EdTechTalk Newsletter Week of 10-19-08 to10-24-08

 Welcome to the this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Weekly Newsletter. There have been some excellent shows this past week but sometimes it takes up to a week for the shows to be uploaded and posted to EdTechTalk. If you "can’t wait" for the next newsletter, you can always check the home page of ETT to see the latest show postings (https://edtechtalk.net ).

    * Parents as Partners Episode #13 October 6, 2008 https://edtechtalk.net//3387
Aurelio Montemayor from the Intercultural Development Research Association joined the show. Aurelio described a definition of a valued parent leadership, Interent for poor folks without computers and which social media to surf. The chat room was actively engaged in responding to Aurelio’s thought provoking approach to parent involvement.

    * Teachers Teaching Teachers #125 – What if you ask the students what they think? 10.15.08

      Three amazing young women joined us on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers:
          o Farisa, 10th Grader at East-West School of International Studies, Flushing, NY, NY
          o Hannah, 11th Grader at Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
          o Lindsea, 12th Grader at Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Paul Allison, Alice Barr, and Gail Desler stayed out of the way as much as possible.

    * Conversations Show #13 – 2008 10 19  https://edtechtalk.net//3385
      Homework was the topic of Conversation this week. Maria and Lisa were joined by Linda Nitsche and Lee Kolbert and lots of folks in the chatroom. Many opinions were expressed about the purpose and reasons for giving homework. We looked at this topic from a teacher’s and as well as a parent’s point of view. The chat room was rockin’ so don’t forget to check out the chat log from today’s show.

    * EdTechWeekly #99 https://edtechtalk.net//EdTechWeekly99 2008-10-19 

    * WOW2 Show #93  https://edtechtalk.net//3383 with a focus on K12 Online & NotK12Online: Dean Shareski and Bud Hunt

    * Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, October 17, 2008, https://edtechtalk.net//3382 GEEK of the WEEK Live @ ACTEM, Augusta, ME
       Join the SEEDLINGS and about 70 other folks in the audience for GEEK of the WEEK. We broadcast in front of a great audience and shared about Worldbridges.net and Edtechtalk.com as well as our great Geek of the Week!
      Alice Barr, Bob Sprankle and Cheryl Oakes hosted the group with their Geeks. It was awesome. Listen in, then listen in on Thursday evening at 19:30 GMT.

    * Teachers Teaching Teachers #124 – What does the PBS Newshour, YouTube and Youth Voices have in common? – 10.1.08  https://edtechtalk.net//3381
    Elizabeth (Lizzy) Berryman, Director of the PBS Teacher Center in Virginia and Chris Sloan, a high school teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah joined us to talk about a collaborative project between YouTube and the PBS News Hour called “Video Your Vote."
      Please email Lizzy if you are interested in getting involved in this program [email protected]
      In the second half of the show we help a teacher new to http://youthvoices.net set up a group and register her 7th graders on Youth Voices.

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