Conversations Show 25 02 01 2009

Lisa and Maria reflect on EduCon2.1 this week. Sheila talks about the UNH Belize program and the plans for her upcoming trip to Belize.


Chat Log

11:27:23 JRowing: Hello all
11:27:27 lparisi: Hello
11:27:40 Sheila: Hi!
11:30:04 JRowing: sorry – multi tasking – saw the tweet & thought I’d drop in
11:30:18 lparisi: Glad to have you.
11:30:21 lparisi: Hello Maureen
11:30:33 Maureen: Hello Lisa, Maria
11:30:41 JRowing: Can I plug an idea quickly?
11:30:46 lparisi: Sure
11:30:47 MariaK: go for it
11:30:49 JRowing: plugging as a place to brainstorm and condense ideas for   Teacher stand at BETT 2010
11:32:31 lparisi: Hello Russel
11:32:52 russeltarr: Hi, just thought I’d drop in to see what this is about…
11:33:37 Sheila: Hi Durff
11:33:38 lparisi: Hey Durff!
11:33:44 mrsdurff: everyone twitter this please
11:33:44 JRowing: hello all
11:33:54 russeltarr: Is there some topic up for discussion?
11:33:57 mrsdurff: hey parisi – thank you
11:34:12 mrsdurff: i need to turn my volume on
11:34:23 mrsdurff: better
11:34:46 guest478: πŸ™‚ just making sure… have good show
11:34:59 mrsdurff: hi dave
11:35:48 mrsdurff: who?
11:36:09 mrsdurff: hi colleen
11:36:13 lparisi: Hello Colleen
11:36:18 Scott Shelhart: have to reboot…..back in 7-10 minutes…
11:36:22 colleenk: Hi Lisa and Lisa
11:36:25 mrsdurff: no.
11:37:16 annelisewojo: I heard from someone else how great that fairuse session was.
11:37:42 lparisi: Hi Lorna
11:38:14 Lorna: Hi Lisa
11:38:18 mrsdurff: hi jackie
11:38:23 mrsdurff: hi lorna
11:38:25 annelisewojo: what is this world cafe format?
11:38:28 mrsdurff: hi sarah
11:38:32 jackiegerstein: Hi  Durff
11:38:34 sarahsutter: Hi there!
11:38:41 Lorna: Hello everyone
11:38:48 bobcaro: ustream is fine – not delayed like the media stream
11:38:53 sarahsutter: @mariaK I love your notes with pictures!
11:38:59 mrsdurff: i heard there was dancing
11:39:14 sarahsutter: Dancing? And I missed it??
11:39:27 mrsdurff: hi ryan
11:39:29 Lorna: stream?
11:39:35 mrsdurff: ETT A
11:39:39 ryanbretag: Hi Durff
11:39:52 MariaK:
11:39:55 colleenk: @ryan How are you feeling?
11:40:19 jackiegerstein: LOVE this idea!!
11:41:06 ryanbretag: @colleenk feeling better — energy still not back but gatherings like these are helping πŸ™‚
11:41:11 ryanbretag: Hi Lisa
11:41:35 jackiegerstein:
11:42:19 jackiegerstein: I missed where you did the World Cafe – where was it?
11:42:35 annelisewojo: i was hit too with the bug…wonder how many were affected
11:42:36 mrsdurff: Educon
11:42:43 mrsdurff: it is
11:42:58 ryanbretag: Be sure to look at the Hosting Guidelines — good stuff there that worked well in classroom and shifting department meetings to something more exploratory that one-way:
11:44:07 mrsdurff: hi Cathy
11:45:12 mrsdurff: who?
11:46:22 ryanbretag: I agree — it was about turning the stage over to the crowd. It was beautiful to see
11:47:00 sarahsutter: I’m with you Maria – I wanted David to talk more and spend less time getting feedback from the audience.
