Conversations #32 2009 04 05

In this conversation we focused on the type of student we are creating in our classrooms where we empower them to be in control of their own learning. We discussed what this means when these students leave us and go to another classroom where this does not happen.

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11:30:54 Maureen: the ustream is up
11:31:02 Lisa Parisi: Audio on ETTA
11:31:14 PeggyG: getting it now thanks
11:31:15 MariaK: good morning everyone
11:31:39 PeggyG: yes hearing an echo and fuzzy audio
11:31:42 stacy: Morning all
11:31:59 charlieroy: snow in Peoria IL forecast for tomorrow….. ARGH!!!!!!!!
11:32:03 stacy: I hear audio very well
11:32:05 Maureen: had snow yesterday.. just cold and windy now
11:32:13 PeggyG: Hi Sheila and Maureen
11:32:24 Maureen: Hi Peggy
11:32:44 sheila: HI all
11:33:00 stacy: Just had this conversation Friday with teachers
11:33:07 PeggyG: It’s almost Easter–time for the snow to stop for you!!!!
11:33:09 Lisa Parisi:
11:33:46 stacy: My third graders are on computers each day, blogging, doing videos, etc. then when they go to fourth and fifth grade…nothing!
11:34:01 PeggyG: You should get on the call stacy!!
11:34:24 stacy: My microphone is in school
11:34:52 PeggyG: oh too bad–you are a perfect example of the topic for today!
11:35:13 Maureen: That’s the first thing that we do as adults- make ourselves comfortable…
11:35:15 stacy: I can type as fast as I can talk
11:35:30 charlieroy: if kids don’t sit still and close their mouths no learning will take place.  this is common knowledge…………….j/k
11:35:38 stacy: Lisa, they’ll adapt…unfortunately
11:35:41 charlieroy: the sound of learning is silence
11:36:09 charlieroy: that is what i had a teacher say once "the sound of learning is silence"  she loves worksheets mind you….. the most progressive strategy ever…. if only we could afford more worksheets
11:36:26 stacy: I think the moving would have concerned some of my teachers…why aren’t they with their class? Who is watching them? that’s what my teachers would ask
11:36:43 charlieroy: worksheets, chalk, and busy work.. they all build character
11:37:21 stacy: maybe not not engaged, but not "with their teacher". Like…what were YOU doing?
11:37:56 PeggyG: @Lisa-was their behavior disruptive or interfering with the assembly?
11:38:45 stacy: Out of contol??? Not quite
11:39:29 PeggyG: sometimes you may need to prepare the audience or other teachers about something "different’ that will be happening during the assembly–it’s a change in the normal routine
11:39:30 charlieroy: silence is learning
11:39:45 stacy: I have an idea….how about inviting one of the sixth grade teachers to come to your class…to create a bridge between the two schools?
11:40:20 stacy: Not just special ed, though…that’s important, but the general ed as well
11:40:21 charlieroy: sounds like the systemic problem is teaching as such an isolated task.  the engaging dynamic work of some is then ignored by the next
11:40:58 stacy: My classroom is different as well, and my fouth grade teachers see it but they still aren’t changing
11:41:22 charlieroy: too often:  here’s the key, here’s the lesson plan book and see you in 36 weeks…administrators can change that but it takes sum gusto
11:41:25 PeggyG: @charlieroy–I agree with that point but they may need some "education" or information to understand
11:41:26 sheila: The first step is awareness
11:41:31 stacy: Actually I think lots of this is going to come from the kids. When a student asks a teacher if the can do a podcast for a project, maybe they’ll say yes
11:41:35 charlieroy: @ Peggy  i agree
11:41:35 PeggyG: yes sheila
11:41:44 stacy: Feedback is that they are bored
11:42:12 charlieroy: @ stacy… we’ve seen that in our school to some degree after our sophomores went through the web app class…. kids asking if they could just build wiki pages with pics for their bug project and all….
11:42:17 charlieroy: scared the one teacher
11:42:20 charlieroy: a wiki what?
