EdTechHangout – NECC reflections, roadkill mooseburgers, & backchannel literacy


(Not EdTechWeekly)
5, 2009

As EdechWeekly begins its summer hiatus, we go on air for an

covered include:
NECC reflections, why Dave uses
coarsesalt as his Skype ID,  Albertan scorpions,  deep sea ducks,
roadkill mooseburgers,  Michael Jackson  overload,
 getting to EdTech Step#1, proprietary keynotes,
 teachers as lame presenters,  back channel literacy,
concerns, & ettiquette,  multitasking challenges,
 & possibilities for upcoming EdTechTalk Summer

Gary McFarlane, Sue Roseman, Alice Mercer,
Bethany  Smith, Dave Cormier, & Jeff Lebow

13:08:16  Rene Torres -> -Puentes al Mundo: Voy a
seguir investigando….!!! Nos vemos.
18:50:15  carolteach4 ->  Hey, Jeff – just
checking in to see what’s going on tonight. I’ve never visited the
Sunday broadcast before, but I heard you talking about it on the post
show on EdTechBrainstorm on Thursday.
18:51:44  JL ->  Hi Carol.  Tonight
will not be a regular show – all my cohosts are ‘on hiatus’ this
month.  Thought I’d stick around for a little while to see if
there’s any interest in an impromtu EdTechHangout
18:52:04  dave ->  back in a bit
18:52:21  carolteach4 ->  I’m going to take my
laptop out to the backyard. I’ll tune in and see what you guys are up
18:52:21  dave ->  hi carol… i believe we
are on hiatus for july… but i’m not sure… πŸ™‚
18:52:41  JL ->  sounds like a good plan
18:53:22  JL ->  Welcome back Btfsplk
18:55:05  JL ->  going to get another cup of
coffee and return to see what happens tonight – Hi Gary
18:55:17  gary ->  Hello Jeff
18:56:05  gary ->  I know you are not having a
programme but signed in by reflex.  πŸ™‚
18:56:26  JL ->  me too
18:57:12  dave ->  ‘sup
18:57:21  carolteach4 ->  I’d love to hear you
guys discuss some of what went on at NECC. I watched the Gladstone
keynote and was interested to see all the controversy he raise.
18:57:45  gary ->  It also gives me an excuse
to have a beer.  Too hot to be outside – 25ΒΊC and very sunny.
18:58:02  carolteach4 ->  I also watched the
presentation by Renee Hobbs on copyright and fair use. I’m interested
if others had something to say about that.
18:58:36  carolteach4 ->  It’s my first time
on a Sunday evening. No school tomorrow.
18:59:35  carolteach4 ->  no, but it’s always
fun to listen to you guys spar back and forth.
18:59:42  gary ->  I thought Dave is involved
in promoting local produce in PEI.
19:00:07  carolteach4 ->  I’m outside in the
backyard by my pond and waterfall with the laptop on battery. Best of
both worlds.
19:00:29  sroseman ->  sounds sweet
19:01:39  carolteach4 ->  lost audio
19:01:45  carolteach4 ->  it’s back
19:02:27  gary ->  A pond – just fed my fish
in my pond but the wireless network is too far away to do the same.
19:03:26  carolteach4 ->  I’m in CT, Gary.
Where are you?
19:03:43  gary ->  SE Alberta
19:04:18  gary ->  About an hour away from the
Montana border.
19:04:36  carolteach4 ->  Wow! My only forays
into Canada were to Montreal and Quebec. Great visits.
19:04:42  sroseman ->  I am in Ottawa, Ontario
19:04:51  sroseman ->  born and bred in
19:05:37  sroseman ->  I skied in Montana at
Big Sky, Gary
19:05:37  carolteach4 ->  My husband and I are
planning on getting passports just in case we go over the border this
summer when visiting his mom in Maine.
19:05:45  gary ->  Just met someone from CT on
Canada Day – she is marrying someone from here.
