
guest478 has joined the chat.
[daf] I tried My Yahoo, and could not subscribe, Jeff
[sus_denmark] hello another gusst 478!!
[JeffLebow] http://opera.com/products/desktop/
[daf] they said the url could not be found
[sus_denmark] what is this link?
[Richard_Cheyney] Opera is free
[Richard_Cheyney] it rocks
[sus_denmark] I never used any browsers that were not free
[daf] I don’t use anything that is not free
[daf] that is the advice from my pocket
[Richard_Cheyney] free as in speech or as in beer?
[sus_denmark] right, Daf
[daf] wow, that’s neat! Jeff
[sus_denmark] does Opera understand English with an accent?
[daf] with different accents, Sus, πŸ˜‰
buthaina has joined the chat.
aiden has joined the chat.
[buthaina] hi aiden
[daf] welcome buth and aiden
[buthaina] thanks, daf
[aiden] nice to be back
[Richard_Cheyney] guest478 LOL
[guest478] hi there
[guest478] this is my new name FOREVER
[buthaina] is this dave talking?
[JeffLebow] http://podscope.com/
[leebaber] jeff, Can you ring me. I am getting a greeting when dialing up skype.
aiden has left the chat.
aiden has joined the chat.
[Richard_Cheyney] *meow*
[aiden] i lost the url, can someone repaste please?
Richard_Cheyney has left the chat.
[buthaina] wow, that sounds cool, Jeff
Scott_in_Tokyo has joined the chat.
[aiden] podcast
[leebaber] Thanks Jeff, skype hung up again.. lets try it again. Thanks
[JeffLebow] http://podscope.com/ ?
[aiden] yes that one
[sus_denmark] cool or scary
[aiden] it’s there
[Scott_in_Tokyo] I am listening on the Real Player. It sounds really good.
[aiden] both?
[aiden] LOL
[daf] I am using WMP
[sus_denmark] the Real Plsyer is great today, yes
[daf] and the sound is excellent, too
[buthaina] Jeff, what did you say we should enter in podscope, please?
[buthaina] I’m there and entered wordlbridges; it’s asking me now for more words
[aiden] LOL
[buthaina] hehehe πŸ˜€
[sus_denmark] Aiden, do you need a link for the webcast that’s streaming just now?
[aiden] yes, sus
[Scott_in_Tokyo] http://worldbridges.com:8002/listen.pls
[sus_denmark] lol
[JeffLebow] Thanks scott
[Scott_in_Tokyo] okey dokey
[aiden] thanks
[buthaina] thanks, Scott
[daf] I could not find Worldbridges neither Webheads in Action, but tons of sites under Podcasts
[aiden] what’s the name again?
[aiden] teacher…?
[Scott_in_Tokyo] that is the 24 kbs stream, for the 64 kbs use port 8000 instead of 8002, capiche?
[buthaina] Daf, it got me worldbridges, but said need more words to get me a hit
[buthaina] i mean a hit at wordbridges
[daf] yes, I think it was the message I got too
[JeffLebow] try world bridges
[JeffLebow] Only recognizes dictionary words
[buthaina] i think it needs a topic or a date, but will try what you’ve suggested Jeff
[buthaina] it worked Jeff, got me a hit from august 31
[JeffLebow] http://elgg.net/
[leebaber] Jeff, do we have a blackboard to see pages etc.?
[daf] I got to september 12
[buthaina] Jeff, what do you think of JAJAH? have you tried it?
[buthaina] Sus, has an Elgg blog, right Sus?
[Scott_in_Tokyo] I’ve been playing with http://mybloglog.com
[guest478] elgg is a blog
[Scott_in_Tokyo] It is a fun way to keep track of outbound clicks from your blog
[buthaina] Robin Good mentioned it and recommended it..I have downloaded the program but not tested or played with it yet
[buthaina] (ignore the first (it)..hehehe
Dennis has joined the chat.
[Dennis] trying to multi-task here . . . .
sus_denmark has left the chat.
sus_denmark has joined the chat.
[Dennis] Hi, Sus.
[sus_denmark] Ubutu?
[Scott_in_Tokyo] ubuntu
[JeffLebow] http://www.ubuntu.com/
[Scott_in_Tokyo] http://www.ubuntulinux.org/
[buthaina] just heard the result i got from podscope, Jeff..this is neat; thanks Jeff
[Scott_in_Tokyo] both URLs go to the same place
[JeffLebow] edtechtalk.opml
[sus_denmark] this is my major reason for not starting to experiment with linux
[Scott_in_Tokyo] ubuntu can be installed on either a PowerPC mac or an intel PC.
[sus_denmark] it looks so scary!
[JeffLebow] http://www.bloglines.com/blog/edtechtalk
[sus_denmark] OPML?
[JeffLebow] http://www.answers.com/opml
[Dennis] Thanks for the EdTechTalk bloglines page.
[aiden] OPML- collection of RSS feeds connected to edtech.com
[daf] I get this message trying to subscribe to My Yahoo: Could not find the RSS you asked for
[Scott_in_Tokyo] outline processor markup language – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OPML
[aiden] thanks Scott
[Scott_in_Tokyo] OPML was created by Dave Winer, the same guy who invented RSS
[Dennis] Thanks for the OPML links.
