Conversations Episode 61 – Educators for Haiti

 This week we started our conversation with a discussion about what educators can do to connect with Haitians and support efforts in Haiti.  This conversation turned into a plan.  We created a wiki for educators in wikispaces.  Please come see what we’ve created and join in with your class.


Chat Archive:

 11:29:56  Maureen : Good morning eveyone

 11:33:52  LisaParisi : Audio is on ETTA and Ustream

 11:34:19  Scott Shelhart : Ustream sounds OK

 11:35:07  LisaParisi :

 11:35:13  Cathy Ev : Weather is terrible here

 11:35:22  Cathy Ev : connection keeps droping

 11:35:32  Cathy Ev : I’ll hang as long as I can πŸ™‚

 11:36:05  sheila -> Room 1: We are in the Conversations chat room this week.

 11:36:29  sheila_a :

 11:36:48  Cathy Ev : Don’t I wish

 11:37:31  McTeach : I can answer that!

 11:40:07  Cathy E : FYI:

 11:40:21  Maureen : Did you show the Allison Miller TED talk? The one where she shows how Americainized our news is?

 11:40:36  LisaParisi : No Maureen, I have to check that one out.

 11:41:15  Maureen : @Lisa- It’s a few years old, but shows the "bloated" American slant in the news we receive.

 11:42:16  Maureen :

 11:46:19  LisaParisi :

 11:46:50  Maureen : We have 2 teachers at our school who work with kids in Haiti. They started a soccer team for kids down there after a former student (one of their kids) did an internship there. The student flew down as soon as he heard- as a photojournalist and to find his friends, help.

 11:47:08  sheila_a :

 11:48:08  jackiegerstein : I can’t move on – this is too devasting

 11:48:18  McTeach : We’ve done penny wars before

 11:48:25  Maureen : His communications back with his mom- our French teacher, have been spotty. He is safe, he has found some of the kids, still looking for others.

 11:48:59  mariaknee : I’m very disturbed by this crisis. as devastating as war – so much sadness.

 11:50:40  Leslie D. -> Room 1: i cannot get into the conversations room??? sorry

 11:50:59  jackiegerstein : I am teaching pre-service teachers about learning centers next week.   Plan to use Haiti and the earthquake as a theme – collecting lessons – let me know if you have any others

 11:51:48  Maureen : Our kids- Middle school, have met about it and are trying to come up with ideas. The younger grades had the option to have the 2 teachers who are directly involved come in and talk.

 11:51:59  jackiegerstein : I used to run grief and loss groups in the school – sometimes kids wait until the adults bring it up and then REALLY talk about it

 11:52:18  McTeach : It’s not just the size of the earthquake that causes the devastation.

 11:52:46  McTeach : It’s also the lack of money for proper engineering

 11:53:15  sheila -> Room 1: ok

 11:53:20  sheila -> Room 1: will pull you in.

 11:53:48  jackiegerstein : Words and language cannot identify the emotions to express this

 11:53:51  Maureen : Haiti is basically deforested, so there is a lot of other damage as well. The bulk of the people had nothing- now they are starving, etc… it’s a disaster.

 11:53:55  Leslie D. -> Room 1: yes

 11:54:21  sheila -> Room 1: Anyone else want to join the chat for the Conversations show?

 11:55:03  jackiegerstein : We can’t forgot about them in the weeks and months to come

 11:55:19  McTeach : Jackie…I’m collecting everything I find about Haiti in my Diigo links:

 11:55:19  Leslie D. : long-term

 11:55:28  LisaParisi : Anyone want into the skype call?

 11:55:28  jackiegerstein : Thanks McTeach!

 11:55:45  McTeach : No problem!

 11:56:26  jackiegerstein : We need to practice global stewardship and help them recover days, weeks, months, years from now

 11:56:38  jackiegerstein : We should have been doing so all along –

 11:56:45  sheila_a :

 11:57:06  McTeach : Yes, jackie….we need to keep this in front of everyone so they don’t forget that they will need help for YEARS!

 11:57:56  jackiegerstein : I am hoping, thinking, planning to visit Haiti this summer – to visit an orphanage or two to offer a type of summer "camp"  – maybe help some of the kids regain some of their childhood – at least for a short time

 11:59:15  LisaParisi :

 11:59:15  McTeach : My 7th graders want to raise enough money to build a community center in Haiti. They have big ideas!

 11:59:23  Maureen : @jackiegerstein- that’s how friends of mine have become involved- started with a soccer team. Then moved into school connections

 11:59:45  Leslie D. : @McTeach That sounds great. Great kids.