11:47:30 jackiegerstein: David Warlick’s backchannel in the virtual participation was one of the most exciting ones in Educon – it was loads of fun!
11:49:25 mrsdurff: on long island?
11:49:31 mrsdurff: it’s not that big
11:49:37 lparisi: frederick Burtley
11:50:07 Maureen: Living in the Berkshires- no diversity…esp at private school, but that is one of the things we are supposedly looking at in new strategic plan. Seems conrived to me.
11:50:23 Maureen: sorry contrived
11:50:42 Sheila: thanks Durff
11:50:50 bobcaro: ustream – media player stream is about 30 sec behind – so it doesn’tmatch the chat at all
11:50:54 ryanbretag: want to stick around and engaged but audio is causing a bit of a headache — sorry
11:51:05 jackiegerstein: 85% teachers are white – need to change teacher demongraphics, too.  8.4% Proportion of teachers who are non-Hispanic black. Another 5.5 percent are Hispanic, 2.9 percent are non-Hispanic Asian and 0.5 percent are non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaska native
11:52:25 mrsdurff: hi jeff
11:53:21 jackiegerstein: I like this soap box – it is a very important topic
11:53:51 Sheila: Clever bobcaro!
11:54:09 bobcaro: @sheila – don’t tell me, tell my boss
11:54:19 Sheila: πŸ™‚
11:54:27 minhaaj: Hello everyone
11:54:37 Sheila: Hi Minhaaj
11:54:44 JL: still echo-ey, might need to restart things – seem to recall that being necessary with Nicecast
11:54:47 minhaaj: shows offair on my side
11:55:32 sarahsutter: I found that there are many teachers in my building open to the progressive ideas – I hope we can build on the momentum and make substantial changes in the next semester.
11:55:44 bobcaro: I have the TCEA in Austin this week, so I’m really looing forward to getting "recharged"
11:56:01 minhaaj: why is vlc asking for username and password for stream?
11:56:19 minhaaj: k figured
11:56:20 mrsdurff: start over
11:56:23 Maureen: you’re fine
11:56:23 bobcaro: not talking to yourself, lisa
11:56:28 mrsdurff: hang on folks
11:56:31 lparisi: Sound is back
11:56:39 mrsdurff: chat among yourselves
11:56:40 minhaaj: i can hear πŸ™‚
11:56:43 Maureen: @minhaaj- vlc always does that for me
11:56:47 mrsdurff: use this time to twitter
11:56:51 minhaaj: Maureen figured out πŸ™‚
11:56:59 Maureen: @minhaaj I use itunes or real
11:57:03 mrsdurff: you are
11:57:16 minhaaj: i got PC no mac
11:57:28 minhaaj: yep you are back πŸ™‚
11:57:32 mrsdurff: i thought you had a linux?
11:57:37 minhaaj: i use that too.
11:57:45 mrsdurff: you must be rih
11:57:49 mrsdurff: rich
11:57:49 minhaaj: and btw you can use linux on PC too πŸ™‚
11:57:52 minhaaj: rich ?
11:57:56 minhaaj: Hey πŸ™‚
11:57:58 mrsdurff: rich
11:58:18 minhaaj: Yeaaaaaaaaa Sheila on air πŸ™‚
11:58:20 mrsdurff: you do parisi
11:58:40 bobcaro: meeting you and bud and others at NECC was a highlight for me
11:58:53 mrsdurff: echo but no bumps right now – knock on wood
11:58:55 minhaaj: anyone is going to TESOL 2009?
11:59:06 mrsdurff: where?
11:59:11 minhaaj: Denver, Colorado
11:59:19 jackiegerstein: Anyone going to the CUE conference?
11:59:24 mrsdurff: not I – too far i think
11:59:30 sarahsutter: The debrief time is key. Last year with an 8 hour drive with two other attendees (Colleen & Alice) it was great to be able to review together.
11:59:30 minhaaj: hehe.
