Chat Log for TTT#112

20:37:39 sujokat: hey alice!
20:51:41 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone!
20:52:56 SusanEttenheim: hi bill!
20:53:08 Bill O’Neal: HI Sue!
20:55:07 misty: I s the teachers teaching teachers session here?
20:55:42 PeggyG: Hi everyone-are we talking about Voicethread tonight?
20:55:53 ColetteC: Yes, in a few minutes it will begin
20:55:57 misty: hi amy and ted
20:56:02 amyrauen: hello!
20:56:15 tbrent: is this chat only or is there audio or video?
20:56:22 amyrauen: have any of you used this before? do we just watch the video to the right?
20:56:28 PeggyG: @ColetteC-so happy to see you here–I’ve been watching all of the new updates on your wiki and that is an incredible resource!
20:56:30 Bill O’Neal: Audio in a bit
20:56:37 Bill O’Neal: No video
20:56:45 tbrent: ok…
20:56:51 tbrent: any comet peeps here tonight?
20:56:58 amyrauen: me
20:57:02 amyrauen: and misty
20:57:05 misty: me
20:57:09 tbrent: here too
20:57:16 misty: yea comet
20:57:20 ColetteC: Thanks Peggy – feel free to add anything
20:58:28 PeggyG: If I can find any that aren’t already there I definitely will. πŸ™‚
20:58:36 misty: amy change your text color
20:58:37 angelamaiers: Hello all!
20:58:48 misty: left most button
20:59:00 tbrent: check
20:59:21 PeggyG: Hi Angela πŸ™‚ Great to see you!
20:59:39 misty: About how long is this session
20:59:47 angelamaiers: Is there audio tonight?
21:00:06 ColetteC: Audio coming …
21:00:14 angelamaiers: Thanks!
21:00:22 Rich: Hello SDSU friends
21:00:30 misty: Hi Rich!
21:00:38 PeggyG: We’re waiting with baited breath for audio–willing to be patient
21:01:05 misty: had to click on the speker on the toolbar to get some audio
21:01:37 amyrauen: misty, do you have audio?
21:01:46 PeggyG: Audio is here! Hooray!
21:01:51 paulrwood: Got my audio going.
21:01:53 Julie C: Hi everyone
21:01:55 tbrent: just got a welcome
21:02:03 PeggyG: Hearing it now
21:02:12 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone! welcome!
21:02:22 SusanEttenheim: thanks for joining us tonight!
21:02:26 ColetteC: hello – we are going now
21:02:41 PeggyG: Hot topic πŸ™‚
21:02:48 tbrent: are people talking?
21:03:11 Julie C: yup, we’re broadcasting — Paul’s introducing the evening
21:03:20 PeggyG: @tbrent Yes-click on the audio icon for Channel A
21:03:26 Rich: Yes Click Ed Tech Talk A
21:03:39 sujokat: hi all
21:04:09 PeggyG: Colette’s wikispace is an incredible compilation of Voicethreads!-one stop shopping
21:04:19 SusanEttenheim: wow a lot of people tonight! please introduce yourself! where and what do you teach?
21:04:26 sujokat: hi steve met you at necc and asked for a photo
21:04:31 angela maiers: I just got sound-yeah!
21:04:32 SusanEttenheim: I’m at a NYC public high school in NYC
21:04:53 PaulAllison:
21:05:03 paulrwood: I am the DIr. of Tech at Bishop Dunne atholic School in Dallas TX,
21:05:03 tracy: Hi – I’m from Montreal, I teach at a public middle/high school
21:05:24 jepcke: judi from Northbrook, IL District Level Tech Integration Specialist
21:05:36 paulrwood: DURFFFFFF!
21:05:44 angela maiers: Thanks Paul for the link!
21:05:58 paulrwood: Welcome
21:06:22 SusanEttenheim: more introductions please! where are you and what do you teach?
21:06:27 mrsdurff: hi paul
21:06:39 sujokat: hiya durffie
21:06:41 misty: misty 4th grade in San Deigo
21:06:47 misty: Diego
21:06:49 mrsdurff: hi lee
21:06:49 PeggyG: I’m a retired elementary principal and university teacher educator in Phoenix AZ
21:06:57 Julie C: I work for the NYC Writing Project
21:07:00 justinreeve2: hey mrsdurff
21:07:07 alicebarr: Maine HS tech integration
21:07:12 amyrauen: i’m an instructional designer for k12, inc.
21:07:13 lee baber: hi
21:07:14 mrsdurff: oh no, was justinreeve1 already here?
21:07:17 ColetteC: I teach 7-12 technology at private, catholic school
21:07:18 justinreeve2: fraid so
21:07:25 mrsdurff: figures
21:07:27 justinreeve2: but my Internet is being welfare again, so I’m disconnecting frequently
21:07:33 mrsdurff: what i get for working
21:08:09 mrsdurff: ooo-what is the his name?
21:08:13 jepcke: I’ve used VT with teachers rather than iMovie. Make project more manageable.
21:08:25 angela maiers: I am a consultant from Iowa but work with teachers and school in 21st century skills across the country
21:08:36 mrsdurff: the VT guy? name?
21:08:44 PeggyG: I’ve been trying to create some VT webslides on Diigo to highlight some of the best but so far there are technical problems. Hoping it will be resolved soon.
21:08:51 tracy: vt=voice thread??
21:08:51 jepcke: @durff Steve Muth
21:08:54 justinreeve2: this is so weird. Just today I started really using VoiceThread, and was talking to a teacher about it, and experimenting. And now this VT edtechtalk
21:09:02 mrsdurff: @jpecke ty
21:09:08 PeggyG: Timing is everything πŸ™‚
21:09:19 jepcke: @justin spooky I can hear the twilight zone theme
21:09:39 tbrent: who is speaking right now?
