Bonnie, Chis, and Dave, from the Living Archives project, stop by and we take their server for a test-drive.

Chat Transcript:

21:11:16 JenWagner: going to OPEN SIM??
21:11:23 JenWagner: yeah
21:11:26 Durff graduate of 2017: i hear two people
21:11:40 BradHicks: can it work on mac sl?
21:11:44 Durff graduate of 2017: coffee needs refilled – brb
21:12:03 JenWagner: HUH??
21:12:20 dave: http://davecormier.com/ _2133.swf
21:12:20 jepcke: on a mac
21:12:23 dave: screencast
21:12:32 courosa: have mac instructions?
21:12:36 JenWagner: hmmmm
21:12:42 JenWagner: why am I scared to do this??
21:12:53 dave: you’ll be fine
21:12:59 JenWagner::)
21:13:03 jepcke: jigger?
21:13:33 jepcke: can you speak Mac, too?
21:13:35 MGuhlin.net: Are you installing Second Life?
21:13:41 dave: nope… opensim
21:13:45 MGuhlin.net: ah
21:13:49 dave: uses the secondlife client
21:13:51 courosa: remind me never to come to a meeting late.
21:13:59 Durff graduate of 2017: miguel!
21:14:02 JenWagner: I don’t have a sL.exe
21:14:07 MGuhlin.net: Hi Durff and folks!
21:14:11 dave: http://davecormier.com/ _2133.swf
21:14:14 JenWagner: Ahhh Miguel — LOL — I hear you made a slide of WOW2 LOL
21:14:17 Durff graduate of 2017: alec – never come to a mtg late
21:14:21 courosa: so on a mac, should i just copy my second life folder?
21:14:30 courosa: thanks durff!
21:14:47 MGuhlin.net: Yeah, it’s famous. ;->
21:14:49 dave: -loginuri http://blade6.vre.upei.ca:8002/
21:14:54 JenWagner: Yep — I heard
21:14:57 JenWagner::)
21:15:21 JenWagner: once doug does this — I will too
21:15:21 courosa: and how about those mac instructions?
21:15:39 Durff graduate of 2017: hi sue
21:15:50 JenWagner: I once lost my drupal because dave or jeff said "OH GO AHEAD — it will work" LOL
21:16:03 sroseman: Hi Durff
21:16:14 MGuhlin.net: This is an advanced class…have fun folks! I’m gone.
21:16:17 courosa: allright
21:16:30 Durff graduate of 2017: hi sonjag
21:16:42 JenWagner: @Doug — YEP
21:16:46 JenWagner: but I will still wait for you
21:16:57 Matt Montagne -> Room 2: test
21:16:57 krisbfunk: hey guys
21:17:02 Durff graduate of 2017: hi kris
21:17:30 krisbfunk: one moment and i’ll get some mac instructions on the go for opensim login
21:18:12 courosa: cool, thanks kirs
21:18:14 courosa: kris
21:18:23 BradHicks: thanks
21:18:28 JenWagner: I have COPY OF SECOND LIFE
21:18:31 JenWagner: is that correct??
21:18:59 sroseman: Where are you guys
21:19:06 Durff graduate of 2017: isn’t opensim different?
21:19:15 sroseman: Are you in SL?
21:19:18 Art Gelwicks: Gotta run…have fun folks!
21:19:22 JenWagner: not yet
21:19:26 JenWagner: LOL
21:19:35 JenWagner: hmmm okay
21:19:46 JenWagner: okay
21:19:48 Durff graduate of 2017: oh sorry
21:19:49 JenWagner: I have a shortcut too
21:19:56 Durff graduate of 2017: it’s late
21:19:59 JenWagner: paste the link to directions again please
21:20:30 JenWagner: did
21:20:59 dave: http://davecormier.com/ _2133.swf
21:22:08 jepcke: Gonna have to tap out.
21:22:13 JenWagner: watching ddirections
21:23:06 krisbfunk: http://blade6.vre.upei.ca/logingrid/index.php?page=smodul&site=HowTo
21:23:34 sheila -> Room 2: changing colors . . .
21:24:07 krisbfunk: ^^ those are the mac instructions to change the loginuri for your client.. any other instructions dave gave should still be the same
21:24:26 JenWagner: LGON PLEase
21:24:30 JenWagner: who should I be
21:24:33 dave: jenw
21:24:35 dave: user three
21:24:39 dave: pwd test
21:25:10 JenWagner: on my way
21:25:42 JenWagner: connecting to region
21:25:56 JenWagner: downloading clothing – should I worry
21:26:34 JenWagner: please ignore my state of dress
21:26:35 Durff graduate of 2017: probably
21:26:37 JenWagner: LOL
21:26:48 Durff graduate of 2017: or lack thereof?