11:59:36 mrsdurff: where jackie?
11:59:46 Lorna: Skype is really a gr8 support system
11:59:53 mrsdurff: indeed
11:59:57 minhaaj: but very poor Customer Service
12:00:08 mrsdurff: in the words of someone we know
12:00:08 minhaaj: my Skype account is blocked for 13 days now. Credit card verification issues
12:00:18 mrsdurff: pooh
12:00:19 colleenk: @Sarah Had that debriefing time with Karen and Beth this year. It’s really important.
12:00:27 sarahsutter: ?Exclusive? learning community??? that seems a little rediculous
12:00:32 jackiegerstein:  Vicki Davis and Robert Manzano are keynotes
12:00:43 sarahsutter: @colleen Yep – I think I"ll drive next year.
12:00:46 minhaaj: Vicki Davis is fabulous.
12:00:48 mrsdurff: tell them to take a cab, Maria
12:00:50 MariaK: Citical friends group
12:00:53 annelisewojo: I went last year with family to NECC.  Found that took away from value in networking and sharing ideas with colleagues
12:00:55 minhaaj: I just did Flat Classroom project 2008 with her
12:01:00 MariaK: Critical friends
12:01:09 minhaaj: Starting Horizon 2009 now
12:01:53 jackiegerstein: It is great "stuff" minhaaj – wish my students were older in order to participate.
12:01:54 mrsdurff: anyone attending
12:02:00 mrsdurff: in SL
12:02:13 minhaaj: yea a great idea.
12:02:27 Lorna: change sometmes still has to be top down
12:02:30 minhaaj: SL won’t run on my vista πŸ™ miss it.
12:02:36 jackiegerstein: @Durff – plan to "go" – not submitting a paper – are you?
12:03:01 annelisewojo: I wish I had someone here to do that debriefing with
12:03:02 mrsdurff: Horizon has in the past has Sounding Board classrooms – does it this year?
12:03:15 annelisewojo: here = home, school
12:03:38 annelisewojo: no one around me to have these discussions with
12:03:39 mrsdurff: Jackie – writing proposal now with help from my PLE on twitter
12:03:40 bobcaro: maybe being more effective makes you better, and they see it
12:03:50 Maureen: Competition vs collaboration= not good for education
12:03:56 Lorna: it is hard when the technology can b so overwhelming
12:03:59 mrsdurff: jealous they are parisi
12:04:10 bobcaro: competence can be intimidating to the incompetent or the cowardly
12:04:14 mrsdurff: people won’t even talk to me
12:04:28 Lorna: yes it is intimidating
12:04:30 jackiegerstein: @bobcaro – touche
12:04:39 Lorna: some people do not know how to use the microphone
12:05:06 sarahsutter: Sometimes the teachers seem surprised that I really do want to help them do projects.
12:05:09 Maureen: I was listening to conversations on something yesterday- most had not heard of the basic every day stuff- bookmarks, twitter, etc.
12:05:24 Lorna: @ Maurenn exaclty
12:05:42 Lorna: sometimes we know the tools so well we can lose touch with the newbie experience
12:05:43 sarahsutter: More and more often, though, I get email that says, I have this idea, is it even possible? It’s usually totally do-able.
12:05:48 jackiegerstein: I come from a background in experiential education – – been dealing with teachers feeling skeptical and intimidated for years because the students LOVE it.
12:06:05 Maureen: Was it on classroom 2.0 or slister’s presentation- one or the other…
12:06:20 bobcaro: being the best just makes you a target
12:06:29 sarahsutter: I’m just trying to get them to ask those questions – what’s possible? Can we do this? instead of me providing the ideas of what they might do.
12:07:09 jackiegerstein: I want to be the best teacher in the world – this is my motivated as I am always coming from the perspective of a learner.
12:07:12 Sheila: Good point Sarah!
12:07:20 colleenk: @sarah That’s progress.
12:07:26 lparisi: ANyone want to join in the skype call?
