Another in our series of virtual staff lounges here at EdTechTalk. This week I’m joined by Jennifer Wagner, Brad Hicks and James Sigler for a discussion about web-based projects and how technology is and can be used in the classroom and for professional development.

Chat Transcript:

<!– break –>

BradHicks -> Hi guys

dougsymington -> hey Brad

dougsymington -> good to see you

dougsymington -> how are things?

BradHicks -> Yeah have been very busy – just finished my
Masters in Education last week

BradHicks -> and started tecahing at uni gain this week

dougsymington -> congrats on finishing hte MEd

dougsymington -> I know that feels good πŸ™‚

BradHicks -> teaching one computing skills class and
teaching Studies of Society and Environment Education for preservice K-10

dougsymington -> very cool

BradHicks -> yep will have a break from my own study for
atleast this year – but I am being pushed to then start PhD

dougsymington -> whoa

BradHicks -> feeding a little bot here at the moment who is
just about to nod off

dougsymington -> busy time to be sure

dougsymington -> gotcha, let you tend to the wee one

dougsymington -> take care and keep in touch

dougsymington -> hi Terry

dougsymington -> welcome

BradHicks -> he is out to it, so will hang around for a

dougsymington -> great

dougsymington -> may be a short show

dougsymington -> my connection and computer have been wonky all

dougsymington -> JDub, in the house

JenW -> wonky??

JenW -> yep

dougsymington -> cutting in and out (connection) and freezing

dougsymington -> ==wonky

dougsymington -> I LOVE tech πŸ™‚

JenW -> ahhhh

JenW -> πŸ™‚

BradHicks -> got my old Imac G4 back from the repair place
today, hard drive had died, just a pity they forgot to send me back the power
cord πŸ™ – repair shop only a 2 hr drive
away (there and back) πŸ™

dougsymington -> ouch

JenW -> you are showing NOT ON SKYPE

BradHicks -> just as well I’m not short of other machines
in the house πŸ™‚

dougsymington -> nice green circle on skype here

dougsymington -> I’ll call you JL

dougsymington -> if you’d like

dougsymington -> sorry JW

JenW -> Jennifer Lynn — I felt like I was in trouble

dougsymington -> jlol

BradHicks -> Yeah Doug not showing on mine either – Skype

dougsymington -> lol

dougsymington -> like I said, been on o those dayz

BradHicks -> JenW are you using Mac or PC Skype?

JenW -> Tonight– I am on my MAC

BradHicks -> I think it may be a mac skype problem, seems
to happen a lot that I don’t see some people properly when they are on Skype

dougsymington -> Jen I’ll call you quick

dougsymington -> at work and will proaly have to bolt pretty

dougsymington -> can I call you

JenW -> sure

JenW -> not that I have mch to say

dougsymington -> Brad, of course you’re welcome too, but don’t
want to disturb the wee one

JenW -> my skype has been weird

dougsymington -> on the way

JenW -> people don’t see me as on

BradHicks -> the local computing tecahers here in W.Aust
have a new Ning community – echalk.ning.com

dougsymington -> Hi Lorna and James

BradHicks -> ahhh – one goes to sleep – the other wakes up
– the joys of twin boys!

JenW -> double blessings!!

BradHicks -> letting my wife catch up on sleep

BradHicks -> 5 mths

BradHicks -> thanks guys?

BradHicks -> πŸ™‚

BradHicks -> same back atcha – we’re gonna come to Canada one day!

dougsymington -> look fwd to ti

James.Sigler -> I missed the 1st half of the webcast. What did I miss?

dougsymington -> trip to Canada, that is

dougsymington -> not much missed

BradHicks -> happy to join you for a little while if you
bring me in doug

dougsymington -> will do Brad

dougsymington -> on the way

BradHicks -> i think these technologies are great for
encouraging global citizenship with our students

JenW -> http://www.jenuinetech.com

dougsymington -> http://sketchup.google.com/

JenW -> nice chat doug

JenW -> thanks

James.Sigler -> Great job

BradHicks -> thanks for the advice/input guys

BradHicks -> gnight


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