11:42:28 Maureen: When I went to a conference in NH and had a sub for 3 days- she made my kids be quiet… they were supposed to be working on recording audios. She wouldn’t let them work together. I felt badly for them- nothing got done.
11:42:31 stacy: In IEPs say Must be allowed to use computer for written assignments
11:42:33 GingerTPLC: More than just "telling" teachers, but letting them see the results with their fave topics?
11:43:02 PeggyG: If the person leading that assembly had announced at the beginning for everyone that we have something very exciting happening during the assembly today–Mrs. P’s class will be recording the event by… that would have made it "authorized"
11:43:03 stacy: and then show the special ed/general ed teachers how this works
11:43:11 GingerTPLC: @Maureen: I had that problem with a sub once too. Told kids to be quiet, but phones away, close computers! EEK!
11:43:19 Lisa Parisi: Who would like to join our skype call?
11:43:24 charlieroy: key may be not teaching the apps and tools but giving teachers numerous examples of how (in a subject specific way) they can implement and deepen their own learning
11:43:30 stacy: In the IEP…just do it…don’t be afraid
11:43:35 Maureen: @ginger This was a computer class- bigger eek!
11:43:54 charlieroy: had a couple teachers expereince with and cell phones last week.  went well for initial discussion starter and summative question at the end
11:43:55 stacy: Do they write letters to the sixth grade teachers introducing themselves and the skills they have?
11:44:04 GingerTPLC: We’re 1:1 PBL environment. No text books. I had the sub leave for the 2nd day and got someone else.
11:44:27 BarbInNebraska: @ginger, wow, you were able to ask the sub to leave?
11:44:34 GingerTPLC: @stacy: I like the idea of introducing themselves.
11:44:43 charlieroy: HOw about finding a new 6th grade teacher?
11:44:45 stacy: I did that all the time when I taught fifth grade
11:44:49 PeggyG: @Ginger-PBL is very difficult teaching and I’m sure many subs aren’t prepared to handle all of the multiple tasks
11:45:08 stacy: How about the kids making a ‘resume" for their sixth grade teachers?
11:45:13 stacy: or a pod cast?
11:45:18 PeggyG: great idea stacy!
11:45:22 GingerTPLC: @Barb: I schedule the subs for our charter. Also, there was another teacher who was used to the environment there too.
11:45:27 Lisa Parisi: I like that idea, Stacy.
11:45:53 PeggyG: it’s nice when you have a choice about subs! often we weren’t even able to get enough subs to cover our classes
11:45:55 GingerTPLC: but will the next teacher say, "That’s nice, but we do things this way here."
11:46:03 stacy: My guest teacher was having so much fun with my kids this week that when I came back Friday she kicked me out. She loved working with the computers and such…very unusual
11:46:08 stacy: Our kids go to a new schools as well
11:46:11 BarbInNebraska: @Ginger, that’s good that you have a choice of subs!
11:46:21 PeggyG: you were really fortunate stacy!! πŸ™‚
11:46:31 stacy: Absolutely
11:46:49 BarbInNebraska: I have to get my own subs. I always try to find someone who doesn’t mind a lot of activity.
11:46:57 stacy: OH>>>>Photo story of a fifth grader going to sixth cool would that be
11:47:24 PeggyG: the audio is really garbled on ETTA but perfectly clear on the ustream
11:47:26 Maureen: Do the kids know what the currciulum will be next year? Could they write their "resume" and say that they are excited to go to 6th and have all these great ideas?
11:47:39 stacy: but we are gifted and talented
11:48:03 stacy: It’s not right to not include these skills, but it also is part of the admin problem.
11:48:04 PeggyG: even a Voicethread of that photo story πŸ™‚ then the 6th graders could respond to it
11:48:08 MariaK: thanks peggy – Hope most folks are listening on Ustream – much better – real tiem – no delay
11:48:16 GingerTPLC: I’m tired of baby steps too!
11:48:22 stacy: Not allowed to type???
11:48:25 Lisa Parisi: Who wants in?