12:07:35 Maureen: Many teachers feel that instead of moving forward you are criticizing them…not really- just trying to show possibilities.
12:07:49 lparisi: Yes, Maureen, or showing them up.
12:07:56 Lorna: how many times does a district offer PD about ewb 2.0
12:08:01 Lorna: web
12:08:03 bobcaro: @sarah – it’s always "any reason to stop" instead of "finding a way to succeed"
12:08:19 Sheila: @Maureen – I’m sure that’s a big part of it yet I"m still impatient sometimes.
12:08:40 sarahsutter: @bob yep, it’s often about doing as much as I can to break down the barriers, percieved or actual.
12:08:40 colleenk: @Maureen I see that all the time with my math teachers. I can’t make a suggestion without hurting someone’s feelings. Why is that?
12:08:55 Maureen: @Lorna I offer it 24/7 thru moodle and with afterschool classes and 1:1- getting tired of the baby steps, we’re not ready, not enuf time, etc.
12:09:22 Lorna: @maureen your role?
12:09:37 bobcaro: too many teachers have been allowed to close their doors and their minds to what’s going on in technology
12:09:42 sarahsutter: We offer it 1xmonth on a late start, plus 4xmonth afternoon 2-hr sessions that are optional.
12:09:44 jackiegerstein: Does she have a cell phone?  They are mini-computers.
12:09:51 mrsdurff: my previous principal said,"…[you suffer from] the loneliness that comes from being so far out in front that you don’t see anyone running with you…" – i think we all do
12:09:55 Maureen: @Lorna- teach science to gr 1-3, computer to 6-9, and do tech integration/PD
12:10:09 jackiegerstein: @Durff – interesting!
12:10:14 MariaK: she probably doesn’t use her cell phone either!
12:10:23 Lorna: teachers are like children they don’t want to appear ignorant = don’t know how to do something
12:10:28 bobcaro: "giving up too early" – isn’t that what we try to cure students of?
12:10:28 mrsdurff: I meant, "you suffer from…"
12:10:56 mrsdurff: yeah Darren K
12:11:40 Maureen: @Lorna- subbing for a graphic design block on Tuesday- looking forward to having the kids teach me how to use Illustrator. It’s OK to learn- from anyone who has something to teach me.
12:12:04 sarahsutter: We have the same problem with drawing and other art classes "Oh, I"m not creative", Oh, I can’t draw.  And they don’t even give it a shot.
12:12:26 bobcaro: @Maureen – I accept the fact that most days my students teach me more about teaching, than I teach them about my subject.
12:12:41 Lorna: it is easier to make excuses than to make change
12:12:41 jackiegerstein: This is a great point – but we cannot expect everyone to be good at everything – Mel Levine says we expect kids to not only be well rounded but to be mentally obese
12:12:41 lparisi: wow…just thinking about all the things I say I am not good at…math, art, science…why have I allowed that to happen?
12:13:16 sarahsutter: It’s about a)how you phrase the statement, and b)what you do about it after you say it.
12:13:33 sarahsutter: "not good at" or "don’t do" vs "need some support with" or "takes me a little extra time"
12:13:37 bobcaro: @lparisi – I see it all the time in students – if you never try, you can never FAIL – thus you are not a failure.I tell them that not TRYING makes them a failure.
12:13:57 sarahsutter: If you aren’t failing now and again, you aren’t trying hard enough.
12:14:25 Maureen: Met w/new head of school the other day. The asst head had complained that I was piling too much on- that he was just getting used to moodle and now I added google docs, etc. I explained that this person had logged onto moodle once last year, once this year and that was just not trying. The admin doesn’t make it happen- won’t use it- just complain. Pretty cranky this week!
12:14:31 mrsdurff: oh so agree parisi
12:14:36 mrsdurff: lame excuse
12:14:53 Lorna: are teachers willing to be seen as failures
12:15:05 mrsdurff: that’s why we love you Maria!
