EdTechBrainstorm#33 Chat Transcript

19:01:10 JeffLebow: Hello Scottlo
19:01:11 scottlo: hiya Jeff
19:01:21 scottlo: how’s the price of gold? πŸ˜‰
19:01:32 JeffLebow: Up, up, and away
19:01:46 scottlo: gotta love it!
19:01:52 JeffLebow: Is this Scott Lockman?
19:02:01 JeffLebow: Hey Doug
19:02:06 DougSymington: Hey Jeff
19:02:06 conrad: Jeff, I have the solution for skype problem
19:02:15 JeffLebow: what skype problem?
19:02:22 scottlo: nice developments with the WB and Webcast Academy. BTW, yes on the Lockman question. ;0
19:02:24 conrad: taking over volume settings
19:02:32 JeffLebow: BTW, I’m ‘webcastacademy’ if anyone would like to skype in
19:02:41 JeffLebow: ah
19:02:53 conrad: i will email you that
19:02:54 JeffLebow: Looooong time, no telecommunicate Mr. L
19:03:02 JeffLebow: Delighted to see you again
19:03:05 scottlo: yeah, too long.
19:03:11 scottlo: gotta run for a few, BRB
19:03:42 DougSymington: Hey Scott
19:03:45 DougSymington: Hi all
19:03:53 DougSymington: skype edtechtalk to join the convo
19:04:03 DougSymington: don’t forget to turn off the stream 1st πŸ˜‰
19:05:15 conrad: i hope you guys are not going to talk about skypecasts because i want to talk about it tomorrow πŸ™‚
19:06:17 JeffLebow: I’m just going to talk about Second Life
19:06:22 conrad: lol
19:06:29 conrad: i bet you will
19:06:40 JeffLebow: Pix at http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
19:06:59 conrad: lol
19:07:38 conrad: it SL Doug
19:07:42 conrad: Second Life
19:08:18 conrad: is Absynth legal in the US?
19:08:24 JeffLebow: no
19:08:39 JeffLebow: Baldric is Graham
19:09:16 conrad: unbelievable
19:10:10 conrad: speaking about the devil πŸ™‚
19:10:24 BaldricCommons: Hi everyone
19:10:28 conrad: hi Graham
19:10:53 BaldricCommons: Hi Conrad
19:11:38 conrad: and our host decided to take a break πŸ™‚
19:11:53 BaldricCommons: I believe you have joined Second Life, Conrad?
19:12:07 conrad: nope, I don’t have a credit card πŸ™
19:12:12 conrad: no audio
19:12:19 conrad: audio back
19:12:29 BaldricCommons: You can check out the preview grid without a credit card
19:13:56 conrad: Second Life Freaks πŸ˜€
19:14:11 conrad: www.secondlifebridges.com
19:14:24 conrad: i’m buying that domain πŸ˜›
19:14:49 BaldricCommons: I’m sure Jeff’s beat you to it
19:21:04 scottlo: is there gonna be a stream for the brainstormz?
19:21:13 JeffLebow: Should be streaming now
19:21:23 scottlo: 8002 or 8000?
19:21:25 JeffLebow: you can skype in of course
19:21:27 DougSymington: yes Scott
19:21:27 JeffLebow: 8000
19:21:29 DougSymington: 8000
19:21:34 JeffLebow: worldbridges.net
19:21:36 JeffLebow: not .com
19:21:46 DougSymington: plse skype webcastacademy to join skype
19:22:24 scottlo: connection isn’t happening on iTunes.
19:22:26 conrad: you don’t know what u r asking for πŸ˜›
19:22:52 JeffLebow: Did you try going to http://webcastacademy.net/ and clicking channel 1?
19:23:04 conrad: works for me
19:24:25 scottlo: okey dokey, that works (via webcastacademy) thanks
19:24:38 JeffLebow: http://secondlife.com/education
19:25:11 JeffLebow: http://secondlife.com/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=Education+Wiki
19:33:30 scottlo: can they hook Bush and Rumsfeld up to it??
19:40:22 dave: πŸ™
19:40:36 conrad: whats’ wrong?
