EdTech Talk #13 – August 28, 2005

EdTech Talk #13 – August 28, 2005

This week on EdTechTalk we we’re joined by Nick Noakes, who talked with Jeff and Dave about the wonders of folksonomy and tagging, the place of vblogging in education, the new moodle podcasting patch and some chats about how teachers are going to be able to use this in their classrooms. Worldbridges also annouced its new free hosting program for innovative educators.

Download mp3 (22MB, 48:04)

Show Notes

How to patch Moodle to enable podcasting (11:30 into the show)

Patches can be found at podcast patch

Upload ‘lib-rsslib.patch’
into the /lib directory of your Moodle installation —

Upload ‘mod-forum-rsslib.patch’
into the /mod/forum/ directory of your installation

Command line access is required for actually installing the patch —

in /lib type

patch -p0 <lib-rsslib.patch —

and in /mod/forum/ type

patch -p0 < mod-forum-rsslib.patch

In Administration / Variables set ‘enablerssfeeds’ to yes —

In Modules set ‘forum_enablerssfeeds’ to yes —

For each podasting forum,
set RSS feed for this activity to ‘Posts’

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