Conversations #39

This week’s conversation was started by a May 27  blog post by Lisa Thumann titled Coping with Distractions . As always, Lisa, Sheila and Maria found plenty to talk about with a bit of giggling as well.  The chat room was busy too.

Chat Log

 11:20:43 Steve Guditus: What will be the topic of conversation today?
 11:30:21 MariaK:
 11:32:07 MariaK: We are talking about setting the priorities in our lives…
 11:32:43 Lisa Parisi: Hi everyone.
 11:33:00 Maureen: Hi In for a break from lawn-mowing…been out of touch for a couple of weeks, overwhelmed with work.
 11:33:02 loonyhiker: hi y’all!
 11:34:50 Lisa Parisi:
 11:36:43 loonyhiker: sometimes all the things i have to do overwhelm me to the point that i can’t do anything
 11:36:46 sroseman: ditto I have my tappedin account; gmail and FirstClass and lisa’s site etc
 11:37:01 Maureen: Sometimes I just have to stay offline- I love my PLN, but end of the year work this time around has been too much.
 11:37:02 sroseman: along with edtechtalk
 11:37:20 sroseman: and having a conversation with someone on tappedin
 11:37:23 Lisa Parisi: Hello Colleen
 11:37:27 sheila: Welcome Steve and Colleen
 11:37:30 colleenk: Hi Lisa, Hi Everyone
 11:37:31 Lisa Parisi: Welcome Steve
 11:37:42 Steve Guditus: Hello all; what’s our topic of conversation today?
 11:37:56 Lisa Parisi: Prioritizing your life
 11:38:00 MariaK: Setting priorities
 11:39:13 Maureen: I got an emergency call the other night at midnight from my daughter- boyfriend break up, and one of my selfish thoughts was -oh no, I don’t want to come to Block Island and pick you up, I have way too much work to do. Luckily it was jet lag and a red eye flight- all was well in the morning.
 11:39:14 Lisa Parisi: Welcome Barb
 11:39:25 BarbInNebraska: Hi Lisa!
 11:40:14 Maureen: I love my job, but it seems like sometimes it is my life.Hard to separate the 2.
 11:40:39 loonyhiker: @maureen that is why it is so important that we take care of ourselves so we can take care of others – kind of like being on a plane – put the oxygen mask on yrself before you put it on yr child
 11:41:15 sheila: @Maureen  I feel that too!
 11:41:20 colleenk: @Maureen I don’t think I have any separation at all. Only when I go away on vacation – leave this environment altogether.
 11:41:40 Maureen: @loonyhiker Good analogy. I get so run down by the end of the school year I find it hard to function. Not much left to give.
 11:42:01 MariaK: here is the link to Lisa Thumann’s blog post –
 11:42:08 sheila: I’m finding I don’t turn on my computer on Saturdays.
 11:42:11 sroseman: this is play for you I think
 11:42:12 Maureen: Hi Colleen- I’ve been offline for several weeks just because I can’t do it all.
 11:42:21 BarbInNebraska: I think we are always trying to better our teaching. There is no down time from that.
 11:42:54 BarbInNebraska: I’m afraid I’ll miss that great idea!
 11:42:59 colleenk: My husband and I argue about Math Playground. He doesn’t see that as my job at all.
 11:43:00 Leslie D.: @barbinnebraska I agree
 11:43:11 Maureen: I agree Maria- we are committed to improving ourselves as teachers, but sometimes I feel like I should be committed.
 11:44:13 sroseman: My husband has no interest in my job or comouter interests.
 11:44:19 sroseman: computer
 11:44:34 BarbInNebraska: My house falls apart until June when I can reclaim it. Did you see the tweet from me last night looking for some mail?
 11:44:59 BarbInNebraska: My husband is a teacher too, so he understands…. I think!
 11:45:14 loonyhiker: i will start tching grad courses next wk and my hubby keeps reminding me that i’m supposed to be retired – i try to explain to him that i need to share and connect – it’s as important to me as breathing
 11:45:49 BarbInNebraska: @loonyhiker that is SO true! That must be our personality type. The sharing/connecting personality
 11:46:14 BarbInNebraska: I’m afraid to make my to do list. I’m afraid it’s too long!
 11:46:33 colleenk: @loonyhiker I agree with you. These connections are very important.
 11:46:51 Maureen: We finished teaching on Thursday- came home and slept for 10 hours, woke up and went to bed … Summer is different- I try to take better care of myself and get more sleep. But I actually try to work on so much school work-related things all summer all long.