11:48:34 GingerTPLC: Ian Jukes says it best: I don’t care about your comfort zones. I care about kids starting school this year!
11:48:37 PeggyG: @MariaK-yes!! that’s why I mentioned it in case others are listening on ETTA
11:49:08 Lisa Parisi: Peggy?  Ginger?  Stacy?  Maureen?  Anyone want in?  barb?
11:49:11 charlieroy: funny story:   a doctor friend of mine attended the orientation for his third grade daughter’s class.  One of the other parents explained to everyone that her daughter was gifted and wanted to know what the teacher would do to accomodate her gifted daughter.  The teacher replied to much laughter, "We’ll find a way to work around her. "   classic.  i laughed so hard
11:49:22 BarbInNebraska: @Lisa, sorry, got to get ready for Mass soon.
11:49:23 stacy: I don’t have my microphone at home…kids were using it on Friday
11:49:25 GingerTPLC: Lisa, I’m in too much.
11:49:25 stacy: Sorry
11:49:30 Maureen: I’m jumping off the cliff with my 7th graders- told them their quiz is "open computer", putting everything I say and show in class on a wiki for them. We’re doing research skills right now, and I told them that the tools will change, but what I wanted them to learn was to be resourceful and use everything they could to answer questions… a lilttle worried about being able to come up with a quiz like this.
11:49:41 charlieroy: @ Barb have fun it’s the palm sunday the longest readings of the year.  but beautiful never the less
11:49:45 PeggyG: @charlieroy–that is funny as long as it’s not true πŸ™‚
11:50:05 PeggyG: @Maureen–your class sounds so exciting!!
11:50:06 charlieroy: @ Peggy it is true the teacher’s been there since God was young and can get away with it…
11:50:10 GingerTPLC: Would your daughter be more willing to take a risk if she was taught in 21st C skills every single class?
11:50:17 BarbInNebraska: @Charlieroy, thanks and the Mass is being said for my dad. πŸ˜‰
11:50:29 GingerTPLC: I’m trying to create risk-takers at all levels with my kids.
11:50:31 stacy: Are there any PDs set up for the sixth grade teachers with technology
11:50:41 Maureen: @ peggy Maybe nerve-wracking is a better description right now
11:50:51 charlieroy: @ Barb  i’ll add him to my prayer list
11:51:29 BarbInNebraska: Thanks! Better go get ready! Bye all, thanks for the Conversations, although it was a short visit today.
11:51:39 stacy: Oh that’s just great…about the test
11:51:42 stacy: sarcastic
11:51:50 stacy: (me, not the teacher)
11:52:06 PeggyG: @Maureen–but that’s so important for that kind of change–risktaking definitely brings stress but great results–sometimes even unintended results that are even better than you expected
11:52:23 charlieroy: @stacy..  a friend and I are working on copyrighting a new punctuation mark that denotes sarcasm…
11:52:38 Maureen: The baby steps drive me crazy, but mandating change =resentment. I don’t have answers. OUr kids kind of like the status quo as much as the teachers. They use tech outside of class and are happy to regurgitate on tests.
11:52:40 PeggyG: that’s funny charlieroy!
11:52:42 stacy: @charlieroy…boy I need that one
11:52:53 GingerTPLC: Nice. Teacher knows how to make kids/parents like her class. πŸ™
11:52:57 PeggyG: I don’t think you can mandate change!
11:53:16 charlieroy: @ stacy  i’m thnking (s) or something like s# at the end
11:53:27 stacy: No, you can’t mandate change, but you can facilitate it. If PD is required for certain things, then teachers at least will be exposed.
11:53:36 charlieroy: we have to understand we "learn by the company we keep" and learning is social by nature not an isolated endeavor
11:53:48 stacy: I think calling was brilliant
11:54:10 stacy: why else have phones in the classroom?
11:54:13 Maureen: @stacy that’s where we are now- talking about whether the tech PD should be mandated… still talking, and talking and talking….