21:09:39 sujokat: steve I am the australian teacher who asked for a photo with you guys
21:09:45 Steve Muth: Hi All, realyy happy to be with our external developers team;)
21:09:46 mrsdurff: @justin do you hear eerie music?
21:09:53 SusanEttenheim: this is colette speaking
21:09:55 jepcke: I learn something new everytime I use tech with kids
21:10:00 tbrent: thx
21:10:01 justinreeve2: no
21:10:12 mrsdurff: listen more carefully
21:10:26 misty: not being specific enough
21:10:28 jepcke: I think it is neat that VT didn’t really start out as an app for education
21:10:44 jepcke: but has become one!
21:11:00 mrsdurff: primary elementary kids love VT
21:11:05 PeggyG: Yes! educators are great at recognizing potential and running with it!
21:11:10 misty: I am going to try it tomorrow
21:11:13 jepcke: we use headphone mics to help eliminate background noise
21:11:17 paulrwood: @mrsdurff There’s a sign post up ahead…
21:11:18 misty: Can you use VT with iMovie
21:11:26 SusanEttenheim: misty what and where do you teach?
21:11:39 ColetteC: i use headphone mics too – but still picks up classroom noise
21:11:41 misty: San Diego 4th grade
21:11:52 mrsdurff: sign post? that one i hit? not up ahead anymore
21:11:53 PeggyG: VT developers have been incredibly responsive to the requests from educators!
21:11:58 justinreeve2: finally, my imposter left
21:11:59 tbrent: anyone able to give a rundown of what voicethread is?
21:12:01 SusanEttenheim: jepcke what kinds of computers are you using?
21:12:04 ColetteC: I agree Peggy
21:12:12 mrsdurff: CAB!
21:12:12 jepcke: My foreign language teachers (Gr 6, 7) have come up with some creative ideas for VT and vocab or country reports
21:12:19 jepcke: @susan Mac
21:12:25 justinreeve2: @tbrent Best way is to see it for yourself:
21:12:29 mrsdurff: hi kim
21:12:32 sujokat: i am using it with senior english classes
21:12:35 misty: That sounds so cool jepkl
21:12:36 jepcke: @susan mostly laptops
21:12:36 MariaK: @durff You are so quick
21:12:40 tbrent: ok
21:12:49 ColetteC: please add examples at wiki:
21:12:51 justinreeve2: click Browse and find a VoiceThread. You’ll see what it is. It’s a discussion tool.
21:13:01 kcaise: hi mrsdurff
21:13:05 mrsdurff: i’m taking a break from work for a bit
21:13:20 mrsdurff: never get it all done it seems
21:13:20 kcaise: nice break durff
21:13:21 PeggyG: The best VTs are more than presentations but those that invite interaction and conversation
21:13:23 sujokat: you ok durff?
21:13:25 kcaise: i hear ya
21:13:26 jepcke: @collette I will add some examples, but they are private now and will have to give access b4 I add to wiki
21:13:34 SusanEttenheim: jepcke what kind of mics did you get? – my headsets with mics needed adapters for the macs
21:13:35 mrsdurff: yes sue – you?
21:13:36 ColetteC: great!
21:13:43 sujokat: tired
21:13:50 mrsdurff: me too
21:13:51 PeggyG: Love the best practices section of the wiki πŸ™‚
21:13:54 jepcke: @peggyg I agree, babysteps, we’ll get there with the comments
21:13:57 justinreeve2: if you don’t have headphones, just use your students’ iPod earphones
21:14:03 justinreeve2: then buy cheap $1 mics
21:14:04 sujokat: meeting now tuesday for necc roundup
21:14:11 mrsdurff: we use a desktop mic
21:14:23 jepcke: @Susan Logitech will have to lookup the model
21:14:24 mrsdurff: one computer with my account
21:14:25 misty: This is so excellent! My students have just created some great slideshow movie
21:14:31 misty: Now we have an outlet for them!
21:14:32 mrsdurff: they take turns
21:14:38 jepcke: Cost was about $30 each
21:14:41 justinreeve2: that’s cool misty. Do you have a link?
21:14:43 mrsdurff: and are soooo quiet
21:14:46 PeggyG: That’s what is great about VT-you can start slowly and recognize the power and potential and then move on to the collaboration.
21:14:51 jepcke: we have about a dozen for the district
21:14:59 SusanEttenheim: we also have usb logitech but the classroom noise is a pain
21:15:15 paulrwood: If you plug ipod headphones into the mic kack you can actually use that for a microphone. One of our kids figured that out one day
21:15:26 jepcke: that’s what ours is USB Logitech, not perfect, but they help
21:15:31 justinreeve2: wait, for real, paul?
21:15:35 MariaK: We use VT in my kindergarten classroom.
21:15:42 paulrwood: One of our students did it
21:15:43 justinreeve2: that’s cool!
21:15:52 mrsdurff: uh?
21:15:53 jepcke: We usually have kids all over the place recording: in the hallway, on the floor, behind a bookcase
21:15:57 mrsdurff: i’m lost
21:16:09 MariaK: @durff – cab!
21:16:10 mrsdurff: how do you use headphones as mics?
21:16:17 paulrwood: @mrsdurff they are talking about microphone types
21:16:26 SusanEttenheim: lol yes I put a desk into a closet and named it the recording studio
21:16:30 jepcke: @durff They are headphone mics
21:16:36 mrsdurff: told you i was lost
21:16:37 PeggyG: Colette-can you talk about some of the VTs that are your favorites?