 11:47:19 loonyhiker: then i’m presenting at our technology conference (again he reminds me that i’m retired but i think it is so important that i share my experiences and knowledge of new tech to teachers because now i actually have the time to do this)
 11:48:04 loonyhiker: it sounds like we need a Teachers Anonymous support group LOL
 11:48:11 Lisa Parisi: LOL
 11:48:13 sheila: πŸ™‚
 11:48:15 BarbInNebraska: You said it Loonyhiker!
 11:48:32 sroseman: lovely kayaking in Ottawa
 11:48:59 Maureen: Just got bumped out, strange.
 11:49:09 Lisa Parisi: Welcome Back, Maureen
 11:50:27 BarbInNebraska: Parker Palmer? What was the title?
 11:51:34 MariaK: courage to Teach – finding links now
 11:51:40 loonyhiker: i think we r so used to always giving to others that we forget to give to ourselves
 11:51:52 BarbInNebraska: Thanks, Maria!
 11:52:09 MariaK:
 11:52:54 MariaK:
 11:53:41 MariaK: What is at the top of your priority list ?
 11:53:42 sheila:
 11:53:47 BarbInNebraska: Should we be setting limits? Is that the answer?
 11:54:12 loonyhiker: i think we need to make sure we have balance
 11:54:12 MariaK: What is second…how do you manage things
 11:54:36 MariaK: Which should be considered a distraction…
 11:54:52 loonyhiker: sometimes we also need to say it is okay to say no and choose – there is always next yr to exchange activities
 11:56:03 loonyhiker: sometimes knowing that my hubby is jealous of my time helps me make choices and keep some balance in my life
 11:56:40 Lisa Parisi: Pat, would you like to join the skype chat?  Anyone want to join?
 11:57:17 sroseman: Shut off technology for a week
 11:57:49 loonyhiker: @lisa no thx (shhh, hubby thinks i’m watching a video w/ him right now and doesn’t know i’m listening to y’all lol)
 11:58:13 BarbInNebraska: Some of my Catholic friends gave up Social Media for Lent. They gave up Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook.
 11:58:31 colleenk: Too funny!
 11:58:45 sheila: Should we speak more softly just in case?
 11:59:04 sroseman: My hubby ..says what the heck are you doing down there in the basement for hours on end
 11:59:07 MariaK: @Barb – It would be easier for me to give up desserts and chocolate!
11:59:11 sheila: How did that go for them Barb?
 11:59:14 Maureen: priorities call- son on phone from Idaho…
 11:59:25 BarbInNebraska: @MariaK, I know I couldn’t do it!
 11:59:46 sheila: Welcome Leigh!
 11:59:57 BarbInNebraska: @sheila, I think they did it, but I don’t know if they didn’t lurk. I know they didn’t post.
 12:00:11 sheila: Interesting!
 12:00:30 sheila: That would be hard to avoid to do!
 12:00:59 Leigh from Baku: Hi folks.  Checking out this forum for the first time.
 12:01:13 BarbInNebraska: Hi Leigh!
 12:01:16 loonyhiker: @leigh hi there – this is a great conversation today πŸ™‚
 12:01:24 Lisa Parisi: Welcome Leigh.  There is sound on ustream and on ETTA
 12:01:31 sroseman: are we going to talk about NECC???
 12:01:31 Lisa Parisi: Are you hearing the show?
  12:01:51 sheila: Talking about priorities.
 12:01:54 Leigh from Baku: Oh, didn’t realise there was sound.
 12:02:07 Leigh from Baku: Not sure how to get it.
 12:02:09 Lisa Parisi: Click on ustream and you can get sound
 12:02:19 sheila: Click on the play button.
 12:02:21 Lisa Parisi: on side bar on the right
 12:02:25 BarbInNebraska: Has anyone done the Gallup teacher perceiver test?
 12:02:36 BarbInNebraska: I think we are all the same type
 12:02:39 Leigh from Baku: Got it.
 12:02:51 BarbInNebraska: No, it will tell you that this is our personality type
 12:03:02 BarbInNebraska: it’s interesting
 12:03:17 BarbInNebraska: because it shows your strengths, Teach with your strengths!
 12:03:27 loonyhiker: it helped my hubby to meet my online friends in person when we stopped in hutchinson, ks and met KevinH, Honeymic, HowieG, Lulubell, HuskerFan etc.