21:26:58 JenWagner: absolutely
21:27:03 JenWagner: I flew UP
21:27:05 JenWagner: way UP
21:27:22 dave: http://livingarchives.ca/blog/anne-green-gables/feb-05-2008/1411
21:27:33 krisbfunk: haha
21:27:45 JenWagner: excuse me — where do I get clothes??
21:27:48 krisbfunk: Jen, what does your avatar look like, red pants?
21:28:03 JenWagner: Kris — I wish — right now, I have my birthday suit on
21:28:51 krisbfunk: is your avatr grey, or are you actually declothed?
21:28:55 krisbfunk: avatar*
21:29:03 Durff graduate of 2017: and upset about clothing
21:29:04 JenWagner: I am grey — but I am also seeing body parts
21:29:07 sroseman: gotta go ..have a date in SL
21:29:07 JenWagner::)
21:29:12 krisbfunk: hehe
21:29:19 Durff graduate of 2017: while kids have clothes?
21:29:20 courosa: dave, what is the login/password?
21:29:30 dave: user four test
21:29:31 krisbfunk: Jen, click your Inventory -> Create – > new clothes
21:29:40 JenWagner: I am skinny dipping
21:29:42 JenWagner: in the water
21:29:47 Durff graduate of 2017: lol
21:29:58 krisbfunk: then when your chosen item appears, right click it and choose wear
21:30:07 krisbfunk: then click EDIT -> Appearance
21:30:08 JenWagner: clothing folder is EMPTY
21:30:32 Durff graduate of 2017: Bonnie may be right
21:30:40 Durff graduate of 2017: listen to her dave
21:30:42 JenWagner: Hi Bonnie
21:30:45 JenWagner: I am in the water
21:30:51 krisbfunk: when you click ‘create’ -> ‘new clothes’ -> pants
21:30:52 JenWagner: no option for clothing
21:31:07 krisbfunk: from the inventory window.. still no option?
21:31:21 BradHicks: alec did u use method 1 or 2?
21:31:42 courosa: 2, the arguments.txt file is empty, so you can just delete the txt later.
21:31:47 Durff graduate of 2017: but what will you do when kids have this result
21:32:15 JenWagner: this is sooo funny
21:32:24 JenWagner: I am a failed RUTH??
21:32:42 Durff graduate of 2017: how many kids?
21:32:59 BradHicks: then do i change login details ie name pswd from normal SL?
21:33:15 courosa: that is me, four
21:33:22 BradHicks: username pls?
21:33:23 courosa: get away from me dave.
21:33:29 Durff graduate of 2017: children
21:33:32 Durff graduate of 2017: not here
21:33:42 courosa: i feel very vulnerable
21:34:00 Durff graduate of 2017: esp with dave around
21:34:01 JenWagner: where is CLOTHES option
21:34:01 courosa: i am listening
21:35:29 JenWagner: I think this clothes option needs to be worked on before tomorrow
21:35:38 Durff graduate of 2017: you better think about it!
21:35:56 Durff graduate of 2017: it is rather unclothed, dave
21:36:15 Durff graduate of 2017: alec defend yourself
21:36:19 JenWagner: I am wearing a TIGHT GRAY BODY SUIT
21:36:27 JenWagner: extremely TIGHT
21:36:37 Durff graduate of 2017: that is rather revealing
21:36:44 courosa: the last time this happened, it wasn’t good … still in therapy
21:37:02 Durff graduate of 2017: and it’s expensive
21:37:30 courosa: i can’t stop flying
21:37:34 courosa: nude and airborne
21:38:12 Durff graduate of 2017: run rob!
21:38:23 rjacklin: why??
21:38:38 Durff graduate of 2017: dave is being…well…dave
21:38:39 courosa: i’m stuck in the house some how
21:38:41 JenWagner: okay
21:38:52 JenWagner: you now have totally taken me out of my comfort zone
21:39:19 Durff graduate of 2017: get a kid to figure it out
21:39:23 courosa: what kind of crazy party do you have planned dave?
21:39:26 JenWagner: I am going back in
21:39:39 Durff graduate of 2017: we love JDub anyway
21:40:00 JenWagner: who do I skype
21:40:07 rjacklin: lol
21:40:12 Durff graduate of 2017: it’s not a PG party for sure
21:41:09 Durff graduate of 2017: hi lisa
21:41:22 Lisa M Lane: hi other Lisa
21:41:25 courosa: hey, where were those instructions again?
21:41:33 rjacklin: what’s the topic for tonight?
21:41:59 Durff graduate of 2017: http://livingarchives.ca/blog/anne-green-gables/feb-05-2008/1411
21:42:03 JenWagner: Hello — who do I skype
21:42:19 Durff graduate of 2017: skype them both jen
21:42:33 JenWagner: alas
21:42:39 Durff graduate of 2017: rob they are testing opensim
21:42:52 rjacklin: When in Rome!
21:42:56 Durff graduate of 2017: for tomorrow before it fails with students
21:42:57 JenWagner: this is sooo wrong on so many levels — but am having a fun time
21:43:03 JenWagner: LOL
21:43:29 Durff graduate of 2017: who is laughing? Bonnie?
