Ed Tech Talk #48 – 1 Year Anniversary and Back to Basics


2 thoughts on “Ed Tech Talk #48 – 1 Year Anniversary and Back to Basics”

  1. Education Queensland’s eLearning Centre – The Learning Place
    You expressed an interest in what Educational Authorities were doing about creating safe web usage by schools.

    I think that what we have in Queensland, Australia, for all Education Queensland schools works rather well.
    The Learning Place is a dynamic centre for eLearning that offers schools free communication tools, resources, communities, and on-line learning in a secure, safe environment with some contolled portholes that are viewable on the Internet. I see it as a cocoon within the web.

    Oh – and Happy Birthday EdTech Talk!

    Lyndall Owbridge – Teacher
    Learning Place Mentor

    • Thanks for the link…
      And thanks for the birthday wishes. There’s alot of resources on that site, you’ll have to come on the show someday and walk us through it. I hope you don’t mind if we do a little tour of it during our user show next weekend!

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