Conversations Episode 35

Lisa and Maria were joined by Maureen Tumenas to talk about how to help teachers make changes in their approach to curriculum. The discussion centered around how can teachers begin to change the way they have always taught their curriculum so it can be more collaborative, interactive and engaging for students. Should teachers be taking "baby steps" towards using technology or should they be expected to "jump in" with both feet? As usual, there were lots of opinions expressed in this Conversation.


11:25:06 LParisi: Hello Peggy, Jim, and David
11:25:12 LParisi: Maria seems to be AWOL
11:25:38 LParisi: Maria!!
11:25:53 LParisi: ETTA only today, Peggy
11:26:06 PeggyG: Thanks!
11:28:02 LParisi: Will be streaming in 2 minutes.
11:30:06 PeggyG: what’s the topic today?
11:30:35 PeggyG: Just trying to get my brain in gear πŸ™‚
11:31:12 LParisi: How to get people married to curriculum to make change
11:31:42 LParisi: Stream is up
11:31:53 LParisi: Can anyone hear?
11:31:57 jackiegerstein: Nope
11:32:01 MariaK: there will be a delay
11:32:24 davidcosand: I’m hearing you.
11:32:30 PeggyG: I can hear now–first heard the end of Seedlings and then Lisa πŸ™‚
11:32:33 LParisi: ETTA has the stream
11:32:52 PeggyG: Good morning Lisa and Maria πŸ™‚
11:33:03 PeggyG: Hi Jackie
11:33:05 jackiegerstein: Not using Mogulus?? Yes – can hear through itunes
11:33:13 jackiegerstein: Hi Peggy!!
11:33:46 PeggyG: bit of a hiss in the background for me
11:33:54 LParisi: Welcome all
11:34:11 PeggyG: yes Lisa-that’s right. When the stream first starts up you hear the end of the last show that was streamed
11:34:28 jackiegerstein: The static has gotten a little worse
11:34:38 PeggyG: Where has this year gone???!!
11:35:31 PeggyG: Great to see you Jim and David
11:35:52 Maureen: lots of static here
11:36:00 PeggyG: Hi Maureen πŸ™‚
11:36:07 Maureen: Hi Peggy
11:36:13 MariaK: how is the static
11:36:30 PeggyG: We’re eagerly waiting for Maureen to join the Skype call πŸ™‚
11:36:38 MariaK: hi amanda
11:37:04 Marragem: Hi Maria. I don’t have audio yet
11:37:09 jackiegerstein: Yikes  – only 3 weeks lefter here in AZ
11:37:15 MariaK: restarting the skype call
11:37:36 MariaK: can you hear us
11:37:59 PeggyG: can hear but lots of static
11:38:14 MariaK: we hear no static
11:38:24 Marragem: I can’t hear anything
11:38:31 Maureen: much better!
11:38:33 PeggyG: awesome!!! much better!
11:38:39 davidcosand: Waaayy better!
11:39:19 jackiegerstein: WAY BETTER
11:39:20 PeggyG: the static was fixed with the new skype call
11:40:39 PeggyG: isn’t that amazing that the kids know that about calling again on Skype if it’s a bad connection?
11:40:52 davidcosand: Thank you, Lisa! I actually have a few moments to join this you morning. Very fun.
11:41:04 PeggyG: Congratulations to David and Lisa for the award!!
11:41:55 PeggyG: The poetry project was one of my WOWs of the week on WOW2 last week-along with Jackie Gerstein’s Writer’s Workshop project πŸ™‚
11:43:01 Marragem: Yes and I can hear!!
11:43:02 PeggyG: you need to keep applying for those awards!! great way to get technology for your class/school!
11:43:07 Marragem: 6 weeks
11:43:30 Marragem: It’s going to be soo cool!
11:43:57 PeggyG: we had a partnership with ABLE IT for our AzTEA conference this weekend and they awarded $100,000 worth of tech equipment to different schools. It was awesome!