 12:03:31 BarbInNebraska: We are the type that always is gathering new information
 12:03:53 loonyhiker: he was amazed that there were others who were just like me and understood me and understood how he felt
 12:04:13 BarbInNebraska: I know I can’t blog like Larry can. He’s amazing!
 12:05:31 loonyhiker: my planning was at the end of the day and i really didn’t get much done that is why i was at school at 7am cuz i’m a morning person
 12:07:36 BarbInNebraska: I can’t drop a link in this box for that Gallup Teach with Your Strength poll
 12:07:42 BarbInNebraska: I’ll tweet it later.
 12:07:52 Lisa Parisi: ok Barb.  Thanks.
 12:08:44 BarbInNebraska: It was right on for me. I have the book at school but I have my results, somewhere in this house!
 12:08:54 Leslie D.: I love having Skype on as well. We’ve had a few good experiences from it.
 12:10:28 Leslie D.: Do some people have multiple twitter accounts? I’d like to use it for my class too.
 12:10:56 BarbInNebraska: Twitter and plurk is blocked at my school
 12:11:03 BarbInNebraska: But Facebook isn’t!
 12:11:05 Lisa Parisi: Anyone want to come into the skype call?
 12:11:07 MariaK: I haven’t set up a second twitter account but would like to do this
 12:11:32 sheila: I do have multiple accounts.
 12:11:54 Leslie D.: @MariaK I’m going to try this for the fall.
 12:12:01 BarbInNebraska: That’s me too! I don’t want to miss out on anything!
 12:12:01 Leigh from Baku: Better get back to a song I’m writing for a dear elderly friend’s funeral this week.
 12:12:23 MariaK: @Leslie – what do you teach?
 12:12:47 Leigh from Baku:  It’s a German lullaby that I’m adapting from a translation.  How can I find out when you’re chatting again?
 12:12:48 Leslie D.: elem spanish
 12:13:07 Lisa Parisi: We run this show every Sunday.
 12:13:12 Leigh from Baku: excellent
 12:13:24 Leigh from Baku: great.  See you again.  Bye
 12:13:59 ClaireHertz: good morning
 12:14:11 Lisa Parisi: Hello Claire and Cheri
 12:14:16 sheila: Hi Cheri!
 12:14:20 Cheri T: Hi Lesa
 12:14:22 Cheri T: Hi Sheila
 12:14:25 Cheri T: Lisa
 12:14:44 MariaK: my class wants to learn spanish – maybe we could start an online connection
 12:14:53 Cheri T: You all are too funny!
 12:15:00 Leslie D.: I would love it.
 12:15:10 Leslie D.: Where do you live?
 12:15:14 loonyhiker: i’m so jealous! wish i could be there but i’ll be teaching!
 12:17:12 BarbInNebraska: Found my Strength Finder results!
 12:17:26 MariaK: @leslie – I live in NH and my class has started video conferencing with a kindergarten class in Madrid
 12:17:27 BarbInNebraska: I’m Input, Adaptability, Positivity, Developer, and Empathy
 12:17:59 BarbInNebraska: An Input personality means that we crave to know more they collect things and archive all kinds of information
 12:18:11 BarbInNebraska: So I think we are all like this
 12:18:24 sheila: That sounds like me!
 12:18:51 BarbInNebraska: It was a really interesting test. Gallup is located in our state and a lot of school districts use this
 12:19:21 Leslie D.: @Maria ¡Qué bien!  I live in Colorado. I’m actually heading to Spain later this month. Is your school in Madrid still in session?
 12:19:25 BarbInNebraska: They have identified 34 different strngths in this test
 12:19:41 sheila: Will try it later.
 12:19:53 Cheri T: Would you all quit being so sad …
 12:20:16 Cheri T: We need to have a giggle-up at NECC
 12:20:28 BarbInNebraska: we are being melancholy(sp?)
 12:20:32 loonyhiker: hubby wonders why i’m giggling when video is not funny at all lol
 12:21:41 MariaK: @cheri – giggle up – like it! I’ll be practicing until then
 12:23:00 sroseman: what happen if the Internet should go down for a day or two
 12:23:11 sroseman: happens
 12:23:18 BarbInNebraska: @scoseman or when Twitter goes down!
 12:23:31 sheila: We had an ice storm and I had no power for 8 days.
 12:23:32 Cheri T: @Maria – where are you staying in DC?
 12:23:55 Cheri T: I’ll be at the Washington Plaza
 12:24:25 BarbInNebraska: Have to go flip the laundry, BRB
 12:24:27 Cheri T: @Maria – I think we had a breakfast meet-up in atlanta
 12:24:38 sheila: @cheri we’ll be at the Hampton Inn I think. NH group.
