Ed Tech Brainstorm January 4, 2007


January 04, 2007

Download mp3 (10 min, 4.9 MB)

Thanks to Derek K Miller of penmachine.com for the interview. Derek is an “Editor, Web Guy, Drummer and Dad — ‘and that doesn’t really include the day job stuff’…” from Vancouver, B.C. He’s also the artist behind the theme song for EdTechBrainstorms — Camp Walk.

In 2006, Derek signed on as the co-host of insidehomerecording.com. [Apologies to Derek for the “low-fi” audio attached here, but I managed to get levels improved, a bit, as we went.]

Other links/individuals/communties mentioned in the interview:

I’ve posted just the interview with Derek from tonight’s show, which runs about 10 minutes. Some “technical difficulties” during the webcast mean the full show — another 30 minutes after I’d streamed my conversation with Derek — isn’t “ready for prime time.”

Thanks to Cheryl and Cathy for joining me in the Skype conference, and to JL, Paul and Alex in the chat room.