2011-05-19 Seedlings Show 116 with Dr. Carina Self

We are joined by Dr. Carina Self from The University of New
Hampshire. Carina is the Assistant Coordinator of the Women’s Studies
Program and lecturer.

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 cheryloakes~seedlings -> welcome connect2jamie
 connect2jamie -> Hi friends!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Welcome, this evening, we have Carina Self
as our guest.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hello PeggyG, welcome
 bobsprankle -> http://www.aschool.us/random/
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> audio check?
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Hi Jamie Hi Peggy can you hear us?
 connect2jamie -> yes! I hear you on A
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> great
 connect2jamie -> hi everyone!
 PeggyG -> hi hearing you great!
 PeggyG -> my chat log was slow loading!
 connect2jamie -> I had to load the page twice. Chat log acted funny
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> glad it is working
 PeggyG -> I think I just have too many tabs open πŸ™‚ hoping I don’t
lose my connection!
 PeggyG -> we’re so glad you’re back Bob!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I know what you mean Peggy! Ihad to restart
my computer!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We are glad he is back too. Although we
heard that Zoe’s concert was awesome.
 PeggyG -> It’s a beautiful day here in Phoenix AZ! 72 degrees and
windy πŸ™‚ But it will be back to 85 degrees tomorrow
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Sounds so nice. I actually had a fire last
night brrr
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We have had about 10 days of rain, fog,
clouds, but 62 degrees today was nice.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Hasn’t gotten to 60 yet. Garden beginning
to rot
 PeggyG -> oh no! that’s sad!
 connect2jamie -> 85* here in Houston today.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh,  Alice we had 62 today when the sun
tried to appear.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh, Jamie, great report 85 degrees!
 connect2jamie -> It will be 110 soon though, and I’ll wish I were in
 PeggyG -> maybe our cool weather is coming your way connect2jamie
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Nice. Weird it was chilly for me!
 PeggyG -> Great to be hearing from another preservice educator!!
 PeggyG -> do you have a link for Carina?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes, Peggy, we have  much to learn
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> yes coming
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 PeggyG -> I haven’t seen Waiting for Superman yet
 PeggyG -> thanks Alice
 PeggyG -> what’s a date movie??
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Date Movie=’s going out on a date to a
 PeggyG -> aha
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 PeggyG -> can’t wait to hear the solutions πŸ™‚ talk about pressure!!
 bobsprankle -> lol, peggy
 PeggyG -> kids enter Kindergarten in that phase and then something
 bobsprankle -> “can’t just change things by being a good person”
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes, Peggy, we make them line up to go
 PeggyG -> exactly!
 PeggyG -> I think when preservice teachers are immersed in schools
as they complete their courses is a great way to help them be realistic
and idealistic
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes Peggy, and really helps them reflect
upon their practice
 PeggyG -> Our Professional Development School program model for
preservice education did that and I loved it!
 bobsprankle -> http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/Bridging-Differences/
 connect2jamie -> LOVE their blog!
 PeggyG -> it looks wonderful! can’t wait to explore it
 connect2jamie -> I didn’t know they’ve been doing it for so long.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> This is great it is like being a fly on the
 PeggyG -> I remember and still own all of those books from the 70’s
and 80’s mentioned in that first blog post (Holt, Kohn, Sylvia
Ashton-Warner). They were all part of my university education.
 connect2jamie -> πŸ™‚
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, so true.
 PeggyG -> That was a great Conversations webcast!! Miguel Guhlin
asked hard questions. πŸ™‚
 connect2jamie -> That conversations podcast ep was really a good
discussion. Wish I’d been there!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Miguel is so throughtful and he asks
probing questions.
 connect2jamie -> He does.
 PeggyG -> the relationships are so important to building trust and
community to work through challenging decisions!