19:41:20 dave: my audio seems weird
19:42:06 JeffLebow: http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
19:46:05 scottlo: BBL
19:46:15 dave: later
19:46:46 DougSymington: cya later Scott
19:57:25 dave: http://simteach.com/babel/
20:00:56 conrad: www.stickam.com
20:02:13 JeffLebow: Bye Baldric
20:02:16 JeffLebow: c u soon
20:02:47 BaldricCommons: bye everyone
20:06:07 sine: hello
20:07:30 scottlo: Do I need to upgrade my SKypes?
20:07:46 conrad: we have beta version
20:07:50 conrad: depends what you want to do
20:07:51 sine: You can call me if you want
20:08:10 sine: Where do I Skype to?
20:08:28 conrad: webcastacademy
20:08:38 scottlo: The wife and kids are leaving in about 20 minutes, gotta stay off the skype until they split. πŸ˜‰
20:12:52 DougSymington: look fwd to having you skype in when you can
20:13:21 sine: www.udel.edu/sine/socialnet
20:19:46 JeffLebow: +99001110007082584
20:21:10 scottlo: is it a toll free call to that number?
20:21:19 sine: uh-oh
20:21:20 dave: not a real phone number
20:21:25 dave: just call it
20:21:29 dave: no charge
20:21:32 sine: Do I have to have paid for SkypeOut to dial it?
20:21:36 conrad: no
20:21:44 conrad: it’s free skype call
20:21:52 conrad: but won’t work jeff i guess
20:21:53 dave: internal error
20:21:57 conrad: yeah
20:22:00 JeffLebow: hmmmm
20:22:01 conrad: it doesn’t work jeff
20:22:05 conrad: you need to renew it
20:22:07 JeffLebow: not working very well, is it?
20:22:19 dave: mmm…
20:22:22 sine: I’m getting “internal error”
20:22:25 conrad: the room has expired and you need to renew it
20:22:30 conrad: a new number will be given
20:22:31 dave: ah.
20:22:33 conrad: that’s the drawback
20:23:06 JeffLebow: standby
20:23:19 conrad: and please give a link to skypecasts website and not a number, i can’t paste and copy to skype this number
20:23:33 scottlo: gotta use the keyboards
20:23:39 JeffLebow: +99001110007273337
20:24:35 JeffLebow: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863&message=new_talk_created
20:25:17 dave: http://oscarcormier.com
20:25:18 JeffLebow: http://oscarcormier.com/
20:26:03 JeffLebow: HI Jeff
20:26:12 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi everyone
20:26:46 JeffLebow: +99001110007273337
20:27:54 JeffLebow: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863&message=new_talk_created
20:31:48 scottlo: Hi Jeff in Ann Arbor
20:32:02 dave: scott l. is one cool dude.
20:34:09 JeffLebow: Hi Lee
20:34:21 JeffLebow: YOu can join us in the skypecast at
20:34:30 JeffLebow: +99001110007273337
20:35:22 JeffLebow: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863
20:35:27 lee: 92 more!
20:36:02 lee: You are in the pub now?
20:36:10 dave: only jeff
20:36:14 lee: ahh
20:36:25 lee: thats a nice thing to be doing tonight
20:36:34 JeffLebow: where did scott go
20:36:38 lee: i could use a drink or two.
20:36:59 JeffLebow: come to second life, I’ve got a bar full of goodies
20:37:35 sine: http://www.danah.org/papers/AAAS2006.html
20:38:06 scottlo: is it possible to see the other folks who are in the SkypeCast? I’m not having luck from the webpage Conrad mentioned earlier.
20:38:25 JeffLebow: Hello Mr. Dembo
20:39:28 [Room1] JeffLebow: Steve, you can join the skypecast by calling https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863
20:40:23 JeffLebow: Jeff, I’ve muted you because of nasty background audio
20:40:44 JeffLebow: Please let us know here if you want to speak up or become headset enabled
20:41:01 [Room1] JeffLebow: Hello Steve
20:41:07 [Room1] JeffLebow: Are you listening to the stream?
20:42:45 scottlo: As Pat is saying, there are so many valuable lessons that can be taught from this phenomenon.