19:06:17  gary ->  Skied there also – shorter
trip than Ottawa.
19:06:46  sroseman ->  We had awesome
conditions year before last
19:07:10  sroseman ->  Skied in Colorado this
19:07:17  sroseman ->  Steamboat
19:07:52  gary ->  The closest skiing here is
in the Cypress Hills.  Banff is a major trip and much more
19:08:16  sroseman ->  never been to Banff ..
on my list\
19:08:52  gary ->  Worth it – an many options
in the area – just expensive.
19:09:34  carolteach4 ->  audio??????
19:10:00  JL ->  all systems still ‘go’ on
this end
19:10:07  gary ->  Sometime fails – click the
reload button.
19:11:09  gary ->  The reload button on the
19:17:53  JL -> 
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157620817473133/
19:23:28  Steve_K ->  Hello all. 
Cool topics
19:25:38  carolteach4 ->  can’t seem to send a
message through chat
19:25:54  carolteach4 ->  now it’s working –
wonder if it’s my connection?
19:25:59  gary ->  We are receiving them
19:26:07  carolteach4 ->  That was my initial
question – NECC –
19:26:36  carolteach4 ->  Gladstone’s keynote
raised a lot of controversy.
19:26:40  gary ->  @carol – do you have Skype
19:27:02  carolteach4 ->  Also, Renee Hobbs
and issue of fair use
19:27:28  carolteach4 ->  No Skype yet. I am
not sure why I am so hesitant in downloading it.
19:27:55  gary ->  Do it – no hesitation
19:28:09  carolteach4 ->  I will after the
19:31:08  carolteach4 ->  This is frustrating.
I keep getting logged out. I tried to make some comments pertinent to
the conversation, and they didn’t send.
19:31:40  courosa ->  hey all
19:32:02  courosa ->  exactly
19:32:11  carolteach4 ->  I put the Ustream
app on my brand new iPhone, but it won’t connect.
19:32:16  courosa ->  can’t skype in tonight
19:32:19  courosa ->  and i did
19:32:24  carolteach4 ->  It just spins.
19:32:26  courosa ->  daaaaaave
19:32:26  dave ->  lol
19:32:43  dave ->  catcha later folks
19:32:46  dave ->  πŸ™‚
19:32:55  courosa ->  bjb used to help me back
in the day with my classes
19:33:09  BJB ->  :waves hi to everyone
19:33:30  BJB ->  I’m logged in but don’t have
voice. Sue is my voice today
19:33:32  carolteach4 ->  That’s what I heard
you guys discussing last Thursday.
19:34:27  BJB ->  can you use worldbridges
skype with Tapped In chat?
19:36:12  alicemercer ->  HEY Bethany
19:36:21  kcaise ->  hi everyone!
19:36:36  Bethany Smith ->  Hey Alice πŸ™‚ Glad
to see u made it back in one piece!
19:36:52  alicemercer ->  I need advice from
JL about slim streaming from DEN Natl Inst
19:36:56  JL ->  skype ‘worldbridges’ to join
19:37:41  BJB ->  you can create a group room
where anyone can enter….guest or member
19:38:32  kcaise ->  habits are hard to break,
19:38:42  shareski ->  No Cormier?
19:38:43  Cathy E ->  terrible thunderstorms
here on OBX
19:38:47  Bethany Smith ->  Did I miss all the
NECC talk?
19:39:14  kcaise ->  no more roadkill
19:39:20  gary ->  @shareski – was here and
19:39:34  kcaise ->  gross
19:39:47  Cathy E ->  I need some suggestions

19:40:17  Cathy E ->  My upcoming second
graders have scored very low in kindergarten and first grade
19:40:17  kcaise ->  too much testosterone?
19:40:44  Cathy E ->  what can I use (tech
wise)  to help bring them up to par?
