Conversations #85 December 5, 2010

This week we discussed reasons we go to conferences and what we do when we get back to school. Do we become agents of change or do we just continue the week to week routine without making changes based on what we learned by attending the conference?

Chat Log

33:04  Lisa Parisi: Hi Amanda!

11:33:57  marragem: Is there audio yet?

11:34:22  Lisa Parisi: Not yet.

11:35:10  Lisa Parisi: Trying to get it started.

11:35:22  Lisa Parisi: On ustream

11:35:25  marragem: okay – thinking it was my very ordinary mobile broadband

11:35:40  Lisa Parisi: Hello Peggy

11:35:43  PeggyG: Good morning πŸ™‚

11:35:57  PeggyG: Was waiting to hear your voices to log in πŸ™‚

11:36:22  PeggyG: Great to see you! Didn’t see this on the calendar
last night before I went to bed. Almost missed it.

11:36:51  MariaK: good morning all

11:36:54  PeggyG: That’s wonderful Lisa!! Bringing your principal to

11:37:00  MariaK: we will be starting shortly

11:37:04  PeggyG: Sure wish I could go!!

11:37:15  PeggyG: it is getting better every year!!!

11:37:25  PeggyG: I saw that in your last blog post…

11:37:43  marragem: Hi Peggy

11:37:45  PeggyG: how exciting Sheila!!! hope it happens!

11:37:53  PeggyG: Hi Amanda!! Great to see you!

11:38:09  Lisa Parisi: Hi Karen

11:38:10  PeggyG: HI McTeach!!! You’ve been up for hours πŸ™‚

11:38:21  marragem: Hi Karen

11:38:36  PeggyG: @McTeach Sure hope you can find a way to get to

11:38:46  McTeach (Karen): Good morning, ladies!!

11:39:51  PeggyG: we’re supposed to do something with all of the new
info???? πŸ™‚

11:39:53  Lisa Parisi: Hi Kath

11:39:59  Lisa Parisi: Peggy, LOL

11:40:05  marragem: early morning, Maria

11:40:07  kathbc: Hi there!

11:40:18  PeggyG: what time is it for you Amanda?

11:40:35  marragem: Just realised it’s Dec 6. Been married 30 years

11:40:37  PeggyG: love that!!! summer vacation!!

11:40:42  marragem: Yes, summer vaction

11:40:48  PeggyG: Happy Anniversary Amanda!!! πŸ™‚

11:40:52  marragem: the rainy Sunny Coast

11:41:05  marragem: ipad!!!!!!

11:41:13  PeggyG: hooray!!!!!

11:41:27  PeggyG: I thought you were holding out for that as a
Christmas gift Amanda

11:41:33  McTeach (Karen): Geez….had trouble signing in

11:41:46  marragem: I was, Peggy. Hubby surprised me

11:41:52  PeggyG: too funny Lisa!!!!

11:42:20  PeggyG: now you need to put something new on your Christmas
list, Amanda. itunes card to buy apps????

11:42:27  McTeach (Karen): Peggy…I hope so too!

11:42:37  marragem: You bet, Peggy

11:42:38  PeggyG: Crossing my fingers McTeach!!

11:42:57  marragem: My son has bought me a case

11:43:15  PeggyG: What a special anniversary πŸ™‚

11:43:45  PeggyG: great tip Maria!!

11:43:51  marragem: Psggy it’s 2:45am – just saw that ? Can only
really listen to Conversations on holidays

11:43:54  McTeach (Karen): Me too, Peggy!

11:44:09  PeggyG: you can publish their original stories!!

11:44:16  PeggyG: can you add audio to it??

11:44:17  marragem: that’s cool, Maria

11:44:52  McTeach (Karen): Um…what happened?

11:45:01  kathbc: oops, lost you??

11:45:04  PeggyG: my audio hiccupped too πŸ™‚

11:45:06  PeggyG: back now

11:45:09  marragem: same here

11:45:44  PeggyG: I’m hearing so many wonderful things about the ipad
but I can’t justify it yet with both an iphone4 and a macbookpro

11:46:13  MariaK: I am also streaming in ETTA if the audio goes out
just go there – will have a slight delay!

11:46:13  PeggyG: the last ISTE webinar was all about classroom uses
for ipads and ipad management and it was fantastic!

