EdTechBrainstorm25a Chat Transcript

EdTechTalk25a Chat Transcript

March 2, 2006

[DougSymington] hi Jeff

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Hi Doug – What’s happening tonight?

[DougSymington] nothing much

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Are you hosting?

[DougSymington] yes

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Sounds like our buddies had a rough go on the web site!

[DougSymington] indeed–nasty business to be sure

[DougSymington] want to skype in?

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] I may be a little rusty but will go get my headphones

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Are you EdTechTalk?

[DougSymington] yes

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] do you want to skype me or should I skype you.

[DougSymington] call me please

dave has joined the chat.

[dave] hello gentlemen

[dave] how goes it?

[DougSymington] hey there–skype in

[dave] on the phone with bon…

[dave] will come when ic an

maria has joined the chat.

[DougSymington] Hi Maria

[maria] hi doug

[maria] i’m from NH

[DougSymington] welcome, thanks for joining

[DougSymington] please skype edtechtalk if you’d like to join the discussion

[maria] so sorry to hear about the server trouble

[maria] can’t skype – no headphones

[DougSymington] thanks, it’s been quite a week

[maria] i have lots of the audio files but it looks like you folks have them all

[DougSymington] thanks, yes we’re pretty lucky there

[maria] i think the we need to help kids know about net safety as soon as they school

david has joined the chat.

[maria] anwde need to help their parents understand as well

[dave] hi david

david has left the chat.

[dave] bye david  🙂 

[maria] i teach kindergarten and we talk about age appropriate issues

Rising_From_The_Ashes has joined the chat.

[dave] jeff?

[Rising_From_The_Ashes] YEs

[dave] ha

[DougSymington] join us on skype

[maria] hi jeff

[maria] what kind of portfolio ideas did you have, Ann Arbor Jeff

Rising_From_The_Ashes has left the chat.

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Mac Mall Part#: 596527 Mfr.Part#: U2-KMP3-256 Manufacturer: Kanguru Solutions $47.99 Quoted Price – ($45.00 x 15 = $675)

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] Maria – I will share a post but mostly will focus on Elgg and Moodle.

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] I have a few projects of Kdg – 4th grade projects and process

[maria] i’m interested since i’m trying some “digital portfolio” projects in my classroom

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] I would like to hear more about it. Can we check in later?

[maria] i’d be interested in knowing more as you go along and I’d be glad to share as well

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] email me at [email protected]

[maria] thanks – I’m a great fan of the things you share – i’ve been listening since late summer

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] I will look forward to connectinga nd sharing?

[maria] thank you – i wish i knew what to use for headsets with my ibook

[maria] do usb headsets work well

[maria] wtha do you recommend

[maria] my friend kathy malsbendan wants me to get on board with skype

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] yes very well I have ordered Mac Mall Part#: 757580 Mfr.Part#: 980356-0403 Manufacturer: Logitech $25.99 Quoted Price – ($25.00 x 10 = $250) <http://www.macmall.com/macmall/shop/detail~dpno~757580.asp>

dave has left the chat.

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] http://macul.org/conferences/2006/conferencehighlights.html

Rising_From_The_Ashes has joined the chat.

[Jeff_From_Ann_Arbor] http://macul.org/conferences/2006/conferencehighlights.html

[maria] yes

[maria] she’s coming to NH

[maria] in april

[maria] good night you guys-glad to hear edtech talk talking again

[DougSymington] thanks Maria take care

[maria] i love the flash drive ideas

[maria] i’m using my ipod in my room with the kinders

[maria] me three

[maria] i’m in the trenches too

[maria] bye

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