19:40:49  kcaise ->  and ready to take on new
challenges Jeff
19:41:16  Bethany Smith ->  Me too – I can’t
seem to reflect on NECC yet…
19:42:04  JL ->  if anyone would like to join
the conversations, skype ‘worldbridges’
19:42:42  alicemercer -> 
19:43:01  Bethany Smith ->  I actually thought
this NECC was great & EBC was definitely better tha last
19:43:11  Bethany Smith ->  I liked the
smaller group at ebc
19:43:28  Cathy E ->  I thought NECC was
19:44:03  Bethany Smith ->  I had some great
conversations and topics at ebc
19:44:21  shareski ->  People don’t blog like
they used to…..blogger’s cafe is a misnomer
19:44:38  gary ->  Sorry I left Skype suddenly
Jeff (unavoidable interruption)
19:44:42  Bethany Smith ->  I think there a
lot of people couldn’t afford to travel the extra days to ebc
19:44:54  kcaise ->  better than at NECC alice?
19:45:41  kcaise ->  can you make connections
with the big wigs better at EBC than at NECC?
19:45:49  Bethany Smith ->  I’d call in but my
2 year old is a bit loud tonight πŸ˜‰
19:46:07  kcaise ->  when i attended necc i
wasn’t impressed with the sessions
19:46:14  sroseman ->  I felt like an outsider
looking in ..
19:46:30  Bethany Smith ->  EBC seems more
about encouraging conversations and NECC is more about learning from
others IMHO
19:46:35  Cathy E ->  I attended some great
19:46:46  Bethany Smith ->  They were camped
in the blogger cafe
19:46:46  sroseman ->  you have to attend a
few conferences at least to feel comfortable
19:46:57  sroseman ->  the sessions were
excellent ..
19:46:58  Cathy E ->  I did several BYOL
19:47:03  Bethany Smith ->  Were therere less
sessions this year?
19:47:08  carolteach4 ->  That’s better. I had
to come in a plug back in, and now I’ve got good audio. It must have
been my connection.
19:47:37  alicemercer ->  Such a lovely day
out, I’m in the backyard on laptop
19:47:40  alicemercer ->  sorry all
19:47:42  BJB ->  I like the wind chimes πŸ˜‰
19:47:55  LJ ->  Would like to help with
online virutal NECC for those than can’t attend.
19:48:13  carolteach4 ->  @alice – I was in
the backyard by the pond with my laptop, but the signal wasn’t strog
enough, so now I’m in.
19:48:21  bcrosby ->  I wasn’t at NECC this
year, but in past not enough sessions are presented by actual classroom
teachers. Do others feel that way?
19:48:25  sroseman ->  some sessions were
poorly attended
19:48:25  kcaise ->  in the pond @carol?
19:48:34  sroseman ->  empty halls
19:48:44  Bethany Smith ->  God point πŸ™‚
19:48:46  carolteach4 ->  It’s so interesting
hear people talking about NECC. I watched as much as I could virtually.
19:49:06  Bethany Smith ->  ALot more BYOLs
than I remember
19:49:22  bcrosby ->  Was wifi better this
19:49:34  carolteach4 ->  I think the live
streaming was great when it worked.
19:49:39  sroseman ->  i chose the big names
..Kathy Shrock, Alan November, smackdowns, Steve Hargadon
19:49:41  BJB ->  only glitch to BYOLs was the
day the server went down πŸ˜›
19:49:42  sroseman ->  etc
19:49:42  Cathy E ->  wifi was not good the
first day – but it got better
19:49:44  Bethany Smith ->  WIFI WAS WORSE!
19:49:52  LJ ->  Yeah for LIVE STREAMING which
was minimal at NECC08.
19:50:03  shareski ->  @bcrosby Most teachers
are’nt very good presenters. It’s a unique skill. They may have good
things to  say but a formal presentation format isn’t the best.
19:50:16  carolteach4 ->  That seems
ridiculous – it’s all about the sharing.
19:50:19  kcaise ->  i was so sad that erin
gruwell wasn’t streamed
19:50:36  carolteach4 ->  I can understand the
stress factor.
