Flat Classroom Discussion with Thomas Friedman

Some of the audio in the recording can be difficult to hear. It does get better at times… 

The audio recording starts with some introductory comments from Thomas Friedman regarding how things have changed since he wrote The World is Flat and then is followed by a discussion with conference members in Qatar.

What do we do about webdesign on ETT

WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT DESIGN. WHO’S IN CHARGE. HOW DO WE DECIDE ABOUT INTERFACE. we’ve talked about this lots over the years… but i’d like to simplify the drupal interface… others feel differently. How do we decide this issue?

Should the blob get involved with ‘telling shows what to do’

The general consensus is that the manager can approach a show if they are in violation of 1492(ETT policies and procedures). It would seem to make sense that if there is some concern about something that is outside of the community policies that they should first be addressed in the policies and then addressed in the community. This makes it clear to everyone what’s going on.