21st Century Learning #106: Bill Campbell on Tablet PCs

21st Century Learning #106
Bill Campbell on Tablet PCs
May 21, 2009

Bill Campbell, Associate Director of Technology at the Dwight Englewood School joined us to share his experieces at a Tablet PC School.

Do you use Tablet PCs?  Are you considering them?  Let us know in the comments below.  

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2009-05-21 13:00:40  BillCamp ->  Alex just told me he is on his way.
2009-05-21 13:00:56  mrsdurff ->  gr8
2009-05-21 13:01:02  mrsdurff ->  hi sarah
2009-05-21 13:01:19  Sarah H ->  hi Durff!
2009-05-21 13:02:20  arvind ->  hi all
2009-05-21 13:03:02  BillCamp ->  Hi Arvind.
2009-05-21 13:03:08  mrsdurff ->  ustream or shoutcast?
2009-05-21 13:03:25  arvind ->  gonna be ustream AND shoutcast πŸ™‚
2009-05-21 13:03:28  arvind ->  hi Kathy
2009-05-21 13:03:33  Kathy ->  hello!
2009-05-21 13:03:51  mrsdurff ->  fancy schancy
2009-05-21 13:04:09  mrsdurff ->  hey vinnid
2009-05-21 13:04:12  arvind ->  hi everyone, we’re about to get started
2009-05-21 13:04:18  mrsdurff ->  the gang is all here
2009-05-21 13:04:25  mrsdurff ->  now everyone twitter
2009-05-21 13:04:40  arvind ->  just tweet’d
2009-05-21 13:05:36  mrsdurff ->  RT’s arvind
2009-05-21 13:05:45  VinnieVrotny ->  Hey all.
2009-05-21 13:05:58  mrsdurff ->  let’s fill the room up, people
2009-05-21 13:07:17  arvind ->  UStream is up and playing all, so tune in
2009-05-21 13:07:29  mrsdurff ->  audio good
2009-05-21 13:07:32  mrsdurff ->  go
2009-05-21 13:07:52  mrsdurff ->  we could….
2009-05-21 13:08:49  mrsdurff ->  don’t say that when i have food in my mouth
2009-05-21 13:09:02  arvind ->  no eating in the computer lab! πŸ˜‰
2009-05-21 13:09:13  mrsdurff ->  in another room
2009-05-21 13:09:20  mrsdurff ->  on laptop
2009-05-21 13:09:45  arvind ->  nice
2009-05-21 13:10:23  arvind ->  interesting name!
2009-05-21 13:10:26  mrsdurff ->  and he has a good sound card too
2009-05-21 13:11:43  arvind ->  Bill Campbell is joining us today. He’s on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/billcamp
2009-05-21 13:12:04  alex.ragone ->  And he blogs at: http://tablettails.blogspot.com/
2009-05-21 13:13:04  arvind ->  Ed, having some trouble with the chatroom?
2009-05-21 13:13:05  Ed p ->  finally working
2009-05-21 13:13:19  arvind ->  the Java chat can be painful sometimes. Mac or PC?
2009-05-21 13:13:22  Ed p ->  was having trouble with stream. sorry, I’m listening now
2009-05-21 13:13:39  arvind ->  no worries…
2009-05-21 13:13:40  Ed p ->  pc, ended up using safari and it’s working now
2009-05-21 13:13:46  arvind ->  that’s funny
2009-05-21 13:14:10  alex.ragone ->  Yes, that is pretty funny.
2009-05-21 13:14:25  alex.ragone ->  Chrome works nicely with the chat room.
2009-05-21 13:14:29  arvind ->  or at least ironic
2009-05-21 13:14:36  Ed p ->  i’d say it was i.e. 8’s fault but that’s not accurate
2009-05-21 13:14:40  arvind ->  haven’t gone to Chrome, but probably will check it out some more
2009-05-21 13:14:53  Ed p ->  glad to hear that chrome does work well too
2009-05-21 13:16:55  arvind ->  a math, science, technology program. Dwight-Engelwood calls this their MST
2009-05-21 13:18:09  arvind ->  how would you move your school towards student-centered learning.
2009-05-21 13:21:13  alex.ragone ->  You need to convince your community that it’s important, right?
2009-05-21 13:21:18  arvind ->  we are using tablets with our faculty only, and students use laptops. The price is certainly more…
2009-05-21 13:21:22  mrsdurff ->  do kids use the tablet more or the keyboard more?
2009-05-21 13:21:35  mrsdurff ->  in their free time
2009-05-21 13:21:53  alex.ragone ->  Sounds like the Keyboard, Durff. 
2009-05-21 13:21:59  VinnieVrotny ->  we just finished a DyKnow pilot. will work best via 1:1
2009-05-21 13:23:03  mrsdurff ->  note to self-don’t try to listen to 21st cent learning + monitor class at same time
2009-05-21 13:23:08  Cal ->  In math, they use the tablet pen far more (but write on it in "laptop" mode, some with their hand supporting the screen).  OneNote’s calculator only works when typing, unfortunately.
2009-05-21 13:24:30  BillCamp ->  You can use the TIP for OneNote’s calculator.
2009-05-21 13:26:25  arvind ->  hi sam, jt
2009-05-21 13:27:20  Sarah H ->  @durff–that is similar to me being in the committee meeting–why I am only in chat room, will have to listen as soon as Alex posts it
2009-05-21 13:27:58  mrsdurff ->  lucky alex is posting then
2009-05-21 13:28:16  charrod ->  In a perfect world, all kids and all teachers would have tablet pcs.
2009-05-21 13:28:26  mrsdurff ->  amen
2009-05-21 13:28:28  arvind ->  charrod, is that perfect?