 PeggyG -> teaching can be a very lonely profession if you limit
yourself to your classroom, grade level and school. that’s why PLNs and
social media are so valuable to help you get things in perspective!
 connect2jamie -> Amen, Peggy!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> absolutely, Peggy. It still is a lonely
profession for many. And then some people form groups and get stuck in
the mire of schools.
 connect2jamie -> As the librarian, many times the things that I
think are important are not even on other teachers’ radar. It can be
very isolating.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes Jamie! Then, also there comes a teacher
who is excited about something that you have tried to introduce and
promote and they are able to break through to other teachers.
 connect2jamie -> My PLN keeps me thinking and trying and helps me to
reflect on how things are and how things can be.
 PeggyG -> When I retired as a principal I was beginning to see a
trend with new teachers coming in that they weren’t really interested in
community building and taking on responsibilities outside of their
classroom. This was in contrast to the veteran teachers who had worked
hard to build community for many years.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, that happens with many new teachers
until they get tenure.
 PeggyG -> you have such an incredibly important role as a librarian
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Anyone read this yet? A New Culture of
Learning: Cultivationg the Imagintion for a World Of Constant Change.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> sounds good Alice.
 connect2jamie -> Yes. That does happen, and it is great when it
does. I can’t imagine how it would be though if I didn’t have my online
community to discuss and reflect with.
 PeggyG -> no Alice but the title is wonderful!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes, this online group is the best
supportive network
 connect2jamie -> That does look good Alice.
 connect2jamie -> Yes it is Cheryl!
 connect2jamie -> Twitter has changed my professional life.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> ME too Jamie
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes!
 connect2jamie -> And my husband’s life, to some extent, b/c he gets
to have dinner with all my Maine friends every Thursday!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> How nice is that!!! Welcome to your
 connect2jamie -> My daughter, home from college, earlier said, “Bob
Sprankle. I know that name. Who is he?” I laughed.
 PeggyG -> new teachers are discouraged for many reasons–whether
they will even get or keep their job, and struggling with so much public
criticism of teachers and schools.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> How fun! Welcome Jamie’s hubby!
 connect2jamie -> She knows Bob from me being on Twitter & in
edtechtalk chat rooms! LOL!
 PeggyG -> love it Jamie!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> LOL! So Great!
 bobsprankle -> lol, jamie!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Keep spreading the word.
 PeggyG -> I like that point a lot!! we need to reframe how we talk
about teachers!
 connect2jamie -> I certainly try to spread the word about online
professional communities, but I think networks like Twitter are really
hard for people to “get.”
 connect2jamie -> At first.
 PeggyG -> what are some of the key words Carina would use to
describe teachers in that way?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes, it does require some modeling for
 PeggyG -> it’s so sad to hear of “teachers of the year” who are
exceptional teachers lose their jobs because of seniority and lack of
 connect2jamie -> Haven’t had much luck with anyone in my local
district. Only one person–and she was wildly connected before she came
to the district.
 bobsprankle -> http://www.saveourschoolsmarch.org/
 PeggyG -> what makes her feel that way–we’re on the verge of
something great…
 connect2jamie -> I hope “big and positive” is right!
 connect2jamie -> I don’t really feel that way right now.
 PeggyG -> is it because of the public support for rallying around
education? the grass roots movement?
 connect2jamie -> Tell us what makes you feel that we’re in a
positive place.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> we will ask her
 connect2jamie -> Things are fairly bleak in TX right now. But final
decisions haven’t been made by lege yet.
 PeggyG -> they’re very bleak in AZ too!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> So discouraging right now for education.
 connect2jamie -> My district has done a good job of minimizing the
problems that TX districts are having right now, but it is still not
good at all, and it’s not over. Many, many ppl have lost their jobs.
 PeggyG -> I think people/teachers want to be involved in a positive
effort but don’t feel like they can make a difference.
 connect2jamie -> I hope you’re right
 connect2jamie -> @Peggy I think you’re right.
 PeggyG -> yes we are losing many really great teachers!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I think so Peggy, we do the hard work every
day. We need community and family members to take on the charge.
 PeggyG -> and those remaining don’t feel they can say “I won’t take
it any more” because they don’t want to lose their jobs.
 PeggyG -> I agree Cheryl!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> right Peggy
 PeggyG -> I love to imagine what it might be like if
schools/districts were not allowed to spend money on standardized tests!