11:54:36 GingerTPLC: Great story, Lisa. Interesting to see how "research" can be seen as cheating
11:54:46 stacy: @maureen…why isn’t there a deadline…like each month next year some new technolgoy is introduced. Who is doing the talking?
11:55:08 GingerTPLC: Primary sources, expert consultations.  Why wouldn’t a person be a good person to talk with?
11:55:17 Maureen: @Stacy- new head of school and I. He talks like it’s gonna happen, but it’s just talk right now
11:55:24 stacy: I am so lucky to have a wonderful technolgoy teacher K-5, but then the teachers don’t take what she teaches into the classroom
11:55:28 PeggyG: @Maureen–let the kids come up with the questions–Jackie Gerstein does this with her kids–they use the Quizlet tool with ? created by kids and rest of class answer them outloud together πŸ™‚
11:55:40 stacy: @maureen…ask him for a date. See what happens
11:55:45 GingerTPLC: Seems like a more rich learning opportunity other than a wild guess.
11:55:46 Maureen: @Peggy- good idea
11:56:16 stacy: Well, you were right…you need to preview…and they were right to suggest it
11:56:20 PeggyG: when the kids come up with the questions they are learning even more and are more likely to remember it πŸ™‚
11:56:39 Maureen: @Peggy- I was thinking about doing the quiz as a google doc- have everyone answer and the class decides when it’s ready to share with me.
11:56:41 stacy: best way to write research papers, Peggy…essential questions
11:56:59 stacy: @maureen…what grade?
11:57:05 GingerTPLC: Time to get another sub. Lisa, Did you get a chance to debrief with her afterward?
11:57:08 Maureen: @stacy-7th
11:57:13 Lisa Parisi: @Maureen  The whole class would answer in the same doc?
11:57:46 Lisa Parisi: Believe it or not Ginger, the sub wanted her daughter in our class.  So as a parent, she was impressed…as a teacher, she was horrified.
11:57:53 charlieroy: u can’t stop evil but u deal with it as it arises…someone might use their pencil to stab someone but we hope they won’t
11:57:53 Maureen: @Lisa That’s what I want to try.. see where they are in learning this stuff- try out the wisdom of crowds- makes it hard to grade I know
11:58:16 Lisa Parisi: @Maureen I am wondering about students who do nothing in the doc.
11:58:23 Maureen: @Lisa me too
11:58:23 charlieroy: they could use notebook paper as kindling to burn down the school as well…we should ban notebooks
11:58:25 stacy: it’s a kid’s job to mess up…it’s called learning
11:58:47 PeggyG: @Maureen-could you use a backchannel chat something like CoverItLive for kids to respond to the questions? Then every child would contribute answers and you would have documentation about their participation and understanding
11:58:54 stacy: @charlie…can’t happen…won’t happen unless you issue each kids a computer
11:59:11 Maureen: @peggy- you are full of good ideas today- thx
11:59:40 PeggyG: @Maureen–just want you to keep going forward with your plan–it’s excellent!
11:59:41 Lisa Parisi: @Maureen  When we do group work like that, the group then gives each individual a grade for group work.
11:59:47 stacy: That’s exactly what a kid should do…challenge the teachers to be better
11:59:58 stacy: to DO better
12:00:16 Maureen: @Lisa when I do that I find that the kids are a little too brutal
12:00:23 PeggyG: @stacy–that’s part of the problem because many teachers don’t want to be "challenged" by their students
12:00:41 doriedance: @lisa I understand what you mean
12:00:50 doriedance: and agree
12:00:55 charlieroy: @ Peggy  i think if the kids learn to be respectful as they challenge it ends up better.. they can do it.  and the students often underestimate their power to bring about change
12:01:06 Maureen: @Lisa- not to be the devils advocate- but why should every class be like yours?
12:01:08 Lisa Parisi: @Maureen I give them a rubric and they have to match each other to the rubric.  Can’t make it up.
