Earthcast 2008 & Community Assembly

Hello EdTechTalkers,

Earthcast 2008 is only hours away. This 24 hour long conversation about the health of our planet. will begin at midnight GMT on April 22 (Global times at: ). Participants from around the world will moderate discussions, and guests will include students, teachers, local leaders, environmental advocates, scientists/engineers, politicians, grassroots leaders, etc.. Please visit for more information, a complete schedule, and to tune in.

Immediately following the Earthcast Webcastathon (global times at: ), EdTechTalk will hold its Spring Community Assembly.
There’s an agenda online at and a pre-meeting discussion at

Agenda highlights include
* Who’s running this place, anyway?
* Who is going to help newcomers, and how?
* How does Edtechtalk fit into the grand scheme of things?
* What’s the long-term plan to pay the bills?
* How can we satisfy the tremendous demand for EdTechTalk T-Shirts
* What are the biggest tech challenges, and who’s going to fix them? And why isn’t it done yet?
* What can ETT do to support the health of our planet?

We’d love to hear from lurkers, those interested in hosting their own shows someday, and anyone who’s got ideas to share. Everyone is welcome to join in at

Women of Web 2.0.74 will be going on the air immediately following the Community Assembly (global times at: with a roundup of the Earthcast 2008 experience.

Happy Earth Day to all!

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