 11:59:56  McTeach : Leslie, that they are!

 12:00:25  McTeach : Could turn in to a wonderful service learning project!

  12:00:38  jackiegerstein : Cliched – but think globally, act locally – is a good practice

12:03:09  Maureen : @jackiegerstein If you need a contact check the contact info on my friend’s page

 12:03:12  Leslie D. : Great point.

12:03:36  jackiegerstein : Worked with Navajo students – they laughed at the "white" folks coming in to "save" them.  I provided them with some learning tools but they took it upon themselves to direct their own learning based on their own culture – learned more from them

12:03:45  McTeach : We need to keep the plight of Haiti in front of people, realizing that it will be YEARS!

 12:03:54  jackiegerstein : thanks Maureen

 12:04:27  Leslie D. : Good idea. I actually did that too with the bombing in Madrid. We got a letter back from the hospital administrator.

 12:04:50  Leslie D. : I just looked up the addresses of a bunch of hospitals.

 12:04:51  McTeach : We need to help people remember that we are all connected.

12:05:10  jackiegerstein : Ask the kids –

 12:05:11  McTeach : Jen Wagner knows some missionaries down there…she could help get letters down there, perhaps

12:05:52  jackiegerstein : There will be a lot of Mondays to come – sadly

12:06:01  McTeach : You mean you don’t???

 12:06:13  Leslie D. : sure

 12:06:14  jackiegerstein : He is in Haiti

 12:06:20  Alexis -> puentesalmundo: al fin

 12:06:24  McTeach : You’ll never know if you don’t ask!

12:07:15  Maureen : I can ask my friend if her son can help make connections for some of you. He is there and has been working in Haiti fro 3 years.

12:07:24  jackiegerstein : I am really focused on the weeks and months to come – maybe book drives etc. – as they attempt to rebuild

  12:07:31  LisaParisi : Maureen, that would be fabulous.

12:07:48  LisaParisi : Yes, Jackie, building up schools again.

12:08:06  jackiegerstein : Yes – my though Lisa – I am thinking about OLPC initiatives

12:08:09  jackiegerstein : thought

12:08:17  McTeach : I’m thinking about having my kids do a continuous timeline with photos of Haiti. We can post it to our blog (or a new wiki). Trying to keep it in front of people visually!

 12:08:49  McTeach : We’d start with before pictures

 12:08:51  jackiegerstein : Yes – planning for the future

12:09:09  Leslie D. : Maybe keep it going from year to year…

 12:09:12  jackiegerstein : Adopt a school

 12:09:17  McTeach : But we can do SOMETHING!

  12:09:26  jackiegerstein : Love the idea

 12:09:32  McTeach : Awesome idea!!

 12:09:41  Leslie D. : Where can we get the list?

 12:09:47  McTeach : I don’t think Maria liked the idea…:P

12:10:21  Leslie D. : Not sure.

 12:10:38  McTeach : I’ll have to check out that Google Earth link that was sent out

 12:10:43  sheila_a :

  12:10:45  Maureen : I can email my friends who are already involved down there and see if I can get a list of school contacts for you. I’ll let Maria know via email if I can get them. But you have to realize that things are really bad right now and communications are hard

 12:10:47  jackiegerstein : The Haiti citizens started coming to the city because of poverty and unemployment – so large population there

 12:11:03  Maureen : Most are French

 12:11:18  McTeach : That’s a huge list of schools!

12:12:38  Leslie D. : Can you share the list?

 12:12:41  Leslie D. : Sure

12:12:59  McTeach : Let’s do it!

  12:13:11  Leslie D. : I’ll get my school on board too.

 12:13:13  jackiegerstein : NING?

 12:13:13  McTeach : Bless you

12:13:49  LisaParisi :

 12:13:56  jackiegerstein : Need to contact the schools first to see if they need aid

  12:14:19  McTeach : Also if the schools even survived

 12:14:58  jackiegerstein : I am going to ask via a Tweet

 12:15:15  McTeach : I can contact Catholic Relief Services…they might have info for us

 12:15:35  McTeach : Maria’s making me dizzy

 12:15:39  Maureen : Right now they are in survival mode. They need doctors, water, etc… When things settle a bit you will have more luck with specific schools

 12:16:06  mariak : @mcteach – so sorry

 12:16:24  McTeach : πŸ˜€


12:17:29  Maureen : @Lisa I emailed the folks who I know have connnections and asked for info. So I will fwd that info on. Doctors without Borders is also a good org

 12:17:46  Leslie D. : Our school used the Red Cross.