11:46:26  marragem: that’s what my hubby said Peggy…& I havevan
iTouch4 as well

11:46:48  McTeach (Karen): Switched over to ETTA…all is well now.

11:46:59  PeggyG: I’m on ETTA now too

11:47:02  PeggyG: great audio there

11:47:07  MariaK: @peggyG – I can’t justify the ipad for me just yet
either – want to upgrade to the new iphone and bought a new mbpro in june

11:47:28  PeggyG: I’m loving my new iphone4–such a huge improvement
of the 3G

11:48:29  PeggyG: this sounds great Sheila!!! do you have a link?

11:49:47  McTeach (Karen): I thought it was the opposite

11:49:49  PeggyG: that defies all of the research Lisa

11:50:33  PeggyG: so easy to ignore your goal if you don’t tell anyone

11:51:24  PeggyG: there’s much more research on that topic

11:51:46  PeggyG: research can say anything you want it to say

11:52:07  PeggyG: I’ve been looking for your boook πŸ™‚ searched for it
just yesterday

11:52:22  Sheila: Ed Gerety started his career with our school.

11:53:53  Sheila:   Dream Big Blog

11:54:59  Sheila:    #cmtc10

11:55:30  marragem: hope I get to cmtc one day

11:57:08  PeggyG: I would love to go to cmtc!!

11:57:39  marragem: why do I travel halfway around the world to attend

11:58:06  PeggyG: interesting point Maria! just this week I decided
NOT to go to an annual conference I have gone to for years because it isn’t
meeting my needs. Friends are questioning me.

11:59:26  McTeach (Karen): It’s the connections for me, but it’s also
the affirmation.

11:59:36  PeggyG: that’s so valuable to me too Sheila!! it’s the
connections with people that are irreplaceable!

11:59:42  Lisa Parisi: Why do you Amanda?

11:59:47  marragem: was there rum involved, maria?

11:59:48  McTeach (Karen): I need to be around people who share
similar ideas

12:00:14  marragem: For the connections and the conversations, Lisa

12:00:14  McTeach (Karen): Always feel isolated at my school; it’s

12:00:35  PeggyG: Me too McTeach and those are serendipitous but

12:01:32  PeggyG: since I am retired I have to pay for all of my
conferences with my own money so I am very selective about where I go and how I
choose to spend my time while I’m there

12:01:38  Sheila: @Karen – the affirmation too. Like-minded people.

12:02:12  marragem: I always have to pay, Peggy. In our context, admin
does not pay

12:02:26  PeggyG: that’s more and more true Amanda

12:02:27  marragem: agree, Lisa

12:02:53  PeggyG: but my difference is I have no income except
retirement income

12:02:58  kathbc: how sad that we can’t say that about our own

12:03:18  McTeach (Karen): I didn’t notice it in Denver…my first

12:04:39  PeggyG: when you do poster sessions or volunteer at ISTE you
get to meet lots of new people and share learning and that’s something that’s
not on the program

12:04:58  PeggyG: incidental learning

12:06:56  PeggyG: meant to post this earlier-did you see this cartoon
about parents and grades? funny and true

12:13:06  PeggyG: there is a difference between getting what you
want/need from a conference and making other people feel inferior and not

12:13:49  PeggyG: feeling excluded happens frequently in bloggers cafe

12:15:24  PeggyG: good point Maria!!! you remember that feeling for a
long time


12:15:38  McTeach (Karen): So glad Maria talked to me in Denver! πŸ™‚

12:15:56  PeggyG: I’ve been ignored by the best πŸ™‚

12:16:30  Lisa Parisi: I think we all have, Peggy.

12:16:38  kathbc: Actually Lisa, I think they would love to hear you
say that. As they are probably having difficulties as well.  It would be

12:16:58  Lisa Parisi: I do say it all the time.  But I feel like
it shuts them down.

12:17:34  PeggyG: that’s an icebreaker comment and sincerely expressed

12:17:50  McTeach (Karen): People want you to be REAL! Because THEY
are real!

12:18:01  PeggyG: I agree McTeach!

12:18:46  kathbc: I think it gives them the ability to try and have
something not work without feeling like failures.

12:19:09  Sheila: I”m a good lurker at Bloggers cafe, etc.
Listening and learning.

12:19:23  McTeach (Karen): Maria said “uber”!!!

12:19:24  PeggyG: me too Sheila and have been for years!