19:50:43  Bethany Smith ->  But they did put
the recording option in the programme
19:50:50  sroseman ->  Kathy Shrock did not
want to be recorded
19:50:58  bcrosby ->  Wifi is tough it seems
with that many people. Maybe it’s not even possible at one place to
have good wifi?
19:51:11  Bethany Smith ->  Macworld pulls it
off πŸ™‚
19:51:14  alicemercer ->  PLS Sue, it was all
my fault
19:51:24  JL ->  603-574-4923
19:51:28  LJ ->  Heard that wifi and Internet
connection overwhelmed at times at NECC09?
19:51:33  shareski ->  If it’s people’s
livelihood I can understand not wanting to be recorded
19:51:42  alicemercer ->  18,000
19:51:48  alicemercer ->  13, without vendors
19:52:01  BJB ->  problem with wifi was that a
server run by the conference building was not dumping users who logged
out…and server crashed. Took the whole day to finally get it fixed
19:52:15  carolteach4 ->  Is the 603-574-4923
the call in #? Is it USA?
19:52:22  BJB ->  I had the pleasure of
working in the Dr. Is In desk on that day from hell!
19:52:23  alicemercer ->  I don’t think
Streaming devalues
19:52:26  Bethany Smith ->  They seemed to be
using the conf facilities & did not supplement wifi
19:52:42  LJ ->  It will be even more of a
problem (Internet) in Denver 2010 won’t it?
19:52:42  alicemercer ->  @BJB Thank you for
your work…
19:52:48  shareski ->  I agree, I know many
like Will Richardson who has not problems being recorded
19:53:06  bcrosby ->  @shareski – what do you
base that on?
19:53:11  shareski ->  It’s just like the
music industry….models are shifting
19:53:18  carolteach4 ->  I have listened
several times to Will’s streams, and I always get something out of them.
19:53:35  kstevens ->  If you are comfortable
presenting at NECC, then why would you not be comfortable w/ being
19:53:39  Bethany Smith ->  Maybe they r
worried about what the recordings will be used for?
19:53:42  LJ ->  Seems like professional
presenters would want to stream to give us a taste of what they have to
19:53:49  shareski ->  @brcrosby…..personal
expereince. Most teachers are not good presenters. my opinion.
19:53:58  alicemercer ->  Some are not
19:54:00  kstevens ->  Will got TEC-SIG to
stream after they opposed it for other presenters
19:54:15  alicemercer ->  The uni professors
were worst presenters
19:54:20  alicemercer ->  imho
19:54:44  alicemercer ->  I haven’t presented
at NECC myself.
19:54:46  kstevens ->  @shareski agreed on
teacher presenters. different skill completely
19:54:49  carolteach4 ->  I loved getting to
see folks I’ve been following on EdTechTalk on the webcam
19:55:03  LJ ->  How many “blogger” cafe’s
needed for ISTE2010?
19:55:06  shareski ->  @Alice no doubt.
Presenting n typiclal format is hard.
19:55:17  bcrosby ->  @shareski – you go to
way more conferences than I do, I almost never see teachers present, so
can’t say. Are they actually bad, or just not getting practice?
19:55:22  shareski ->  It’s different than
being in a classroom.
19:55:37  kstevens ->  Teachers feel control
over students, not so much other teachers. intimidation
19:56:10  shareski ->  @bcrosby it’s just a
different skill. The fomrmat of formal sessions isn’t the best.
19:56:12  LJ ->  Maybe ISTE needs to send out
presenter tips? Imagine their classrooms also boring.
19:56:20  carolteach4 ->  No, not at all. It
is always different. You cannot teach middle schoolers according to a
19:57:14  LJ ->  Presentations need to be
upbeat, fastpaced, value added.
19:57:21  carolteach4 ->  Hold on, please.
Teachers are in the trenches, and we are spending oodle of time trying
to change our presentations to keep the kids involved.
