21st Century Learning #42: Tim Lauer, Principal, Lewis Elementary School

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #42

Tim Lauer, Principal, Lewis Elementary School, Portland, OR

Leadership and Technology

May 8, 2007

This week we discussed Leadership and Technology with Tim Lauer, Principal of Lewis Elementary School in Portland, OR. Tim is a model Principal who has a wonderful sense of appropriate use of technology in education. This is a must listen for those of you who envision being in a leadership role at a school. 

Next week, we’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary two weeks late. The week after, we’ll be discussing faculty professional development with Jeff Ritter, from St. John’s School in Houston Texas. See you all then.

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[alex.ragone] Hello Mr. Lebow.
[JL] another silky smooth opening
[arvind] Tim Lauer from Meriwether Lewis Elementary School: http://lewiselementary.org/
[arvind] He has a killer blog too, but it is having some tech issues right now: http://tim.lauer.name/
[arvind] In the mean time, check out his Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/timlauer
[JL] checking out the google cache now:
[arvind] great idea Jeff
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[arvind] hi John
[JohnMartin] Hi
[arvind] stream on Channel A below
[JohnMartin] Got it, thanks!
[arvind] EdTechTalk A that is
[arvind] If you have questions for Tim, please ask them here
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[JoseR] Hi Folks
[arvind] hey Jose
[JoseR] are you interviewing Tim
[arvind] yeah, he is on now
[arvind] listen in
[JoseR] got it
[JoseR] What is Tim’s Blog? We tried linking last night and it came back as an error.
[arvind] It is down right now: http://tim.lauer.name
[JohnMartin] Try http://tim.lauer.name/
[arvind] having DNS problems he said
[JohnMartin] Ack
[JoseR] OK
[arvind] yeah, but Twittering at: http://twitter.com/timlauer
[JoseR] cool.
[arvind] he
[arvind] he is a great Twitterer
[JohnMartin] Love Twitter, that’s how I found out about this.
[JoseR] I like the wall paper, Just added as a friend. I am an official follower:)
[arvind] I have become a Twitter addict
[JohnMartin] Ditto
[JoseR] me too
[JoseR] John what’s your twitter url
[JohnMartin] http://twitter.com/edventures
[JohnMartin] Yours?
[JoseR] http://twitter.com/coordinatortwo
[JohnMartin] Thanks, added you as well!
[JoseR] Thanks
[JoseR] I just started a Read-Write-Web Class. Twitter is definitely Web 2.0
[JoseR] Tim is my kind of principal!
[arvind] for sure
[JohnMartin] Yah!
[arvind] Google Docs, blogging and Twittering?
[JoseR] haven’t really tried google docs. They seem to be a collaborative tool.
[JoseR] We could have used to rewrite our school plan
[arvind] We started taking our department meeting minutes using it (as an experiment). Working great
[arvind] any questions for Tim?
[JohnMartin] I’m struggling with the policies and paradigms surrounding technology at my wife’s school right now. It’s refreshing to hear Tim’s experiences.
[JoseR] I noticed teaching teachers Webcast uses google notebook
[JoseR] What barriers still exist in bridging the digital divide?
[JoseR] The have and have nots is mainly about knowledge rather than hardware.
[JohnMartin] The richer the media the bigger the "tube" required. Hi-speed access is a stumbling block.
[JohnMartin] Particularly in rural NH where I live
[JoseR] Fiber!
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[JohnMartin] I wish! I still struggle with dial-up at home.
[arvind] hi Larry
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[arvind] welcome
[JohnMartin] No affordable alternative.
[JohnMartin] Hi Larry
[JoseR] Got to go folks. I need a to turn in tests in and stop by the boys room. I’ll listen to podcast and comment on crowdabout.
[JoseR] bye.
[arvind] see ya Jose
[JohnMartin] Bye Jose
[arvind] thanks for coming by
[JoseR] sure.
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[Larry Carlton] hi john
[arvind] where are you from Larry?
[JohnMartin] Community outreach and partnerships are key! Our local library is one of the few places in our community where hi-speed exists and it is in constant use by our students.
[Larry Carlton] Knoxville Illinois
[arvind] talking Twitter of course: http://twitter.com
[JohnMartin] Twitter=stream of consciousness, immediacy
[arvind] also voyeurism of sorts
[JohnMartin] True
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[JL] Found out last night that Alex’s town has a president and they streamed the debate
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[JohnMartin] Wow
[JL] and that the Ragone kids make for great wallpaper http://twitter.com/alexragone
[alex.ragone] Thanks, Jeff!
[arvind] ha ha
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[JohnMartin] Ah too cute
[JohnMartin] I wish I were heading to NECC
[JohnMartin] Thanks gang!
[arvind] thanks John
[JohnMartin] San Antonia, NECC 2008
[JohnMartin] Antonio
[alex.ragone] Thanks, John…
[JohnMartin] Time next week?
[arvind] same time, 1:30pm EST
[arvind] every week    
[JohnMartin] Great, thanks! My stream just stalled but I’ll catch you then if not on Twitter~
[arvind] we just ended the stream
[arvind] definitely catch you around
[JohnMartin] Ciao
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2 thoughts on “21st Century Learning #42: Tim Lauer, Principal, Lewis Elementary School”

  1. Educational talk
    I am reading the book Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts and other powerful web tools for classrooms and came across the blog address in the book. This is amazing how useful this could be to education. I am a teacher at a very small high school in Hot Springs, Arkansas and believe me, I would love to get on this new frontier with web-blogs. Our technology person is not very experienced and is afraid of everything on the web and refuses to educate herself with the new ways to use technology. How do I get around her to use this technology? She seems to stop anyones use of any new technology. Are there any free sites that I could use to blog that I could access easily from our school. I am using my home computer to access this blog, otherwise, I am sure it would be denied at our school.

    • that’s a big question
      Hi ‘teacher from a very small high school in hot springs’

      There are many things that you can do… and many services available. If you are just starting out, you should probably get some advice before moving forward. Try coming out to one of the live shows and asking some folks for advice… or… reply to this and give me a better sense of what you might like to do. The ‘new technology’ has many uses, but in and of itself has no value without a good plan for how to use it in the classroom



      ps. what book were you reading… I’m curious!

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