21:16:39 kcaise: @justin you can plug in any headset with a mic and use the mic
21:16:57 SusanEttenheim: hi adina welcome where and what do you teach?
21:17:14 justinreeve2: well, headsets, yeah sure
21:17:16 paulrwood: Hi Adina
21:17:20 mrsdurff: ok, so you use earbuds instead of headphones?
21:17:22 adinasullivan: Hi. Elementary teacher (most kids are ELD) from San Diego, CA
21:17:31 sujokat: hi adina
21:17:38 SusanEttenheim: welcome adina!
21:17:43 adinasullivan: not ELD – English Lang Learners
21:17:47 SusanEttenheim: durff some headsets have a built in mic
21:17:50 paulrwood: one of our students plugged his ipod headphones into the mic jack of a desktop and was able to use it as a mic
21:18:05 mrsdurff: headsets do, not headphones
21:18:09 PeggyG: We discovered a new use for VT last night when a VT was created to say thanks to Vicki Davis as WOW2 co-founder. She pointed out it would be a fantastic way to honor and celebrate a retiring teacher. I agree!!!
21:18:27 justinreeve2: oh what a great idea!
21:18:31 SusanEttenheim: hi robbybo welcome where and what do you teach?
21:18:32 mrsdurff: paul you have to show me that
21:18:33 lee baber: you mean headsets?
21:18:36 mrsdurff: make a movie
21:18:43 lee baber: or headphones?
21:18:49 justinreeve2: I have another one, and I’m sure it’s been thought of before. A collaborative story, like a Plurk novella
21:19:03 justinreeve2: that would be a great use of VT. Get your drama students involved or something.
21:19:04 mrsdurff: yeah
21:19:06 robbybo: Sweetwater HS in San Diego
21:19:10 jepcke: These are the mics we use:
21:19:12 paulrwood: He used his iPod earbods and plugged into the mic jack and was able to talk into his earbud and record.
21:19:13 mrsdurff: we did those on a wiki
21:19:16 PeggyG: Yes a collaborative sotry would be fantastic
21:19:24 PeggyG: story πŸ™‚
21:19:34 mrsdurff: paul make a movie
21:19:35 adinasullivan: Hi Robbybo, I’m up in San Marcos (elem)
21:19:37 mrsdurff: show me
21:19:48 paulrwood: Will try that at work tomorrow
21:19:52 angela maiers: Great point Paul-without authenticity and purpose, the technology is only a tool
21:19:53 mrsdurff: thank you
21:20:03 PeggyG: So engaging for students-great example!
21:20:14 lee baber: hi alice
21:20:14 jepcke: sorry won’t let me paste the URL the headphone mics we use are Logitech Clearchat Pro USB
21:20:15 mrsdurff: hi alice
21:20:20 angela maiers: hi alice
21:20:24 angela maiers: and stella
21:20:28 lee baber: island p21
21:20:31 lee baber: πŸ™‚
21:20:35 mrsdurff: we use the ones on sale
21:20:39 mrsdurff: i’m cheap
21:20:39 alicebarr: hi lee and durff!
21:20:51 PeggyG: You can click and drag the URL into the chat box
21:20:54 SusanEttenheim: hi stella welcome! where and what do you teach?
21:20:57 adinasullivan: No Durff, that’s smart
21:21:00 lee baber: @alice see you there at 8:30am tomorrow
21:21:01 jepcke: @durff we have 12 to share with 4 school, so that’s pretty cost effective
21:21:11 alicebarr: Taught teachers about Voicethread today πŸ™‚
21:21:24 MariaK: Hi Alice
21:21:24 justinreeve2: you mean you don’t buy $300 condenser mics? πŸ™‚
21:21:36 justinreeve2: same here, alicebarr.
21:21:37 PeggyG: Length of VT is a really important point πŸ™‚
21:21:38 SusanEttenheim: what did they do alice?
21:21:50 mrsdurff: is justin buying one for all of us?
21:21:53 justinreeve2: in fact, I’m thinking of creating a VoiceThread and just sticking it on our district site
21:21:56 mrsdurff: how generous!
21:21:56 alicebarr: Hi Maria! Thanks again for speaking to my class
21:22:03 sujokat: can you add music and audio?
21:22:13 jepcke: @justin what would the topic be?
21:22:13 justinreeve2: well, technically you can, but that’s kind of not the point, sujokat
21:22:15 justinreeve2: it’s not a podcast
21:22:34 ColetteC: i usually record audio with audacity first then upload
21:22:36 justinreeve2: @jepcke Haven’t gotten that far yet. Any ideas for a district VoiceThread?
21:22:38 alicebarr: @Susan They are in a grad class about podcasting so I showed it as a great option
21:22:40 tbrent: how is it different
21:22:44 justinreeve2: I could have a new one every week or month or so
21:22:52 mrsdurff: @sujokat if it is playing in background while you speak
21:22:59 jepcke: Oh every week would be hard to keep up with I think
21:23:07 MariaK: We taught others about making maple syrup via VT. Collaborated with class in australia.
21:23:09 justinreeve2: it would be really cool though
21:23:21 angela maiers: what is Bills’s wiki link?
21:23:24 jepcke: @Justin I agree
21:23:28 SusanEttenheim: hi rich welcome! what and where do you teach?
21:23:35 misty: Could you use this for a school wide weekly show?
21:23:37 kcaise: what is the benefit of using voicethread vs photo story
21:23:44 PeggyG: Maria-do you have a link for the maple syrup VT?
