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  1. Peer Coaching for Student Writers
    I am attempting to put together a web conference on this method. My book is due out in the fall of 2009 (go to my website for more information – http://www.studentpeercoaching.com), however I am able to facilitate training sessions, and am willing to share materials for anyone interested. It’s a wonderful approach that works effectively to produce enthusiastic, empowered, and skilled writers in all genres, all content areas – I promise!

    Peer Coaching is a method adolescent writers use to develop an internal, permanent and intuitive dialogue for reviewing and editing their work through use of a three-step intensive review process. Using specific protocols throughout each step, or peer coaching, students establish writing goals, articulate needs, listen actively, and give-and-take feedback to employ a method of communication and decision-making that leads to the production of polished, finished products. The Peer Coaching protocol is rooted in what research says about brain response to cognitive stimuli, process writing, high stakes writing demands, and the need for peer feedback when editing one’s own work. Research has shown that development of, and practice with, this and similar methods results in better performance when writing-on-demand, and in the crucial 21st Century skills needed to think critically, problem-solve, and communicate in a global community.

    Please email me if you interested!

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