12:01:25 charlieroy: I tell my kids all the time when they complain about busy work homework to read Kohn’s the homework myth and present your teacher with a respectul request that they change
12:01:26 stacy: I agree charlie…I didn’t mean in a mean way…a subtle, we can do this get your act together and I’ll show you how
12:01:35 PeggyG: @charlieroy–definitely agree about the respect–there are respectful ways students can communicate more effectively!!
12:01:37 charlieroy: then again i’m the principal so i can stir up trouble and i often enjoy it
12:02:01 stacy: I agree with Maureen…we are different…
12:02:13 GingerTPLC: @Lisa, I’m in the same boat when my kids go to the HS after being at TPLC for 3-4 years. Brainstorming how to play the game and how to make the game work for you.
12:02:24 PeggyG: @charlieroy–I was a principal for 27 years and can definitely relate!! πŸ™‚
12:02:26 stacy: but we should offer our students newer things and they should be respected with what they have already learned
12:02:59 charlieroy: @ Peggy  thank you for your service to humanity…… what level?  hs, ms, es?
12:03:04 Maureen: Since most of us teach to our strengths, it is hard to change
12:03:07 PeggyG: elementary
12:03:18 GingerTPLC: I think all of classrooms should have the same end-game philosophy as yours.
12:03:25 charlieroy: @ Peggy awesome….  my boys are twin 2nd graders……
12:03:30 stacy: Peggy is all over…el…college
12:03:48 Maureen: Hi Colleen
12:03:53 PeggyG: @charlieroy–we have something else in common–I have twin daughters πŸ™‚ all grown up now!!
12:03:57 MariaK: good morning colleen
12:04:01 colleenk: Hi Everyone
12:04:06 stacy: Afternoon, Colleen
12:04:14 colleenk: Hi Maureen!, Hi Maria!
12:04:14 Cathy E: @shelia are you using ed-voice thread or the origional?
12:04:16 PeggyG: Hi Colleen! great to see you
12:04:23 charlieroy: @ Peggy  i hope mine make it
12:04:26 sheila: @CathyE -original
12:04:31 colleenk: Hello Peggy! How are you?
12:04:40 sheila: Thinkng about ed though
12:04:43 stacy: Darn…after 12…I have to leave. Enjoy the rest of the conversation, all
12:04:43 PeggyG: I remember thinking that about my twins when they were very young!!
12:04:45 sheila: or a combo
12:04:53 annelisewojo: I dont usually have trouble listening here on my mac w/ iTunes.  Can’t seem to figure out audio today. ????
12:04:54 charlieroy: good teaching takes many different forms.  all classrooms can’t be exactly the same. 
12:04:56 stacy: Sorry to have to leave
12:05:01 PeggyG: bye stacy! write to me!
12:05:05 stacy: I will,
12:05:26 PeggyG: @annie-use the ustream rather than ETTA–much better sound
12:05:49 Maureen: @Lisa I agree with what you said, but how to convince others that you are not putting their methods down- putting yourself up on a pedestal. It’s hard not to come across as "I know better than you".
12:06:32 PeggyG: those stand-up desks πŸ™‚ I heard that too and they were amazing!
12:06:56 Maureen: I have a boy with sensory integration issues- he has to get up and move around. You get used to it
12:07:33 Lisa Parisi: I don’t know Maureen.  And that’s why I don’t talk about it.
12:08:09 Maureen: It’s hard to think of everyone having an IEP, but that’s really what we would like. As adult learners we make our own IEP…
12:08:10 charlieroy: i used to work in a small elementary school.  In the spring we used to dedicate a whole PD day to the teachers exchanging notes with the next year’s teacher.  sharing all the craft knoweldge was very helpful
12:08:23 Lisa Parisi: Annie, try ustream
12:08:25 PeggyG: that is a very typical issue for ADD students in school–they are often labeled as troublemakers because of their behaviors
12:09:00 charlieroy: @ peggy i think sometimes boys are more likely to be labeled as trouble makers due to a misunderstanding of gender differences and learning
12:09:06 colleenk: No offense taken πŸ˜‰
12:09:11 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Charlie and Peggy.