12:15:07 lparisi: Never Lorna!
12:15:24 jackiegerstein: People have adapted to technology all along – clocks, phones, TV remotes etc., I am EXTREMELY tired of the digital immigrant excuse.
12:15:40 sarahsutter: They don’t see the time and effort we put in to learn something.
12:15:45 mrsdurff: of course Lorna never is, but excel at failure
12:15:50 bobcaro: @Lorna – they don’t see themselves as falures if they don’t even try -my students are the same way
12:16:03 mrsdurff: I excel
12:16:21 mrsdurff: oh dear, too cold to type well
12:16:40 mrsdurff: excuse my blunders – but case in point
12:16:52 Lorna: I was afraid to use diigo until Peggy held my hand
12:16:57 bobcaro: My hardest task is convincing students that PRACTICING what is difficult makes you better at something.
12:17:07 mrsdurff: hey minhaaj is back
12:17:22 minhaaj: yea connection prbs
12:17:26 Maureen: I end up doing so much 1:1, seems like that takes the danger out of public failure. But with 7 preps, etc… it is killing me.
12:17:26 lparisi:
12:17:33 mrsdurff: we should not be given that choice
12:17:39 sarahsutter: NO kidding  That’s another plug for keeping music in the schools – concept of practice and working to get better at something is embedded firmly in the medium.
12:17:43 mrsdurff: it should be required
12:18:01 minhaaj: why should you be given choice NOT to choose technology?
12:18:14 mrsdurff: everything i do and have been doing is being blocked
12:18:34 Maureen: @lparisi I bought the book, gave it the 4th grade teacher, she said she would do it… I don’t know if she has signed up yet. I’ll check your wiki.
12:18:51 mrsdurff: and my attitude is to ask learners to tell parents who are paying money for me to educate their children
12:18:55 lparisi: Great, Maureen, I have a fifth grade teacher who needs a partner
12:19:26 mrsdurff: partner? for?
12:19:37 lparisi: The poetry collaboration Durff
12:19:47 minhaaj: Sheila is a great promoter πŸ™‚
12:20:12 mrsdurff: how long is that parisi?
12:20:25 lparisi: Up to the teachers who are partnered, Durff
12:20:37 minhaaj: wheres Sheila headin?
12:20:46 MariaK: Belize
12:20:50 minhaaj: wow
12:21:01 lparisi: Thanks, Maria…I wasn’t going to attempt to spell that
12:21:03 mrsdurff: Sheila is a ground breaker
12:21:04 minhaaj: gimme the details πŸ˜›
12:21:06 MariaK: sheila is definately a wow
12:21:12 mrsdurff: on that cutting edge
12:21:18 minhaaj: second that Maria
12:21:33 MariaK: She’s been doing this for 19 years
12:21:57 minhaaj: shes the best at her school though and probably the only one who uses technology
12:22:03 Lorna: good conversation – have to go – thanks everyone  – have a great sunday
12:22:09 minhaaj: i had a great time talking to her kids
12:22:11 mrsdurff: bye Lorna
12:22:32 mrsdurff: i have to go too
12:22:33 jackiegerstein: Would love to see the stream – One of my highlights this past month was viewing the live streams of student presentations from the Flat Classroom COnference –
12:22:48 minhaaj: i judged them Jackie πŸ™‚
12:23:02 jackiegerstein: It was great wasn’t it minhaaj?
12:23:18 minhaaj: yea it was awesome.
12:23:28 minhaaj: real hard to rate them above each other
12:23:35 jackiegerstein: How about twitter updates for teachers of Beleize
12:23:45 minhaaj: Go Sheila!
12:24:16 jackiegerstein: Why not?
