EdTechTalk Newsletter Week of Week of September 20-26, 2008

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Welcome to the this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter!

Antartica Planning Session – a special webcast on 2008-09-22 reviewed the plans for Ms. Robin Ellwood, will be travelling to Antarctica for two months beginning on
October 13th. The show included an overview of her trip, how students
could connect with her, as well as possible classroom activities. Others who want to follow the experiments & interact with her can visit her web page at http://www.ryejrhigh.org/ellwood .  The archive of her ustream is at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/edtechbrainstorm—drupal-planning

EdTechTalk is a community of people interested in the use of technology
to improve teaching and learning at all levels of education throughout
the world. As a Worldbridges community, it embraces the values of
collaboration and inclusiveness. The primary activity of the community
is the production of a number of live, interactive webcasts. These
programs cover a wide range of topics relating to educational
technology. Shows are typically streamed live, and listeners can
interact with one another and the show hosts through a text chat.
Recordings of the shows are released as podcasts. Participation in the
community is encouraged for anyone who has an interest in educational
technology. Participation may take many forms, from simply listening to
shows produced by the community to more actively working to produce and
distribute content for the network.

A Week in Review of ETT Shows

*It’s Elementary #23 – 2008-9-22  – a chat with Stephen Lewis

*Making Connections # 38  – 2008-9-23 – [ https://edtechtalk.net/node/3331 ]discussed North Carolina project for 4th graders in which they share their learning
about their county, city and create a wikipage. [http://nc-challenge.wikispaces.com/ ]

*Conversations – Show 9 – 2008-09-21 [ https://edtechtalk.net/node/3330 ]
This episode is a conversation about the teacher evalaution
process that exists in various schools. We were joined by Shannon Smith
and Ginger Lewman who shared their thoughts and experiences with
evaluation in their schools.

*CCK Weekly Chat #3 [ https://edtechtalk.net/node/3329 ]
September 26, 2008

*21st Century Learning #77: Busy Start to the Year?  [ https://edtechtalk.net/21cl_77 ]
This week, we discussed the crazy start of our year, how we’re
coping with the work load, why we’re so busy, and how schools can
create such wonderful momentum and enthuiasm for technology. 

*Teachers Teaching Teachers #122 From Google Docs for Presidents to
Drupal sites for Youth Voices – 09.17.09   [
https://edtechtalk.net/node/3327 ]
On this week’s Teachers Teaching Teachers, we followed up on two
collaborative projects that some of us have been working on: a new
Drupal site for Youth Voices and "Letters to the Next President:
Writing Our Future"  Looking for collaborative projects? Want to find
out more? Listen to this podcast, and join in the coming weeks as we
continue to plan together on Teachers Teaching Teachers.

*WOW2 Show #90 [ https://edtechtalk.net/node/3326 ]
Kathleen Cassidy, an elementary teacher from Moose Jaw,
Saskatchewan, Canada, shares her passion for using blogging and wikis
in exciting ways with her young students. Kathleen is a truly creative innovator in her use of technology in the classroom!

*WOW2 Show #89 with Terry Freedman [ https://edtechtalk.net/node/3325 ]
Great pre-recorded chat with Terry Freedman, guru of ICT in education in the U.K. whose webpage is at http://terry-freedman.org.uk/artman/publish/index.php

*EdTechWeekly#95 – Mebeaming EdTech News  [https://edtechtalk.net/EdTechWeekly95 ]
Mebeaming the show with extra guest host, Carla Arena

*CCK08 Weekly Chat #2 [ https://edtechtalk.net/node/3316 ]

Special Celebrations
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