11:44:52 PeggyG: Yeah Maureen!!! Love hearing your voice!!
11:46:01 LParisi: Wow, Peggy.  I want $100000!
11:46:10 PeggyG:  This is a link to the awards ABLE gave out–very impressive!
11:46:25 Cathy E: You have to start with baby steps
11:46:34 jackiegerstein: Time to take leaps and bonds!
11:47:18 PeggyG: I think that is such a good way to start–1 step at a time until you are ready for more
11:47:22 LParisi: Cathy, when is baby steps not enough?
11:47:52 LParisi: Hello Joel!
11:48:03 PeggyG: if you don’t start with baby steps some people never start
11:48:04 joelz: howdy
11:48:19 PeggyG: Hi joelz-welcome
11:48:55 Marragem: @PeggyG – agree. We’ve had staff turned off because leaps rather than baby steps were expected of them as they started out
11:50:01 joelz: "screw them" = "screw students"
11:50:16 joelz: Students need teachers who are developing continuously
11:50:17 PeggyG: the conversation on classroom 2.0 LIVE with Angela Maiers was really fantastic about how to keep from being overwhelmed with social networking! Even the "experts" struggle with this
11:50:18 davidcosand: Since I have been able to acquire so many new tech tools this year, I am hearing a lot of those "Why do YOU get this and we don’t?" questions. I am finding it hard to answer them in a way that is satisfying for them.
11:51:21 PeggyG: good point davidcosand! is there some reason those teachers can’t get what you have?
11:51:33 LParisi: What I tell people, David, is "If you use it you will get it."
11:51:46 Marragem: Unless they see themselves as life long learners, they’re not prepared to take any steps at all. We take leaps & bounds as we’re life long learners
11:51:48 davidcosand: Many of those same teachers don’t go out of their way to try new things and be willing to grow and step out there. I agree with what you’re saying, Lisa.
11:52:35 Marragem: It’s not about the tech – it’s about the pedagogy
11:52:40 joelz: So the topic is "Why don’t teachers pick up new computer-based tools?
11:52:46 PeggyG: when teachers are just trying a "tool" and not thinking about it as integrated to support curriculum they won’t move forward with it
11:53:03 LParisi: Topic: How to get teachers who are married to curriculum to change.
11:53:15 Maureen: I agree Peggy- it’s like a checklist- I did my technology piece
11:53:29 joelz: Cool, organizational change is a good topic.
11:54:15 joelz: Every teacher in this chatroom should start a newsletter highlighting other teachers at your school.
11:54:18 davidcosand: A teacher in my district has had an ActivBoard for 2 years. She told me she loves showing videos on it! She is missing so many opportunities by not expanding her horizons to meet the flexibility of new tools.
11:54:22 PeggyG: they need to see examples of things teachers are doing to integrate technology to get the idea–Jackie’s writers workshop does that really well!
11:54:35 jackiegerstein: From Angela Maiers Classroom 2.oo talk "Risk of ignoring (technology & change) is far more risky than the risk of being overwhelmed"
11:54:50 jackiegerstein: Thanks Peggy!  The kids are loving it!
11:55:24 jackiegerstein: Technology needs to be seamlessly integrated – not an add on or an aside
11:55:56 PeggyG: definitely and teachers sometimes don’t know what you mean by that unless they see some examples with kids
11:56:25 Marragem: Yes – they have to see a purpose
11:56:25 joelz: Embracing technology "all together" is a bad idea
11:56:49 joelz: Tech integration should always be highly selective and individual.
11:56:50 PeggyG: modeling is essential! let them see how it’s working with other teachers and students and then teach them the tools to do it
11:57:04 Marragem: agree Maria – what we’re doing with our PLP project
11:57:32 joelz: Tech purchasing should focus on flexible tools, not one-trick ponies.
11:57:58 PeggyG: amen joelz!!