[sus_denmark] yes, just imagine!
[Dennis] Just imagine indeed!
[daf] I have subscribed Edtechtalk to my iTunes πŸ™‚
[Dennis] Good idea, Daf. I haven’t done that yet.
[Scott_in_Tokyo] The internet’s number one curmudgeon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Winer
[daf] that’s right, Jeff
I had a new book about podcast solutions that looks very helpful, by
Michael Geoghegan and Dan Klass, bit above my actual level
[sus_denmark] published by friendsoft
[daf] I am going to have my graduate students subscribe to edtechtalk πŸ™‚
[sus_denmark] and I am going to listen your students I hope, Daf πŸ™‚
[Dennis] I agree, Jeff, about the “test drive” idea.
[daf] yes, you will, Sus πŸ™‚
[JeffLebow] http://www.usca.edu/education/MEdTech/portfolio/portfolio.shtml
[sus_denmark] Dave, sounds like a great idea
Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor has joined the chat.
[Scott_in_Tokyo] hey Jeff in Ann Arbor
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] Hey back atcha, Scott
leebaber has left the chat.
leebaber has joined the chat.
[Scott_in_Tokyo] is portfolio a place for showpiece work or works in progress?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
[daf] that’s what I use for my students
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] or is it an arena for communication and organization
[daf] they select their best pieces of work
[Dennis] Who wrote the rubric for portfolio evaluation?
[daf] I just open a forum in Moodle for each student and use it as a portfolio
[Scott_in_Tokyo] good idea Daf!
[Scott_in_Tokyo] The business of America is business!!
[Dennis] Question from WiA chat: Why aren’t the USCA campuses into distance ed?
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] What ever the name as long as there is reflection, revision, sharing and engagement/investment
[Scott_in_Tokyo] are the webheads still chatting at Tapped IN??
[Dennis] Yes, Scott.
[Dennis] Some are, anyway.
[sus_denmark] would be interesting to find out what it takes for people to work as gree agents instead of emplyers
[sus_denmark] Free agents, I mean, or the older term free lance workers
[Dennis] Thanks for this session, Jeff. Kamsahamnida!
[leebaber] jeff, Could I ask you to ring me again. I did not have the headphones on properly which caused feedback. Thanks, Lee
[aiden] thanks
[Scott_in_Tokyo] keep the stream alive
[daf] you will be mentioned in an article in the TESOL Essential Teacher to be published in December
[Dennis] Terrific, Daf!
[sus_denmark] Daf – is that perhaps an article you will be writing?
[daf] I wrote it, Sus, about my arch. blended courses
[leebaber] Yes, you did well.
[leebaber] operation eden.. whats the link
[sus_denmark] great Daf!
[buthaina] Jeff, you’re already popular among TESOLers..
leebaber has left the chat.
[aiden] there’s echo
[guest478] yes… echo
[sus_denmark] yes – let us hear from Daf!
guest478 has left the chat.
leebaber has joined the chat.
[aiden] lol
[Dennis] Why the echo, Jeff?
[Scott_in_Tokyo] WB lee
[leebaber] jeff, please ring me again. Thanks, Lee
[sus_denmark] can we have a link to your course, Daf?
[Dennis] (I’m hearing you twice.)
[sus_denmark] Daf has a dog?
[sus_denmark] echo
[sus_denmark] dogcasting!
[Dennis] Dogcasting? LUVIT!
[sus_denmark] stream your dog
[Dennis] ROTFL
guest479 has joined the chat.
[Scott_in_Tokyo] It would be fun to hear them describe the buildings in the town
[daf] she is quiet now
[sus_denmark] voice enabled tools – now also for baking users
[sus_denmark] barking
leebaber has left the chat.
[Dennis] RSS feeds.
[Dennis] And how to add them.
[Dennis] (Webheads info)
[Dennis] No echo now.
[daf] I am back here
[daf] and listening again
[Scott_in_Tokyo] Dafne did it
[sus_denmark] still echo
[daf] it was not me, Jeff πŸ˜‰
[sus_denmark] ah ah – this is why we get an echo
[Scott_in_Tokyo] you can say that again
[Dennis] No, ElderBob Brannan was talking about RSS feeds in WiA.
[sus_denmark] Daf – you know you need a headset!
[Scott_in_Tokyo] Really Simple Syndication
[Dennis] I’m not skyping.
[daf] yes, I bought a headset, but have not install it yet
[sus_denmark] wow, that’s real noisy!!
[daf] installed it
[Dennis] I have too many other things going now.
[sus_denmark] what happens, is that Rita?
[Dennis] Right, Jeff. Another time, OK?
[daf] if I do now, I have to restart
leebaber has joined the chat.
[daf] hi Lee
[Dennis] Right. Sorry.
[sus_denmark] sounded like a hurricane in my ears
[leebaber] Hi Daf.
[Dennis] I’m trying to do two chats at the same time. I’m not coordinated enough to Skype also.
