Dave’s plan – June 21st.

This project plan is a draft of what i hope will grow into a real possibility for a revenue stream for edtechtalk.


Edtechtalk is a multi-perspective, yet integrated educational community. Hundreds of edtechtalk ‘professionals’ contribute everyweek in the form of their speaking in the shows themselves, their participation in the classroom, their blog responses to the shows and the various tagging and contribution systems for the different shows. Matching the rise of more ‘community minded’ training systems, we would like to present the edtechtalk community as a prime candidate for being the curriculum of a professional development course. 

There are a variety of professional educators who are doing this very thing right now. A google search (insert results here) will find any number of moodle installations from universities worldwide that include the edtechtalk feed as part of the resources for their course. This proposal is an attempt to both formalize the process of participation for those who have not had experience in community learning as well as offer potential course credit to those who participate and perform the necessary coursework.


The course would take the form of 6 webcast participations, various blogging and resource gathering activities, and the presentation of a portfolio which includes at least one integration from the course into their own curriculum to the ‘community leader’ assigned to that particular cohort. Students would be responsible for participating in those shows as they happen and proving through their responses and portfolio reflections that they have engaged.


Students must register with the website and include their blog address and other necessary requirements (whatever they might be)

Webcast 1

This is an introductory webcast hosted by the community leader where students are introduced to each other and are  introduced to the variety of ways in which a learner can participate in a community learning activity. They are assigned to a community leader who will be responsible for tracking basic blogging activity and for assessing the portfolios at the completion of the course.

Webcast 2-5 

Students are required to participate in ANY 4 (or more) shows from the edtechtalk community over a four week period. They may choose different shows or chose to focus in on a particular one. They should (though this is not strictly necessary) participate in the chatroom as well as any other activities that are part of the show (edtechweekly delicious comes to mind) They are responsible for writing a blog response for EACH of the shows that they listen to. A "i didn’t have anything to say" is simply responded to with "well listen to another show". The show hosts (or community members) have no responsibility for helping or guiding the students… though it is likely that they will be received like anyone else in the community.

Webcast 6

This is the reflection episode again hosted by the community leader.

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  1. Going beyond Webcast Academy
    There is so much talent in the edtechtalk community that we can begin to form Tech Academies. I am currently experimenting in moodle course formation with “La Academia”. I like the hybrid model you propose. Meeting at “F2F” but in our case “live” at the beginning and end of course and then online work that can be graded.

    Jose Rodriguez; It’s Elementary

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