EdTechTalk#15 – Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk#15 – Chat Transcript

[buth] I hear you

[Sus] I hear you, with a lot of echo Buth

[guest] I hear you fine, also, Buth.

guest has left the chat.

daf has joined the chat.

[daf] hi everybody

[Solfrid] hi daf

[Sus] no big delay I think Rita

[daf] we can hear you, Rita

[daf] :hugs Sus

[Sus] :hugs dear Daf :-))

[daf] I hear no echo

[buth] Here is the URL to our Skyp Project”: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/skypeproject_portal.htm

[Sus] thank you Buth

[WorldbridgesHQ] I don’t think we hear the echo when Rita speaks…only when she is listening to others speak

[buth] welcome, Sus

[buth] and a direct link to the activities: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/skypeproject_activities.htm

doliver has joined the chat.

[daf] :hugs Dennis

[doliver] Daf! Abrazones!

[daf] πŸ™‚

[doliver] I think I caught your flu via e-mail!

[daf] poor you πŸ™

[doliver] I had some kind of virus / nasty cold last week.

[daf] are you feeling better?

[doliver] But I’m feeling almost human now!

[daf] I am fine now, just loaded with work

[doliver] :o)

[doliver] What I’m hearing about the Rita-Buth project is really exciting.

[daf] I am going to Spain next week and need to have finished the planning of the 2 courses I will be teaching in September

[doliver] Always traveling!

[daf] yes, it sounds very interesting

[doliver] Thank goodness for the Internet, huh?

[daf] right

[doliver] Definitely!

[doliver] My fall classes start tomorrow.

[doliver] Things are starting to come together for the conference in October.

Solfrid has left the chat.

[daf] hmm, I start classes on Sep 19, but need to go back to work on the 12, the day I come back from Spain

[doliver] Wow!

[doliver] Are you planning to be in two places at the same time? ;o)

[daf] I sent Vance the rubric used for the TESOL convention proposals

[daf] he he, I will start on the 13th

[elderbob] From Wikipedia:

[doliver] :o) Sounds like a good idea!

[doliver] I have a copy, too.

[daf] I could not be at TI today (sleeping πŸ˜‰

[daf] yes, I remember sending it to you

[doliver] I didn’t sleep well last night, so I was there.

[doliver] It begins at 5:00 AM my time.

[elderbob] I cant paste to here.

[doliver] What was it going to be, Bob?

[daf] that is very early, Dennis

[sroseman] 11:00 AM in Canada

[elderbob] I did a google search for lag problems…there is a lot of stuff out there.

[doliver] It sounds to me like a very promising project, Buth.

[elderbob] Apparently lag is a big probblem for Skype.

[doliver] And Rita!

[buth] I hope so, Dennis

[elderbob] \Part of the issue is that it is proprietary.

[doliver] Yes, it’s early, but I normally get up pretty early.

[doliver] Insh’allah, Buth!

[Sus] clap clap clap, I heard this so fine

[doliver] Me, too, Sus.

[daf] me too

[buth] heheh, yes, Inshallah, wallah, Denniis

[Sus] were both Rita and Buth connecting from Skype?

[buth] Shukran

[doliver] Buth, please give my congratulations to Rita, too, OK?

[buth] Not now, Sus

[elderbob] and there went the lag.

[doliver] :o) Buth

[sroseman] You are sounding fine now, Jeff

[buth] but will be on Monday..inshalla

[doliver] Afwan!

[elderbob] It is either Buth or Ritas computer or connection.

[Sus] hello again Dave πŸ™‚

[elderbob] I beleive it was Rita, and Rita had a microphone and a speaker on.

[Sus] computer crashes are REAL fun indeed

[buth] I think it’s me , Bob

[daf] Lee is having problems to connect to the chat and to Skype Worldbridges

[sroseman] would love to check my connection

[elderbob] Jeff we are losing your volume.

[doliver] Interesting, Jeff.

[elderbob] That may be part of the problem.

[elderbob] Sue has no lag.

[Sus] I can hear Sue

[doliver] I can’t.