21:44:13 Durff graduate of 2017: Ok, so how many will log-in to this server at once, dave?
21:44:30 Durff graduate of 2017: and what is Plan B?
21:44:30 rjacklin: @durff–what are they logging in to?
21:44:36 Durff graduate of 2017: opensim
21:44:44 rjacklin: Oh
21:44:55 rjacklin: sorry, you already said that…
21:45:18 BradHicks: hey alec I am still being asked for a sl account on mac – did u get that?
21:45:22 Durff: http://livingarchives.ca/blog/anne-green-gables/feb-05-2008/1411
21:45:54 Durff: server which is overstressed
21:46:29 Durff: Plan B dave?
21:46:36 Lisa M Lane: this will be odd just hearing this
21:47:23 Durff: http://blade6.vre.upei.ca/logingrid/index.php?page=smodul&site=HowTo
21:47:52 courosa: i’ve barely ever used real second life … interesting.
21:48:11 Durff: really? it’s fun
21:48:28 Durff: but i don’t think i can run it with this running
21:48:33 courosa: @brad, i got the account from dave.
21:48:42 courosa: user, four – test
21:48:43 Durff: you’re going to crash the server
21:48:56 Durff: with 25 + teachers
21:48:57 courosa: you will need a different one
21:49:11 BradHicks: does it still look like sl when then app opens at logon screen?
21:49:19 Durff: your welcome dave
21:49:47 Durff: yes brad
21:49:48 rjacklin: How many kids are you bringing in?
21:49:59 Durff: 25
21:50:07 courosa: what are you running for a server?
21:50:28 Durff: did you know you are nuts?
21:50:43 courosa: was fun
21:51:04 courosa: courosbot really enjoyed this
21:51:26 dougsymington: see, I told you!
21:51:28 Durff: we want copies chris
21:51:29 dougsymington: it was the bot
21:51:32 Lisa M Lane: gee, and a meeting without clothing had such potential
21:52:00 Durff: hi ifspere
21:52:13 dave: http://livingarchives.ca/blog/staceym/nov-08-2007/678
21:52:15 ifsphere: hello
21:52:32 courosa: dave and his famous naked parties
21:52:59 Durff: dave’s orgies
21:53:13 dougsymington: what’s the tag for those? the parties
21:54:10 dougsymington: brb
21:54:14 Durff: 25 kids embedding images in opensim? how do you spell trouble?
21:54:20 JenWagner: what happens in OPEN SIM — stays in OPEN SIM
21:54:37 Durff: not with dave there
21:54:59 dougsymington: true dat
21:55:10 courosa: ok dave, explain something to me … what is the relationship between SL and OpenSim … obviously we are using their software, but a different server. How is that possible re: SL licensing?
21:55:45 dougsymington: skype dougsymington to join voice convo anyone who’d like
21:55:56 Durff: that is a goof qt alec
21:56:38 courosa: ahhhh
21:56:39 courosa: ok
21:56:42 courosa: simple answer
21:56:54 courosa: open sourced their client under GPL?
21:56:56 rjacklin: So am I right in saying that the point of this activity is to interpret Anne of Green Gables within the context of archival pictures that have been described by students?
21:57:15 Durff: bingo
21:57:17 courosa: no, i have the same server
21:57:27 courosa: ram?
21:58:44 Durff: so gross!
21:58:55 dave: http://livingarchives.ca/blog/emmam/nov-15-2007/716
21:59:08 rjacklin: great idea!
21:59:50 rjacklin: jazzed until they sit their waiting to log in:p
22:01:45 Durff: he doesn’t listen
22:02:04 courosa: i’m going in
22:02:14 Durff: my 8th enjoyed a live ustream today esp the chatroom
22:02:37 Durff: best of luck
22:03:18 courosa: i didn’t even get a body this time
22:03:30 Durff: hi mac
22:03:31 BradHicks: i’m in but can’t see nething all black landscape downloading
22:03:50 Durff: Mac is the meowing cat
22:04:10 Durff: rob wouldn’t know
22:04:17 JenWagner: Maccers says HELLO
22:04:22 rjacklin: Best of luck!
22:04:26 rjacklin: Have a good night!
22:04:29 Durff: send your bills to dave cormier
22:04:46 Durff: welcome
22:04:56 courosa: thanks all
22:04:59 Durff: nite dave
22:05:05 JenWagner: hmmm
22:05:11 JenWagner: didn’t mean to hang up Doug
22:05:16 JenWagner: shoudl I call back??
22:05:33 courosa: thanks doug!
22:05:44 JenWagner: or are we done for tonight??
22:05:46 Durff: nite all – bedtime
22:05:53 JenWagner: guess we are DONE
22:05:53 dougsymington: thanks all
22:05:58 dougsymington: have a great one
22:06:01 dougsymington: tty all soon

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