21:23:53 ColetteC:
21:23:58 justinreeve2: @kcaise they’re different tools for different purposes
21:24:01 justinreeve2: voicethread is all about collaboration
21:24:03 alicebarr: LOve this idea: Librarian has kids do a book review and then links to it from card catalog!
21:24:06 angela maiers: Thanks Colette!
21:24:15 justinreeve2: photo story is more of an individual thing you create
21:24:17 PeggyG: @kcaise VT is interactive and photostory is presentation
21:24:26 jepcke: @alicebarr that is a GREAT idea!
21:24:29 justinreeve2: PeggyG explained it better than I did
21:24:34 mrsdurff: here’s one Spanish kids did
21:24:36 Rich H: Thank you Susan. I am a Technology coach for Madera Unified in the central valley. I am enrolled in the SDSU Comet Master’s Program which has led me here tonight.
21:25:04 mrsdurff: hi dan
21:25:10 DanG: hi
21:25:23 DanG: live session already over?
21:25:27 justinreeve2: Can someone explain to me the K-12 program on VT? On the one hand it says that you need to pay a $10 verification fee to "Go Ed." But then I just filled out a form that let me upload audio to VTs
21:25:28 tbrent: hey rich
21:25:28 mrsdurff: no\
21:25:40 justinreeve: ugh
21:25:45 mrsdurff: click the black link under ETT A
21:25:50 lee baber: @rich who is it that recommended this?
21:25:52 Rich H: We are using Kidspiration as a planning tool in elementary writing
21:25:56 justinreeve: what did I last say?
21:26:06 mrsdurff: forgetting?
21:26:12 PeggyG: storyboarding and planning ahead are such important points!
21:26:13 mrsdurff: a senior moment?
21:26:16 sujokat: hiya maria!!
21:26:16 kcaise: VT is free for educators (at least to some degree)
21:26:28 justinreeve: I’m triyng to figure out the K-12 program in VoiceThread. On the one hand, it says I have to pay a $10 verification fee, but then I filled out a form and it said I had K-12 access without paying.
21:26:32 SusanEttenheim: great! welcome rich!
21:26:34 justinreeve: but I don’t think I have full access to it
21:26:39 misty: Denise Henry recommended this to me from the Comet program
21:26:41 MariaK: @PeggyG maple VT
21:26:43 Rich H: hello tbrent SDSU brother
21:26:48 justinreeve: I was able to upload audio to voicethreads, though, when I couldn’t before
21:26:53 kcaise: @justin there is a separate registration for educators
21:26:55 misty: hi rich
21:26:58 justinreeve: right
21:27:03 justinreeve: and you DO have to pay?
21:27:04 misty: I am your sdsu sis
21:27:05 alicebarr: @justinreeve If you register and then click go Pro, there is a small link at the bottom for educators
21:27:14 alicebarr: It says it’s free for educators
21:27:19 Rich H: Nice to be here with you both
21:27:30 tbrent: sdsu in the house tonight
21:27:40 jepcke: @justin the difference with the education version is there is more control about keeping the VT private or allowing or disallowing comments
21:27:44 tbrent: do we have a deadline coming up?!?
21:27:50 jepcke: ANYONE can use the regular VT
21:27:58 tbrent: πŸ™‚
21:28:17 MariaK: We love it in kindergarten – I’ve seen growth in oral fluency.
21:28:24 PeggyG: Thanks Maria-can’t wait to watch it
21:28:29 mrsdurff: @jpecke I do
21:28:32 jepcke: @maria your kids have done some great VTs
21:28:40 sujokat: do you use avatars for the kids
21:28:41 SusanEttenheim: welcome sheila!
21:28:47 adinasullivan: Extending the converstation really has to be modeled
21:28:48 Rich H: OPD report 7-14
21:28:51 sheila: Hi all!
21:28:58 MariaK: Sheila?
21:29:02 mrsdurff: @sujokat they use my account
21:29:02 SusanEttenheim: sujokat yes we do and there is a lesson plan online for it
21:29:03 jepcke: @sukojat depends on the age of kids, teacher preference, time limit of project
21:29:07 sheila: yes maria
21:29:09 kcaise: do you have the links to the comment guides for students?
21:29:10 ColetteC: Blog commenting:
21:29:19 lee baber: brb
21:29:21 misty: @Rich is that the due date?
21:29:22 SusanEttenheim: hi christina welcome!
21:29:28 MariaK: @sheila – again tonight!
21:29:31 christina: Hello Susdan.
21:29:36 SusanEttenheim:
21:29:41 mrsdurff: coolcatteacher has guidelines – how to comment like a king
21:29:44 justinreeve: I know there’s differences in the education version. But I’m not sure what I need to do to sign up. It’s okay, I haven’t messed around with VT enough yet
21:29:45 christina: Thanks! (Susan, I mean)
21:29:46 sheila: It’s summer and i can stay up late. You?
21:29:48 sujokat: yes i have been having convos about that with staff about avatars
21:29:52 jepcke: @susan where is the lesson plan for avatars? on Collette’s wiki?
21:30:00 misty: good for English learners too
21:30:10 PeggyG: @Colette-do you have Bill’s pre-writing template/questions on your site?
21:30:20 MariaK: 2sheila – was at Logan at 4 am today. very tired now!
21:30:36 justinreeve: VT would be great for foreign language students
21:30:36 SusanEttenheim: jepcke
21:30:49 sheila: @Maria – I can’t believe you are still awake! Sleeping in tomorrow?