[elderbob] now no sue.

[doliver] Right.

[buth] I hear you better now, Jeff

[daf] I hear her

dave has left the chat.

[doliver] I hear Leanne fine.

[buth] I hear you very well, Jeff

dave has joined the chat.

[doliver] WB, Dave.

[doliver] Yes, Sue’

[dave] hello

[doliver] Sue’s much better now.

[dave] nice to be back

[buth] I like this “”welcome” sounds very welcoming..lol

[doliver] :o)

sroseman has left the chat.

[elderbob] I said “I do”, once and wound up married the next day.

[buth] Yes, hear you all, Jeff, Lee and Sue very well

[daf] lol, Bob

[doliver] ROTFL

[Sus] I’m getting short of memory, cannot have too many programs open

[Sus] yes, Jeff, it did

[doliver] Yes, it did.

[Sus] hearing Sue well!

[doliver] Me, too.

[doliver] I agree with Sus, Jeff.

[dave] this has not been a great computer day here in pei

[daf] I have heard everybody with no prob

[buth] Jeff, what was your question? heard you said my name!

[doliver] Ah, well, life’s little glitches and challenges keep things interesting.

[Sus] Dave – we’re learning a lot from all of this troubleshooting!

sroseman has joined the chat.

[Sus] hi Sue

[sroseman] hi Sus

[Sus] sroseman alias Sue

[sroseman] correct

[buth] Have you heard me too , Daf? was it clear?

[doliver] Ah.

[daf] yes, Buth quite clear

[doliver] Buth: I heard you fine here, but not at WB.

[daf] and Rita, too

[doliver] I’m using FireFox.

[daf] no lags here

[buth] oh, thanks, for saying that Daf..this helps a lot

[daf] πŸ™‚

[sroseman] turned it off

[buth] yes, Dave’s sound a bit low

[Sus] dave is better now

[doliver] Dave and Jeff are pretty equal now.

[doliver] Unfortunately, now that things are just getting going, I have to leave.

[doliver] Could someone please send me a transcript?

[Sus] Bye Ollie πŸ™‚

[sroseman] I turned off the RealPlayer

[doliver] [email protected]

[doliver] Bye, Sus!

[Sus] fine Sue, good girl

[doliver] Hasta que te watcho, Daf.

[doliver] Nice to meet you, Sue.

[buth] yes, much better here too, Dave

[sroseman] though it was off

[daf] hasta luego, Dennis

[doliver] Take care, Dave and Bob and Jeff.

[doliver] Ma’a salaama, Buth.

[WorldbridgesHQ] Bye Dennis

[doliver] Take care all.

[Sus] did you say that Moodle will allow podcasting? You’re very low again Dave

[doliver] Te mandarΓ…Β½ un mesaje, Daf.

[buth] Allah Esalmik, Dennis

[Sus] that helped

[doliver] Shukran!

[daf] bien, Dennis, gracias

[doliver] Bye . . .

[buth] Shukran for talking in Arabic..

[doliver] :o)

[daf] bye

[buth] Bye bye Dennis and take care, habibi

[doliver] My pleasure, Buth. I like Arabic, but I only know “kitchen Arabic,” I’m afraid.

[daf] lol

[doliver] Shukran, shukran, shukran for the “habibi.”

[buth] noffin worng with kitchen arabic

[daf] I love it!

[elderbob] I missed something about that patch in Moodle…what patch?

[doliver] No–especially if you get to eat lots of good food!

[buth] Afwan, Afwan, anytime Dennis

[doliver] And now . . .

[Sus] hehe, we can hear both of you

[daf] in fact, I love food from all over the world

[doliver] Do vyj zhednyje!

doliver has left the chat.

[buth] And now, ma3a alsamalh , bye, bye Dennis

[Sus] close that door πŸ™‚

[buth] Yes, hear you all well here

leeb has joined the chat.

[leeb] finally

[buth] ok, I’m sorry, friends, gtg, my children are here and it’s time for lunch, dinner whatever , but it’s our main meal here, Lunch

[elderbob] Bye Buth.