12:09:17 PeggyG: that’s a great suggestion Sheila
12:09:51 Maureen: Maybe they can make a glog or something with their own toolbox to share with the next teacher
12:10:10 PeggyG: they don’t have to be digital portfolios for next year’s teacher–could be printed pages to share πŸ™‚
12:10:39 GingerTPLC: @Prairiecta: glad to see you here!
12:10:40 sheila: @PeggyG I like that idea.
12:11:05 Maureen: wait- I didn’t say obnoxious!
12:11:29 charlieroy:  one econ teacher started doing this.  the kids in other classes rioted that they wanted it to do it to..  so now it is done in every class.  kids have a powerful voice
12:12:20 GingerTPLC: @charlieroy, yes, kids together have a strong voice. But 1 or 2 kids are often lost.
12:12:44 GingerTPLC: Have to teach them to work together and organize
12:12:51 PeggyG: maybe you could have all of the students write an "essay" or letter to parents at the end of the year that says "what I learned this year and how I learned it" and compile those parent letters for next year’s teacher?? That would be very interesting to read.
12:13:15 charlieroy: @Ginger   true very true  perhpas they could learn to organize
12:13:36 Maureen: I would love to have digital portfolios and have a strong reflection piece by the students that could go on to the next teacher
12:14:12 PeggyG: it would be great to see how kids would describe what was most memorable to them about how they were learning and let parents know what really made a difference to them–then parents can become advocates for that kind of classroom!
12:15:00 Maureen: @Lisa I agree re shouldnt be a choice- but still struggling with mandates.
12:15:40 Maureen: Maybe it’s because we are a private school and our teachers are not used to be told what to teach or how to teach it
12:15:56 PeggyG: Principals can set an expectation that student work must be collected and saved and allow for choice about how that is done
12:15:59 charlieroy: Our teachers set 2 teach goals each year and they have to complete them
12:16:09 charlieroy: or the mean principal doesn’t give them a raise
12:16:25 charlieroy: but we are private and can do merit pay so we force people to change
12:16:43 charlieroy: or we show them the door…. our job is to do what is best for kids first…
12:17:25 PeggyG: something like RTI is more like a curriculum adoption and not a change in teaching methods
12:18:14 charlieroy: our Illinois understadning of RTI is more to show the school has tried before referring out for evaluations….. saves money on special ed services. . RTI mainly about cutting special ed services and staffs…. about money not kids….but it can have good results with data
12:18:25 PeggyG: data that is collected needs to be more than test scores!!
12:18:46 Maureen: @charlieroy Where are you? Our new head is always saying "but we are here for the kids" . He’s new this year, so maybe there is hope for change down the road.
12:19:02 annelisewojo: I need to learn and understand RTI better.
12:19:03 colleenk: Stop picking on math.
12:19:09 charlieroy: @ Mauree.    Peoria Notre Dame HS in peoria Illinois
12:19:54 PeggyG: historically teachers have avoided teaching things they aren’t comfortable with–like Science! I know many teachers that just turned the science teaching over to their student teachers
12:19:59 Lisa Parisi: Sorry, Colleen.
12:20:18 charlieroy: @ Peggy that happens alot but they have to be held accountable and given the tools and time to learn to be more effective
12:21:03 Maureen: @Lisa Maybe you could share your excitement about how well the kids did- and the way they did it, not focus on tools- but on the learning.
12:21:05 PeggyG: @charlieroy-I totally agree with you!! It’s not ok for teachers not to teach something because they don’t feel comfortable/prepared to teach it! they need to learn how!!
12:21:16 charlieroy: our school bot 7-8 flip cams this semsete.  pretty cool what they can be used for
12:21:42 charlieroy: we have some on our school FB page.  amazing how quick the kids are to edit and produce video.  we tie it into marketing.
12:22:02 PeggyG: flip cams and even digital cameras are excellent for kids to capture their learning experiences! they are learning just by choosing what to film!