 12:17:59  jackiegerstein : Just treated it

 12:18:06  jackiegerstein : tweeted – oops

12:18:16  jackiegerstein : It is now Education without Borders

  12:18:43  LisaParisi : Not quite, Jackie…Education Beyond Borders.

 12:18:56  LisaParisi : Jackie I don’t think I follow you…who are you in twitter?

 12:19:24  Scott Shelhart : I’ve seen lots of scams trying to collect $ for Haiti…. text messages, facebook messages, etc.  We should make an effort to teach our students about recognizing scams.

 12:19:33  LisaParisi : YEs, Scott.

 12:19:35  jackiegerstein : oops

  12:19:53  jackiegerstein : Twitter @jackiegerstein

 12:20:03  jackiegerstein : You don’t ; )

 12:20:03  Maureen : That’s a good idea Maria- good way to disseminate info at educon

12:20:08  jackiegerstein : LOL

 12:20:19  McTeach : Everyone should be following jackie!!!!

  12:20:32  jackiegerstein : This can turn into a great initiative – I am excited

 12:20:43  jackiegerstein : Thx McTeach – I say blushing

12:21:11  jackiegerstein : Not just educators – kids too

 12:21:12  McTeach : No blushing needed! You always have amazing resources!

 12:21:20  Maureen : Haiti Connections

 12:21:31  jackiegerstein : Haiti Education Connections

 12:21:39  jackiegerstein : KISS

 12:21:43  Leslie D. : Kids for Haiti

 12:21:50  mariak : kids4haiti

 12:21:51  jackiegerstein : Keep it simple LOL

 12:22:00  McTeach : Schools for Haiti

 12:22:06  jackiegerstein : Yes McTeach

 12:22:15  jackiegerstein : Need to Education aspect

 12:22:22  Scott Shelhart : Helping hands 4 Haiti

 12:22:24  LisaParisi :

 12:22:28  jackiegerstein : k

 12:22:28  McTeach : Yay!

12:22:44  McTeach : You’re quick!

 12:23:00  Leslie D. : Thanks!

 12:23:15  jackiegerstein : Need to do something – feels good to get something started

 12:23:36  Leslie D. : Could we share on that site what kids are already doing?

12:25:30  jackiegerstein : Yes – monitor – have to ask to join

12:26:14  Scott Shelhart : yep.. that’s me

 12:26:54  jackiegerstein : I can still edit once I sign in

12:27:22  McTeach : Wow! That went by fast!

12:27:33  jackiegerstein : Oops – overprotected – now I can’t edit

12:27:39  jackiegerstein : Too late – put it out

  12:27:58  Maureen : Or they can put up what they are doing already

 12:28:35  Leslie D. : @Maureen I think I’ll put up few pics of the bake sale we had on Friday.

 12:28:50  jackiegerstein : both connect and rebuild – it really is about rebuilding education

 12:29:04  McTeach : Should we have a teachers’ page?

 12:29:13  jackiegerstein : good idea McTeach

 12:29:28  Leslie D. : Both. Teacher resource AND a place for kids to help kids

 12:29:31  McTeach : I was thinking you could add your link, Jackie

12:29:47  jackiegerstein : You better hurry – it is already being retweeted πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

12:30:14  jackiegerstein : Another good idea McTeach – then my pre-service teachers will see it

12:30:20  jackiegerstein : Want it to go Viral!

 12:30:26  jackiegerstein : This was great

 12:30:37  McTeach : But we haven’t finished changing the world yet!

12:30:46  jackiegerstein : We will McTeach

12:30:55  Leslie D. : One show at a time

 12:31:03  McTeach : That could be our motto!!

 12:31:13  McTeach : Changing the world, one wiki at a time!

 12:31:21  sheila_a : I like that motto!

12:31:28  Scott Shelhart : Where can I get that on a bumber sticker?

 12:31:28  LisaParisi :

 12:31:33  Scott Shelhart : bumper…

 12:31:49  McTeach : We’ll have to create them, Scott!

 12:31:57  william vegazo muro -> puentesalmundo: aprendizajes on line

 12:31:59  McTeach : We could sell them and donate the money to Haiti

 12:32:00  Scott Shelhart : coffee cups, tote bags….

 12:32:01  jackiegerstein : Bye – thanks

 12:32:13  Leslie D. : Thanks!

 12:32:16  McTeach : Thanks!!

 12:32:17  LisaParisi : Bye Everyone!


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