19:57:28  shareski ->  NECC needs to expand
the POster session format which is better for most teachers.
19:57:41  bcrosby ->  @shareski – and is that
a problem if teachers aren’t ore involved? I want to hear from the real
people doing this stuff with kids and what their actual experience is
… I think that is very valuable.
19:57:53  carolteach4 ->  In fact, the more we
turn the work over to the kids – project based, yes – the better it
19:58:01  Bethany Smith ->  This was my first
time presenting at NECC – very intimidating
19:58:21  mrsdurff ->  why bethany?
19:58:29  shareski ->  @bcrsoby absolutely.
Just give them a different, more conversational format
19:59:03  scmorgan ->  Wouldn’t it be funny if
kids could walk out of our classes like people do at prsentations.Might
teach us all something!
19:59:12  LJ ->  Are we saying emphasis should
be on “here’s how I used the tech in the classroom and why” versus
“here’s how you add color to your slide” presentations?
19:59:34  JL ->  to join in skype
‘worldbridges’ or call 603-574-4923
19:59:35  carolteach4 ->  Public schools are
finally moving away from teacher at the front of the classroom and
working as facilitators -letting kids use the technology as a tool to
produce –
19:59:36  bcrosby ->  @shareski, don’t
disagree, but maybe presos more like edubloggercon would be better?
19:59:47  Bethany Smith ->  I was in the open
source lab and worried my session wasn’t hands on enough
19:59:51  shareski ->  @bcrosby yes.
19:59:56  carolteach4 ->  Teaching is very,
very demanding.
19:59:59  JL ->  http://webcastacademy.net/
20:00:17  Bethany Smith ->  plus McLEoud was
talking about voting with your “two feet” & I was worried too
many people would walk out!
20:00:33  Bethany Smith ->  I typically love
to present at conf – but that is locally
20:00:36  LJ ->  Teaching is demanding and
stressful. I knew that, but did not FEEL it until I retired from
20:01:08  Bethany Smith ->  And I couldn’t
walk around the room – I was tied to the “stage” was a bit weird
20:01:40  carolteach4 ->  What’s the back
20:01:56  Bethany Smith ->  I wish we had more
roundtable conversation sessions at NECC like at ebc
20:02:00  LJ ->  Again, ISTE needs to “warn”
presenters of larger audience, expectations – but needs to start with
ISTE application process.
20:02:13  shareski ->  Unconfernce is not very
popular. Still a niche concept.
20:02:39  carolteach4 ->  Oh, so what’s going
on now, and your comment on how following the chat discourages
20:02:42  Bethany Smith ->  Speaking of back
channel – did you hear of the issues that arose at the Classroom 2.0
20:03:03  shareski ->   I was there
20:03:15  LJ ->  OR, maybe presenters could
present some pre-conference content and activity BEFORE ISTE2010 begins?
20:03:17  Cathy E ->  @Bethany – what?
20:03:21  mrsdurff ->  and?
20:03:24  Bethany Smith ->  It was weird
20:03:35  LJ ->  What? Weird? Tell us more?
20:03:46  kstevens ->  i have no problem
voting w/ my feet. sometimes only feedback that presenters recieved.
20:03:46  shareski ->  It’s good. Too
unstructrued for most.fomr most
20:04:20  shareski ->  They want big names for
their $$$.
20:04:43  BJB ->  a lot of the NECC people
were from districts in Virginia
20:04:46  bcrosby ->  I also hear that
teachers don’t get their presentations accepted very often because
those making decisions are used to “academic” language used more by
university and non-classroom types. Doesn’t that cut out an important
participant group?
20:04:53  shareski ->  It wasn’t that
weird.  I blogged about it.
20:04:57  Bethany Smith ->  There was an issue
in teh audience with the backchannel streaming in the front of the
stage.  Some did not know what a backchannel was.