[buthaina] ok, Jeff, Dave, and everyone, I’ve got to leave now..Thanks a lot for this great session, as always..
[buthaina] Bye, bye all
[daf] yes, tell us, Dave
I rebooted Skype. Could you please try ringing me again. I have live
wire on but not sound on. Can you try skype again. Lee
[leebaber] Bye Buth
[buthaina] bye lee
buthaina has left the chat.
[daf] Bye, Buth
sus_denmark has left the chat.
sus_denmark has joined the chat.
[daf] Lee wants to be called again
[daf] it is fine here
[Dennis] Much better.
[leebaber] Hello Jeff, Sorry I have been such a bother
[sus_denmark] Lee, why don
[sus_denmark] why don’t you just call
[JeffLebow] sorry we haven’t been able to get things figured out.
[leebaber] I only get the voice mail when I call.
[sus_denmark] I hear you fine
sus_denmark has left the chat.
aiden has left the chat.
[Dennis] It’s good to hear your voice, Lee.
[Scott_in_Tokyo] FUNEMNX
[Scott_in_Tokyo] SVFMNX
[Scott_in_Tokyo] OKLFMNX
[JeffLebow] Huh?
[Scott_in_Tokyo] sorry
[Scott_in_Tokyo] wrong chat
[JeffLebow] Sounds likek your girls are still awake Scott
[JeffLebow] Isn’t it past their bedtime?
[Scott_in_Tokyo] they stay awake in shifts
[JeffLebow] Lucky you – 24/7 parenting
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] maybe you need a bigger place πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
[leebaber] Thanks Dennis!
[daf] I am very bad at using Flash
[daf] lol
[Dennis] Ah, yes. Reminds me of Carl Sandburg: If we had some ham, we could have ham and eggs if we had some eggs.
[Scott_in_Tokyo] πŸ˜‰
Glad to hear this discussion a early El software, Kid Pix, exports as a
movie and to my surprise exports as Flash
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] I was wondering why
[daf] lol, Dennis
[guest479] it shoudln’t be legal to export to flash… i thought it was licensed…
[daf] I think I am getting old for multitasking πŸ˜• πŸ˜•
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] Could have the Kid Pixx software licencsed it as it is in the Menu Toolbar lIst
[leebaber] Yes, it is me Dave.
[daf] can we get the chatlogs of these sessions?
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] THis share option is for When a student exports a multimedia project, image and sound to share
[JeffLebow] Yes
[JeffLebow] Chat logs will be posted right after the show
[Scott_in_Tokyo] http://www.edactive.com/readingcamp/
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] I was playing with it to convert student classroom work to upload in a portfolio or repository.
[daf] that’s what I love in DW
[daf] I create a template and it takes care of all the pages
[daf] but you need a server to host it
[leebaber] oops , I got disconnected…
[leebaber] can you ring me?
[Dennis] Thanks for the clarification on moodle.org and moodle.com .
[JeffLebow] Tried calling, but failed
[leebaber] Let me reboot skype again…brb
[guest479] lovely as always but guest 478-9 must head out!
[Scott_in_Tokyo] later guest
[JeffLebow] Thanks for tuning in guest
[Scott_in_Tokyo] we hardly knew ya
[guest479] only the good die young
[leebaber] Ok. lets try it now.
[JeffLebow] Conference is full right now – will skype as soon as there’s space.
[JeffLebow] Sorry.
[Dennis] This is fascinating, but I need to leave.
[leebaber] Bye Dennis. are you ready for the vetting?
[JeffLebow] Can you listen to the 24kbs webstream in the meantime
[JeffLebow] standby
[Dennis] Many thanks for a wonderful session!
[leebaber] We should have a live chat for a pre vet brainstorm or last minute questions.
Dennis has left the chat.
[leebaber] What do you think?
[daf] yes, I think it is a good idea
[leebaber] What venue should we use to chat?
[daf] I will be in Spain from Oct 1st to the 10th, attending a conference in Zaragoza
[leebaber] Cool..
[daf] but I will have connection after the conference which is oct 3-5
[daf] I think YM is a good option
[Scott_in_Tokyo] any one got a URL for Kid Pix??
[daf] I don’t have skype in Spain the computer has W98
[daf] I think that Vance will say who is going to vet what
[Jeff_in_Ann_Arbor] http://www.broderbund.com
[daf] say it again, Jeff
[JeffLebow] http://worldbridges.com/livewire/?p=25
[JeffLebow] http://worldbridges.com/livewire/stream2.asx
[leebaber] I will download real audio… haven’t tried that…
[Scott_in_Tokyo] http://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/sbeck/kid_pix_integrat
[Scott_in_Tokyo] Kid Pix integration mentioned by Sue
[Scott_in_Tokyo] http://ci.iplusone.org
Scott_in_Tokyo has left the chat.
[daf] well, I am leaving for today, thanks for everything, Jeff, Dave and all
[JeffLebow] Thanks Daf
daf has left the chat.
[leebaber] I lost my connection…
WEll, Thanks Jeff, Scott, Jeff, Daf, et al… I can not hear now so I
hope I can download the last bit you were dicussing 

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