21:30:51 PeggyG: Maybe someone can talk about the differences between the ed.voicethread and regular VT
21:31:02 jepcke: @justin have used it 3 time with spanish/french classes in gr 6-7
21:31:03 justinreeve: Assignment: Jump on this voicethread and introduce yourself and something about you in German/Spanish/Russian/Japanese/French/Swahili
21:31:08 justinreeve: nice
21:31:26 jepcke: great way to practice their vocab
21:31:30 mrsdurff: Ich bin ein Lehrerin
21:31:32 misty: I have been struggling with creating opportunities for my ELs to talk outloud
21:31:36 ColetteC: Please add your ideas for best practices:
21:31:47 jepcke: we also did algebraic equation explanations with gr 7
21:31:55 MariaK: VT good for helping emergent writiers to plan their stories – telling their stories for others to hear and then get feedback.
21:32:06 sheila: I have a little recording booth in my prep area for the kids to do VT.
21:32:18 misty: nice sheila
21:32:21 jepcke: Teachers loved being able to listen to the pronounciation of the spanish/french
21:32:30 adinasullivan: Digital storytelling opportuntites and responses are GREAT ways for language learners to practice
21:32:45 sheila: I noticed the shy students did jump at this.
21:32:53 mrsdurff: well jpecke if the pronounciation is correct….
21:33:02 mrsdurff: hi karen
21:33:04 lee baber: hi karen
21:33:09 ColetteC: I want to do that too Sheila – sound booth
21:33:10 SusanEttenheim: hi Karen welcome!
21:33:13 KarenJan: Hi, durff – thanks for twitting this!
21:33:16 jepcke: @durff great way to evaluate
21:33:18 sheila: Hi Karen!
21:33:19 KarenJan: Hi, Lee and Susan!
21:33:23 adinasullivan: Students do better after they’ve heard themselves the 1st time
21:33:24 KarenJan: and shiela!
21:33:38 mrsdurff: hi robby
21:34:12 robbybo: hi
21:34:28 misty: I think there needs to be a comment made, so that students know what to do.
21:34:45 KarenJan: LOVE VT, but taught it recently in my grad course and ran into several tech glitches – very frustrating for students
21:35:02 KarenJan: first time I ran into glitches
21:35:07 misty: what kind of glitches
21:35:11 SusanEttenheim: Karen – what kinds of glitches?
21:35:16 sheila: @KarenJan – was it the volume of the recording?
21:35:24 KarenJan: @shiela, no
21:35:29 DanG: what kind of bandwidth is needed to try VT in the classroom?
21:35:30 mrsdurff: justin2 is back
21:35:41 Rich H: VT is news to me. I really want to take a look at this!
21:35:48 jepcke: I love how it automatically saves
21:35:57 mrsdurff: is there a revolving door?
21:36:00 misty: seriously Comet needs to use this for something
21:36:08 ColetteC: Great idea – adding a comment slide inside the VT
21:36:26 Rich H: I am suprised it hasn’t come up in any SDSU conversations
21:36:29 sujokat: thanx guys gotta go
21:36:31 tbrent: it probably does… we’re only 1/2 way thru
21:36:36 jepcke: The only learning curve my kids had is they had to do things in a particular order
21:36:40 KarenJan: glitches were – 1. VT would not play, and 2. nothing appeared when created VT was opened
21:36:48 jepcke: Can’t suddenly change the order of their comments
21:36:49 tbrent: didn’t someone use it in peri’s class?
21:36:59 mrsdurff: fill the coffee time….
21:37:03 tbrent: or terri’s?
21:37:05 Rich H: not sure…
21:37:08 jepcke: or they want to keep their doddle but edit their comment
21:37:12 misty: tbrent – not that I know of
21:37:20 jepcke: oops doodle
21:37:36 tbrent: i thought someone did for one of terri’s assign…
21:37:44 jepcke: or want to re record a part of their comment but not all of it
21:38:06 robbybo: i did it for terri’s class…this is roberto b
21:38:24 Rich H: Hey robetto !
21:38:30 jepcke: @karenjan we found if we switched computers or closed VT and re-logged in those probs were solved
21:38:34 robbybo: what up cometeers
21:38:36 tbrent: i was pretty certain that someone did! thanks for showing up to back me up!
21:38:45 Rich H: Yea!
21:38:47 jepcke: Using ed.voicethread or regular VT?
21:38:51 robbybo: got your back T!
21:39:06 tbrent: :p
21:39:07 KarenJan: @jepcke – so you had similar issues?
21:39:11 misty: robert, can you give me the link for you project you did last semester
21:39:17 misty: i want to check it out
21:39:22 KarenJan: @jepcke – regular VT
21:39:35 stella19: Is this the chat room for the live Vt webcast?
21:39:37 jepcke: @karenjan depends on the day, computer, etc
21:39:42 robbybo: ill have to look for it…not sure where its at
21:39:44 justinreeve2: it seems there’s a lot of Web 2.0 sites that launch and are instantly amazed at how many educators use them
21:39:52 jepcke: @karenjan we use ed.voicethread
21:39:54 misty: no worries
21:39:59 Rich H: help us out Robert
21:40:05 KarenJan: @jepcke – well good to know that all we need to do is restart, don’t always have another copputer to switch to
21:40:10 jepcke: VT can have off days/times
21:40:33 KarenJan: @jepcke- not good, needs to be more consistent and stable
21:40:38 jepcke: just re log in to VT. can solve some issues
21:40:53 KarenJan: @jepcke- at least it auto saves
21:40:57 kcaise: @jepcke: is there much difference in VT and ed.voicethread?