12:20:37  PeggyG: that’s my philosophy Maria!! I can learn something
from everyone!!

12:21:29  Lisa Parisi: Hi Stacy

12:21:30  Sheila: Heard people say this year that the best
conversations happened after the sesions.

12:21:38  stacyk: Hi, better late than never

12:21:40  Lisa Parisi: They always do, Sheila.

12:22:03  PeggyG: what a great memory, Maria! I have that memory too

12:22:07  stacyk: You all coming to Philly this summer?

12:22:16  stacyk: Hi everyone!

12:22:21  marragem: I am, Stacy!

12:22:26  MariaK: yes – planning on Philly!

12:22:50  stacyk: So happy to think you’ll all be in my backyard

12:22:50  PeggyG: we had David Warlick as our keynote that year and he
went around everywhere with his ipod and mic recording comments from

12:22:56  stacyk: Peggy and I met at Iste Philly

12:23:06  PeggyG: Hi stacyk–I’m coming to Phylly πŸ™‚

12:23:12  Sheila: (Both computers are on the delay)

12:23:13  PeggyG: can spell but can’t type!

12:23:20  stacyk: Great. I’m hoping that meg and I are presenting, so
we’ll see

12:23:28  stacyk: LISA!!! you have to come

12:23:29  stacyk: come

12:23:40  Lisa Parisi: All depends on money, Stacy

12:23:43  PeggyG: wonderful stacyk!!! I’ve submitted a couple of
presentations with others but haven’t heard yet

12:23:50  marragem: yep-that was it for me…the F2F

12:24:00  stacyk: How many states DO have conferences, though?

12:24:01  PeggyG: Sheila and I hope to do a poster session about
Earthcast πŸ™‚

12:24:13  stacyk: Peggy, that would be fun. I remember our blue hair

12:24:31  PeggyG: me too stacyk! still have the photos on my computer
πŸ™‚ that was so much fun!

12:24:46  MariaK: blue hair? was that blue hair with pink jackets?

12:24:46  McTeach (Karen): I sure hope I can get to ISTE…just have
to figure out the money.

12:24:52  stacyk: I share with people in my district

12:24:58  PeggyG: no pink jackets

12:25:05  stacyk: Maria we looked like  Marge Simpson

12:25:12  PeggyG: it was a poster presentation and we all dressed up

12:25:27  MariaK: how did I miss that one?!?

12:25:37  stacyk: Yes, you did

12:25:51  Sheila: Two teachers at my school started making pmaking
plans after going.

12:25:57  stacyk: I remember when Lisa was discouraged, but people did
come around

12:26:05  PeggyG: I record many of the sessions I attend at
conferences and listen to them again when I’m back home and have time to focus
and reflect further–then often share the ideas with others

12:26:40  PeggyG: @Maria–we were stopping people in the aisles and
offering chocolate to get them to come to our poster session πŸ™‚

12:26:49  stacyk: I am also thinking about starting a Teacher Tech
Talk like LeeK has. My district is very excited about that…it came from going
to a conference and meeting her

12:27:05  PeggyG: that would be a great idea stacyk!!

12:27:07  Sheila: I think I should touch base with them as time goes
on. less isolation.

12:27:44  McTeach (Karen): Stacy…Teacher Tech Talk?

12:27:46  stacyk: It really helps the district, helps the teachers and
is basically free to the district

12:27:51  PeggyG: I think sometimes we incorporate things we learn
about at conferences and it internalizes so quickly that we don’t even realize
where we learned about it

12:28:08  marragem: I don’t talk much about my takeways from
conferences at my school – no-one wants to listen much…real tall poppy

12:28:08  Lisa Parisi: I would agree, Peggy.

12:28:10  stacyk: Hi, Karen, Yes. I’m going to produce a 15 minute
show that teachers can view on their own time over the comptuers

12:28:15  stacyk: computer

12:28:21  Lisa Parisi: Yes, Amanda.  Me, too.

12:28:24  stacyk: Then they can call me later if they are interested
in finding out more

12:28:31  McTeach (Karen): That’s awesome, stacy!

12:28:41  Lisa Parisi: It’s why I’m glad my principal is coming to
Educon. So we can talk about it on the ride home.