[Sus] bye bye Buth

[buth] Thanks, Jeff and Dave for your effort, and talk to you soon

[WorldbridgesHQ] Thanks Buth, talk to you soon

[buth] bye, bye..:-)

[buth] πŸ™‚ ok

buth has left the chat.

[elderbob] Why dont you put a forum up?

[leeb] Are you all hearing the talk

[daf] yes, we are

[Sus] I’m listening in Real Player

[daf] I am using WMP

[sroseman] I am on a Mac as well sys X G5

[Sus] it is experimental and for shoe of us who like this sort of ongoing testing and troubleshooting, this is ok, but for many …

[Sus] this is too much of a challenge perhaps

[sroseman] I can be reached at [email protected]

[leeb] I am using skype now but it was iTunes… it kept pausing to reload.

[leeb] I am on a powerbook g4

[sroseman] I am on a G5

[Sus] I’ve borrowed a windows XP computer, but I was brought up with using Mac so I like to get all sorts of info about using mac as w

[WorldbridgesHQ] http://edcasts.com/

[daf] that is wonderful, Jeff

[Sus] cool!

[daf] I want to use podcasting with myarchitecture students

[Sus] you could invite med as your guest Daf :-))

[daf] sure, Sus πŸ™‚

[dave] http://teach42.com/2005/01/06/podcasting-its-easier-than-you-think

[daf] I am eagerly waiting for that, Jeff

[daf] great!!!

[Sus] and we’re planning a conference for Nordic teachers called Nordic Voice, we may want to include a podcast for this project

[Sus] now, I will need to go start cooking dinner! I’ll stay in touch!

[Sus] Daf sounds fine

[sroseman] I will be off! I will go thro’ the teach42 instructions..looks clear and doable

[Sus] πŸ˜€

[dave] great

[dave] mmm… dinner

[dave] i like dinner

[Sus] salmon & hot potatoes Dave πŸ™‚

[dave] yummy

[Sus] you did!! Cool Daf

[Sus] I wanna have an iPod too

[leeb] Daf, just friday I was telling an esl teacher who just arrived this year at our school about the webheads.

[Sus] a big one!!

[elderbob] What podcasting plug in….?

[Sus] now you’re moving away Jeff

[daf] that is wonderful

[elderbob] Do you have an address?

[leeb] She is from Argentina and I assured her she could get on some sites from our Argentina webheads to feel closer to home!

[WorldbridgesHQ] http://playpen.monte.nsw.edu.au/

[daf] sure Lee

[sroseman] signing off

sroseman has left the chat.

[leeb] Another teacher is asking me about doing a project on architecture. Of course I thought of you daf..

[leeb] I will show her your site.. then maybe we can arrange a meeting on line.

[elderbob] You keep calling it a patch, is it in a resource or….

[elderbob] I dont find it.

Sus has left the chat.

[daf] I am back to the webcast

[elderbob] Daf, thanks for the link, and Thanks to dave….I will check out the podcast potential…I have had interviews on Moodle for a w

[dave] http://opensource.mediagonal.ch/moodle/patches/podcasting

[elderbob] \while, but I m a bit curious about why you would want to put it in moodle.

[elderbob] You already have it as subscriber ware…?

[elderbob] Thanks for the link, Ill check it out.

[daf] I have bookmarked it

[daf] can we attend Buth and Rita’s webcast?

[elderbob] Thanksguys and gals…for a good morning.

elderbob has left the chat.

[daf] Yes, Lee we can arrange a meeting

[daf] sorry I had not read your message

[daf] well, I am back to work, see you guys

[leeb] bye daf

daf has left the chat.

[leeb] What is subscriberware

[dave] it’s ware for a subscriber…

[dave] it’s software that is only available to people who have registered as members to a community

[leeb] ok, and What is the down side of moodle..

[dave] the down side…

[dave] it needs a server to host it

[dave] which you either need to own, rent or have someone let you use

[dave] which often costs money

[dave] other than that, it’s a very very good piece of software

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