ETBS: Derek K. Miller Tribute

Derek K. Miller
Derek K. Miller
Derek K. Miller
June 30, 1969 – May 03, 2011

A tribute to Derek K. Miller featuring an interview I did with Derek early in 2007 and some of the Penmachine Session tunes. Derek very courageously documented his struggle with cancer, from Please Excuse the Salty Language (just days after the interview included here) through The last post which was published following his death.

ETBS: Asian University for Women

Jeff Flynn returns to ETBS and introduces us to Paul Coleman, Chief Information Officer of Asian University for Women (AUW) in in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Thanks to Matt Montagne for joining the conversation via Skype, and sharing his experiences around email migration–and to all those in the chat.

NOTE:Had some technical difficulties which precluded adding some to conference–please accept my apologies, and plan to join us again