12:28:47  stacyk: I got the IT people involved so if they had updates
they could use that as a communication tool

12:28:51  Lisa Parisi: She can be much more of a change agent than I

12:29:00  stacyk: Did any of you sign your admins up for the discovery

12:29:03  PeggyG: I know that feeling Amanda! that’s often why we blog
or share info on wikis so when people inquire we have a way to share it–rather
than pushing it on them before they’re ready

12:29:10  marragem: wish my admin would attend conferences

12:29:33  Lisa Parisi: Stacy, I can’t my teachers to sign up.

12:29:40  stacyk: Admins in NJ are so much under fire right now, but
the Discovery one might be a place to start

12:29:49  Sheila: (But we shouldn’t talk about our goals πŸ˜‰

12:29:54  Lisa Parisi: LOL

12:29:55  stacyk: I actually signed my admin up and then let her

12:30:01  PeggyG: we have always offered special admin sessions with
dinner with the keynote before all of our AzTEA conferences–you have to bring
an admin to participate πŸ™‚

12:30:34  stacyk: I think my admins are becoming afraid that I’m
learning more than they are

12:30:51  PeggyG: that’s probably true stacyk!

12:31:14  PeggyG: principals have to spend so much time managing and
leading that they don’t often take time to learn new things

12:31:16  stacyk: Maybe we need to get a group of US together to do
training for admins and student teachers. They are both at the same end of the

12:31:23  marragem: my principal’s even told me that she knows less
than me when it comes to ICT’s – but she doesn’t want to learn

12:31:26  MariaK: waiting for sheila

12:31:31  MariaK: yes we can hear sheila

12:31:35  PeggyG: that’s sad Amanda

12:31:53  marragem: it is, Peggy

12:31:55  stacyk: Another thing I do is send my kids down to the
office with the laptops to show the principal what they are doing. Kind of
embarrasses her

12:31:58  PeggyG: no that isn’t what retirement means Maria!!!

12:32:03  Lisa Parisi: My principal readily admits I know more than
her.  But she is willing to learn.

12:32:12  PeggyG: you WILL stay involved!!! πŸ™‚

12:32:32  MariaK: @peggyG – I know – don’t want it to be that way

12:32:34  PeggyG: yeah! Sheila!!

12:32:35  stacyk: glad I could stop in

12:32:43  PeggyG: great to see you stacyk!!!!

12:32:48  stacyk: conferences are a fun way of being motivated

12:32:51  PeggyG: can’t wait to see you in Philly!!

12:33:04  stacyk: Hope to see many of you in Philly

12:33:22  Lisa Parisi:

12:33:31  stacyk: Have a great week, everyone

12:33:37  PeggyG: that would work Sheila–help them to make
connections with others

12:33:39  Lisa Parisi: Bye everyone.

12:33:47  marragem: yout too, Stacy

12:33:47  Lisa Parisi: Thank you so much for coming.

12:33:54  McTeach (Karen): Thanks again, ladies!

12:34:00  PeggyG: thanks everyone! enjoyed the conversation!! always
lots of food for thought πŸ™‚

12:34:12  marragem: thanks girls

12:34:18  stacyk: Holiday delimmas?

12:34:33  PeggyG: that would be a great topic stacyk πŸ™‚

12:34:41  stacyk: Gift ideas for very little money

12:34:46  stacyk: bye

12:34:58  marragem: Bye everyone

12:35:02  stacyk: do you even GIVE gifts to students for the holidays?

12:35:20  marragem: yes, I give my kiddos a pressie

12:35:21  stacyk: Do you accept gifts from parents at that time of year?

12:35:29  Lisa Parisi: Little bags of winter goodies…I have kids who
don’t celebrate holidays

12:35:38  Lisa Parisi: I accept anything

12:35:40  stacyk: How to keep your stress level down during that time

12:35:42  PeggyG: beautiful day here in Phoenix-mid 70’s πŸ™‚

12:35:43  MariaK: send us those ideas and topics!

12:35:45  marragem: I hope it does too, Maria

12:35:51  PeggyG: stress and holidays is a great topic

12:35:56  stacyk: I give and get as well, but I know in some schools
it’s not allowed

12:36:08  PeggyG: bye Sheila πŸ™‚

12:36:15  Sheila: bye~

12:36:19  marragem: bye Sheila

12:36:27  Sheila: πŸ™‚

12:36:37  stacyk: Off to bake. have a wonderful Sunday.

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