πŸ™‚ can you imagine how that might change things???
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> right on Peggy
 connect2jamie -> The road to something else…that’s quite a
concept. I hope you’re right that we will go to a better place. For
students and for educators.
 PeggyG -> think of all of the teachers we could bring back into
teaching and all of the things we could buy to support education if we
didn’t have to spend all of that money on testing!!
 connect2jamie -> In my colleagues’ discussions about the scary state
of education in our state, I see a troubling disconnect between their
views there and the way they vote when it comes down to it. I don’t
understand it.
 PeggyG -> we believe that so strongly as educators–critical to
democracy! why don’t politicians and legislators see that/believe that??
 connect2jamie -> @Peggy that is such a wonderful thought!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> I know I always wonder… The politicians
have been through the system, why don’t they want to make it better?
 connect2jamie -> I JUST had that discussion about education and
democracy with my father in law last weekend! I don’t think he really
knows exactly what to do with me sometimes though! πŸ™‚
 PeggyG -> exactly Alice!
 PeggyG -> they are more interested in being re-elected by people who
want to lower taxes
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> but keep the conversations going Jamie!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> A lot is becasue of $$$$ and what is
 PeggyG -> yes! money!!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Lilly! Perfect timing πŸ™‚
 PeggyG -> my parents never really understood the things I told them
about education but they knew how important teachers were and always
voted for teacher raises and supporting education!!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> JAmie keep those conversations going! YOu
never know where it will come back
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Alice did you bribe Lilly?
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> NO not at all. She just sat up, barked and
then laid down!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> She’ a true SEEDling πŸ™‚
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Good girl Lilly
 connect2jamie -> The disconnect that I see in my area is that the
vast, VAST majority of my colleagues might be described as
“neoconservatives.” And they seem to be surprised that the ppl that they
voted for are now creating a hostile environment for schools through
legislation. And yet the politicians made it clear exactly what they
planned to do!
 PeggyG -> curriculum has become narrowed by what is on the test
 connect2jamie -> That Lilly!
 connect2jamie -> It is scandalously narrowed, and it’s scary.
 PeggyG -> teachers aren’t being encouraged or rewarded for
thinking–only preparing kids to do well on the tests.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> @jamie It’s really funny what people vote
for and then expect. Of ten they hear what they want to and do the
research (kind of like kids!)
 connect2jamie -> It is puzzling.
 PeggyG -> we have to hope and believe and keep working for change!
 connect2jamie -> @peggy I think that’s why we’re all here!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> IT must be starting to work… Look how
many more people talking changes in ed on Twitter
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Yes Jamie
 PeggyG -> I agree Jamie!
 connect2jamie -> @least ppl are talking about education in the
general population. Hopefully that’s the beginning.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Agree Jamie
 PeggyG -> how do we move people from only thinking about what’s
important for their child to why that’s important for ALL children?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes Jamie, even NBC has the little blips
about education!!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> AH great question!
 connect2jamie -> How do we @Peggy?
 connect2jamie -> That is the central question, I guess.
 PeggyG -> I don’t have the answer but I’d love to hear what Carina
thinks πŸ™‚
 connect2jamie -> me too!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Carolyn, welcom
 PeggyG -> Hi Carolyn!
 PeggyG -> information and facts are the last thing they need
 cstanley -> Hi, all – just checking in for a minute!
 PeggyG -> they can find it faster on google than they can get an
answer from the person sitting next to them
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> especially when they have efficient
searches, that is what we need to teach!
 PeggyG -> true
 connect2jamie -> Absolutely @cheryl!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> πŸ™‚
 PeggyG -> I participated in a 3-day food photography online workshop
last weekend and was so inspired by how she modeled and taught us about
taking photos that captured story, culture and setting–all about
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> oh, a great one peggy1
 PeggyG -> her key points were all points that educators believe and
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> How fun peggy! You are amazing! Always
 connect2jamie -> storytelling
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy is the ultimate life long learner.