21:41:04 justinreeve2: I wonder if I could get our IT Director to use VoiceThread, to have a monthly district VT
21:41:08 jepcke: @karenjan I agree, but I think a lot of people are on at certain times and they grew pretty quickly
21:41:12 KarenJan: but i Love VT and wish there were fewer glitches
21:41:14 justinreeve2: then teachers, administrators, students, and parents could all join in
21:41:31 adinasullivan: @justinreeve – interesting idea
21:41:35 jkrauss: have we begun or are we just chatting?
21:41:43 jepcke: ed.voicethread allows the teacher to have control over keeping the VT private or limit comments to certain people
21:41:44 justinreeve2: then he could choose the topic each month
21:41:48 PeggyG: – great VT resources and tutorials for using VT by Suzie Vesper
21:41:49 SusanEttenheim: we are on live now
21:41:57 jepcke: moer of a walled garden
21:42:02 jepcke: if desired
21:42:08 kcaise: ok ty
21:42:14 jepcke: cool idea..a debate
21:42:16 adinasullivan: @justinreeve – would require knowledge of how to use for all parties
21:42:17 jkrauss: thank you. I have one VERY FAVORITE VT slide that puts the concept across perfectly
21:42:20 SusanEttenheim: just click on Edtechtalk A
21:42:41 misty: please share jkrauss
21:42:50 SusanEttenheim: hi barb welcome! where and what do you teach?
21:42:59 justinreeve2: @adinasullivan Students don’t need to be taught. Students can show their parents. The tech savvy teachers will figure it out, and we can help them through…
21:43:05 BarbInNebraska: Hello! I’m 3rd grade in Nebraska!
21:43:13 KarenJan: I find VTs easier for teachers than podcasting – have multiple uses
21:43:14 lee baber: welcome
21:43:27 KarenJan: I teach VT as the BEST tool for differentiated instruction
21:43:28 justinreeve2: I think it will be more or less for the tech-savvy ones, and those who really want to learn how to do it so they can contribute.
21:43:35 lee baber: [misty] please share jkrauss
21:43:37 justinreeve2: Either way, I think it would be a good thing, just sticking a VT right on the district site
21:43:44 PeggyG: @KarenJan-I agree – VT is so easy to use!
21:43:47 SusanEttenheim: welcome barb have you used Voice Thread?
21:43:51 BarbInNebraska: VT is the easiest Web 2.0 app!
21:43:53 misty: jkrauss – can you share the site you were talking about
21:43:58 BarbInNebraska: I used it with our 50 state project
21:44:02 BarbInNebraska: Great success!
21:44:04 jepcke: @justin please share on twitter when youput up a district VT would love to see what you come up with it
21:44:13 BarbInNebraska: Positive feedback from parents
21:44:17 adinasullivan: @agreed – good idea, just thinking of equity (particular issue for us)
21:44:20 justinreeve2: I have to convince our IT director first πŸ™‚
21:44:30 jepcke: I love the 50 state idea too
21:44:31 PeggyG: @KarenJan-You have such an awesome blog! I spent the whole afternoon on it!!
21:44:48 mrsdurff: the ubergeek can convince him!
21:44:52 justinreeve2: we’re doing a small scale voicethread, where we’re asking all the attendees of our upcoming conference to contribute to one. I think that’ll be a huge success, and they’ll be able to see what a great tool it is
21:44:54 justinreeve2: LOL
21:44:55 BarbInNebraska: The best part was realizing that grandparents of a student who live in Ireland could see our VT
21:44:58 KarenJan: @peggyg- thank u so much – please share the resouces with others!
21:45:14 SusanEttenheim: how interesting justinreeve2
21:45:21 PeggyG: I just shared it on a Diigo special ed group today πŸ™‚
21:45:27 adinasullivan: KarenJan – which wiki???
21:45:30 BarbInNebraska: Someone on Ning Classroom 2.0 is doing a VT for the 50 states next year
21:45:31 mrsdurff: hi jane
21:45:34 KarenJan: @peggyg – where do u work?
21:45:34 janekrauss:
21:45:38 SusanEttenheim: welcome jane! where and what do you teach?
21:45:41 janekrauss: hi durff!
21:45:48 PeggyG: Retired πŸ™‚ Phoenix AZ
21:45:53 ColetteC: State Postcard exchange:
21:46:13 BarbInNebraska: Colette, was it you who told us about that on your blog?
21:46:22 KarenJan: – and make sure you click on the link on the right – Free Tech Tools for UDL for every classroom!
21:46:30 janekrauss: eugene OR. We did a voicethread arounda topic called ToyWorld where 2nd graders in OR and MA mapped where their toys were made then talked about them. Hang on.
21:46:43 BarbInNebraska: got to run, bye, thanks!
21:46:56 PeggyG: @KarenJan-new Diigo group –
21:47:05 tbrent: what’s diigo?
21:47:20 justinreeve2: social bookmarking site
21:47:30 justinreeve2: pretty cool, check it out:
21:47:42 KarenJan: Thanks @ peggyg!
21:47:45 justinreeve2: you can highlight text inside the pages you bookmark
21:47:53 justinreeve2: and of course network to others’ diigos
21:48:06 janekrauss:
21:48:20 janekrauss: there’s a pbl diigo site too, growing fast
21:48:36 SusanEttenheim: hi grace welcome!
21:48:54 lee baber: hi grace
21:48:56 Steve Muth: if your having any glitches we have a technical document that you could send on to your network administrator, It’s really technical butwe’ve seen it solve almost all strange behavior
21:49:14 gracek: Thanks @SusanEttenheim. Hi all : )
21:49:19 janekrauss: You can share tabbed pages in pageflakes and netvibes too- igoogle came to it late
21:49:39 tbrent: what is pageflakes?
