21st Century Learning #19: Richard Kassissieh

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #19

A Conversation with Richard Kassissieh

October 24, 2006

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A discussion with Richard Kassissieh about community portals and open source software. Richard discussed how to build, encourage use, and grow school community web sites.


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[arvind_grover] hi shawna

[arvind_grover] hi dave

[shawna] hi

[arvind_grover] we’re going to get started in a couple minutes

[shawna] i love you

[shawna] talking to you is that ok

[shawna] alex how old are you

[arvind_grover] i feel like i am in an AOL chat room

[shawna] you talkme pleasce

[arvind_grover] happy to have you here shawna, how did you find out about this show?

[shawna] the same way most peolpe do

[arvind_grover] ah, on CNN

[shawna] i love you

[shawna] i did not talk about cnn

[arvind_grover] well thank you

[arvind_grover] i was just kidding about CNN

[shawna] no i did not

[shawna] what are you doing now

[arvind_grover] doing the show. click the links below under listen to hear us

[arvind_grover] are you listening to the show?

[arvind_grover] keep listening, you will get to know lots more about us

[arvind_grover] If you’d like to learn more about Drupal or Elgg, try the CMS Academy: http://cmsacademy.net/

[arvind_grover] Richard’s latest find on how to edit his Elgg site: http://www.kassblog.com/index.php?itemid=344

Richard’s Elgg: http://www.mapalumni.org/login/index.php

Richard’s School: http://www.catlin.edu/

Inside Catlin: http://inside.catlin.edu/

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