 12:24:46 Cheri T: thaks Sheila
 12:24:58 loonyhiker: @barb  ummm, how do u flip laundry? and why?
 12:26:13 BarbInNebraska: Just realized I have wireless and my laptop, so bringing you down to the laundry room to take out the clothes in the dryer and start the washer. "Flipping laundry"
12:26:47 sheila: @Barb  That’s staying connected!
 12:26:56 BarbInNebraska: LOL
 12:27:30 loonyhiker: ahhh, now i understand
 12:27:44 loonyhiker: i just pictured laundry being flipped on a spatula like an omelet
 12:27:50 MariaK: @cheriT couldn’t type and talk at the same time – i’m old! Love the idea of a breakfast meetup – we have free breakfast at the hampton Inn!!!!
 12:28:40 loonyhiker: sometimes making kids wait gives them time to discover the answers on their own
 12:28:44 sheila: Welcome gaston!
 12:28:57 loonyhiker: sometimes asking for help can be a habit
 12:29:23 loonyhiker: rather than a real need
 12:29:36 sroseman: what do I do first .. I won’t be registering until Monday
 12:30:13 Cheri T: LOL
 12:30:55 sroseman: advice for newbies
 12:30:56 Cheri T: add it to the list
 12:31:35 Cheri T: HA!
 12:31:42 sroseman: ageism
 12:31:44 Cheri T: Sheesh, that’s another generation away from me
 12:31:49 BarbInNebraska: lol
 12:31:52 Cheri T: exactly …. fogey-meetup
 12:31:55 BarbInNebraska: crash the youngerst!
 12:32:04 BarbInNebraska: *youngsters*
 12:32:12 BarbInNebraska: Digital pioneers!
 12:32:16 BarbInNebraska: I like it!
 12:32:19 Cheri T: Digital Pioneers … we’ll ride our buggies over
 12:32:28 Cheri T: LOL
 12:32:33 BarbInNebraska: lol
 12:32:34 sroseman: where are all the parties
 12:32:48 Cheri T: put your age in binary
 12:32:58 loonyhiker: OMG, the yr we started? that would really show my age
 12:33:29 loonyhiker: my first computer was a commodore 64!
 12:33:30 Cheri T: 1100111000101010101001001001010101100010010101
 12:33:52 sroseman: Apple !! for me
 12:33:59 Cheri T: not only can I not write in binary
 12:34:02 sroseman: Apple 11
 12:34:03 Cheri T: I can’t read it either
 12:34:20 Cheri T: Apple 2E with 4 mb
 12:34:21 sroseman: I had a 3,000 $ Apple
 12:34:27 Cheri T: hahahaha
 12:34:31 Leslie D.: Apple SE
 12:34:34 Cheri T: there you go
 12:34:41 sroseman: I used the Iweb when it was text based
 12:34:44 loonyhiker: looks like y’all are younger than me!
 12:34:47 Cheri T: what was 100 again in roman numerals
 12:34:52 Cheri T: tee hee
 12:35:08 loonyhiker: thank u for a wonderful conversation today!
 12:35:09 ClaireHertz: thank you!
  12:35:14 Cheri T: thanks everyone
 12:35:25 BarbInNebraska: Thanks! This was fun
 12:35:26 Cheri T: Giggle-up will meet ….
 12:35:28 Cheri T: when ever
 12:35:36 Cheri T: the whole time
 12:35:47 Leslie D.: @maria I’ll find you next year if you want to connect.
 12:35:51 Cheri T: A giggle a day keeps the computer geek away
 12:36:04 Lisa Parisi:
 12:36:21 Cheri T: hahahaha
 12:36:29 Cheri T: all day long every day
 12:37:15 sroseman: au revoir
 12:37:32 loonyhiker: bye y’all – we r getting ready to watch August Rush
 12:38:00 Cheri T: Maria are you in NH? I"d like to add you to my Skype contacts
 12:38:19 Leslie D.: Thanks! Now on to other priorities.
 12:38:24 MariaK: I’m agearrings in skype
 12:38:44 Lisa Parisi: Bye all
 12:38:52 BarbInNebraska: bye!
 12:38:55 Cheri T: thanks everyone
 12:39:27 Cheri T: Sheila, I don’t have you on skype either
 12:40:34 sheila: I’m kmno4s
  12:41:16 Cheri T: thanks
 12:41:21 Cheri T: bye gals!
 12:41:26 sheila: thank you!

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