20:43:06 JeffLebow: Indeed
20:43:17 conrad: yep
20:43:17 scottlo: We ought to embrace it rather than trying to mark it off-limits.
20:44:38 dave: hi steve
20:44:44 Teach42: greetings one and all
20:44:47 JeffLebow: Howdy
20:45:02 JeffLebow: Please feel free to join the skypecast at Steve, you can join the skypecast by calling https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863
20:45:02 conrad: i wish i had so many ppl during my webcast πŸ˜€
20:45:08 lee: ok, i am not sure how to skype in
20:45:44 lee: I signed up for skypcast.. and i have the etbs window up
20:45:53 JeffLebow: Just click ‘join this skypecast’
20:45:53 conrad: click to join
20:46:00 DougSymington: click on join
20:46:05 conrad: and it will ask you if you want to connect with skype
20:46:12 JeffLebow: or skype +99001110007273337
20:46:16 DougSymington: you’ll be prompted for login info
20:46:44 davelamorte: so what are we going to talk about
20:46:52 dave: greetings
20:46:53 lee: Hello doug and all
20:46:54 davelamorte: or is that a stupid question
20:46:59 dave: lol
20:47:03 JeffLebow: studid, no
20:47:04 dave: we talk about our navels
20:47:21 JeffLebow: We usually don’t plan much for the brainstorms
20:47:27 JeffLebow: but never run out of things to talk about
20:47:52 davelamorte: Sorry steve from teach42 invited me, but I never asked him that
20:48:11 JeffLebow: Dave and Steve, are you listening in to the stream
20:48:25 dave: are you in the conversation
20:49:50 Teach42: I’m listening, having some password issues πŸ™‚
20:50:38 dave: password with…?
20:51:48 Teach42: my skype username/pass isn’t working for the skypecasts page.
20:52:13 Teach42: I’m signed in on Skype.com, but not signed in on Skypecasts. Don’t see how to register at skypepcast if there’s a sepereate reg
20:52:21 conrad: no
20:52:29 conrad: u just use your normal skype id and password
20:52:36 Teach42: yeah, that doesn’t seem to be working
20:52:47 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: thevoyageur PW evelyn
20:52:47 conrad: hmm
20:52:56 lee: I signed up seperately
20:52:59 Teach42: I can sign in at Skype.com, but it doesn’t keep me logged in when I go over to Skypecasts. Asks me to sign in
20:53:22 JeffLebow: skype:+99001110007273337
20:53:30 JeffLebow: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863
20:53:33 lee: on this site… https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863
20:54:11 scottlo: Bingo Nite in the Holiday Inn
20:54:24 scottlo: B-54
20:55:00 scottlo: you sunk my battleship
20:55:02 lee: guys in business suits watching the fire in the lobby
20:55:55 lee: so Jeff.. is this skypecast with 99 users similar to 99 bottles of beer on the wall?
20:56:11 JeffLebow: sounds like it
20:56:41 JeffLebow: Lee will you be joining us in the skypecast?
20:57:54 lee: Oh no, not tonight. Just chatting. But it is quite entertaining this way!
20:59:21 lee: Who is speaking?
20:59:29 dave: havne’t the foggiest idea
20:59:31 dave: oh
20:59:34 dave: maybe steve dembo
20:59:41 dave: he’s the guy from teach42
20:59:43 lee: Oh yes, I think that is correct Dave
20:59:57 dave: and now the head discovery social software dude.
20:59:58 scottlo: it doesn’t sound like Kansas anymore
21:00:03 lee: Kansas…
21:00:04 dave: it never did
21:00:20 lee: such a nice place to say your from
21:00:32 dave: much like Easter Island
21:00:38 scottlo: tell him about the Mind Meld, Jeff
21:00:45 lee: yes do
21:00:58 scottlo: University of Kansa
21:02:02 sine: It’s been fun but I need to run! Steve, good luck on the presentation. Thanks to everyone for your input on my talk.
21:02:11 lee: Who is sine?
21:02:15 Teach42: thanks!
21:02:20 scottlo: Good luck Pat
21:02:39 lee: Ah. yes I enjoyed listening to your conversation Pat!
21:02:49 lee: good luck
21:03:01 sine: Thanks all!
