EdTechBrainstorm – April 12, 2007

Here’s the first twenty minutes of this week’s brainstorm. It starts off with a bit of audio from an interview that Arvind did with Steve Rosenbaum at last week’s PodcampNYC.

About 2 minutes in, I’m joined by JL and JenM and we pick up the conversation from last week. Specifically we address the appropriateness of some of the content of last week’s show, and feedback it generated.

As for my contribution to the general tone of the conversation last week, I’d like to apologize for my ill-considered comments regarding the inversely proportional relationship between a doctorate and one’s sense of humour. My apologies to PhDs in general, and Dr. King in particular. As I say in this week’s audio, I have many friends, not to mention family members, with doctoral degrees and I meant no disrespect with my "joke." Sorry.

Following that discussion we check in with Jeff from Ann Arbor regarding a webcast he’s doing right here at  09:30 Eastern (North America) on the April 20, 2007.



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