21:49:41 SusanEttenheim: can you have tabs on a start page in Google Apps?
21:49:46 tbrent: what is netvibes?
21:50:10 jepcke: @jane they may b elate to the party, but many people use google rather than pageflakes or netvibes. I use all three
21:50:23 adinasullivan: pageflakes and netvibes are like igoogle – place to aggregate feeds and resources
21:50:24 KarenJan: @jepcke – which do u prefer?
21:50:24 mrsdurff: wednesday – have to take the garbage out…..(a woman’s work…..)
21:50:27 PeggyG: Also Amy Chayefski, AZ, started a Ning for the group-
21:50:33 SusanEttenheim: I started with netvibes but it didn’t like our network
21:50:38 jepcke: @susan it’s an igoogle page
21:50:48 jepcke: @karenjan depends I like igoogle for me
21:50:52 PeggyG: I loved using Pageflakes for all of the NECC feeds!
21:50:53 paulrwood: Gotta go! Later all
21:50:57 tbrent: what’s a ning?
21:51:02 adinasullivan: Bye Paul
21:51:08 jepcke: use pageflakes to create pages for kids
21:51:19 paulrwood: @Tbrent you have come to the right spot. Learn on my firend!!
21:51:25 SusanEttenheim: yes but igoogle pages are somtimes a little different than a start page if you’re in Google Apps
21:51:28 janekrauss: here’s one ning, gets it across easy –
21:51:30 PeggyG: Ning is a social networking site-anyone can create a network for free
21:51:31 jepcke: i only use netvibes if someone requests it or to see one from someone else
21:51:39 PeggyG:
21:51:56 janekrauss: oop
21:52:04 jepcke: @susan you can set your igoogle page to acces your google apps like docs, etc gmail
21:52:04 janekrauss: YES
21:52:06 paulrwood: @tbrent go to youtube and search for Creative COmmons and look thru their videos
21:52:10 jepcke: even twitter
21:52:23 KarenJan: @peggyg – you may be interested in this ning-
21:52:23 misty: creative commons has great viids
21:52:50 PeggyG: @KarenJan πŸ™‚ Thanks-already bookmarked it when I was on your site.
21:52:52 SusanEttenheim: yes jepcke we took on Google Apps for Education for our whole school
21:53:14 jepcke: @susan that’s great. our admin is using it
21:53:19 SusanEttenheim: yes – Audacity worked great!
21:53:22 adinasullivan: Hey SDSDU folks checkout which is new ning for San Diego CUE – look at after
21:53:27 jepcke: working on getting it to more teachers
21:53:38 adinasullivan: Love Audacity – using formmany projects
21:53:40 PeggyG: Are you finding schools/districts are more willing to unblock VT now that it has education feature?
21:53:42 gracek: Audacity is excellent
21:53:45 MariaK: I use an ipod with a mic for some of our audio then use audacity to edit
21:53:53 tbrent: sorry, what’s audacity?
21:54:04 DanG: open source sound editing and capture app
21:54:08 tbrent: edtech speaking, not the english word
21:54:10 DanG: for sound
21:54:14 misty: tedd you are full of questions tonight
21:54:16 gracek: @tbrent You use it to make audio files
21:54:33 PeggyG: Thanks for San Diego Cue Ning πŸ™‚
21:54:52 tbrent: i should get in a edtech program or something to learn about all this stuff
21:54:56 PeggyG: Gabcast is a great tool for recording audio πŸ™‚
21:55:03 jepcke: how do you get gabcast or audacity files onto VT?
21:55:08 KarenJan: @tbrent – how did you find this?
21:55:12 adinasullivan: @peggyg 4sdcue ning just barely getting off the ground
21:55:19 jepcke: you can just upload them?
21:55:25 SusanEttenheim: tbrent just come here! is great!
21:55:41 jepcke: thought you could only upload images/video…cool
21:55:52 Rich H: funny Ted
21:56:18 PeggyG: Being able to embed VT is a fantastic feature!
21:56:25 tbrent: lol
21:56:49 adinasullivan: Joining a ning like will help add a lot to what you’re learning in Masters prog
21:56:53 misty: I can’t wait to play with the VT
21:57:05 mrsdurff: i wonder how many VTs have been created to date?
21:57:06 jepcke: or a district…we didn’t!
21:57:10 Rich H: Me too Misty.
21:57:16 jepcke: yeah for groups
21:57:45 KarenJan: love how VT is being used to create Mathcasts
21:57:47 misty: We could add it to our PBL assignment
21:57:52 PeggyG: a library of exemplary threads would be fantastic!
21:58:08 tbrent: i can’t wait to explore the over 25 links i got from tonight
21:58:10 jepcke: @karenjan we did that with 7th graders and algebraic equations
21:58:12 SusanEttenheim: yes Karen I met the mathcast person – he was great!!
21:58:13 PeggyG: I share the Mathcast VTs all the time as a powerful example
21:58:15 adinasullivan: love the library idea
21:58:53 lee baber: me too
21:59:10 Rich H: I was thinking about working it into my PBL (if the excitement doesn’t wear off).
21:59:14 KarenJan: do you find your students are watching the Mathcasts at home?
21:59:18 PeggyG: Being able to copy and re-use a VT-sounds great! Hadn’t thought of that
21:59:18 jepcke: Can you provide district pricing rather than by teacher?