12:24:20 minhaaj: She made the teacher in Antarctica a celebrity
12:24:36 jackiegerstein: Through her cell phone?  I twitter from my iphone
12:24:48 minhaaj: not sure if Belize is fully wired jackie
12:25:35 minhaaj: lol
12:25:58 minhaaj: Belize would make up for snow storms Sheila this year
12:26:00 minhaaj: rofl
12:26:03 jackiegerstein: minhaaj – just added you to my twitter PLN
12:26:40 minhaaj: yea saw that. thanks
12:27:15 minhaaj: I wonder wheres Peggy?
12:27:24 minhaaj: She never misses an edtechtalk
12:27:32 Sheila: Sorry hard to read the chat and talk!
12:27:37 minhaaj: she’s probably at that conference.
12:27:45 minhaaj: np Sheila focus on your talk πŸ™‚
12:27:51 Sheila: πŸ™‚
12:28:51 bobcaro: I’m going to try to uStream from the TCEA in Austin this week
12:28:57 Sheila:
12:29:00 minhaaj: since this show is pretty famous, you might get paid sponsorship now seriously Maria
12:29:01 minhaaj: lol
12:29:37 bobcaro: just to test uStreaming and blogging a conference – I asked for a grant to go to NECC in DC, and in the APP I promised to uStream and Blog every minute
12:29:40 minhaaj: great idea Bob
12:30:47 jackiegerstein: Promoting the CUE (Computer Using Educators) conference again – Keynotes from Robert Manzano, Vicki Reynolds, and Peter Reynolds (I am presenting).
12:31:09 minhaaj: great.
12:31:17 Cathy E: great show ladies
12:31:27 minhaaj: I wonder if there an option for presenting from distance?
12:31:31 MariaK:
12:31:33 lparisi:
12:31:44 minhaaj: i presented at LAMS2008 in sydney , Australia through skype
12:31:54 annelisewojo: have enjoyed listening while working- thanks everyone
12:31:55 minhaaj: recorded the talk actually.
12:32:00 jackiegerstein: Yes but it is past the 100 days in my school ; )
12:32:09 Sheila: @Minhaaj – You’re global now.
12:32:24 minhaaj: lol its been quite sometime i have been global.
12:32:35 minhaaj: really happy for your Belize trip Sheila. Godspeed.
12:32:46 Sheila: Thanks Minhaaj!
12:33:00 jackiegerstein: @minhaaj – how about NECC in Washington, DC?
12:33:04 minhaaj: What would you do there EXACTLY?
12:33:10 minhaaj: well isn’t it too late to present?
12:33:18 Maureen: You guys are starting to sound like the car guys on NPR
12:33:18 minhaaj: jackie do you have msn, gtalk, skype?
12:33:33 jackiegerstein: Skype – minhaaj
12:33:40 Maureen: Guess I’ll miss the next show :0)
12:33:41 minhaaj: same ID?
12:33:51 sarahsutter: You’re kidding! Gary! I’m so there.
12:33:59 sarahsutter: This will be good . . .
12:34:06 jackiegerstein: Twitter: jackiegerstein   Skype Name: jaclynsue
12:34:12 jackiegerstein: Others?
12:34:15 minhaaj: wow constructivism
12:34:38 minhaaj: hope there are other theories in coming weeks
12:34:45 jackiegerstein: twitter and skype names from others
12:34:45 lparisi:
12:34:48 sarahsutter: Yep, and we hs folks are preparing them for higher ed. It never ends.
12:34:57 minhaaj: connectivism and other pedagogical theories
12:35:06 jackiegerstein: I am beginning to explore participatory pedagogies
12:35:14 lparisi: Thank you all for coming.
12:35:24 jackiegerstein: This is fun and engaging
12:35:41 jackiegerstein: Thanks so much!
12:35:44 colleenk: Thanks Lisa and Maria!
12:35:50 jackiegerstein: There goes the stream
12:35:57 minhaaj: Thanks Lisa and Maria. As always wonderful show
12:36:27 sarahsutter: Thanks – great show – see you next week!


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