21:03:03 sine: CU
21:03:08 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: happy trails
21:03:42 lee: Hello Jeff … from.. Ann Arbor!
21:03:50 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: Hi lee
21:04:02 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: How is it going? Any hope on the streaming
21:04:05 scottlo: I can hear the stream
21:04:28 scottlo: I just pulled up the volume to monitor for a second
21:05:47 lee: I never got the stream from work but Alex has offered to stream it for me
21:06:03 lee: Conrad has as well
21:06:31 lee: So I will have them help me out until I can work it out at school
21:06:35 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: glad to hear it lee, let’s keep trying
21:06:41 lee: Oh for sure
21:07:17 davelamorte: We should get a buzzer
21:07:53 JeffLebow: I like the buzzer idea
21:08:00 JeffLebow: Are you able to hear now Dave?
21:08:07 davelamorte: yeah
21:08:09 JeffLebow: good
21:08:22 davelamorte: I’ve been meaning to ask you guys about structured wikis
21:08:45 davelamorte: I’ve been listening in about the wiki textbook project on the education bridges podcast
21:08:57 dave: i can hear scott’s text
21:09:15 dave: ah..
21:09:25 dave: did you get the recent mailout dave?
21:09:59 davelamorte: mail out?
21:10:23 dave: for educationbridges
21:10:38 davelamorte: no I subscribe on itunes
21:10:56 davelamorte: or to the RSS feed or what ever
21:11:29 davelamorte: I’m a big fan
21:11:35 dave: dave… got a skype id i can send out to?
21:11:42 davelamorte: davidglamorte
21:12:02 davelamorte: we need a babble fish
21:13:09 davelamorte: I’m demanding it
21:13:20 lee: ahhh yea
21:14:09 lee: my moodle is working well for my class content!
21:14:23 davelamorte: what do you use moodle for?
21:14:27 lee: i am only now starting to work all my kids into the elgg.
21:14:44 lee: I use it deliver my daily content
21:14:59 lee: also i add video tutorials and audio instructions
21:15:04 davelamorte: are you doing distance learning?
21:15:12 lee: well.. not really
21:15:58 davelamorte: I wonder if it would be better just to use tools that are on the net
21:16:12 davelamorte: this way we could teach about net ethics and net safety
21:16:28 dave: leigh blackall says that all the time
21:16:34 dave: i’m not sure i disagree with him
21:16:53 davelamorte: I’m just worried about kids not being prepared to deal with predators
21:17:09 dave: http://teachandlearnonline.blogspot.com/
21:17:19 dave: i completely agree with you dave
21:17:32 dave: the only problem is, in order to get access to those schools
21:17:33 davelamorte: I see it almost seems like not teaching about racisim
21:17:45 lee: the kids are in fact in my classroom but they are 8th graders and i feel that i need to use distance learning techniques to actually reach all of them at their many different levels
21:17:45 dave: we seem to need to create a semi-walled garden
21:18:07 lee: some can not read… some are so fast its done as i speak
21:18:13 lee: so i offer self pacing
21:18:16 lee: through moodle
21:18:24 davelamorte: It that steve?
21:18:27 lee: audio and video for alt learning
21:18:28 dave: it si
21:18:29 dave: is
21:18:30 Jeff_from_Ann_Arbor: http://www.remc7.k12.mi.us/remc/onlinetools/sessions.pdf
21:18:53 davelamorte: I thought this confrence already happened
21:19:02 dave: which?
21:19:06 Teach42: nope, it’s tomorrow
21:19:47 davelamorte: so how to I get in on the skype cast?
21:20:21 JeffLebow: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=1863
21:20:56 davelamorte: no I see it
21:21:03 davelamorte: but I can’t get the link out of the chatroom
21:21:50 davelamorte: I could only see the participants
21:26:07 davelamorte: I can see a list of people in the skype cast
21:26:31 davelamorte: I’m just going to listen on iTunes
21:27:40 davelamorte: have a great night
21:28:25 lee_ann: thanks all
21:28:34 lee_ann: post it
21:28:54 DougSymington: https://edtechtalk.net
21:30:22 lee_ann: Hello Scott
21:32:03 lee_ann: nite all

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