2009-05-21 13:29:58  charrod ->  Hmmmm…since there is no perfect world, I guess it’s not "perfect" but as close as it gets.  I think the tablets make the technology more transparent and allows the learning to happen anywhere/anytime. 
2009-05-21 13:30:34  mrsdurff ->  in a perfecf world…where should i begin?
2009-05-21 13:31:01  mrsdurff ->  "As Good As It Gets"
2009-05-21 13:31:08  charrod ->  I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio and have gone to the Cincinnati Country Day 3-day conference twice…it transformed the way in which I looked at the use of technology to support and enhance learning.
2009-05-21 13:31:49  mrsdurff ->  πŸ™‚
2009-05-21 13:31:54  charrod ->  Yes…mrsdurff…"as good as it gets".
2009-05-21 13:33:16  charrod ->  One of my most favorite quotes comes from CCDS’ Rob Baker is this: “Our goal has always been to improve classroom pedagogy, and not to focus on the technology,” explains Robert Baker, Director of Technology and a computer science teacher at Cincinnati Country Day School. “We don’t want to be known as a technology school. Instead, we would rather talk about our learning environment, with technology woven in as a natural extension of our educational goals: individualizing the students’ experiences, supporting different learning styles, providing alternative forms of assessment, and encouraging different forms of expression.” 
2009-05-21 13:35:41  alex.ragone ->  That’s a good one @charrod
2009-05-21 13:36:08  alex.ragone ->  You need wise admins and tech staff to move in that direction.
2009-05-21 13:37:01  mrsdurff ->  I think we are familiar
2009-05-21 13:37:14  BillCamp ->  http://www.nmc.org/publications/2009-horizon-k12-report
2009-05-21 13:37:14  alex.ragone ->  http://horizon.nmc.org/k12/Main_Page
2009-05-21 13:37:47  mrsdurff ->  now what, we didn’t count off for you guys
2009-05-21 13:38:26  alex.ragone ->  Great interview with Lucy Gray from EdTechTalk on the Horizon Report: https://edtechtalk.net/taxonomy/term/1810
2009-05-21 13:39:25  charrod ->  Yes!  Student centered learning…thank you!
2009-05-21 13:41:34  mrsdurff ->  hi julie
2009-05-21 13:41:56  Ed p ->  i just finished mine M.S.Ed. last year, I’m still fighting for admin to take the step of  1:1
2009-05-21 13:42:18  BillCamp ->  www.edaccess.org
2009-05-21 13:42:35  alex.ragone ->   Nav Sub edACCESS 2009 Conference when:  June 22-25, 2009 where:  Williston Northampton School, Easthampton, Massachusetts
2009-05-21 13:45:13  mrsdurff ->  streaming conference?
2009-05-21 13:46:50  Ed p ->  Thanks Bill, this was a great session! thanks everyone
2009-05-21 13:46:53  mrsdurff ->  clap clap cloap
2009-05-21 13:47:29  Kathy ->  πŸ™‚
2009-05-21 13:48:29  BillCamp ->  There is a little more information on our Learning Unleashed program at http://www.d-e.org/s/589/dwightenglewood.aspx?pgid=1413
2009-05-21 13:49:51  BillCamp ->  I should have mentioned this also, but you can get a peek at some of what happend at last year’s edACCESS conference at http://edaccess.editme.com/ConferencePublicContent
2009-05-21 13:51:07  BillCamp ->  The entire wiki is not public because the culture of the conference is for the attendees to not have to worry to much about what they say while they are there.  (Of course, we all know nothing is completely private.)
2009-05-21 13:59:12  arvind ->  thanks for being here all! Headed out

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  1. edACCESS conference streaming?

    I just more carefully read through the chat room log. In response to mrsdurff’s question about if any of edACCESS 2009 will be streamed, the answer is tentatively yes. We have never done that before, but plans are under way to at least stream the keynote and possibly some of the other scheduled presentations. As I get more details, I will post them on twitter using the #edaccess09 hashtag. Also, more information and resources related to the presentations should be available at http://edaccess.editme.com/Conferences closer to the beginning of or during the conference.

    We will probably not stream any focus groups as one of the features of the conference is that it is a safe space to somewhat privately discuss issues with a small group of peers who face similar problems. (That’s one reason we limit conference attendance to 100 people.) While I am an advocate for publicly sharing information, the conference steering committee and I do not want to change that dynamic as it is one of the things that makes edACCESS unique.

    However, we have shared notes from many past focus group sessions via the conference wiki and will do so this year as well. Notes are posted by volunteer scribes during the conference.

    – Bill

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