20:05:12  mrsdurff ->  time to learn
20:05:23  shareski ->  I agree. but that’s not
what most people think
20:05:27  Bethany Smith ->  what is theskype
thing again?
20:05:38  alicemercer ->  skype worldbridges
20:06:08  kstevens ->  @bcrosby acceptance
rate is very low. i know some evaluation groups could only pick 1 or 2
presentations out of 40-50 they read
20:06:23  marragem ->  I preferred
EduBloggerCon & the converdsations in the Bloggers Cafe
20:06:24  alicemercer ->  I figured I’d get
those on stream
20:06:32  shareski ->  Also I think people
want to “sit and git” for their money. Unconference is too much work
for many.
20:06:34  alicemercer ->  Alan november
20:06:44  LJ ->  Maybe need a TED.org approach
to “big names” presenters.
20:06:48  BJB ->  I enjoyed Bernie Dodge’s
presentation…he introduced a soon to be released MapPuzzle site.
20:07:18  kstevens ->  @shareski i agree. too
many people still want to take notes and receive the same way they
deliver information
20:07:31  bcrosby ->  @kstevens – that’s good
to know.
20:07:40  carolteach4 ->  Does anyone know how
to view Ustream on iPhone. I downloaded the UStream app, but it doesn’t
connect for me.
20:07:56  kstevens ->  @sharesi i think we
need to continue to address that
20:08:14  LJ ->  Alan November, Bernie Dodge,
20:08:38  shareski ->  I was.
20:08:42  kstevens ->  @bcrosby a few people
from twitter evaluated applications. i got some direct feedback on my
application, but had to ask for it.
20:08:42  scmorgan ->  I liked Scott McLeod,
even if Tom Hoffman disagrees:)
20:09:27  LJ ->  Aren’t student
“backchanneling” teachers in the classroom (texting, etc)
20:09:31  shareski ->  They should watch
Stephen Downes present if they have a problem with a back channel
20:09:50  LJ ->  Who is Stephen Downes and why
watch him?
20:10:15  shareski ->  back channel literacy
20:10:30  kstevens ->  u have to show
backchannel for those who do not understand what it is. Modeling is
right on
20:11:25  shareski ->  @LJ Canadian educator
who works for Canadian Research Council. Google him and you’ll find
lots. He’s pretty “heady” but offers some good ideas.
20:11:28  carolteach4 ->  What was she upset
20:11:41  bcrosby ->  Have to still think
about this more, but I think we need to get more teachers involved –
not sure best way, but if they don’t see teachers involved I’m afraid
they see this as something only “The Experts” are capable of doing …
not something they should consider, another reason not to worry about
20:12:11  shareski ->  @bcrosby. That’s a big
shift. A good one. But it’s huge.
20:12:24  carolteach4 ->  I have to admit that
when I’m in the chat, I lose the train of thought of the audio.
20:12:51  BJB ->  multitasking is the norm,
but if you read BrainRules, you will see that the brain can NOT
multitask and learn effectively
20:13:14  BJB ->  (www.brainrulesbook.com)
20:13:15  kstevens ->  teachers not viewed as
experts is exactly what is needed. removed the excuse factor by those
not willing to embrace new ideas
20:13:24  carolteach4 ->  I was on
TeachersTeachingTeachers last Wednesday, and I deliberately did not
participate in the chat because I was afraid I’d miss something in the
audio conversation.
20:13:33  shareski ->  The point was made is
that it’s gooing on all the time in people’s heads. It’s just that now
we can see it.
20:13:36  bcrosby ->  Backchannel like many
other things is a skill that is devloped with exoerience. I’m not good
at it yet, but getting better.
20:14:19  shareski ->  Attention
literacy…Howard Rheingold.
20:14:23  scmorgan ->  Good point Bethany
20:15:26  kstevens ->  @shareski i really
enjoyed your podcast w/ Howard. good ideas for my classroom for next
year. i’ll have students completely new to these ideas
20:15:31  kcaise ->  men can’t 2 do things at
20:15:36  carolteach4 ->  Yes, multiple
presenters. Moderators are great helps
20:16:06  kcaise ->  definitely
20:16:08  shareski ->  chew gum and walk and
talk. Isn’t that multi-tasking?
