2011-05-05 Seedlings Show 114 with Miranda Adams

Join us as we get all the details about Miranda Adams, 3rd grade teacher from Jesep Elementary School, Jesep, GA. She started blogging one year ago and has changed the landscape at her school with her inclusive community for parents. She can put a blog post about requesting something for the classroom and the results are astounding! One little change has meant so much for her students.

We share many links throughout, so listen and follow along in the chat.

The Chat: 

Seedlings Show 112- K12 Horizon Short Summary Report-Michael Richards, Kern Kelley, Wes Fryer drops by too!

Join Bob and Cheryl with guests Michael Richards, Kern Kelley and  Wes Fryer as we talk the K12 Horizon Summary Short Report.  You have heard about the Horizon Report 2011, well Seedlings takes an in depth look at the K12 Horizon Short Summary. We do get a little side tracked, but it is all good conversation and the chat room rocks! Thanks to Michael Richards for the heads up about the report, thanks to Kern for looking up the history of the report over the past years.Wes Fryer dropped by and added his perspective. Thanks!

2011-03-10 Seedlings Show Livescribe in the Classroom Show 110

Thanks to the Edtechtalk elves for getting the server back running! Seedlings talks about livescribe in the classroom

Join us as we chat with Mary McCrackin from Lesley University and Jen
Bogard, South Berwick Elementary School, and their topic Revision on the
Run! You will hear how Jen is using the Livescribe pens in her
classroom. The chat room rocks with great links as well.

Seedlings 2011-01-13 Show 103 with Mike Muir!

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we interview Mike Muir, The Citadel Group, and professor at University of Maine, Farmington, who is on the ground floor of an exciting program for an online high school completion program for challenged learners, disaffected youth and students needing a different path for graduation!

The Links: http://www.diigo.com/user/seedlings/2011-01-13Seedlings

The Chat: here