21st Century Learning #18: The Webcast Academy

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #18

How did we learn to Webcast?

October 17, 2006

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A show about the webcasting process. If you’re interested is learning to webcast, go to WebcastAcademy.net

Next week, we’ll be discussing community portals and open source software with Richard Kassissieh from http://www.kassblog.com/


Alex_Ragone has joined the chat.

[Alex_Ragone] Hi Dave.

[dave] greetings

[dave] snow?

[dave] do you go in the snow?

[Alex_Ragone] yep — love it!

[dave] snowball

[arvindgrover] we definitely would go in the snow

[arvindgrover] usually the season ends early enough in NYC

[arvindgrover] Odeo’s take on the snowball mic:


[arvindgrover] Go straight for the snowball microphone at BlueMic: http://www.bluemic.com/

[dave] alex knows everything!!!

[dave] i have proof!

[dave] i enjoy!

[dave] mic + connection integrity

[dave] often the latter is more important

[arvindgrover] definitely. i turn off my wireless and plug in

[dave] if your behind someone who is shaping your skype… your mic quality is irrelevant

[arvindgrover] Webcast Academy: http://www.webcastacademy.net

[arvindgrover] We just got a packet shaper. I need to have my network admin give me high priority for my Skype packets!

[dave] yes. that is KEY

[dave] i’ve made the same deal with my dude

[arvindgrover] problem is all the kids use Skype to IM (because we block other clients)

[dave] you lose a little quality

[dave] but not much

[dave] yes.

[dave] that is a problem

[arvindgrover] smart kids though 🙂

[dave] mmm… latin class

[arvindgrover] i don’t miss the ablative case

[dave] very fun

[dave] its fun arvind

[dave] really

[dave] very very fun

[arvindgrover] i am ready for it

[dave] yes it does

[dave] what’s an AOL

[arvindgrover] http://www.kassblog.com/

[dave] geeks!

[dave] wrote the wrong sql queery

[dave] omg

[arvindgrover] ha ha

[dave] 😮

[dave] lol

[dave] yay us!

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