EdTechTalk#11 – August 14, 2005

EdTech Talk #11 – August 14, 2005

A discussion of using podcasting in education with special guest Jennifer from ‘the Girl on Tech’ podcast. Topics included audio recording, podcast hosting options, and what teachers need to know in order to get started and deal with potential technical and adminstrative hurdles.

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Show Notes

Podcasting Guides & Info

Podcasting-tools.com – links to a lot of useful guides at http://www.podcasting-tools.com/how-to-podcast.htm

Podcast411.com – Some usuful guides, forums, and a lot of interesting interviews with podcasters      

      Using FeedBurner without having to change your RSS URL – This tutorial teaches you how to use the Feedburner service while maintaining control of your RSS       ID3 TAGS: Formating ID3 Tags for your listeners – This is a tutorial on how to edit and correctly format ID3 tags so as to make it easier for your listener to find your latest podcast on their computer or iPod. 

Podcasting Tutorial – Podcasting tutorial that provides step by step tutorial how to use FeedForAll to create a podcast.

PodcastBunker.com’s How to Podcast – Podcast Bunker presents a step by step how to, detailing the easiest way to create a podcast.

PodcastingNews.com’s How to Podcast – Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your first podcast.

How to Related to Audio Recording – Step by step guide to teh audio recording process with lots of photos and detailed info.  Created a while ago, but still useful.

Reel Reviews Tutorial  – Great Tutorial w/ Podcast on creating professional quality sound with OS X

Zefhemel – Howto: Create Your Own Podcasting Show On Windows

Hosting Options

Podlot.com provides podcast hosting with unlimited bandwidth and prices based on maximum storage requirements.

150megs of space for $5.00 a month, No bandwidth limitations

Slapcast.com provides podcasting by phone or by upload. Price $4.95/month for 50 MB maximum for each uploaded MP3 file with unlimited bandwidth/subscriptions. By phone: 60 incoming minutes of voice messages. Additional voice minutes are 5 cents a minute. For now, individual messages are limited to 5 minutes maximum.

Podblaze.com – Commercial podcast host with easy to use interface

Producer Standard accounts are $14.95/month and include 200MB of storage + 2000MB of bandwidth.

Upload files up to 25MB each.     (Annual suscription available for $160/year.)

Producer Advanced
accounts are $24.95/month and include 500MB of storage + 5000MB of bandwidth.

Upload files up to 75MB each.     (Annual suscription available for $265/year.)

Odeo (pronounced like rodeo) will be a major player in podcast hosting.  It is the brain child of Pyra Labs Blogger co-founder Evan Williams and Audioblogger developer Noah Glass, Odeo plans to offer a wide range of hosting services and tools, but has not yet opened those services – for now, it is primarily a podcast direcotry.

Podshow.Com – the mothership of the ‘podfather’ Adam Curry’s growing netword of podcasting. For now, it mostly offers promotion and producing tools – will probably add hosting services soon.

LibSyn – liberated syndication – offering a podcast hosting service with unmetered bandwidth at the following rates:

service level
monthly fee monthly storage quota
Podcast Basic
$5.00 100MB
Podcast Standard $10.00 250MB
Podcast Advanced

$20.00 525MB
Podcast Professional

$30.00 800MB

You can create categories so people can subscribe to a select subset of your podcasts for example music or talk. There’s a free “sandbox” feature that lets you test drive the service first. Read more about the features here.

Ourmedia.org provides free hosting of media files  forever. From the site “The Ourmedia project was started by members of the creative and technology communities in the summer of 2004. Our major partners in this effort are the prestigious Internet Archive, Bryght, Creative Commons and Broadband Mechanics. All share with us a vision that compelling grassroots works — now scattered across the Web or hidden away on laptops and closed networks — deserve a wider audience.Ourmedia is open to amateurs, hobbyists and professionals alike. The only requirement is that you must be willing to show off your work to a global audience.”

Weblog hosts – helpful interfaces, but require remote hosting of  audio files


      Using blogger.com for podcasting (from podcastingnews.com)


Useful OpenSource Programs for Blogging/Podcasting

Clips from Featured Educational Podcasts


“With ESLPod.com’s podcast, you will improve your English by listening to real native speakers talk and discuss topics of interest to you. You’ll learn new idioms and expressions the way a native speaker would really say it. No more “textbook English”!

Each ESL Podcast has two parts:

1. An interview or conversation with a native speaker

2. An explanation of some of the vocabulary from #1. (Optional)”

Complete scripts of part #1 are made available.

ESLPod.com is run by a team of experience English as a Second Language professors with over 30 years of high school, adult, and university ESL teaching experience. The host for the ESLPod.com’s podcast, Dr. Jeff McQuillan, received his Ph.D. in applied linguistics and education at the University of Southern California, and was a professor of applied linguistics at California State University, Fullerton, and Arizona State University. He is currently a Senior Researcher at the Center for Educational Development, the sponsor of ESLPod.com.

EnglishTeacherJohn Podcast  –  ESL teacher in Japan, producing short grammar based lessons.

Closing Song –  On a Podcast by Cruisebox (ThatPodcastSong.com)

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