11:58:13 Marragem: finding the adult learners at my school need a lot more time
11:58:18 Cathy E: And teachers have to understand that it is OK to learn with the students
11:58:28 Marragem: time to be supported and time to play
11:58:47 joelz: We’re talking more about culture shifts than Ed Tech integration.
11:58:54 Marragem: @CathyE – and learn ‘from’ the students
11:59:10 PeggyG: our keynote at AzTEA conference yesterday, Howie DiBlasi, demonstrated over 20 "tricks" for using Google apps and people were amazed that it could do so much–had no idea!
11:59:18 jackiegerstein: Thanks – off to the SL ISTE tour – too many choices (love it)
11:59:28 PeggyG: have fun Jackie!
11:59:42 joelz: @PeggyG and every one of those teachers already has a Gapps account!
11:59:43 jackiegerstein: Peggy – how come I didn’t know about the conference?
12:00:05 LParisi: Welcome Leslie
12:00:26 PeggyG: be sure to take a look at Jacie’s writers workshop project (since she didn’t share her link)
12:00:31 joelz: @LParisi someone else needs to highlight your work. If you talk about it, it’s bragging.
12:01:10 LParisi: Yes, Joel.  But it doesn’t happen.  So the only time anything is highlighted for me is when we win another award.  And that looks obnoxious.
12:01:43 joelz: Anything you can do to highlight another teacher at your site?
12:01:46 PeggyG: so sorry you didn’t know about the conference Jackie-the final conference of the year (WOW-Way Out West) I even won an award–total surprise!!
12:02:22 LParisi: My site is for my class.  I did mention two other teachers when they worked on projects with us but it is really a site for my parents to see what we do in class.
12:02:28 jackiegerstein: Thanks for posting my link
12:02:38 LParisi: Peggy, what did you win?
12:02:39 Marragem: That’s what my staff have asked for – doing like a 23 Things with them – a tool a fornight
12:03:14 PeggyG: such a great point Maureen! teachers new to technology don’t have time to explore randomly–they need some direction with a specific resource/site/project
12:03:55 PeggyG: The award was called "Making It Happen" πŸ™‚ Got a beautiful new pink jacket-will tell you more later
12:04:27 joelz: Teachers change their behavior based on their deeply-held beliefs and values. Good modeling is not enough
12:04:28 leslie: I think seeing the tools is key. Then they ask.
12:04:44 PeggyG: yes leslie!! I really agree!!
12:05:57 LParisi: I agree Joel.
12:06:12 PeggyG: it’s letting go of control and also differentiating in the classroom–very hard to do this when you’re teaching everything "whole class"
12:06:12 joelz: Teachers have more power to lead instructional change than admins, IMHO.
12:06:41 LParisi: Whole new conversation, Peggy.
12:06:47 LParisi: πŸ™‚
12:06:51 PeggyG: so true Lisa πŸ™‚
12:07:13 joelz: I’m not going to devote precious time and attention to a "cool" tool. I will devote time and attention to things I deeply value.
12:07:42 LParisi: But, Joel, if it is tied to curriculum, then wouldn’t you feel deeply about it?
12:07:55 LParisi: Joel, would you like to join the skype call?
12:08:06 PeggyG: yes joelz–so teachers need help understanding how that tool can support something they deeply value and want to be doing
12:08:34 leslie: How do you organize your elec. portfolio?
12:09:20 PeggyG: the term curriculum means a lot of different things to different people–is it a document? a textbook? the standards? their lesson plans?
12:09:29 joelz: No skype. Baby’s sleeping.
12:09:36 LParisi: Shhh.
12:09:47 joelz: I’m typing very quietly.
12:09:51 LParisi: LOL
12:09:57 PeggyG: very funny joelz
12:10:48 PeggyG: that’s an excellent model Maria! focusing on the students
12:11:04 joelz: @LParisi Not all teachers care deeply about curriculum. I would say that professionals prioritize curriculum.