12:22:35 charlieroy:  our students used flip cams to document their blood drive
12:22:42 PeggyG: videos and photos invite reflection and writing and thinking!!
12:22:47 charlieroy: they plan to use it to market next year and they shared with the world as well
12:22:48 colleenk: @Maria What a great story!
12:23:05 PeggyG: thanks for the link charlieroy
12:23:31 Maureen: @maria are they cheaper than flip?
12:23:42 PeggyG: awesome story Maria!! definitely worth sharing far and wide!!
12:24:17 PeggyG: someone just this week said there were flip cams on sale on Amazon for $40!!
12:24:26 sheila: Wow!
12:24:35 charlieroy: @ maureen. flips aren’t that bad in price.  $150 for the mino and all and they are pretty sturdy.  but hey $40 is $40.
12:24:40 sheila: Good price! Wonder how much memory though
12:24:52 charlieroy: flip has about 50 or 60 minutes i believe
12:25:08 PeggyG: my flip cam is 60 mins–then I download and start over
12:25:17 Maureen: I let my 3rd graders use flips to record their work in science. They were independent and got it done, while I worked with kids who needed help with their projects
12:25:19 sheila: I’ve heard some only have 30 min.
12:25:31 PeggyG: fantastic Maureen!!
12:25:32 Lisa Parisi: My flip mino has 60 minutes
12:25:46 charlieroy: i just checked mine has 60 minutes as well
12:26:15 PeggyG: unfortunately in schools we have to be careful about what we do with video and photos that get posted online–AUPs
12:26:16 Maureen: Even a 30 min  one is fine- think about how long your videos are going to be- maybe 3 minutes.. so you can get 10 or so on there.
12:26:23 Lisa Parisi:
12:26:34 Lisa Parisi: Latest kid vid on podcasting here.
12:26:38 charlieroy: coll to teach them to use flickr and tag photos.  they can use their phones and send them directly to flickr tagged for the class….
12:26:50 charlieroy: we have a couple teachers starting to do that to document field trips and projects
12:27:19 MariaK:
12:27:30 PeggyG: I think tagging is an excellent concept to teach to kids because it requires them to think about key point, concept-great critical thinking skill!
12:27:52 Maureen: The 7th graders went on a week long fieldtrip to DC- they were not allowed to bring cell phones. I did get a chaperone to take a flip with him.
12:28:27 PeggyG: @Maureen-could they bring cameras but not cell phones?
12:28:29 Maureen: Parents love to see the videos and pictures of their kids
12:28:55 Maureen: @Peggy yes. They don’t want the kids getting homesick and calling home and worrying their parents
12:29:36 PeggyG: my friend took girl scouts to Washington DC and they blogged nightly to share their photos/experiences with their families back home–parents loved it!
12:31:17 PeggyG: I kind of understand about not allowing the cellphones on your trip Maureen. Have you ever gone out to dinner with a teenager?? they aren’t with you they are constantly checking for messages or talking on the phone!
12:31:47 PeggyG: where did that time go??? fantastic conversation!!
12:32:00 Maureen: @Peggy I do understand some of their concerns, but I think that it’s another expectation that just needs to be clearly set for the kids
12:32:23 charlieroy: @ Peggy  just tell them to put them away when not appropriate
12:32:30 PeggyG: definitely agree!! clear expectations would make a big difference–I really don’t believe in banning communication tools!
12:33:23 PeggyG: very nice summary Maria!! great job!
12:33:33 charlieroy: thanks all  have a great Easter coming up!
12:33:43 Lisa Parisi:
12:33:44 PeggyG: thanks Lisa, Maria and Sheila–and EVERYONE in the chat room!
12:34:08 PeggyG: taking a break next week–no show!
12:34:17 Lisa Parisi: bye
12:34:23 colleenk: Bye!
12:34:25 PeggyG: bye everyone
12:34:26 charlieroy: bye all
12:34:28 Maureen: Thank you !
12:34:29 doriedance: bye all
12:35:07 annelisewojo: thanks, always enjoy listening while I cook/prep food for the week

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