Edtechtalk Brainstorm – June 11th, 2009 Broadcast

Host Doug Symington was joined by Jeff Lebow and Matt Montagne to talk about the upcoming Webcast Academy "Solstice" broadcast, which is tentatively slated for Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at a to-be-determined time. This webcast will be a good opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more about what is involved with participating in the Webcast Academy experience. We also spent a little time on this brainstorm talking about Google Wave and Google Apps for EDU. Thanks to everyone who participated live in the chat room.

Edtech Talk Brainstorm – Farewell to Jen Wagner!

We were joined on the brainstorm by Women of the Web webcasting team member Jen Wagner, who shared her reflections on her experience on this wonderful webcasting project. While Jen will no longer be participating on WOW next year, we know that she’ll be actively involved in the educational technology community in a variety of ways. On behalf of everyone in the Edtech Talk Community, thank you for all you’ve contributed to this community Jen!

Parents as Partners #10 w/ Dennis Richards June 16, 2008

Parents as Partners is joined by Superintendent of Falmouth Schools in Falmouth, MA, to discuss issues of parental inclusion and engagement. The PAP webcasting team would like to thank Dennis for taking time away from his busy schedule to join us for our final webcast of the 2007-2008 school year. Look for Parents as Partners to resume at the end of August or early September. Have a wonderful and restful next few months everyone!

Earthcast 2008

Earth Day 2008 24 Hour Webcastathon!
Webcast Around the Earth Day 2008

Stream Recordings in the Webcast Academy Raw Archive

What is Earthcast 08? – A short audio promo created by Earthcast08 participant, Jason Robershaw

Promotional Flyer WebcastathonFlyer.pdf
Earthcast promo video – To add your voice to the Earthcast promo video, visit this thread and leave an audio comment. Please contribute before 4/9 to be included. Instructions available in the thread.
Earthcast Web badge – Use this optional Web badge on your Web site to promote the event. Still waiting on verification of the URL. Jason will update when that is confirmed.
Earthcast Voicethread – Begin participating in this project now by leaving an audio comment, video comment, or text comment.

What: This is intended to be a 24 hour long conversation about the health of our planet. We hope to have participants from around the world moderate an hour long conversation. This conversation can be planned at the discretion of the moderator(s) for that hour. Potential guests could include local leaders, student environmental advocates, scientists/engineers, politicians, grassroots leaders, etc.
When: Tuesday, April 22nd 2008. We will follow the 24 hour GMT day
Why: The goal is to help our participants (both listeners and moderators) form a more global perspective on the issue of sustainability and the health of the earth.

More info and detailed schedule at: http://enviroscims.wikispaces.com/Earth+Day

The Future is in OUR Hands

The Future is in OUR Hands

Schedule of Events:



listen or download

Session Info Contact information: Guests    
0-01:00 GMT

Matt and Crew


audio Opening Hour-all webcasters who are available Roles: Chat room jockey, someone to do the stream, start with 3-4 on the call, stream monitor, etc        
01:00 -02:00 GMT

Jose Rodriguez

California, Washington, Maryland, New Hampshire USA


It’s Elementary Webcast

Earth Grocery Bag project

skype: coordinatortwo
  Mark Ahlness    
02:00 -03:00 GMT

Alice Mercer

Sacramento California USA


Alice’s Restaurant/
Bannon Creek Elementary Traffic Tamers

skype: miz mercer
03:00 -04:00 GMT

Alan Acevedo and Jose Rodriguez

California USA and Mexico


Maquina 501 -Spanish Webcast

Environmental Issues in the Developing World.

skype: coordinatortwo


04:00-05:00 GMT Matt and Derral audio Low Hanging Fruit
skype: jess.meyer
05:00-06:00 GMT

Jose and Elderbob

California and Texas




Join two night owls trying to connect with the world.

skype: elderbob and coordinatortwo        
06:00-07:00 GMT

Jose and Elderbob




History buffs what will go on a ramble

skype: elderbob and coordinatortwo        
07:00-08:00 GMT

Jose and Elderbob




All Welcome Webheads encouraged to share Environmental issues in your part of the world.

skype: elderbob and coordinatortwo        
009:00-10:00 GMT Cristina Costa
audio Able to moderate in Portuguese and English
Will create Podcast interviews

Skype: navysternchen
twitter: cristinacost
10:00 – 11:00 GMT

Andreas Auwärter


audio University of Koblenz-Landau , Campus-Koblenz We (AG Podcasting ) will moderate students results about the topics and plan a smaller interview about green energy with an technical expert. Also we arranged an public – hearing site, where during the opening times all students from university will be able to listen and interact (Thanx to our press chief – who also want to serve the press) skype is andreasauwaerter        
11:00-12:00 GMT Jose / Doug can take this time, but if someone else wants it, go ahead.. audio Possible Guest is Vance Stevens          
12:00-13:00 GMT

Pam Shoemaker


April Warren’s 6th grade class, Walled Lake, Michigan, USA Will be pre-recorded. Class Blogs:
  Student Global Warming Town Hall Meeting.    
1:00 pm-2:00 pm
13:00-14:00 GMT
Sheila Adams
Rye, NH, US

Rye Jr. High School,
Middle School

Intend to be
live. Looking for
Questions from
Students K-12+

skype is kmno4s

  Audio from Barbara Morgan, astronaut; Students
Teacher who has been to Antarctic (Q&A);
couple in town trying to go green.
14:00-15:00 GMT

10am EST

Pam Shoemaker-MI, US audio Walled Lake Schools twitter=shoemap

  General Motors, Education Division: Chris Clonen        
15:00-16:00 GMT Matt Montagne can take this time, but if someone else wants it, go ahead…we have a keynote speaker that we could stream live. audio            
16:00–17:00 GMT Drew Buddie, Rickmansworth, England audio Royal Masonic School for Girls skype: drew.buddie   Student interviews & school staff perspective    
17:00-18:00 GMT Drew Buddie, Rickmansworth, England audio Royal Masonic School for Girls &
Mary Webb School
skype: drew.buddie
skype: dfjones
  Discussions between 2 teachers in England    
18:00-19:00 GMT Derrall Garrison -California, USA audio Lawson Middle School derrallg on Skype
derrallg on Twitter

19:15-19:30 GMT

Pam Shoemaker


  Earth Day Presentation using Vuvox Collage program, & student interview
    Sue Hellman
HS teacher
Surry, BC, Canada
19:30-20:00 GMT)

Durff from the halls of school


audio Asking learners what they are doinng to save the earth…     The learners of BCA    
20:00-21:00 GMT Alec Couros and Peta White, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada audio University of Regina, Faculty of Education   Highlights from Earth Day activities from around Regina    
21:00-22:00 GMT Matt Montagne-Central USA audio

University School of Milwaukee

Student Voices on Earth Day

    Student panel discussing projects around our school (school garden, composting, recycling, etc)    
22:00-23:00 GMT

Jason Robertshaw

Florida, USA

audio cephalopodcast.com

Ocean conservation




  Kevin Zelnio, Deep-Sea News; Rick MacPherson, CORAL; Dr. Karen James, The Beagle Project    
23:00-24:00 GMT

Matt and Crew


audio Finale-processing of day / reflection with all webcasters who are available.          
0-01:00 GMT

Jeff and Gang




Worldbridges Community Assembly


skype: worldbridges   YOU