20:16:29  kstevens ->  professor at Univeristy
Texas Dallas ran twitter discussions in class once a week. she roamed
room while GTA moderated the twitter feed.
20:16:48  bcrosby ->  OK, gotta go. Thanks for
the convo!!
20:16:49  carolteach4 ->  @JL – boy for your
not really knowing where the show was going tonight, it has turned out
to be terrific.
20:16:51  kcaise ->  i can’t do the technical
stuff and participate in the conversation in elluminate
20:17:06  Bethany Smith ->  glad u got back to
the states well brian πŸ™‚
20:17:19  Bethany Smith ->  missed u at NECC
20:18:40  LJ ->  Does research say we don’t
really multitask – especially in new situations.
20:20:11  carolteach4 ->  I have listened to a
number of teachers talking about current practices with their kids, and
I’ve found those very interesting and informative.
20:20:14  kcaise ->  the real world things
were in the poster sessions?
20:20:19  scmorgan ->  But it’s very hard to
listen to even an experienced teacher who doesn’t presnt well.
20:20:36  shareski ->  But given a confined
time frame and formal sessions, it’s hard for teachers to express
themselves effectively as compared to a pro.
20:21:12  kstevens ->  i got more from tweets
and live blog comment on Gladwell’s speech than i did the speech itself
20:21:45  shareski ->  gotta run. Good
20:21:55  carolteach4 ->  That is what is so
great about having these conversations archived along with the recorded
stream. It gives us time to go back, relisten, and absorb.
20:22:07  scmorgan ->  @kstevens That happens
to me all time.
20:22:16  kstevens ->  just lost audio. is
that only me?
20:22:22  sroseman ->  great conversations!
20:22:35  kcaise ->  that’s for sure jeff
20:22:48  kcaise ->  hi matt
20:22:53  carolteach4 ->  Thanks so much for a
entertaining evening. I’d made the chicken salad, but my hubby had to
make his own sandwich.
20:23:14  kcaise ->  fresh blood?
20:23:17  matt montagne ->  Hey Kim, JL et al
20:23:28  carolteach4 ->  Hope everyone had a
wonderful 4th of July – state side at least.
20:23:38  ottonomy ->  great, thanks!
20:23:44  carolteach4 ->  This was really
20:23:46  JL ->  Thanks all
20:23:48  kstevens ->  thanks. good stuff as
20:23:53  matt montagne ->  cool, sorry I
missed it…will connect up this week…
20:24:04  matt montagne ->  webcast academy
check in on Thurs JL??
20:24:08  carolteach4 ->  @Matt – hi and
20:24:19  matt montagne ->  gotta love the
20:24:19  JL ->  yep, Matt
20:24:26  LJ ->  jeff  What’s your
Twitter ID?
20:24:32  matt montagne ->  same to you carol
20:24:33  JL ->  we had something tentatively
scheduled for now, but I don’t think anyone showed up
20:24:37  carolteach4 ->  It is nice!
20:24:41  JL ->  twitter.com/jefflebow
20:25:03  LJ ->  Thanks –
20:25:13  JL ->  When Water Comes to Life by
Cloud CUlt (now playing)
20:25:49  carolteach4 ->  @mattmontagne – what
is your twitter name? I’d like to follow you. Hope you are all moved in.
20:25:50  matt montagne -> 
20:26:05  LJ ->  Now following Jeff as well as
edtechtalk at Twitter
20:26:33  matt montagne ->  digging the new
Firefox 3.5 Tabs…behave like chrome with the dragging/dropping
20:26:46  matt montagne ->  @carolteach:
20:27:34  kcaise ->  good night all
20:27:36  matt montagne ->  check in w/y’all
this week

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