12:11:34 Cathy E: @Maria – where do you store the artifacts?
12:11:59 MariaK: we use sakai – have tried many different ways over the years
12:12:35 PeggyG: great distinction Lisa-vision first
12:12:55 leslie: Ya know, I’m over the baby steps too…
12:13:09 davidcosand: Lisa, this has been fantastic. I need to run now. Have a great day.
12:13:19 LParisi: Bye David
12:13:23 PeggyG: bye david-so glad you could be here
12:14:10 joelz: So how can a teacher influence the culture of his school?
12:15:01 LParisi: Joel, I am not sure…I struggle with this.
12:15:17 LParisi: I guess I pull others into my projects and that helps.
12:15:20 PeggyG: the new stimulus funds for technology should help a lot to get things moving because they will be expected to be USING technology and showing results (including ways to demonstrate results that aren’t test scores)-eportfolios are a great way to do that
12:16:13 joelz: @LParisi read Seth Godin’s book "Tribes". And read his blog.
12:16:14 PeggyG: those connections are so valuable Maria! excellent example!
12:17:13 leslie: I’m actually teaching a class to teachers right now.  They are really enjoying learning about all these new tools.  It is SO new to them.
12:17:17 joelz: I’m out to play video games with my lovely wife. Catch the rest of the show on iTunes. Thanks for your hard work, Lisa and Maria.
12:17:34 PeggyG: that would make a powerful workshop Maria!! You need to do it on Elluminate, stream it and archive it so we can all use it over and over with teachers!
12:21:12 PeggyG: In an interesting way I think a crisis such as the swine flu or Katrina will force schools to start thinking differently about how to keep the instruction/learning going when kids can’t attend school–virtual options HAVE to be considered!
12:21:46 LParisi:
12:21:52 leslie: I had 5th grade student call our IT person on Friday and ask nicely to unblock Vimeo. He did it.  Her homework is to send him a thank you email.
12:22:50 leslie: Great book.
12:23:21 PeggyG: Have you seen this eToolKit for transformation resources from ISTE? I attended the School 2.0 workshop on Friday and these tools are very helpful!
12:23:25 LParisi: Cool, Leslie.  Brave child.
12:24:59 PeggyG: There are some wonderful scenarios on the site that you can use to guide these conversations (with activities for visioning) πŸ™‚
12:26:07 Cathy E: Have to run – as ususal ya’ll are wonderful
12:26:16 LParisi: Bye Cathy..thanks for coming.
12:26:46 PeggyG: I had the privilege to learn from Peter at the Constructivist Consortium before NECC last year! He’s amazing!!
12:30:12 PeggyG: when that happens I think the focus is on the teachers rather than the students Lisa–teacher resistance to teach using technology rather than expecting the tech "teacher" to do it
12:31:33 LParisi: Anyone have an idea for next week’s topic?
12:31:44 PeggyG: yes–schools closing requires them to think about ways to keep the learning going outside of the school facility–even extensive snow days could benefit from this!
12:32:22 leslie: you are correct.
12:33:07 PeggyG: there were some great conversations about this topic on a couple of the EdTechTalk shows this week–really intersting ideas shared
12:33:53 PeggyG: it has to be about continuing the learning and not seat time in the classroom–meeting the required days for school!
12:35:10 PeggyG: Maureen-I’m so glad you joined the Skype call!! great summary πŸ™‚ our new motto for AzTEA is action not planning–let’s stop talking and start doing!
12:36:25 JoseRodriguez
12:36:51 leslie: Thanks!
12:36:59 PeggyG: thank you everyone-very stimulating conversation!
12:37:37 LParisi:
12:37:39 PeggyG: yes Maria! celebrate the things teachers ARE doing! powerful encouragement to them!
12:38:16 Marragem: Thanks all. Great conversation
12:38:19 LParisi: Bye…thanks all for coming.


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