 PeggyG -> “be inspired, have an insatiable curiosity, love what
you’re doing, listen, lead with your heart, trust/follow your instincts,
be open” Isn’t that what we want for our kids??
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> YEs she is! Such a great model Peggy!
 cstanley -> I participated in Shout webinar with a scientist in
Panama – involving folks in sustainable agriculture – shade grown coffee
and cacao – pretty passionate project.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> YEs Peggy
 PeggyG -> what a wonderful conversation!!! I don’t want it to end!
 PeggyG -> I would love to hear more from Carina!
 connect2jamie -> I’d LOVE to hear more about Carina’s work!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Carolyn, my students are doing the Shout
tree banding project.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> It is a great project!
 PeggyG -> Lilly was eager!
 cstanley -> @cheryl – cool – can you keep me posted?
 bobsprankle ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> sure we are just getting ready to post
 connect2jamie -> @Bob LOL! podcast retrivers!
 cstanley -> You were great on Classroom 2.0 last Saturday.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> LOVE Podcast retrievers!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks so much Carolyn! It was stressful,
but a fun stressful.
 PeggyG -> yes Cheryl did an awesome job on Classroom 2.0 LIVE!!!
such a wonderful example for teachers!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> OH, thanks, aw shucks!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 PeggyG -> I mean it Cheryl!! I’ve listened to the session twice
already and hear new things every time!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Wow, I have to admit, I listened to it on
Sunday  to see if I made sense.   πŸ™‚
 PeggyG -> those are always such creative designs!!
 bobsprankle ->
 cstanley -> It’s not new, crew, but I’ve been playing with Evernote.
As I was trying to figure it out this afternoon, one of my students
suggested I use Dropbox instead – said it was better. Any ideas on that?
 connect2jamie -> Of course you did @Cheryl! You were great!
 PeggyG -> they are really different Carolyn. I use both for
different reasons
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> They are a little different. I use both.
Dropbox for sharing my own stuff, Evernote for collecting work for
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks Jamie.
 bobsprankle ->
 bobsprankle ->
 PeggyG -> Dropbox is a place to drop documents/files/videos/photos
to share with others to download or collaborate on
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> http://www.nmc.org/news/nmc/8540 K-12
Horizon Report
 PeggyG -> Lisa Nielsen!
 bobsprankle ->
 PeggyG -> I heard the CoSN webinar this week announcing the new K12
Horizon report. So glad it’s out!!
 cstanley -> Thanks, Peggy. I do like the ability to use Evernote on
the iPad. I imagine you can do the same with Dropbox?
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->
 PeggyG -> I like Evernote much better but need dropbox for sharing
large files
 PeggyG -> both are in the cloud and also on your desktop
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I agree Peggy
 cstanley -> I would like to convince our school to switch over to
Chrome, but our administrator is dedicated to Microsoft and IE.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yeah Bob!!
 bobsprankle -> http://www.aschool.us/random/
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> IE doesn’t work well with  Chrome.
 cstanley -> I have been following your pictures on Twitter, Bob.
 PeggyG -> There are still things I can’t do on Chrome that keep me
on Firefox as my first choice for a browser
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I was presenting in a HS and IE was just
not satisfying.
 connect2jamie -> Hooray Bob!
 cstanley -> @Peggy – glad to hear you say that – I still am using
Firefox at home.
 PeggyG -> there was a really interesting discussion on EdTech Weekly
last Sunday about the Chromebook
 PeggyG -> yeah! congrats Julianne Spang!!
 bobsprankle -> Congrats Julie Ann Spang!!!
 connect2jamie -> @peggy yes there was. $720/yr to rent a device is
not going to happen in many, many districts!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Rockin chat room tonight thanks guys
 connect2jamie -> It was GREAT as usual!
 PeggyG -> exactly!!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Bye all, thanks for a great chat!!
 cstanley -> night
 PeggyG -> thanks to all of you!! lots of great things to think
 connect2jamie -> wonderful discussion and thanks CArina!
 PeggyG -> good night all!
 connect2jamie -> Night!
 bobsprankle -> thank you all so much!

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