21:59:49 justinreeve2: yeah, that per teacher pricing isn’t feasible for some
21:59:55 jepcke: I think the tutorials are great
22:00:10 jepcke: @justin Gets very expensive
22:00:19 PeggyG: Can you add images to someone elses VT (besides as a comment)?
22:00:32 justinreeve2: I’d rather just let teachers use the free version
22:00:37 adinasullivan: Could get more people on board quicker
22:00:51 justinreeve2: the single teacher sign-up vs. district licensing is a little skewed
22:00:54 jepcke: some teachers/district are a little concerned about the privacy
22:00:57 SusanEttenheim: hi bobsd 46!
22:01:00 justinreeve2: well, that’s true
22:01:02 misty: I was totally thinking about EL devel. and this program
22:01:05 jepcke: @collette we have done that many times
22:01:08 bobsd46: Hi there sorry to join so late
22:01:19 adinasullivan: language learners benefit greatly
22:01:27 janekrauss: there’s a nice breakfasts language voicethread… hang on
22:01:42 justinreeve2: maybe eventually we can do the district licensing thing, if it becomes a popular enough tool in our district. That might take awhile.
22:01:45 misty: doodlinh in french is hard
22:02:01 misty: writing in english is diff. too
22:02:07 jepcke: @justin as far as I know the district pricing doesn’t exist
22:02:11 tbrent: what’s doodlinh?
22:02:19 misty: doodling
22:02:21 justinreeve2: one sec, let me look at the ed pages again
22:02:28 jepcke: we did that, took photos of the school and had the kids practice their vocab
22:02:29 misty: it’s french
22:02:42 adinasullivan: Misty – I sometimes have them write and practice speaking first
22:02:45 justinreeve2: I just remember the $300 + $1/user
22:02:46 jepcke: @misty LOL
22:03:01 jepcke: Wow that’s pricey
22:03:12 misty: I do too, but I never have enough time for them to practice a sentenc over and over again.
22:03:25 justinreeve2: okay, nm the $300. It’s just $1/user
22:03:30 misty: This would give me that opportunity
22:03:31 PeggyG: Miguel Guhlin just shared an example of a VT that he created for communicating his district newsletter online. It was very impressive and invites people to respond.
22:03:43 adinasullivan: Misty – the time is worth it
22:03:46 justinreeve2: we have over 3000 employees. Do we get an account for each of them, or start with a small buffer, like 100?
22:03:48 jepcke: that’s still about 2500 for me
22:04:14 justinreeve2: well wait, we need them for students, too, and we have 30000 students in our district.
22:04:21 jepcke: I’m thinking $1 per user would be the kids
22:04:22 justinreeve2: is this really worth $33,000/yr?
22:04:43 jepcke: either buy a subscription to VT or hire a teacher LOL
22:04:56 SusanEttenheim: justinreeve2 something isn’t right – can’t be that much
22:04:58 justinreeve2: I’m personally not convinced it is yet, which makes me think it’s best to just encourage teachers to use the free account.
22:05:06 janekrauss: To Steve: Is there a way to favorite voice threads? I’m looking for one on breakfasts + language + Turkey (the country) and I can’t find it
22:05:16 justinreeve2: yeah it does seem weird, Susan. Here’s the pricing page:
22:05:25 mrsdurff: hire a teacher? i don’t make that much!
22:05:41 SusanEttenheim: email them and they will definitely respond about the fees
22:05:53 Steve Muth: you can ‘subscribe to Vt’s via the ‘Menue’ in the upper left ahnd corner
22:05:55 bobsd46: I’m not looking for any district pricing, but I was working with a teacher with a personal account adding voices and boy did things take off for the better when I bought her a class account for $60.
22:06:02 jepcke: @durff none of us are in thsi for the money LOL
22:06:15 mrsdurff: how true
22:06:32 MariaK: i’ll be adding some thoughts from kindergarten – how I use it.
22:06:39 SusanEttenheim: we set up our whole school – maybe now it will work better this year
22:06:45 jepcke: thanks steve, collette, paul, susan, et al
22:07:03 justinreeve2: wouldn’t it be cheaper to get the $1/user if you’re just adding a class?
22:07:05 mrsdurff: 10:06 here – back to work – bye you all and thank you!
22:07:07 PeggyG: This has been an awsesome conversation! Love learning everything I can about VT! Thanks everyone!
22:07:11 justinreeve2: most classes don’t have 60 users
22:07:11 misty: Very cool thanks!
22:07:16 kcaise: gn durff
22:07:17 ColetteC:
22:07:24 lee baber: thanks all
22:07:27 lee baber: for coming
22:07:31 misty: THanks collet for the link
22:08:01 PeggyG: It’s incredible how far VT has come in the past year!
22:08:08 justinreeve2: thanks for this great presentation!
22:08:10 ColetteC: I agree Peggy
22:08:11 bobsd46: Collette… I am trying to get permission to contribute and Aboriginal Athletes vt to your collection. Hope to hear back in a week or so.
22:09:19 tbrent: later cometeers– "see" you sat AM… goodtimes
22:09:20 misty: See you on Sat. COMETEERs
22:09:32 PeggyG: Another fantastic ETT show! Thanks!
22:09:38 adinasullivan: Thanks all – good night
22:09:45 Rich H: Thank you all for this opportunity to share tonight. First time in EdTech Talk and first time hearing about VT. See you Cometeers Sat…
22:09:46 kcaise: thank you all, great show!
22:09:49 bobsd46: Thanks for posting the invite… just sorry I arrived so late.
22:09:51 ColetteC: Thanks for inviting me! πŸ™‚
22:10:02 sheila: Thanks!
22:28:38 gisele1: hello everyone